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(GE12) Fong come back :( February 17, 2008

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Democracy, Malaysia, Politics, Women.
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Fong Po Kuan, (also known as Cili Padi among the Chinese media; I like to call her ‘The Slayer’: she sent OKT’s brother limping home) is my junior in my alma mater and pride of our alumni.

So it’s depressing to hear that she’s declined to run for the 3rd term (according to her, due to internal party conflicts, during her emotional news conference) and watch her in action battling those nasties sitting on the other side.

She was one of the 4 Opposition female legislators and no doubt played a part in inspiring many young women to view political participation as something positive. She was also in the Human Rights Caucus in Parliament, so she would be missed by us in Suaram.

Whoever has been trying to grab her seat these past months, please cease and desist. You’re a disservice to Perakians and women.


1. max - February 17, 2008

I thought of voting for DAP this time(after 28 years as an MCA member). Looks like DAP is not credible at all. Same type of people, just different party. There goes my vote.

2. Klaw - February 17, 2008

What a loss to DAP. As an orang Ipoh, I think she has represented her constituency and country well in Parliament.

BN will certainly be happy. 😦

3. Latheefa oya - February 17, 2008

Fong Po Kuan was one of the most formidable MPs that we have got since Reformasi. Its a real blow to the opposition cause to see her go. She had not only stood up against sexist MPs – but also utterly idiotic and corrupted ones – to the point that she was suspended for her persistence in doing her duty as a Parliamentarian.

My solidarity to Fong!

4. Allen Tan - February 17, 2008

Woe to Batu Gajah seat. BN has good ground to accuse DAP there. And DAP seat mught lose as the people will swing to BN to show DAP their unhappiness.

Unless the seat be returned to Fong, DAP will lose.

5. Ketua krani - February 17, 2008

Po Kuan is certainly one of the most gutsy parliamentarian we have. DAP’s losss….

6. monsterball - February 18, 2008

I don’t know her…but know she is one of DAP’s best candidate to win a seat. However, if she really love the party more than herself….she should listen to her superior officers..especially coming from the LIMs ….urging her to stand for election…which she declined.
Management people do have some difficulties…..when one becomes popular and then….arrogant and ungrateful…perhaps wanting to be recognized more and more. So there are two sides of the stories…and I for one…sympathises with the top DAP management people….as it is impossible to please everyone….while planning their battles with great intelligence…that sometimes fall flat…..due to the subordinates…not willing to co-operate.
Remember Lee Lam Thye?
I am putting out a different opinion…with no disrespect to Ms.Fong’s decision…..but there are two sides to every story.
And for one..like max…..whose vote can easily be swayed…I bet you..the chances is…he does not vote at all…but if he does…then he does have a very weak…. unreliable mind.

7. monsterball - February 18, 2008

Money is the root of all evils….and UMNO do have money to buy people!! Think about that!!!
Again…I remind viewers about Lee Lam Thye.
Go think and don’t jump to simple conclusions..when few understand managements and battles plans…….by smart generals..

8. Only A Few Good Men Left - February 18, 2008

I hate it when the 2 Bochormen insults Poh Kuan.

I hate it when she gave up defending in contesting as an MP.

I hate it, damn it, to know that she was married, RECENTLY.

9. Only A Few Good Men Left - February 18, 2008

Sorry I mean “is married”.

Please don’t marry Elizabeth, follow the trend of most Singaporeans. U don’t like baby-boomers do u?

10. oA - February 18, 2008


to be in politic is to be toughing it out.

when it gets tough tough gets going..

that is what politic is all about.

no political resiliency????


11. Fire Breather - February 18, 2008

To loose Fong will be one of the greatest losses to DAP and the opposition. DAP should put on its thinking cap and undo what they have done.
What “Monsterball” said is true. Has she been bought over by the BN like LLT? LLT was very much respected by locals, who treated him like a “Choy San”, bringing hope to non-bumis for so many years.
But then, think again – he is now a Tan Sri (am I right?), so no loss to him being bought over mah! Now he has Money and Power. which he will never get by being with the opposition. Our loss is his gain.
Fong – please don’t be a traitor like LLT.

