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(PRU12) Anwar: Lower petrol price if Opposition wins January 21, 2008

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Democracy, Economy, Malaysia, Politics.
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Speaking at a dinner in Kajang (14/01/2008), Anwar Ibrahim pledged that he would reduce the price of petrol if KeADILan won the election.


1. teckwyn - January 21, 2008

Hi Eli,

Very interesting. Any idea by how many sen the price would be reduced? The pledge would carry much more weight with specifics on the quantum of subsidy that PKR would allocate to petrol. Let’s avoid empty rhetoric and put a straight figure forward.


2. hutchrun - January 21, 2008

They should also promise the rakyat that all first time owners of houses will have their bank housing loan repayments made tax exempt.

3. Fire Breather - January 21, 2008

Sorry to say that I cannot buy it. Malaysia is in such a bad financial state that any reduction in petrol prices will just bankrupt Malaysia. Think I’ll settle for the current petrol price to be maintained.

4. monsterball - January 22, 2008

Seriously speaking.Anwar is right….but with UMNO’s few projects.costing billion RM per project……..the balance is not enough…so to avoid Malaysians complain kick-backs….corruptions….no borrowing from outsiders…but use our oil money. Is that also right?. WRONG!!!…..but UMNO is smart…to keep on using our oil profits for their own selfish objectives and for their individuals benefits….started by Mahathir…continue by Pak Lah.
Party and members will get richer and richer….and the middle class will become poor and the poor getting poorer and poorer.
Such will be the signs of great corruptions.
Is it happening now…..go judge yourself.
I say…. YES.
UMNO has an agenda ….already for past three years…saying Anwar is finish….and I noticed…. pro UMNO guys always throw all sorts of accusations….insult….and they will go all out to find any old grandfather stories…to keep on…so call exposing their victims….with the hope those victims get frustrated and give up. Sometimes I wonder .what religion are they really from…….when their own leaders are being exposed ……yet trying so hard to bluff Malaysians …..how innocent they are.
It’s a cultured and cunning…gangsters party….not a political party set up…to love Malaysia and Malaysians.MIC try to copy…….but they show their true colors…always fighting against each other ..like a pack of monkies……..trying to grab control….that’s all.
So the more UMNO talk bad about Anwar…….is infact showing UMNO is afraid of Anwar.

5. budak cina - January 22, 2008

This Bodowi is just a plain stupid idiot who couldn’t even pass his first year exam Ecomimics paper and yet he is controlling the whole of economy in Malaysia.

No wonder all the Rakyat in Malaysia are complaining dead broke under this hp6 finance minister.

Dey! Bodowi, even a 3 year old kid can also be a FM lah. When government coffers need money, just increase taxes, duties and tolls here and there.

Manpus for the rakyat with a nincompoop as the PM, FM Security Minisater in Malaysia.

ZZZhp6Bodowilah! Every Malaysian tak mampus pun kena mampus under your control lah!!!

6. wongv6 - January 22, 2008

It will perpetuate the subsidy mentality.Let market forces determine it. There will be a paradigm shift in resource allocation and across the board push for efficiency and productivity.
Money saved can be used for public transport, schools, health facilities, welfare…

7. jj wong - February 27, 2008

an idiot from MARA,how much you can expect from a guy who love slumber more than his throne?

8. mat teropong - March 9, 2008

Anwar will not finish. Many BN leaders says that PKR has lost support but the results in the recent election shows that BN cannot talk rubbish. BN can say anything, they can even talk big as though they will never defeat. But the results prevail. PKR is still going stronger.They looks good.They looks better now. Don’t underestimate the opposition.

To BN leaders, don’t talk bad about others. Do your job properly and make the people happy. The people are watching. They will throw you out if you fail to deliver.Talking too much in the media is like a “comedian”. The people will laugh at you..
The malays used to say as ” Syok sendiri”. Never look down at people.

I think it is wise for BN leaders to keep low profile. Learn how to talk politely.Learn to be humble or else people will show you the exit lane.

This is what had happened to some leaders eg MIC leaders with big mouth and the Information minister.

To me what I can say is the above 2 ministers deserve the defeat. God has showed them the way. The people don’t want you.It is a clear message.

I hope they will understand

9. chi yi - March 9, 2008

ppl who are not involved in oil & gas business would simply think it’s easy to reduce the petrol price without thinking the consequences and impact to the nation oil company.. the nation oil company contribute like 40% of malaysian financial and yet, ppl never felt satisfactory for that… reducing the oil price is seriously unefficient method, anwar perhaps never calculated the effect of subsidizing the petrol

10. Peter Wong - March 10, 2008

It would be popular but very unwise to lower petrol prices. They already are very low internationally. Higher prices reflect the increasing scarcity of petrol (google: “peak oil”).
The future is increasing energy efficiency and preserving as much as possible for future generations instead of just burning it…

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