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(GE12) BN (Barang Naik) and Sam Hui February 14, 2008

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Democracy, Economy, Malaysia, Politics.
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This is a golden oldie from evergreen Canto-popstar Sam Hui, singing about the cost of everything going up.

An apt description for the state of our country. Please spread!



1. oA - February 14, 2008


Maybe the people should find out who are the “real beneficiaries” of all these prices hikes?

Like the road tolls, the real beneficiaries are the “circle of leeches” within –

perpetuating the culture of greed,
unleashing and abusing of power,
filling up their pockets with ill gain monies

made easy

with the protection of police, aca, and the judiciary.

With the understanding of where all these problems are coming from,
people should realize what they are in for –


With this in mind, people should discard their mentality of momentary ecstasy – compromising their realizations with some cheap oral embellishments very well know to be dispensed by bn’s component parties.

Screwing the country and good people is the culture of bn’s
Pride of umno.


2. hasilox - February 14, 2008

After erection then only feel the true meaning of barang naik.
BN = Beban Negara

3. Encik Cupid - February 14, 2008

Yalah sis, everything naik, inflation again. this Valentine, I bought a stalk of rose for a woman at RM15. In 2003 it was just between RM10-RM12.

Not to mention all daily neccesities like cooking oil, etc.

Time to end the BN regime lah. Saya “kocek kosong” dah.

Happy valentine sis Elizabeth, all I mean is whether u have a younger sister?

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