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(GE12) Rashid again February 15, 2008

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Hand in the cookie jar syndrome.

He said there is no such thing as ‘phantom voter’, claiming that nobody has ever produced proof.


Earlier this week, electoral reform group Bersih has presented proof of the existence of 104 voters aged above 100 in the Selangor electoral roll to the Selangor EC.

Pressed by a reporter on this issue, he rebutted: “You want to argue over small things like this? You’re questioning me like in a court of law.” (Malaysiakini, 14 Feb 2008)

Is that why the EC is mum about the indelible ink?

(See Rockybru, whose identity may well be used by a ‘phantom’ this elections!)


1. tupingera - February 15, 2008

Why do you think those NRD offices are closed on that date ???
Computer maintenance or to facilitate distribution of mykads to phantom voters???

PUTRAJAYA: The Kuala Lumpur National Registration Department (NRD) and Malacca NRD, which normally operate on Saturdays, will be closed on Feb 16, 2008.

This is to facilitate maintenance operations for its computer systems.

The KL and Malacca NRD will however be open on Sunday, Feb 17, from 8am to 1pm.

2. K S Ong - February 15, 2008

It is amazing how the control of the mainstream media has continued to give the public the good impression that everything is as portrayed, and they can easily dismiss evidence to the contrary without any public outcry.

Nothing surprises us anymore and everything will be forgotten and forgiven after just a few days.

Now that The Sun is going to set (thanks to Vincent) and Selangor will be without Nades and company breathing down its officials’ necks, are we going to let it be? Voters! You are the boss now, do something about it!

3. bamboo river - February 15, 2008

He is beginning to feel the heat from the hot charcoal under his butt.

4. bullshit - February 15, 2008

Malaysiakini has a shortcut box where all of us can check our voting constituency by just keying in IC numbers. So, please go and check whether your name is being ‘hijacked’.

5. Yap Sing Yeong - February 15, 2008

Are you going to contest in the coming election?

6. Samuel Goh Kim Eng - February 15, 2008

How can there be denial of proof
With all the cracks in the roof
Being stubborn in spite of all the goofs
Waiting to be trampled by the hoofs

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 150208
Fri. 15th Feb. 2008.

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