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(GE12) The number ’13’ February 14, 2008

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Democracy, Malaysia, Politics.
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The Elections Commission (EC) has the power to set the elections date, not the former Prime Minister. So was the date 8 March really decided by the EC or given by our numerology fan – Mr. 13? (And how come a number of us were told of that date in advance :D)

Maybe Rashid likes ’13’ too.

And on the issue of indelible ink, heads up folks. Sources claim it’s NOT likely to be compulsory.

Is that why he was ainsy?

Asked to confirm on the use of indelible ink in the coming election, the EC chief replied: “I will talk about that later. The procedures-procedures are not (main topic) in this session, we are more interested in the (election) dates.”

Pressed again, he retorted: “Did I say cancel? I will call you if there is any change.” (Malaysiakini, 14 Feb 2008)


1. Allen Tan - February 14, 2008

Not compulsory?
If it is so, he has wated the tax-payers’s money – RM2.5 million!

Even if they paint in the nail, people might be able to remove it by scraping it with a cutter.

Who set the date. I’m sure the PM was consulted. You ask, “Like that also boleh (can) ah?” Can. Malaysia Boleh ma!!!

2. arifabdull - February 14, 2008

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3. spindoci - February 14, 2008

WHAT THE HELL!?! why can’t the fuc*er give a simple yes/no to the use of indelible ink? like it is a big secret is it? like it is going to be wasting his saliva, is it? See that face of his also want to give one tight slap! (&^%$#@$%^& If your source is true, then the whole BN is LYING RIGHT FROM THE START! Government is acting on demand by BERSIH konon! this is my middle finger to KJ! Arsehole even lied in his al-jazeera interview and he is not even an elected rep yet! Maybe it is in his gene…baka cacat!

4. yh - February 15, 2008

you cant trust a cheat, can you? didnt he say that the electoral roll is cleansed? is it when there are still large number of deceased? is it when citizens suddenly found that they were registered as voters when they havent done so?
i rather trust my dog than him anytime.

5. budak cina - February 15, 2008

This Rashit is the mother of all shits in Malaysia and should be chopped to 10,000 pieces for commiting crimes of the Milennium. This mother of all shits has no conscience and only an inhuman with no feeling would want to take up this job of Election Commission even though he had passed the shelf life.

So this mother of all shits of the Millennium has accrued 10,000 pieces of chops.;

This mother of all shits had passed his selflife but reinstated just to carried out insidious activities so that the Binatang2 in the Binatang Nasional can win big time during the GE.
This mother of all shits should be chopped chopped to another 10,000 pieces for carried out all the blatant criminal activies come this GE.

This mother of all shits of the of the millennium will accrue again another 10,000 pieces of chops if he dares again blatantly mark voters’ voting ticket with a code, thus making voting no more a secret in Malaysia.

So this mother of all shits of the millennium has accrued a total sum of 30,000 pieces of chop to his name but he is still the chairman of the election commission determining who should control our life.

This is just outrageous.

Malaysia must be a cuckoo country with cukcoo denizens allowing this cukcoo mother of all shits of the millennium to dictate our life.

There will be no justice in Malaysia if this cuckoo bird is to rein the coming election commission.

It’s time to initiate the execution of the decree come this GE, otherwise the cuckoo denizens will have to live in a cuckooland again reining by all these cuckoo binatang2 from the Binatang Nasional for the whole life.

It’s time to roast these binatang2 during the election day come this GE and enjoy your feast.

6. Allen Tan - February 15, 2008

Hey, another 13 again.

13th Feb PM announced Parliament was disssolved.
Now EC gave 13 days for poll campaign. It proved that Abdul Rashid is pro-PM, honoring the latter’s lucky number.

7. orange - February 15, 2008

eh… even my father’s coffee shop gang in ipoh heard about 8th march la (before CNY)… all their cards are being seen. they can continue lying and drama-ing all they want to condemn themselves further.

8. hehehehe - February 15, 2008

Do You know?

13 in Christianity represents Judas Iscariot? the very deciple that betrays Jesus? and is forever known as a TRAITOR?

The 13th tarot card is DEATH?

Friday the 13th was the day that the all powerful Christian Crusader goup – the Knights of the Templer was slaughter.

so as you can see, we have a trator, that will lead us to death and he and his gang will be slaughter in this comming GE

see, the power of prediction, I oso can

9. jedyoong - February 16, 2008

I tot Islam cannot be superstitious one….what is our grand imam of islam hadhari doing playing around with numerology?

13 is his favourite number? reminds me of may 13. after all, he helped razak with the NEP…..

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