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Royal Commission on Lingam Tape – Whitewash? January 28, 2008

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Democracy, Human Rights, Malaysia, Politics.

The Royal Commission on the Lingam tape today decided not to call in Anwar Ibrahim, Sivarasa Rasiah and Sim Tze Tsin as witnesses. Commission chairperson Haidar Mohd Noor said that the evidence to be given by them were not linked to the inquiry.

This was to be expected. We knew something was amiss when suddenly, the Commission hearings were held in-camera.

Anwar Ibrahim has released part of his testimony on his blog, i.e. Part III of the Lingam Tape (jeng, jeng, jeng!), with the transcript.



1. meltingpot - January 28, 2008

i don’t know why we should be upset…. from day one the outcome of this inquiry is predictable!…..semua ok..

2. thinking - January 28, 2008

Correct me if I’m wrong, but when the first installment of the Lingam video was released last year, didn’t government authorities (was it the ACA?) demand Anwar to come in for questioning and to handover the original video clip? And now, when it is in the best of public interest for the RCI to get to the truth as quickly as possible, it seems they don’t need (read: want) Anwar as well as others like Lingam’s brother to testify. This is playing out to be a great miscarriage of justice.

3. Klaw - January 28, 2008

[Voice off-camera]: Then, in your…then they said you have taken photograph with him holidaying in…huh…huh…

Lingam: But unfortunately, I didn’t know. The worst thing I didn’t know Eusoff Chin put his hand like that! Alamak…so…I also didn’t know about it. What to do?

Alamak! Instant classic.

4. yh - January 28, 2008

hogwash. too much at stake, eh? looks like the same shit ..” if i dont do it, others will. who is going to compensate me…” again.

5. Fire Breather - January 28, 2008

The Royal Commission is a real joke – correct, correct correct? Even the way witnesses answer the questions put forth to them show that the Royal Commission is not respected at all – I think I said it or did I not??? MALAYSIA BOLEH!!!!

6. monsterball - January 28, 2008

In a way…..Anwar is playing games!!
Why can’t he release everything on Lingam…since the main object is to prove what all know what he wants to be proven.
Why piece by piece…….as if to catch more liars and cheaters during the process.
By releasing all….it will make the prosecution case much easier.
I don’t know how politicians think…..but for straight forward case..don’t the victim report it all to the lawyers to fight the case with ALL informations..for or against??
I think Anwar……releasing the 3rd tape is showing how cunning he can be…..reserving that ….to stage an exciting appearance to the Royal Commissioners….to be the hero of the case.
They frustrated him…by saying he will not be needed….now he release the 3rd tape…..Why like that? That to me..is revealing Anwar is still a very cunning selfish man…………which we all know..
Hope he really have changed for the better.

7. monsterball - January 28, 2008

And it was Anwar who released the tapes….so why must the Royal Commissioners call him as a witness? He is supposedly have supplied all informations…so he is a redundant witness.
Now he said.he has extra informations for them.
Why is he playing games like that?
He did say…..
“slowly …slowly….be patient”..in one of the speech to the Indians….but that should mean.. he is holding up releasing other matters to prove other things…not on that Lingam case…..at the last moment.
I think he has proven to be a very selfish politician…..and hope he reads this …to open his eyes to be a better person…….and not treat others ….like idiots….especially the Royal Commissioners.
But for RC to have closed door session….is full of shit too….as they are suppose to have no secrets from the public.
They should learn to be noble and righteous..like we saw from the USA court case…all live on TV,,…not one part held under closed doors. To do that…is to tell us…….the quality of a proper legal case……..by our so call legal people…..they lack confidences..or have something to cover up..or..are below par ..compared to developed countries….maybe better than Iraq.

8. anonymous dud - January 29, 2008

“Why piece by piece”

this is to trap lingam and his buddies. you know lingam spin until he donno what himself talking about. only truth will prevail, and if that indian man keep spinning, he might walk into anwar trip since the indian man donno what pieces that anwar is holding….

9. aa - January 29, 2008

thats strategy and to stall the bullshit from the RCI. what the fuck, aint he is the guy who hide the seal. what is his position now? aint he is a director of some GLCs? with this kind of potential conflicting position and given his history, aint it better for him not to be the chair. no, he cant but to sit there for reasons best known to him. good luck, you participants to this farcical RCI. thats so much i will give credit to. my two cents worth, readers and you are all entitle to your personal opinions.

10. Paul Warren - January 29, 2008

I guess Anwar understands how these commissions work, having been an inside man himself. I bet this is not the last of the instalments of the video or other incriminating evidence in his possession.

