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X-factor Rashid February 3, 2008

Posted by elizabethwong in Bebal-ism, Current Affairs, Democracy, Human Rights, Politics.

“They’re rude and disrespectful. There are other ways to air their protest(EW’s note – They did and you arrested all of them, you git),” X told reporters after attending the Universiti Malaya Alumni Day.

X was asked to comment on the action by Bersih members to tear Rashid’s picture as published in the New Straits Times today in protest against the election system in the country.
X said Rashid had discharged his duties well by conducting elections in a fair, clean, transparent and democratic manner. (Source: Bernama, 2 Feb 2008)

Who is Mr. X? (Hint: IQ Ling-ling)

A bare-faced liar too, if he can say all that about Rashid. But he needs Rashid to smooth things out for him.

Gimme a bonfire any time. After all, Bebal Nasional (BN) amended the Constitution for a cheat.



1. monsterball - February 3, 2008

Pak Lah is considering to take actions against burning Rasid’s photo….saying that man is no cheater on voters roll and is a good man.
Years ago…UMNO members burned the DAP’s flag and Lim Kit Siang’s dummy. That’s okay….it seems…no comments.
You see…any UMNO members that are performing excellent UMNO’s dirty job is protected… or decorated ..or appointed as a Senator…..even if not majority Malaysians voiced against those actions. They simply don’t care for public opinions……if it means to weaken the UMNO party further. They decides…….everything to please their party and all other BN parties just stand there and keep quiet …..and when they are well pleased for the biggest balls carriers like MCA…they will give them permission to think how to get Chinese votes….therefore the many Chinese schools approvals…….not really caring for the Malaysian Chinese…..but for MCA .
What we don’t understand…all these can easily be done…as they are necessary and practical…..but it takes UMNO 50 years to do it……especially now…at their weakest position at all times.
So everything we read…the many goodies for Malaysians to read and feel proud are actually nothing to be happy about.
We are so used to a controlled life……selective opportunities…controlled religion and race….that anything good news told or done by UMNO…….seems so special and generous.
Why are we feeling like that?
Wake up..to the realities of life. Understand how rich our country is…..then don’t feel UMNO is so generous..even if they allow Malays…..free to choose any religion.
They will do that.once they have no choice…and know Malaysians can no more easily be fooled. Demonstrations must be big and many….keep defying them in the streets……To wake Malaysians to the real truths. ….and to give them courage to vote them out.
The change of government will prove to all of you…we have been too foolish and too selfish to keep voting UMNO in
Will majority Malaysians have the guts to do the right thing in coming general eletion? I sincerely think so.

2. monsterball - February 3, 2008

If you are a father and have children with no backbones..no guts….taught not to think….just follow…like an idiot..will you be proud of those children?

3. monsterball - February 3, 2008

Worst still…is when a father teaches his children not to think….but must support UMNO no matter what others are saying.
These fathers are the shame to their intelligent children who wants a free and democratic country….yet told not to think about it…just vote for UMNO and BN.
These are the corrupted selfish.. hypocrites.

4. monsterball - February 3, 2008

And today’s S.Times headline news…..’Best Practices”..by government servants….and more to come!!
They keep feeding the public with these idiotic so call god news.WITHOUT telling the public..what will be the punishments .if these so call best practices are not being carried out?
In every good company there are instructions…rules and regulation…and those who do not follow these rules and regulations…are clearly spelt out with punishments.
So what are UMNO’s punishments for non compliances?
Should it not be balanced up…with a rule…that if they receive any complaints from the public….for one particular person…three times.. on that same person….or that Dept …that person’s service will be terminated or that head of Dept. be demoted and replaced.
No investigations and all that jass to delay justice needed. Public are not out to get anyone into trouble for nothing….and people’s opinions should be seriously heeded….to practice sincerely as ‘People’s PM” by Pah Lah.
people’s PM should give people the power to advise and carried out the advises. Al he said .ge has big ears to hear the people….and keep coming out goodies…….never proven been done ..and today…shit news with no management qualities….to make them work at all.
I simply cannot help laughing and thinking of MALAYSIAN AIRLINE SYSTEM…..great news….for 5 years….non stop!!…hahahahaha
Does UMNO really want to be sincere or keep feeding nice good news with no good effective results..all the time. Public are no fools!

