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Saturday’s protest against price hikes January 27, 2008

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This woman was pushed and she hit a pole. Unabated, a policeman punched in her stomach. An ambulance had to be called in. Police wanted to arrest her even in her state, but her friends managed to persuade them not too.

I arrived at 3 pm at the junction of KLCC’s Jalan Ampang. I called my ex-housemate, Ginie and asked where she was.

“I’m already in the police truck.”


I alighted near Ampang Park and walked back towards KLCC, passing Dr. Nasir Hashim and his mates of Parti Sosialis Malaysia. They were giving speeches to a small crowd near Wisma MCA. I wanted to return to KLCC to the crowd of 600 plus people.

Ten minutes later, I saw Dr. Nasir, V Selvam (above) escorted to the truck. This was followed by other PSM leaders – Rani and Saraswathy. More people filled up the truck before it sped off. However, it returned to collect more people arrested, such as Chegubard, member of KeADILan’s Supreme Council (below).

Chegubard was unfazed. He led the crowd with shouts of “Hidup Rakyat” while still on the edge of the truck. He even delighted us with his version of Faizal-Tahir-throwing-t-shirt (minus the body baring) by flinging his yellow t-shirt towards the crowd, as four burly officers pushed him inside the Black Maria.

Arrests were random. I passed these two persons near Avenue K. Five minutes later, I was shocked to find them inside the truck.

We thought it was time to leave. I was supposed to catch a ride to Port Dickson for a meeting. So there were the usual obligatory photo-sessions, with the police as the backdrop and smiles.

These are the very dedicated, friendly, nice folks from KeADILan Pandan division.

I asked them and a few others to come along to the press conference by Tian Chua and Dr. Hatta Ramli, held at a roadside restaurant on Jalan Yap Kwan Seng. I’d spoken to Tian earlier, who informed me he wasn’t planning to be at the protest as it would only excite the cops.

Just as we approached the restaurant, I saw Jonson Chong, surrounded by about twenty people, and waving his hands in the air. Uh-oh. We arrived just in time to see them bundled off!

Tian was dragged and pushed into the truck.

Jonson (2nd from right), a lawyer, was arrested when he tried to stop the police from man-handling both Dr. Hatta (behind Jonson) and Tian.

Firmly behind the wires. Waiting for police escorts to take them to IPK-KL Jalan Hang Tuah.

We decided to venture there too. But the police decided, today, that the car-park areas was now a “security zone”. They brought out those brutish, thuggish-looking foul-mouthed plainclothes cops (photos of them later), who were a familiar sight since Reformasi.Mesra? Pah…

One of them shouted “Ini rumah saya!”. Hello Bebal. It’s a car-park. You sleep there? Public area. Police = Public entity. Duh…

Amer Hamzah (in red) negotiating for the crowd to stay with Kumaran (middle) while Feroz looked on. Apparently this was the same Kumaran who was once the OCPD of Sentul Police District and was in charge of investigating the mysterious death of K Sujatha. (!!)

We decided to leave, so as to give the lawyers some space to meet the detainees. But once out, the gate was shut firmly behind us. Lawyers who arrived later were refused entry.

No entry for lawyers from KL Legal Aid. Amer and Roger Tan camped out for several hours at the police guardhouse without having access to the detainees.

Apparently, this time, the IPK officers said orders from the top instructed them not to be cooperative, not to allow lawyers access, not to give out any information to families and lawyers. (Liddat oso can ah? Police Badawi Boleh!)

As of midnight, still no new information for the families and lawyers, save 10 out of the 55 were released.


1. oA - January 27, 2008


Most Indians might be poor but they were smart enough to have found out that the very mic that were suppose to represent and take care of them were actually screwing them up real good.

If this can happen to the Indians it can happen to the Malay and Chinese



has been bn’s values – courtesy – pride of umno.

When are the “rest” gonna wake up – just wonder.


2. monsterball - January 27, 2008

Ours is a SICK SICK SICK country ……fast becoming the laughing stock to the whole world on the non democratic… Vision2020.
I am so tired to read and see all these police actions that are supported by out Minister of Internal Affairs….non other than Pak Lah himself.
He has no initiativeness…commonsense nor the balls to speak the truths….and always wait for a long time…before speaking out…or is way overseas all the time….whenever such events happen in our country.
He is a sly …cunning… good for nothing PM…..taking orders from a young man shamelessly.. Never in the history of our 50 years have we such an undemocratic Prime Minister.

3. kfchan - January 27, 2008

How issit that nowadays police can arrest you, and don’t tell you why you are being arrested??? http://malaysianow.wordpress.com/2008/01/27/government-crackdown-again-on-peaceful-protestor/

Any lawyers can highlight these matter to us? Malaysiakini’s reporter, Syed Jaymal Zahiid was arrested and the reason is “No comment”???

What the heck is going on?

4. monsterball - January 27, 2008

And yesterday…Pak Lah said…Malaysia will not follow American…going into a recession…as we have RM327 billion reserves….largest in the history of Malaysia. Sure we have. Just few months of BERSIH ….Hindraf and Lawyers protests… no hanky panky stuffs from UMNO……and that huge reserve is indirectly revealing out profits on exporting oil….just look how rich our country is.
Yet oil prices are sure to be increased AFTER election. Now all the good news..daily….like telling the majority ‘half past six’ government servants…uneducated and self employed voters….not to vote oppositions at all.It worked many times..due to the soft hearted trusting Malaysians…no more now. The Batu Caves 50% less turn up…is the first to signal…how smart that race is…the Indians!!
Majority Malays are already smart enough to hate UMNO…now is the Chinese…..that needs faithfully to the oppositions.
The oppositions weak point is always PAS….for Trengganu and Kelantan.
And Najib said the oppositions have a long long list of goodies… ….that the cannot deliver…but not one word of the long long list of their ex-leader…..Mahathir loss of memory….not one remark ….about this man..that the whole country and the world knows is lying…..except UMNO.
Najib is unpredictable and not like the father at all. Every year….he is showing how cunning and a sly fox he is…that’s why PM and many ministers do nit trust him at all.
So with the 327 billion reserve…is that not obvious…..people are taxed to the limit….with no help from UMNO?
After election….and if they ever win again…just watch few mega projects.to start enriching…. party….self and cronies again.
And if they do win again…Malaysians do deserve to live poorer and poorer each year.

