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Nightingale as statistician January 16, 2008

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Although remembered as the mother of modern nursing, (Florence) Nightingale was an accomplished statistician too. She was particularly innovative in presenting data visually. The example above, of a type now known as “Nightingale’s Rose” or “Nightingale’s Coxcomb”, comes from her monograph, “Notes on matters affecting the health, efficiency and hospital administration of the British army” published in 1858. In the same year she became the first female fellow of the Statistical Society of London (now Royal Statistical Society).
[Source: Economist, “Charts – Worth A Thousand Words”, 19 Dec 2007]



1. vlps - January 17, 2008

She is the goddess.

2. monsterball - January 17, 2008

Yes …I remember those who want to be nurses are inspired by reading about her biography.
I wonder do modern nurses work…..by finding out how to do their great noble job…..by reading successful nurses stories…or just apply for a job…got it…and work.
Actually…the success if nurse lies with the interviewer and the training facilities…..and one trainer should concentrate on attitudfes…to know which student need more guidances that others.
They are dealing with lives….cannot afford to make any mistake…yet we keep hearing so many irresponsible and sickening stories about irresponsible hospital staffs.

3. TunaSingh - January 17, 2008

I got a nurse fetish.

4. shag - January 18, 2008

Come work in a Govt Hospital, the fetish will quickly evaporate!

5. Sharing - January 20, 2008

Indexes of Statistic give a QC on a work if duty and professionalism to be count.

How Statistic been used in Bolahland,
a sigh, a joke, and tears to drop
as often they are used to mislead People to whom government have failed their duties to be binded!

Instead of a full account, Statistic are used to fool around!
Even Statistics can be political by leaders in Town!!
Statistic turned to Shame in Bolehland!!

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