5. nstman - February 3, 2008

Rashid is a moron, Rashid is not a human being, Rashid has no principles. Pak Lah, what are you going to do? Send me to Kamunting?

6. fathi aris omar - February 4, 2008

Eli, my disturbing discovery. See my blog http://usrah2007.blogspot.com (another one)

Does PL endorse Islamic fundamentalists? If not, then why must he (or rather, KKDN) banned so many (serious, scholarly) books on religious fundamentalism?

See also http://patahbalek.blogspot.com/

7. budak cina - February 4, 2008

I think Malaysia is a screwed up country not because of this x factor but the country itself.

Malaysia is a blessed/cursed state.

Malaysia is blessed with ample natural resources, plausible geographical location, conducive climate and is natural disastrous-free.

Malaysia is cursed with this stupid x ruining our blessed land. This stupid x does not know how to manage our natural resources and use our land effectively and efficiently, thus causing immense hardship to the endemic people.

This stupid x does not how to make life easy for the people but instead advocating apartheid and religious division, creating hatred , distrust and disharmony among the various racial people.

This x is losing in the ‘battle field’ and needs this ‘Shit’ to turn the tide the crooked way. This ‘Shits had passed the shelf-life but was reinstated by amending the sacred Constitution.

Can an expired product doing a good job for the nation? Nobody will buy this product let alone using this!

But not with this x. This x will still use this expired product just proves that this x is of the same genre, both have expired their values and shelf lives and should be discarded.

Can we let this expired ‘Shit’ fool the endemic people so that this expired x can be reelected again for the coming GE?

Can an expired x rule the country effectively and efficiently in this highly competitive high-tech era of information and communication?

Sigh! If this expired x does not treat the Constitution, the highest Law of the Land solemnly, this land is as good as gone, period. This land is thus a lawless land and the Rule of Law doesn’t exist.

This expired x has unwittingly turned this sacred and blessed land into a pariah and cursed land!

Why? Because this expired x doesn’t know how to manage the Land and is ignorant to the Rule of Law. This expired x just doesn’t know the basic principle and law of Democracy but rules the country at his whims and fancies, just like an expired and obsolete archaic ruthless dictator. What was happening to Saddam Hussein, Marcos and Suharto will also happen to this expired x and the long expired previous x. So please don’t act like a hero and expect the endemic people to revere and pray to you like a god when both of you have ‘manposed’.

Under this expired x and the previous x, this blessed land has transformed to a cursed land with the Law of Jungle in the mode.

So don’t be surprised when this expired x has ‘manposed’, some elders from a Hainamese Association from the Hainam Island coming to Malaysia to take away his corpse and bury in a grave in the Hainamese Island.

This is in accordance to a Confucius law which states that ‘what you do to others, others will do undo you’.

So there is no law and order in Malaysia but jungle law as Malaysia is ruled by warlords and thugs are obsequious.

The endemic people can boot this expired x out of the crooked political system and by checking this expired ‘Shit’ from rigging votes. This expired ‘Shit’ is a total disgrace to humankind and should be booted out NOW and should not let him get involved in this GE, else the elected BN (if) will be illegitimate.

This expired ‘Shit’ is an outlaw and should be confined in a jail in Sungei Buloh.

It time for the endemic people to vote this expired x and send hom back to Hainam Island, to where he belongs!

This is no sweat with a country practicing 1 people 1 nation. concept.

8. tupingera - February 4, 2008

Who is rude ?
One who tears a picture of a liar or one who denies Malaysians of their basic democratic right to participate in a clean and fair elections.

9. Mile high performer - February 5, 2008

Is Mr X the latest Malaysian to join the “MILE HIGH CLUB”

If Mr. X sees fit to protect a piece of Robbing sonofabitch monkey turd face moron like RaXid, then Mr. X courts the wrath of any Malaysians alive.

If Ms Wong would come by the means to have say, a bundle of wood “faggot” and a match for toasting the said Robbing sonofabitch monkey turd face moron like Raxid, and if this Robbing sonofabitchmonkeyturd face moron Raxid burns gaily like any faggot, and that I happen to walk past…….

I wouldn’t even pee on this piece of monkey turd face moron just to put out the fire.

