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(GE12) Of Parliament being dissolved on 13th Feb February 13, 2008

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Media called to a press conference by the PM. 12:30 pm.
He can’t be that desperate???

(Earlier, 12 Feb)

Of course not.

Umno, MCA, Gerakan & MIC still have much to sort out.

Like inter-intra party seat allocation, reallocation of phantom transferred voters and postal votes, $$$, etc.

Suffice to say, polling day may well fall on my birthday! 😀 🙂 😛



1. Pratamad - February 13, 2008

When is your birthday? Not that I want to send you birthday gift, but just for a clue of when the GE will be, when the day will come to tell BN “enough is enough!”. 😉

2. bamboo river - February 13, 2008

Polling date is probably and most likely will be on 8th March 2008.

3. kittykat46 - February 13, 2008

Sounds to me Bedol is not the real “BOSS”. He went home and the his strategist told him in no uncertain terms the elections must be held NOW.

4. ewoon - February 13, 2008

ew (my initials, too), hope i’m not being out of line in extending you an early wish.

Happy Birthday, girl. Many happy returns of the day. i know you’ll be ecstatic when you-know-who is sent packing after the 12th GE.

cheers (beer on me should you happen to be at zorro’s regular watering-hole)


5. Damocles - February 13, 2008

Liz, hope the defeat of the BN will make a fitting birthday gift for you!


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