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Free H5 February 15, 2008

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Democracy, Human Rights, Malaysia, Politics, Race Relations.
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Free H5!
No to Detention without trial
YES to Equality
YES to Change!!

Red & Yellow Roses
16 Feb 2008

Kuala Lumpur
Venue : Parliament House Kuala Lumpur
Address: Jalan Parlimen, 50680, Kuala Lumpur
Time : 10.00 am -12.00pm

If you are living abroad, there will be solidarity actions in the following cities!

Venue: High Commission of Malaysia, London
Address: Malaysian High Commission 45-46 Belgrave Square London
Time: 10am

Los Angeles
Venue: In front of Consulate General of Malaysia, Los Angeles
Address: 550 South Hope Street, Suite 400, Los Angeles, CA 90071)
Time: 10am – 2pm

New York
Venue : Malaysian Consulate General of New York -313 East,43rd Street, NY,
Nearest Subway – Grand Central, New York
Time : 11.00am – 1.00pm
Contact Ravi Shan at MalaysianinNewYork@gmail.com or 1(917) 443 1250

New Delhi
Venue : In Front Of Malaysian Embassy
50-M, Satya Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi
Time : 11.00 am

Address : 414A, Avenue de Tervuren 1150 Brussels, Belgium
Time : 11.00 am

Northern Ireland
Address : Level 3A – 5A Shelbourne House Shelbourne Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4
Time : 11.00 am

Venue : Jalan H.R. Rasuna Said,Kav. X/6, No.1-3 Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan 12950
Time : 11.00 am

Venue : India4-B, 4th Floor, Notan Plaza, Turner Road, Bandra (West), Mumbai 400050.
Time : 11,00 am

New Zealand
Address : No. 10 Washington Avenue Brooklyn, P.O. Box 9422, Wellington, New Zealand
Time : 11.00 am

Venue : Chancery: 7 Perth Avenue Yarralumla ACT 2600
Time : 11.00am



1. hehehehe - February 15, 2008

No to Detention WITH trial?

sure or not?


EW: Oops. Thanks for spotting the typo.

2. Del - February 15, 2008

Was that today, elizabeth? The 15th? No date?

3. Hindraf Roses Set To Be Ignored By Acting PM Badawi | Malaysians Say The Darndest Things! - February 15, 2008

[…] Free H5 (Elizabeth Wong) – For a list of other cities in the world to gather in solidarity ITS FINAL. ITS GONNA BE GUNS N ROSES THIS SATURDAY! (zorro) Is “Children With Roses” a Threat to National Security? (sagaladoola) PM won’t attend any HINDRAF event (poobalan) […]

4. klconfidential - February 16, 2008


Be careful. It’s 2 am now and I just came back home. On the way, I saw soooo many roadblocks and police presence. They are not taking this lightly. As far as I know, they are out in FULL FORCE.

I’m scared. BUT I WILL BE THERE. (Shit scared)

I think the police are getting braver and braver. When this happens, they tend to do really dumb things (not that they have shown any grey matter before)

1. BERSIH 10/11 – We caught them off guard.
2. HINDRAF – They got braver and became violent.
3. HUMAN RIGHTS DAY – They got even more braver because they found out they could get away with arresting lawyers.
4. PROTES – They got even more braver by arresting soo many people.

They are much more insolent and brazen in their approach because they have gotten away with so many things. THEY ARE GETTING BRAVER.

So people, please exercise caution. I worry for you and for myself.. and most of all the children who will be there. No sleep tonight.

I love you, Malaysians.

Ya Allah, please protect us from tyranny and the aggressions of these ruthless people.

Quote from the Qur’an:
“Do not oppress and BE NOT OPPRESSED.”

This child deserves her say.

5. Logan - February 18, 2008

I don’t the police and the government are getting braver, but more desperate. Their threats have not worked, and now they hope that by hurting a few of us they’ll “teach” the rest a lesson and keep them back.

There is no way they can arrest everyone. They also cannot arrest too many people, because they need their votes. They lose the support of not only Every person they unlawfully arrest, beat, provoke, push, shout down and bully; but also their friends, families, children, coworkers and everyone who shares their ideas and believes in them.

The momentum is with the people now, we should not lose it.

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