12. monsterball - February 18, 2008

Elizabeth is happily married with children…years ago…..and I think her husband supports her political life….as from university days….Liz was somewhat political minded….being an active NGO person.
I hope I am right on this one… to the above comment.

13. budak cina - February 18, 2008

This is not an exceptional case but norm in DAP.

In the past, DAP was Lim Kit Siang and Lim kit Siang was DAP.

Now DAP is Lim Kit Siang & son and Lim Kit Siang & son are DAP.

DAP is a dynastic Party conforming to the Dynatic Eunuch Lims’s doctrine. Anybody who doesn’t tow the Eunuch’s doctrine will have to go.

There are ample cases in the past already and Miss Fong Po Kuan is just one of the many cases. This sort of things is very common in politics especially in the dynastic eunuch DAP.

Well! Miss Fong was too good for DAP and she is no eunuch, more so when she got married recently.

FYI, dynastic eunuch DAP is exclusively for eunuchs only, period.

So don’t get surprised or shocked if a non-eunuch or protagonist is being booted out from eunuch DAP.

14. 1people1nation - February 18, 2008

DAP is no Malaysian Malaysia Party but an endemic banana Hokkien Party catering for a small segment of the banana Hokkiens in a dynastic Lim’s sub faction party.

We have the following Lims’ sub dynastic parties in Malaysia:-

1) The Ling Liong Shit dynastic party,

2) The Lim Keng Aid dynastic party,

3) The Kit Kit Siang dynastic party.

Just imagine, the Lim’s sub dynasties combined and colluded to form the Lim’s dynasty in Malaysia?

Why the different Lim dynasties would continue perpetually? Is the job of a politician so lucrative that it has to be dynastic eternally?

Well! We know that all these dynastic eunuchs have tasted all the big time goodies in politics selling the rights and interests of the Malaysian Chinese and people and it will be very difficult for all these banana eunuch Chinese to abandon what they are clinging to and turn to another profession for a meager pay which everyone in Malaysia is getting!!!.

All these eunuchs are indeed despicable Chinese masquerading as champions of the Chinese but doing the antithesi…, plundering wealth, exploiting local Chinese and acquiescing and letting local Chinese and people at the mercy of UMNOputras.

It’s high time the Malaysian people detest all these superficial champions of Malaysian Chinese and send them to new villages rearing chickens and manure their plants with their own shits.

Boot all these crooked political traitors out from our democratic system during voting day!

15. jungle boy - February 18, 2008

Aiya my dear auntie Elizabeth, just ignore this jerk as this jerk is just an illegal Pakistani trying to get your attention.

There are many blue-eyed handsome Pakistanis who claimed they are exceptional good looking and good men just to sweet talk local women who are easily conned by all these con men who claimed they are only a few good men left in Malaysia.

Yes! Only few good men in Pakistan but not in Malaysia. There are many many good men still left in Malaysia.

This jerk is just like a hyena telling a herd of kancil it is a very good and friendly animal in a jungle. But when the kancils are lacking in awareness, this hyena will in no time jump and go for the kill whenever an opportunity comes

So this so called a few good men left will just want a marriage certificate and when this illegal jerk got this PR, this jerk will instantly say bye bye to his victim.

There are so many cases not only in Malaysia, but also all over the world especially in countries like USA, Canada, England, Austrilia etc.

If this jerk persists, it’s high time to send him back to Pakistan, to a Taliban’s camp located on a high mountain at the boarder between Pakistan and Afghanistan for hardcore military training.

16. freelittlebrain - February 18, 2008

The insident shows the internal crisis of DAP but the political motive not yet known by public. The credible of the party is being question.

The political damages and negative impacts seem to be too great especially during this critical time. Is it any political agenda behind this? By the way, the implication is DAP is giving way-beri laluan- to BN especially MCA.

