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Acting PM mudah lupa February 15, 2008

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Democracy, Huh?!, Human Rights, Malaysia, Politics, Race Relations.

Or is it a case of sleeping on the job… again?

Abdullah said that Anwar was not a factor in upcoming elections, saying he had “forgotten” about him. (Malaysiakini, 14 Feb 2008)

Er. Then why ah, your acting deputy everyday go to Felda sites and talk about him and KeADILan? (Ya, I lurve having my brains scrambled watching TV3 and RTM1)

Or have the police watch his office?

What else have you forgotten?


1. Klaw - February 15, 2008

When they say they forgot about Anwar, no one will believe them. That’s because their acting (cheap pun) is not so good 😛

Anyway, I better tune in more to TV3. ntv7 news quite bland leh. Won’t touch RTM news with a 10 foot pole.

2. tupingera - February 15, 2008

Bodowi also forgets that BPR, an agency under the JPM, is to cegah rasuah.
Instead, BPR is now tasked to bribe witnesses to ‘kau tim’ corruption cases.
No wonder the 18 high-profile cases have gone cold.

Speaks volume of his ‘anti-corruption crusade’.

3. Dr RKM - February 15, 2008

i saw the press conference

BIADAP for a weak PM to talk like that. Acting tough at the last minute eh Mr Acting PM.

Just wait after the elections, you UMNO friends will kick u out of the party, and that will start with Najib just like his father did to dear ol Tunku after the 1969 elections.

4. mob1900 - February 15, 2008

Emperor Yellow Tail and Lord of Chicken shit, that’s what we call big-time cowards like Pak beLah, forgotten-lah konon. He’s just watching over his hide … or feathers.

5. Allen Tan - February 15, 2008

Alamak, I don’t know Dr Mahathir’s azhemier (during Royal Commission case) had transferred to him. Pity Pak Lah! What medicine can cure you ah? I think give you acupuncture on the head will be best.

Pak Lah, you better don’t talk about Anwar during your campaign since you forgot about him. Otherwise you will be the greatest liar. Remember, you had already lied to all people both in Malaysia and abroad.

6. oA - February 15, 2008


He eats money

He sleeps money

He works money

And that’s the reason why the govt. is serving the rich and crooked

Instead of the people and the country.

Thoughts that come from a lowly person (pm) like him is not important.


7. monsterball - February 16, 2008

Saying Anwar has no chance……has always been UMNO’s propaganda work…since he was released from jail.
It is….. the more you listen to it…..the more you will believe….and age old art…..used by the evil foreigners….and mastered by our corrupted government politicians.
Only idiots will fall into that trap…to believe them….for the more they talk like that….means they are afraid of Anwar.

8. bamboo river - February 16, 2008

We should believe what the PM says. Believe the opposite of what he says!

9. Ancut Nyamai - February 17, 2008


I fully agree with you

10. (BN) Bengang Nasional « elizabeth wong - February 20, 2008

[…] trying to recall their Form Five Math classes, like the son-in-law of the acting/(ex)-PM who forgot this chap called Anwar Ibrahim. “I did some calculations on PKR’s promises to give […]

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