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Satu lagi projek Bebal Nasional (BN) – part 2 February 1, 2008

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Here’s one I missed on Wednesday, alerted by the good folks of a hip, indie bookshop, on Selangor Water Authority charging for RAINWATER!!!

According to a circular (reproduced at bottom) from the Selangor Water Authority (LUAS), factories and golf clubs will have to apply for a licence and then have to pay for rain water! And this is no joke either.

(…) The rain water collected in the ponds is used to water the greens and fairways, hence saving large amounts of water so that there is enough treated water for public use.

(…) Can you propose a levy for God-sent water? (source: Citizen Nades, Rent-Seeking from Rain, The Sun)

It’s not just about golf courses trying to save water. When Selangor factories, that harvest rainwater (so that more can be used by households) and attempt to save costs, begin paying for this extra levy, who do you think will end up paying for them?

You. Us.

Not those ‘No-need-to-change-lifestyle-Perth-Vegas-holidaying’ types, not those richie-rich boutique-shopping kind a la BN.

A commentator, ‘Ranjit Singh’, in a previous post quipped that BN = ‘Bad News’. There are banners appearing around town which equates BN with ‘Barang Naik’.

Stop the Rot. Vote for Change.

(Report of the above in BM, c/- KLPos.com)



1. elizabethwong - February 1, 2008

A different take from FOMCA, specifically on surface and groundwater levy, can be found in today’s Malaysiakini’s Letter Section (free to view).


2. monsterball - February 2, 2008

hahahahaha…This sound like Samy Vellu’s idea.
After all…he blamed floods due to God’s will.
And as he feel he is the Indian king in Malaysia..he is treated as a God too…that’s what he think so.
So God giveth rain….and rain belongs to MIC….thus UMNO take control and come out with that rule….hahahahaha
I tell you….I have never heard in my whole life….rain water is not free….except from Malaysia present government…..hahahahahaha
Vote for change depends on how many are idiots and how many are seriously interested to have dignities and self respect..to be really free… in Malaysia.

3. Kecek-kecek Tok Mudin 3.0 | Pentadbiran Khir Toyo dah melampau!!! - February 2, 2008

[…] aku terbaca tentang ini di blog Abu Amiir dan Elizabeth Wong. Kemudian aku mencari beritanya di klpos. Kerajaan Selangor dibawah Khir Toyo ini memang dah […]

4. NoMoreAbuse - February 2, 2008

This is actually another planned project by Barisan Nasional. Selangor, the first ‘developed state’ in Malaysia is showing the way. Syabas! Malaysia Boleh!

Here’s the related news article sometime back:

Title: Harvesting rainwater on roofs

PUTRAJAYA: The sky is the limit for the country’s latest water conservation initiative. It will soon be mandatory for owners of buildings to install “rainwater harvesting” systems on rooftops and use the collected water for purposes other than consumption or bathing.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said the move was to reduce the wastage of precious treated water to wash cars, flush toilets, clean drains or water plants.

He said a by-law to enforce water harvesting and storage systems would be formulated by the Housing and Local Government Ministry for adoption by local authorities.

The full story here: http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2007/3/28/nation/17271769&sec=nation

5. monsterball - February 2, 2008

waaa….MCA building chinese schools like never sen before.
Samy got holiday for thaipusam…feedback….not good enough….now he presents low cost flats worth RM45k each for RM25k only!!
UMNO billons investments in Trengganu…Penang and Johore announced…just doing .something .to show…they are going on…but after election….maybe all incompleted….due to no money? Don’t be surprised!!
And today….RM81 million allocated too the poor and disabled.
And my guess is high ranking police are on UMNO payroll….besides their regular salaries….to get their undivided loyalties….just like so many generals in Indonesia suspected under payroll by the late Soharto..
No wonder….MB of Melaka said UMNO will rule forever.
Now leaving to the voters ….to think are these sincerely done for the love of the nation and people? If so….why so much announced ONLY few months before election? They have 5 years…why all done now?
MAS also said nett RM1 billion profit for next 5 years. this is the best….hahahahaha …MAS welknown to loose and loose money..all of a sudden masking so much…..and saying for 5 years……hahahahaha
Maybe New Straits Times have some good news next week?
Old man like me….have seen so much election talks….but this is the best con job UMNO have cooked up so far.
Bottom line…we all still buy oil and all essentials at at least 20% higher..within few months…..and after elections…..God help those wage earners how to balance their family budgets….with fixed income….needing to pay almost 50% more than now…to live like before. Where are they going to get 50% more??? Crime rate may increase…out of no choice!!
The selected fortunate malays.. will buka puasa like throwing parties everyday….and the unfortunate…may need to eat simple basic food to fill the stomach next 12 months..
The foolish selfish Chinese will join in the crowd……if they are taken for a ride on the Chinese school news….and don’t think of the country as a whole.being cheated by UMNO year in year uot.
The Indians seem to have made up their minds and showing they are the smartest voters right now,
I guess….they are really sick of Samy Vellu and MIC bullshits….good for them…..to wake up to the truth.the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
Million of malays are still sleeping..inspite of being so close to Allah.5 times per day….I am lost of words to understand them….except no back bones…want to be treated like a 50 years old child….by sick god-fathers.

6. yh - February 2, 2008

are they going to charge farmers too? who else will they charge? lets put it in the GUINESS BOOK OF RECORDS for this ingenuity.

7. Libra - February 2, 2008

Undilah Barisan Nasional untuk menentukan tempat di syorga.

8. Gina - February 3, 2008

What about all those Samy vellu’s men wasting water using full flush after going for a pee? That can be collected to bless Samy for the coming GE. Might be rude but it will show Samy cares, is intelligent and concerned about global warming, if not about Malaysian Tamils. He might even propose a giant (Hindu) umbrella over Malaysia. After all the rulers are “payung” to humble kampung people like us.

9. mob1900 - February 5, 2008

Nice Idea Gina… ‘environmental-friendly’ recycled water to bless Samy. lolx

10. gelidengangay - February 9, 2008

Satu lagi projek bebal DAP…

Melahirkan anak-anak kafir Cina haram macam you…. Undilah DAP untuk keamanan bangsa komunis di dunia ini…All Chinese are ass-kissers, that’s why they can survive worldwide….

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