17. spindoci - February 18, 2008

DAP is not perfect also. They do not have the resources like BN to splash around. Most of these DAP representative does it not because of the money, but genuinely wanted a better life for the people, and ofcourse + abit of glory la (who would mind a bit of that to boost ones self esteem and for self-satisfaction?). Whatever it is, DAP central committee always work things out with its members. Some actions taken by DAP may seem harsh, but i believe it is used as a last resort when no compromising stand can be achieved. I salute DAP for making such difficult decision unlike BN, when was the last time you see the PM makes a tough decision? More like no decision PM to me. So my vote is still for the opposition because i believe a strong opposition is vital for a healthy democratic country. Power to the People!

18. K.Shan - February 18, 2008

DAP’s biggest Enemy=DAP.Like it or not. People are now talking-Why does the DAP for some reason consistently manage to undermine itself and able to lower the people’s semangat to fight for the opposition-esp the DAP.

19. two-face - February 18, 2008

Don’t cry lah. Politics is a game, Po Kuan or Zaid Ibrahim are the players. When she contested the seat as 26-year old sweet young thing, I would suspect that she stepped on a few old hands in the Batu Gajah DAP. Now it’s her turn, so what.

Anyway, Malaysian politics is always about family.

UMNO – Father & Son-in-Law Party
PKR – Husband & Wife Party
DAP – Father & Son Party
MCA – The Brothers’ Party
MIC – Samy’s Party

Malaysia will remain status quo, even if the opposition wins, nothing will change. DAP & PKR projects itself as multi-racial parties but only contest the Chinese and Malay dominated seats, respectively. So, they can’t even be honest about who they really are. In short, PENIPU jugaklah like the BN people.

So, let’s have a party, don’t worry, be happy.

20. Only A Few Good Men Left - February 18, 2008

Jungle boy= Ular

Are u talking to me, Jungledyke?

21. Only A Few Good Men Left - February 18, 2008

Before you even responce beast of the jungle called “Jungleboy”, I strongly advice to come o the senses of using your main/original “handle”. Oh yeah, beast never has senses.

22. jungle boy - February 18, 2008

Hello my dear A few Good Men Left, my auntie Elizabeth is opening a ‘shop’ fighting for a good cause for the poor and oppressed Malaysian People. Please stop flirting in her ‘shop’. We are very busy dealing with our ‘business’ especially now is a hot season for business.

If you want to flirt around, please go some where else. Please go and find your ‘girlfriends’ in the Chow Kit area.

Else get lost and disappeared yourself to a Taliban camp in Pakistan. Your Boss Osama Bin Laden wants to provide you further catharsis for your lusty mind. Hahahaha…..

23. anonymous dud - February 18, 2008

yeah lor, don vote for dap coz every time they like to have in-fighting and never has proper leadership. better vote mca. penangnite vote mca. perak vote mca. pju vote mca. and because dap mistreated pokuan, we should kick all dap out from states and parlimen. vote mca coz they don have infighing, they are all brothers to each other, and saint. so after vote mca/bn, better start to save money, apply green card to migrate elsewhere. ……

24. Bob K - February 19, 2008

MCA no infighting? ROFLMAO!!!!!!

