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(GE12) Subang voters – book this Friday night! February 21, 2008

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The KeADILan Subang Election Operations HQ will officially kick-off this Friday (22/2) night! 😀

Time – 9:00pm

Add: 9G Jalan Sepah Puteri 5/1B, PJU 5 (Section 5), Kota Damansara, 47810 PJ
(500 meters after Kota Damansara exit of NKVE Tol)

Speakers: Dr. Nasir Hashim, Elizabeth Wong, Tian Chua, R Sivarasa


Volunteers needed!

If you are living in voting constituencies (state) of Paya Jeras, Kota Damansara and Bukit Lanjan, and have spare time, please come to help! You can be in the Operations offices, or leafleting, or talking to people.

We also need polling/counting agents – like 100 per state constituency!!! Come come! Don’t let those phantoms get past us!!!


1. brian yap - February 20, 2008

i live in kota damansara. would love to be part of the campaign! see you guys on friday.

unfortunately i’m registered at an old address, so it’s probably tony pua i’ll be voting for though.

2. Only A Few Good Looking Men Left - February 21, 2008

Aiyoh, Why am I not residing in KL?

3. kaki ayam - February 21, 2008

For your information, behind that row of shops, there is a nice burger stall (facing the road that leads to the toll).

Will be there (just to take a good look at eli lar…eli you mesti wear cantik cantik ar..), but why so late at 9.00 lar..

EW: 😀 Alamak! Overnight I have had many calls on ‘fashion’ with differing opinions! I can only be myself, which hopefully, at the very least is acceptable to most people.

4. monsterball - February 21, 2008

And big news in papers…MCA threw a Chinese New Year party….saying 1000 came and join in the fun and food.
They go back home…with belly full and STILL will vote for the oppositions…..especially to DAP.
That’s how smart Chinese voters are today.

5. Shukri Rahman - February 21, 2008

If not mistaken the actual Jalan Name is Sepah Puteri and it is the same row with Restoran Khalifah Sect 5 KD.

6. teckwyn - February 22, 2008

Hi Liz,
I’ll be coming with some friends from MNS. We are particularly keen on hearing whether you guys support the Kota Damansara Forest Park. This is a sticky issue because of the Muslim Cemetery development so I hope someone will be prepared to speak a bit about this.

7. Free Malaysia - February 22, 2008

Pack those UMNO-BN crooks & their MCA eunuchs off and put them all in the garbage bin where they belong.

8. kaki ayam - February 22, 2008

By the way, do we have permit for the speech or not? Do we need any? Will there be police around the place? The dark force is strong in this area, expect trouble makers.

Eli, don’t worry, people have been telling me, you will look nice on anything. Spend more effort in the speech.

Techwyn is right. The forest park is an issue that needed to be addressed. There are forces within Kota Damansara trying to make a religious issue out of it. Some ill informed residents actually thinks that those from MNS are against the cemetery. But quite a number knows that the cemetery is just something to hoodwink the residents to allow for the development in all those forest reserve area.

EW: Not to worry re: ceramah. We’ve been doing rounds in the Subang constituency, no problems. And thanks for the compliment – at the rate things are moving, I am the least concerned about how I look :P. And yes to Teck Wyn and you – the rape of our natural environment is due to greed and corruption. There’s hardly any green lungs left in Selangor/WP. If our candidates for Selangor state is elected, not one inch will be touched of the Reserves, and we will embark on green rehabilitation (definitely not plastic trees or oil palms).

9. malaysiancares - February 23, 2008

Unable to make last nite,shit. Would you update us again where and when the next ceramah will be held?

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