5. monsterball - January 27, 2008

If you read carefully what Anwar said …he was 100% right….that we earn more on export oil…..than import…and that 327 billions tells us all….yet Najib said…oppositions cannot deliver.
I wonder what has he delivered… all these years as a minister.besides his big mouth…like Samy Vellu.

6. Melvin - January 27, 2008

great pics, liz!

The thing is I can’t imagine this shows the government absolutely doesn’t want to sit down and talk to people especially those who seem not to show support to them. That’s how it goes.

I think we need a ‘Bench’ an intermediary entity that will close the gap of relations with people and government.

7. big easy - January 27, 2008


black is one of the 40 who is reportedly being remanded for a week.

let’s keep a solidarity and keep on pressuring the government!!!

8. hutchrun - January 27, 2008

Happy Monday from DSAI to the PM:

Klip Video Terbaru – Cubaan..Cubaan..Cubaan..

Sekembali saya dari Hong Kong petang Jumaat, saya memperolehi klip video terbaru mengaitkan lagi pelakon utama VK Lingam, para hakim pilihan, tauke judi Vincent Tan, sekutunya Tengku Adnan Mansor serta bekas PM Tun Dr. Mahathir.

Tunggu dan saksikan adegan menarik Isnin nanti inshaAllah.


9. walski69 - January 27, 2008

It’s a given that our crime rate (as in the actual crime, and not those made up ones) have skyrocketed over the last few years – and I believe mis-utilization of the police (for political benefit) is one of the reasons.

Plus, if there were any doubt in my mind before, I am now 100% bone fide convinced that Democracy is Dead, as far as this country is concerned.

A country that used to be called Malaysia…

10. bayi - January 27, 2008

So the holiday for Thaipusam was only a red herring, trying to divert the Indians’ attention away. I don’t think it’s working lah!

11. hutchrun - January 27, 2008

Justice and Fair play for the family of Gan Eng Gor (deceased)

1. Our father was seventy four (74) years old. He suffered a severe stroke in 2006. He was as immobilized,bedridden, mentally unsound, cannot speak, partially deaf and has very poor vision.


12. yh - January 27, 2008

big promotion for that kumaran fella? guess you must know how to rub the right way apart from being good at your job. being good however is subjective, rite?
well, in one swoop the police has managed to reduce hardcore “criminals”. well done , cops but I only hope you are as good in preventing another nurin case. Can we remind you good cops or is it an offence coz this very reminder may infuriate you. am told that infuriating a cop, as determined by them at their own whims and fancies, is a criminal offense. WTF.

13. monsterball - January 27, 2008

Thank you “big easy” writer. I was looking at pictures and news and did not know that.
He did not answer my HP calls too!
Being an NGO….I am sure he expects all these from Malaysia…after seeing so many sickening events.
Yes….we should all be united and keep pressuring the government…and I will pray for him everyday….until he is released.
His girlfriend used to follow him on such matters.I wonder how she is?
Also no reply to my call….just now.

14. vlps - January 27, 2008

It is an offence to their sensitivities, yh. A friend of a friend of mine once kena after raising a middle finger to a cop driving by in a patrol car. I admit that action of his may have crossed the line but he was only a young brat at the time, come on. Poor guy got a right slap across his cheek plus some severe rebuke. I heard it was a no nonsense, hard slap too. Am I not right in saying that them cops are on our payroll and as such, really, such ‘retribution’ is utterly unjustified? Who do they think they are anyway?

15. hasilox - January 28, 2008

The police were looking for Nurin’s killers. That’s why they arrested those people or, were they?? 😛

16. arifabdull - January 28, 2008

they will be produced to Jalan Duta Magistret Court 28 January 2008, 9.00 am.
let’s go there!

17. klconfidential - January 28, 2008

I feel like crying…

18. monsterball - January 28, 2008

hi ‘big easy’ …Spoke to Black. He is still in jail and is in good spirit.
He expects to be release soon. I asked him…does he need anything….and he said nothing.
Once again…thanks for telling me.

19. Lim Kit Siang » Blog Archive » You can’t even tell govt prices are high! - January 29, 2008
20. Jonson Chong - January 29, 2008

Hey, great reporting! 😉

21. VanPersie - January 29, 2008

Street demonstration not a solution. it will only hurt the country in terms of economy and create fear among the foreign investor. In the end the real loser are rakyat’ itself.

22. RANJIT SINGH - January 31, 2008

Hidup Rrakyat !! Hidup Rakyat !!.. BN Bad News…tolak Be End…Undi

PAS..PKR..DAP..PRM…Rakyat ada hakim..kita lah yang menentukan hala tuju negara dimasa hadapan…

23. Tg - February 2, 2008

polis sepatutnya menjaga ketenteraman awam, bukan menjaga kepentingan sesuatu parti…..sudah tiba masanya kita bertukar kerajaan

24. kittykat46 - February 3, 2008

This is the true face of the Abdullah Ahmad Badawi regime, even as he goes around the country pretending to Oh-so-decent.
When will people wake up to the true nature of this regime ?

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