25. monsterball - February 19, 2008

One forgets …..the great resources or money UMNO have to splash around are mostly ..legally…ill-gotten…mostly public funds.
So when one said UMNO have that a an advantage over DAP or any opposition party…..one needs to be level headed to think…why are we all suffering today….from so many high price essentials.
If we vote them again……means we support corruptions.
Then…..the formula of phantom votes. Is that real? Yes and no.
When opposition looses ….they complaint about phantom votes…..but few wins by UMNO are doubtful….especially in Bukit Bintang…..simply impossible for UMNO to win….yet they do.
So to make it very very sure…..voters will need to go all out against UMNO and MCA by huge margins….that the phantom votes will become insignificant.
They have experts to calculate the percentage….thus making the phantoms votes…..close and debatable……….like a con man job. That’s how smart UMNO crooks are..
That’s why Pak Lah is now scared that all Chinese and Indians votes will go against UMNO …MIC and MCA….that …too much phantom votes will surely expose more and more of their “forever and ever” braggart winning attitudes and behaviors.
Lets not be lead astrayed to compare strengths and advantages…….which UMNO holds all the four aces ……..like a con man being exposed….yet we keep talking how clever they are.
Lingam case have proven and exposed…. beyond any doubts….what type of legal system we had under Mahathir……and on Mahathir……have we not seen and heard enough?
So that’s 23 years wasted to unify us….and Pak Lah is no better……talk alot to please the people WITHOUT actions!! He has no guts to do the right thing or is a very very selfish man….or dum dum…..go make your own conclusions. Bottom line is….vote him out too!!
With this attitude and determinations from voters…..we will surely make the change of government come true.
Of course….UMNO will not loose every seat……but who… from UMNO will be the opposition party spokesman in next government?…..don’t be too smart to plan or talk this.
Just keep voting for all oppositions…..to do your rightful duty for your children’s futures.
FREEDOM is priceless. Some countries….people have to die to get it. In Malaysia…..you still can get it with your powerful votes….so treat it with serious responsible attitudes..or else your children may need to die for FREEDOM in their own lives…..because their parents did not do the right thing for them.!
The biggest problem with humans……they take things lightly…..good advises from one ear in and out the other ear…..and take blogging a fun to talk nonsense.
That is over now…..It’s show time on 8th March.
What type of directions you want for your children?……to succeed on what they know or based on who the know?
If based on who they know……plenty of examples.even taxi drivers and low class people…gangsters… all become filthy rich…..so why study so much?
So don’t let Ms.Fong case distract you…..plenty more to come…..that’s dirty politics.
Now Kelantan MB Nik call all UMNO members…orang hutans….the Islamic religion is so clear……..being played there and in Trengganu.
Those two States have the lowest IQ people in Malaysia…..if they think any politician is holy and their party represent a God…..so sad to see so much control of the Malays minds …to win an election.
Are the voters there awakened to the real truths of life?
For those two States….voter are mostly brainless in the past.
What about now? But God does work in mysterious ways….and I sincerely believe….the young generations there are educated..independent and looking for alternatives to UMNO. They will be smart enough to vote for Keadilan and PAS……to throw UMNO out for good.
Remember…..all those multi billion Ringgit projects…..are our money…..so don’t think UMNO is doing that …out of their great managements in making lots of money for the country….BULLSHIT!
It’s is the natural resources funds from oil and exports profit taxes and money gained from foreign exchanges against US $….not one sen earned legally by UMNO for the country!!!
Don’t be fooled year in year out.

26. monsterball - February 19, 2008

On Bukit Bintang….the success t make in Malaysia’s centre of attractions to tourist for shopping and entertainments are NOT UMNO smart plans.
It is solely the Chinese far sighted and daring investments….starting by the late Low Yat …building the tallest hotel in Malaysia at that time..But previously……the ever grateful ..beloved Tunku Abdul Rahman did keep praising the Chinese for their great contributions.
Under Mahathir for 23 years….it is his race…his religion and his party…..words uttered by him…..recently again. So the Chinese swift to giving bribes to stay in business….quite willingly so….as by nature Chinese are damn smart to focus on profits and share and share alike.
These are the hundreds food stalls…brothel houses….gambling dans….and any illegal businesses found by the police. It is the paradise for Police to get rich!! But the ruthless Police now wants more and more…..not like before……making the Chinese …impossible to make a living. They don’t care less.
But huge investors…….mostly Chinese with foreign partners are proving…”money make money”……..and will surely vote for UMNO.
But most shopping complex workers….stall owners….are truly suffering…….most are Bukit Bintang residences.
So go and conclude….how can UMNO win Bukit Bintang….when sufferers are crying for changes for decades?

