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The Star poll vs China Press poll February 16, 2008

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Democracy, Human Rights, Malaysia, Politics.
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Still exhausted. Even shorter post.

Read there’s a Star poll (can someone please point out the link?) of a couple hundred respondents who were said to be against demonstrations. A bit like the RTM TV boring campaign “Mereka BerKonspirasi” (jeng jeng jeng??)

I hope the police will see this poll from China Press and start worrying.


That’s 216,596 votes, more than 98% said the behaviour and actions of the police will affect the way vote this time … jeng, jeng, JENG!!



1. Libra - February 16, 2008

Did you say the police will start worrying? Animals don’t worry. They don’t think either. They just charge blindly because they are dogs, beholden to their master.

2. monsterball - February 16, 2008

The police will be very afraid..ONLY….will a change of government…as what they arc doing now …have the blessings of UMNO.
And Pak Lah advised all; his ministers to listen to the voices of the people against the government……yet he himself is creating most of the problems…..to actually how Mahathir….he can be lousy PM….he can be worst!! These people are treating the country and Malaysians like real idiots…for 50 years..successfully playing race and religion dirty politics…..and steal to enrich party….chosen cronies and personal benefits. …….year in year out.
Election is on 8th March.
Lets talk with our votes……for a change of government.!!!!

3. hehehehe - February 16, 2008

I would like to share a lyric I came across sometime back that I had poted in some blogs.


This is a public service announcement
With guitar
Know your rights all three of them

Number 1
You have the right not to be killed
Murder is a crime!
Unless it was done by a
Policeman or aristocrat
Know your rights

And number 2
You have the right to food money
Providing of course you
Dont mind a little
Investigation, humiliation
And if you cross your fingers

Know your rights
These are your rights

Know these rights

Number 3
You have the right to free
Speech as long as youre not
Dumb enough to actually try it.

Know your rights
These are your rights
All three of em
It has been suggested
In some quarters that this is not enough!

Interesting no?

Police brutality is OK, free Speeh says paktidur is OK, but C4 and ISA you on all respectively.


Biggest bullshitter of all time.

4. bullshit - February 16, 2008

Abdullah Badawi should come out graciously to accept roses from these children instead of using force and ignore the Indian’s plight. How to win this coming GE?

5. Harrison bin Hansome - February 16, 2008

The only 1.75% who approved/ satisfied of police work are probably the one who collude with them in fixing cases.

6. Malaysian - February 17, 2008

Btw, the Mereka Berkonspirasi video aired on national TV is very racist if you have noticed. They are trying to pitch ppl against Chinese Malaysian (all comments are given by Chinese Malaysians). It is about time we all be united Malaysians rather than being part of the propaganda of the government who is the one trying to break the unity of this country.

7. max - February 17, 2008

Are you by any chance selected to stand for election? Where?

EW: I have been nominated for a couple of seats. But the final decision will be sometime next week.

8. monsterball - February 18, 2008

WOW!!….That’s great news.
Good-luck to your political future….Liz.

9. 鈧凯 - February 19, 2008

So happy to see that result…

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