After all it took a corrupt and/or a ransomed judiciary to have sat over the proceedings that found him guilty of all those charges that were meted on him. If Anwar wants to get back at those who took him down he needs to start with bringing down the judiciary first. I wonder what he has over Augustine Paul or Ariffin Jakka. After all Paul’s casting as irrelevant any evidence he found inconvenient to deal with meant Anwar was damned right from the start in Paul’s court. What I found very intriguing was that once Augustine pronounced something irrelevant it seemed like that was the end of it. His words were final.

As they say, there are many ways to skin a cat. And if I were Anwar, not that I support his politics even now in opposition, I will do it one at a time. Just as they are in the mood to relax, take out the knife and skin another layer. I guess until Ariffin Jakka and Paul Augustine are also implicated in bad judicial practice,Anwar should not rest either!

11. hutchrun - January 29, 2008

I`m glad that the video is coming out in `instalments`. It exposes the RCI to the hilt in what is increasingly perceived as a cover up. If it had been shown at one go, the powers that are would have been able to cover up. A very good strategy.

Now the RCI is seen for what it truly is. Increasingly they look foolish let alone make the country the laughing stock of the world. I`m expecting to see at least 2 of the commissioners on the Panel to recuse themselves – at least they will save face.

12. kittykat46 - January 29, 2008

I have very low expectations of this Royal Commission. Normally in a trial or inquiry, at least some of the parties to the enquiry have a vested interest in ensuring one or the other side of the story comes out.

This is a strange situation where ALL the protagonists are mainly interested in suppressing the truth or denying everything or conveniently “lupa”. There is no hope at all to get at the truth.

Anwar Ibrahim is playing a poker game. He knows better than most the nefarious maneuverings of the people involved. You can’t play this with a straightforward clinical approach.

13. hutchrun - January 29, 2008

Paul Warren,

There was talk of Augustine`s son up on a statutory rape charge that went no further, tho` his the son was able to go further to Australia.
If true, that was the pay off. Hopefully, we will get to hear more of it soon too.

14. hutchrun - January 29, 2008

At the start of his testimony, Eusoff, 73, told the court interpreter that he was a “pensioner.”

CHAIRMAN – Y. A. Bhg. Tun Dato’ Seri Hj Mohd Eusoff bin Chin
Bintulu Ports is a company listed on the KLSE.One doubts if its chairman could be considered a “pensioner”.

15. hutchrun - January 29, 2008

Alcatel Network Systems (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
Plot 19 Tingkat Perusahaan 6 Fasa IV
Kawasan Perusahaan Prai
13600 Perai Pulau Pinang
Tel: 04-5070542
Fax: 04-5071932
03-78763706 (House)

From The Business Times, Malaysia
Eusoff is chairman of Alcatel’s Malaysian unit

PARIS-based Alcatel has named Tun Mohd Eusoff Chin as the chairman of its Malaysian subsidiary, Alcatel Network Systems (M) Sdn Bhd. Alcatel managing director in Malaysia, Datuk Yusof Ampuan Kecil, said the combination of Eusoff’s leadership ability and extensive government service will be an asset to the company.

Eusoff was the Chief Justice of Malaysia for six years until his retirement in 2000.

Eusoff, in a statement released in Kuala Lumpur, said since retiring from government service, “I have been looking for an opportunity to further contribute to our country’s development.

“In accepting this offer from Alcatel, I have found that opportunity, given the vital role that technology will play in Malaysia’s future,” he added.
(17 January 2006 Business Times)

16. wits0 - January 29, 2008

I wouldn’t use an Alcatel H/P even if it’s cheaper than other competing brands.

17. LINGAMJOKE - January 29, 2008

This LINGAMGATE is turning to LINGAMJOKE, this commission can’t do anythingand it’s turning slowly into a fanfair, a circus, justice will be denied to those who’re cheated of the very thing that gurantees fairness.

this is a joke.

18. monsterball - January 30, 2008

okay…..Anwar has explained he received the 3rd segment of the Lingam tape on Friday..recently!!
Therefore..he is not purposely holding up evidences.
I believe in him…..and yes…the Royal Commissioners seem to pick and choose witnesses…..less important than Anwar.
Anwar have been crying out loud for so long to appear to the RC….and he is infact..a very important witness.
He should be called up…..immediately after Mahathir….ex-CJ.Eusoff Chin…..to clearify matters…as he was the CPM at that time….so important and logical…..why do RC not do it?
The only logical explainations to Anwar’s suspicion on powerful hands…guiding the RC…is non other than UMNO kingpins…telling them..never to do anything ..to make UMNO loose the election.
Everything done is a show by UMNO.

19. kittykat46 - January 30, 2008

A little background – Alcatel does a fair bit of government and GLC related business in Malaysia, mostly backbone telecoms infrastructure related.

Its quite predictable that they would appoint a well-connected figure like Eusoffe Chin to their Malaysian board.
Nothing illegal with that, but its a bit rich for him to just call himself a “Pensioner”

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