27. monsterball - February 19, 2008

Last election… DAP won Bukit Bintang by a mere slim 300+ majority.
According to Lim Kit Siang…..around 6000 votes are swifted to Bukit Bintang by UMNO.
Is it real?…..I think so…for Bukit Bintang is DAP’s main strong hold…..all along……UNTIL Lee Lam Thye gave it up….then things changes from that time. Actually …it is not about LLT. He was a nobody…made to be somebody by DAP….but his resignation did give UMNO so much reasons to fool with Bukit Bintang…..and majority Chinese never like Lee Lam Thye…..that’s the real fact.
Crooks become “Tan Sri” too……so go to hell with the titles…a real laughing point for the whole world to see and observe……so cheap and insignificant nowadays.
But back to present situation in Bukit Bintang…..there are more than 60000 Chinese votes…..and based on present situations….most Chinese should vote for DAP….thus making the 6000 brought by UMNO…..useless con job!!
Lets hope the Chinese really want total freedom…as they are hard working and should not fear a change in government.. Also ..they never depended on MCA or UMNO at all.
The only fear…..is they still vote for peace and harmony..which is bunkum…as Malaysians by nature…are peaceful people.
Will they be taken for a ride by the Chinese schools ruse?
Chinese educations are best in Malaysia…..any government will support it…but it takes UMNO 50 years to do that….shows how much they have respect for the Malays to improve..always saying..they are not ready yet…..to keep playing race and religion dirty politics to the poor Malays.
Are Malays awakened to the truths?
YOU BET YOUR LIFE….that’s the surprise…….UMNO will get…as crooked people don’t have logical minds.
Will I be wrong?
Very soon….all will be revealed.
But right or wrong….I put my thoughts for the country without one for personal benefit at all.
I think only in Malaysia…a party dare to say..we will rule forever and ever.
Who makes those arrogant people talk like that……never heard in any country around the world.except Malaysia?
So the first duty for Melaka voters .is to vote their Mentri Besar out…if ever he stands for election.
Such Malays are the pain in the arse for Malaysians …..and a disgrace to our country.

28. shag - February 19, 2008

auntie eli with 2 kids & a husband who supports her political activities.


29. Libra - February 19, 2008

After some contemplation I am convinced that Po Kuan must have been bought over by BN like they did LLT.
On Friday she attended two Ceramah’s with Kit . On Saturday she withdraws. In her web site she wants us to deny Bn 2/3 majority.
Come on lah. What is RM 1 million to BN?
Why should someone so attached to DAP (like a family) would want to pull down the party at the eleventh hour.
She could have simply said, “I am now married and plan to start a family soon.” OR ” I am expecting now and need time for my child.”
There is more than meets the eye, my friends.

30. Crankshaft - February 19, 2008

This infighting within DAP is such a shame. Fong Po Kuan should not leave. Not now!

31. tidakboleh - February 19, 2008

anyone threaten her? kipnap her family? burn her house/car? DAP? UMNO? MCA?

32. CA - February 19, 2008

Is a tough battle ahead…

too much uncertainty!!!

33. orang miskin - February 19, 2008

I dun know how many wakil rakyat is serving the rakyat. i complain for so many years for a road and drainage system in front of my house, today still no drainage system…….
DAP or MCA? do u think i care? all the YB are just talking big, promise the sky, and i ask for only a small bit……..
Ka ni neh………..i am fed up on those big promises…just another election, all how-siao one.

34. sam - February 20, 2008

i just want a parliament with 50% this and 50% that.

35. simon wee - February 20, 2008

It would appear that women only make great leaders after menopause. Eg Indira Ganhdi, Margarette Thatcher, Golda Meir etc.
This is because many of human and animal behaviors are dictated by the homones.

As for Ms Fong, I would advise her to overlook nitpicking individuals and issues and look at the greater pictures.

But then her action could be none of the above. We shall see.

36. klconfidential - February 20, 2008

I wish she’d come back.. independent or otherwise.

She inspired ME.

37. mk lau - February 20, 2008


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