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(GE12) Yes, it’s one-2-one! February 22, 2008

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The Opposition will contest in EVERY seat for the first time in the history of Malaysia….and it’s one-2-one! (see news below, and report in Malaysiakini)

Friends, readers, countrymen/women,

The Opposition has achieved what was thought to be impossible. The negotiators have taken the hopes of every concerned, right-thinking Malaysian into consideration and thus, struggled hard all these months, even as late as yesterday.

Now, let us all write our future, and together, let’s make history.
Vote for Change!

Setiap Kerusi Ditanding Satu Lawan Satu

Kuala Lumpur, 21 Feb – Pihak Pembangkang Malaysia akan bertanding setiap kerusi untuk kali pertama dalam sejarah negara Malaysia.“Pada pilihanraya-pilihanraya yang lepas BN ada menang beberapa kerusi tanpa dicabar dan kami mahu memastikan setiap kerusi ditanding kali ini,” kata Timbalan Presiden KeADILan Azmin Ali.

“Ini adalah perkembangan yang besar untuk pihak pembangkang,” kata Azmin.

“Kami mahu menunjukkan bahawa kami berwibawa dan berkemampuan untuk berlawan dengan BN. Kami juga ingin memberitahu para pengundi bahawa kami bersedia untuk memimpin.”

Pihak pembangkang telah bertungkus lumus untuk memastikan tiada kerusi yang bercanggah dan setiap kerusi dijangka ditanding satu-lawan satu.



1. Free Malaysia - February 22, 2008

Not only myself is ready to vote for change, my family members, relatives and friends are also ready to vote for change.

I will continue to play my part & continue to print out materials from blogs and pass on to friends, neighbours etc.

UMNO-BN crooks can give us the pre-election goodies, we will happily take but on polling day, we will vote for change.

2. monsterball - February 22, 2008

Oppositions are no bloody fools to contest in every seat…if the desires for a change of government ….is not real.
Another history made….every seat ti be contested by the oppositions.
Previously….before election……UMNO will proudly declare so many uncontested seats.
They got so swell headed…..keep thinking their formula….playing race and religion politics works forever and ever……..making Malays happy…{so they think!!} ….give them some money…..make them contented……and they rob the country wholesale to enrich their party….self and selected friends… as with money…..can buy judges and police…..to be so powerful….to enslave all.
For those Malays that love Tunku Abdul Rahman…our beloved Bapak Malaysia….REMEMBER……UMNO formed by him…..is dead!!
What you see…..is “UMNO BARU”….formed by Mahathir.
UMNO BARU …..only 28 years old…is the most corrupted political party in history of our country …..fearing no one….robbing with smiles and thick skin faces….led by Mahathir…..showing how to do it…..hero worshiped by crooks and poor lost souls.
Wake up…and vote for FREEDOM….real free……to do all the lawful things without fear…being put to jail.

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