10. pixieworld - February 5, 2008

Two Prime Minister opening “shady” joints in a prominent mall of the city. One sells you the bread of unrighteousnes, while the other poise itself to be the chief supplier of royal robes to royal rascals.

The rivers of Kuala Lumpur look muddier than usual, its filth has new Barisan contamination. While sons of padi farmers and former tin miners and Indian plantation workers struggle to put bread and clothes on, the emperors reign supreme with razzle dazzle.

The emperors demand that that Malays must only vote Barisan, Indians are told you will regret it if you don’t, while the Chinese are are given crumbs to keep them begging for more. Who will take the challenge to stand against the emperor’s intimidation?

The skies over the twin towers and like a vengeful dragon, while the stage is set for electing the champs the emperors have instrumented their triump. Let the east winds blow, let the warm rains of Kedah cleanse from within.

The only reason for corrupt emperors to reign is for their subjects to remain shackled and intimidated. Rise up and let the drumbeats begin. This time the people will not let the pernicious floods come in.

Though the Staid Times and the Fallen Star spin doctors blow smoke in our eyes,we will not let Datuk Wong and Kallimullah revel in half-turths, selective denials and lies.

Tuesday as boycott day of mainstream goverment papers is having a reasonable impact. A news vendor even asked me if Tuesday was a day people read each other. More power to u Rocky, standing with you on this and lets add another day to it.

11. monsterball - February 5, 2008

budak cina…..Malaysia us a screwed up country..because UMNO purposely screw it up…knowing the Malays are far behind in everything against other races. That were in fact…. not screwing it up…at the initial stage of the formations of becoming a unite country……..by UMNO for the first 25 years….but under Mahathir…it is so clear….Malays are well educated and can be trained to have confidence …equal to anyone….but no..TDM choose to split the Malays…..to divide and rule…..knowing the half past sixes are still plentiful…that will vote for UMNO ….setting himself up as dictator and to like a real professional con man…..juggle everything …..to steal and cheat without being caught.
Now.it is totally different Malaysians ….UMNO is dealing with.
As we all know …it is a screwed up country…..done purposely by UMNO….and it will be the majority Malays that will screw UMNO back…..as they know.if UMNO can screw Indians and Chinese and other races……..they can screw their own race too…..as …cruel…cunning and corrupted politicians…knows no limits …except to keep screwing us for their own personal benefits.
This is very easy to correct by voters…just vote against them…that’s it.

12. budak cina - February 6, 2008

Dear monsterball,

You are right, Malaysia is being screwed up by UMNO, in particular the previous x.

A country can only function systematically with a fine democratic system with check and balance and separation of powers.

But alas! This previous x destroyed our fine democratic system by wrongfully and nefariously sacking the honorable Lord President Tun Salleh Abbas, thus rendering the Judicial Pillar and has to lean on this precious x in order to maintain its slanting position.

This previous x and his cohorts are all real traitors of the Nation by destroying our true democratic system rendering our judicial system a pariah and ignominious system.

I think we don’t need a fourth pillar which is tautological but played a damning role in destroying our independent judicial system.

It’s time to abolish this fourth pillar which is a bane to our excellent judicial system. It not only drains the resources but stifles democracy in Malaysia.

The royal commission of inquiry is just a further joke to our judicial system and the fourth pillar.

How would you expect a fair verdict when you have a robber sitting as a judge conducting trial on his fellow fraternity?

These cohorts are displaying again a deja vu of the 1988 case of usurping the power of the judicial system with the fourth pillar backing from behind.

The chairman of the RCI played a crucial role in destroying our judicial system in 1988’s insidious plot and now he is heading the RCI on this Lingam video clip fiasco.

Can this chairman of the RCI doing his best exposing his 1988’s ignominious wrong doing? What a safe move by our Malaysian ‘Genghis khan”‘ in appointing this ignominious traitor as chairman of RCI.

For sure this ignominious RCI traitor would not sentence himself for any wrong doing and send himself to jail.

This RCI traitor should be in jail serving time but now is the chairman of the RCI conducting trials!.

Yes! monsterball! Malaysia is a screwed up country by all these UMNO traitors purposely.

Definitely Malaysia is a screwed up country because of all these ignominious UMNO traitors.

It’s time to show the exit door to all these ignominious UMNO traitors come this GE.

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