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Hatta, Tian and 8 others freed, rest still in remand January 28, 2008

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Democracy, Human Rights, Malaysia, Politics.

(UPDATED 3:00 pm)

35 persons are being charged in court for illegal assembly. Bail has been set at RM 1,000 each. If anyone wants to help with bail for some of these persons, please come to the Jalan Duta Sessions Court before 4 pm with your donation.

Malaysiakini journalist Syed Jaymal, who hasn’t appeared, is expected to face charges of obstructing the police in their work. (Asking questions = obstruction??!!)


Malaysiakini’s headline story last night (updated 9 pm) was “Key players to be charged tomorrow“.

But around 10.30 pm, the third batch of detainees from Saturday’s anti-inflation protest of around 10 persons were released, after they presented their arguments to the magistrate. Initially, the police and DPP wanted to deal (further remand in exchange for family visitation and food from them) but this group refused and sought to argue their cases individually. To their surprise, the magistrate granted their release.

Those released were:- Tian Chua (Information Chief, People’s Justice Party – KeADILan); Dr. Hatta Ramli (Treasurer, Pan-Islamic Party Malaysia – PAS); Ginie Lim (Media Coordinator, KeADILan); Tan Chee Hooi (member, KeADIlan); Jonson Chong (lawyer); Saravanan, Faizal, Azhar, Zamhuri and Mohammad. (Names released by the lawyers)

The detainees were divided in 5 batches. Remand hearings began at two pm and ended past midnight. Unfortunately more than 30 people spent another night in the lockup, including S. Arutchelvan, Mohd Sabu, Dr. Dzulkfli and Malaysiakini reporter, Syed Jaymal. The latter reportedly lodged a police report earlier, after he was punched by the police.

It is expected that more people will be released later today.


1. justice M - January 28, 2008

Great to see a magistrate having enough vision to see the futility of continuing with a case that will end up just a merry go round

2. multidimid - January 28, 2008

It was a brutal crackdown, involving nearly 1,300 policemen, effectively quashed the planned protest aimed at “highlighting public anger over rising prices of food and fuel” – an issue that will figure prominently in the next GE. Tian Chua was complaining “’It’s almost ridiculous, conducting mass arrests before we even converged” More details (non-Msiakini) & updated pics & Video Clip (2min 15s) uploaded
Go H E R E

3. Only A Few Good Looking Men Left - January 28, 2008

Thank God. Almost all were released by a considerate magistrate. I hope all will be released soon. The IPCMC must not be delay. Charge the Police for brutalities. They are no higher than us. God make us all equal. Just a thought, on why Eli never was arrested? Smart eh? No, No. don’t take this as an insinuation. In fact I am glad. May God always Bless the righteous.

4. klconfidential - January 28, 2008


I’m feeling so helpless now. I need help.

Are we fighting a losing battle? Should we just skip the country? Sometimes I feel quite murderous towards ‘some’ people.

I tak tahan, Eli. Don’t they feel an guilt? Don’t they know what they’re doing is wrong?

You know, my bf is a cindian. His mom actually bought lots of food to stock up because she heard that the malays in Kampung Baru are getting fire arms. She feels that there will be some racial unrest or something. Is this true? My bf’s reasoning is, ‘The Kampung Baru’ fellas will sooner shoot BN than other races’.

It’s the racial politics and the promoting of racism by the BN. I’m sick of explaining to people that the problem is not the ‘lazy’ malays, the ‘kiasu’ chinese or the ‘dramatic’ indians. It’s the corruption and tyranny. I just can’t do it anymore.

I patah semangat la. I dah tak larat. I need to talk to someone. Very few people know my identity and I can only talk about this to 2 other people. My so called friends are either indifferent or are the type to talk only.

I know violence is not the way to solve problems but I can’t help but feel like doing some street justice by shooting down some people. But then again, that might just martyr them. agh, I’m so confused and tired.

It would be nice to meet up with you one of these days (at a protest or two).

I’m so sad and tired… and most of all frustratingly ANGRY.

EW: Hi KLconfidential, Yes, it can be frustrating at times. BN feeds us with pessimism and thrives on our frustrations. But every time I feel down, I think of Anwar Ibrahim (6 years solitary confinement is no joke), Dr. Syed Husin Ali, Tian Chua, Sivarasa Rasiah, Lim Kit Siang, Syed Shahir, Rustam Sani and many many more, who have fought the good fight much longer than most of us, who gone through much greater trials and tribulations, and who are still fighting and believing that *all* Malaysians deserve a better world. Change can only occur with determination and subsequent actions, bound together with the most basic instinct, i.e. hope. It’s never easy. Our time will come, and victory will be no less sweeter. 🙂 PS. Next demo – Feb 23!

5. Pratamad - January 28, 2008

Anyone has the name of the good magistrate? It’s so hard to come by and we must make sure he/she is recognised. Also, the society should keep an eye on them, in case they get demoted/transferred/”punished” in the future.

6. monsterball - January 28, 2008

One of them detained is Amin Iskandar…..told to me by ‘big easy’ .
Finally I got a PH reply from him….and he is still in jail.
I offer him financial help to bail him out. He said that is been taken care off and thank me for the offer .
We plan to meet for lunch….when he is released!
As for the entire incident…..to me …this is wayang kulit staged by the police to show how tough they can be….to please who???…
As for he whole Nation…..observe what we got from voting UMNO in for 50 years….no change.
If voters do not take these high handed ….above law and justice actions….and nip them from the bud soon….by voting in a new government….then don’t complaint……..live with it.

7. bamboo river - January 29, 2008

I believe Amin aka Black was detained becos of the “Pillow” gift he managed to pull off in Putrajaya.
The cops must have marked him and took the chance to detain him regarding that incident .
I do hope he will be released soon.

8. stenson - January 29, 2008

I am as frustrated as anybody else.This beautiful country of ours is heading nowhere.Cant malaysians open their big eyes to see the many wrongs being done to this country?I am real sick.I need help as much as the other guys.

9. monsterball - January 30, 2008

And when Mahathir said ….on so many occasions…that Anwar is dreaming .to become the Prime Minister of Malaysia….will never happen….and echoed by few of his idiotic marchais…you can be sure that Mahathir is really afraid of Anwar realistic dream …do comes true.
And the more UMNO guys saying same thing….including PM….means……Anwar is really a real real threat to them….and UMNO.

10. 《The Colorful Flash Mob》 - January 31, 2008

I got an idea which we could have demonstration without anyone got arrest — 《The Colorful Flash Mob》



11. monsterball - February 1, 2008

Liz….Please allow me to go out of the subject and wish you and your family in advance…sincerely…. ” A Happy & Prosperous New Year”….as I am taking a long holiday soon.
I also thank you for your kind hospitalities to make me feel at home and at ease … in your blog.
May I also be allowed to wish all Chinese Malaysians and from abroad…visitors.’Happy & Prosperous New Year” too.

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