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(GE12) Arrested at press conference, arrested for taking photos February 16, 2008

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Democracy, Human Rights, Malaysia, Politics, Race Relations.
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Long day. Exhausted. So, short story.

Afternoon. Tian Chua and Pak Amjal were arrested during a BERSIH press conference.  (Report in Malaysiakini, with video, here)

Brickfields police finished taking their statements but wanted to remand them further. Tian asked to speak to the office in charge. The police brought in 7 uniformed men and 8 non-uniformed men. They grabbed and pushed Executive Director of  human rigyhts group Suaram, Yap Swee Seng and KeADILan media officer, Ginie Lim out of the room. Then ten of them dragged Tian to a police car.

Lim took photos of the fracas. And because of that, she was arrested.

For “obstructing” the police.

All three are in the lockup tonight. Remand hearings on Saturday. Tian Chua may still be remanded come Nomination Day on 24th Feb (the fiends!).

Please read the SUARAM Urgent Appeal here, and respond immediately.


Police have started their ‘snuff’ campaign known as “Ops Padam” to stop the Rose-for-PM-Free-Hindraf-Five gathering tomorrow. (IMHO, that Pembohong doesn’t deserve any flowers)

Kuala Lumpur Police Chief Datuk Muhammad Sabtu Osman has even threatened to take away any children there and put them under the care of Welfare Department??!!!???

What about Sharlinie? Have you forgotten her, Musa Hassan?
How about rallying those thousands of police officers to look for her?
Or is serving the BN caretaker government during elections more important?



1. Another Little Napoleon « Aarvidi’s Weblog - February 16, 2008

[…] clipped from elizabethwong.wordpress.com […]

2. Allen Tan - February 16, 2008

Malaysian police only can bully the weak. When come to crimes they are timid.

Well, the police only work for BN. All BN assemblies are legal. They go against the NGOs and opposition with heavy forces, as if these innocent citizens are terrorists.

So pls vote wisely.

3. yh - February 16, 2008

behaves like gestapo. hello, i thought musa said freer society and more democratic space. this looks more like Nazi time.

4. monsterball - February 16, 2008

I guess if one fut .out of nature’s calling.will be arrested too……hahahahahahaha

5. thi - February 16, 2008

for god’s sake its children n parents bringing flowers!!

wats wrong with the authorities?

even if they do carry on doing sumthin stupid,
they doing it to make sure BN looses big time. sigh..

6. klconfidential - February 16, 2008

They were tear gassed and water cannoned. There were FRUs, Pertahanan Awam (I think, they look like military) and so many cops.

Poor people.

They chanted ‘We love Badawi’ and got water cannoned.

20 arrested but police refuse to confirm the numbers.
One interesting thing to note: They were more female police (in blue) than men. Maybe their were preparing to arrest the children.

This is depressing.

*I wonder if they knew who I was. Kept on getting ‘looks’.
Oh well, kill me, don’t kill me. But my writing lives on.

7. bamboo river - February 16, 2008

There goes the respect we give to them down the longkang.
They should not wear the ‘Saya Anti Rasuah’ badge . Instead we should give them the ‘Saya Adil & Saksama’.

8. kittykat46 - February 16, 2008

A Police permit is NOT needed for an indoor press conference.

The original logic for the “DiRaja” status of the police, is they are answerable to the Crown, not to the Political government of the day. They have completely forgotten that.

We might as well call them Polis Barisan Nasional Malaysia or Polis UMNO Malaysia.

9. Laksarian - February 16, 2008

One day I hope to get arrested with Ginie, she’s hot!

10. Craig "Casanova" Cheung - February 17, 2008


If women like Latheefa Koya, Elizabeth Wong or Ginie Lim is detain, I will enlist myself to be incarcerated with them. My hormones is raging now.

11. Joel Teo - February 17, 2008

Just bringing flowers…. anyways Malaysia is going to the polls …. wonder what the result would be…

12. monsterball - February 18, 2008

And those Indian children…..bringing flowers to Pak Lah….were treated with tear gas and water cannons.
Regardless whatever the reasons…..Pak Lah should accept the flowers and hug those children!!!
This shows what type of man….this so call …holier than thou PM is.
What sick people we have voted in …..and look at those evidences….tons of them…proving Lingam and the ex Chief Judge are liars.
Surprisingly….Pak Lah supported a Royal Commission…thus showing his fair side of his character…yet when comes to his personal actions….he has no balls to do the right thing or act with guts to right the wrongs.
He is daily…proving what a balless idiot he is.
Big ears.big eyes….but do not see nor hear….yet tells his ministers to listen to the people’s complaints and sufferings.
UMNO has the worst political reputation…..the world has ever known.

13. Cruel Angel - February 18, 2008


The Flower might be Poision IVY!

PM Scare la!

14. monsterball - February 19, 2008

Only guilty people have suspicions that the flowers are poisoned.
And their guilts are by the tons!!!

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