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(GE12) Makkal Sakti @ Bukit Lanjan February 26, 2008

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The highlight of the Monday was a stroll with R. Sivarasa at Kayu Ara after Maghrib, where I experienced ‘Makkal Sakti’ up close and personal.

The response there was overwhelming, even more electrifying compared to the 1999 General Elections! Families came out of their homes to greet us, cheer us on and shake our hands. I remember boss Dr. Wan Azizah who once told me how her hand would be chaffed and blistered at the end of every election and by-election, and just a day after Nomination, I now know what she had meant. It feels great!!!

There are many more miles to cover tomorrow. There’s at least 7 hours of solid walking and door-to-door interaction. We don’t have the 3Ms (Money, Media and State Machinery) so it’ll be the old school ways until next Saturday, but it’s heaps nicer to meet residents and talk to them in person.

Anwar Ibrahim speaks at Subang Perdana around 9 pm.


1. thomas - February 26, 2008

anwar for prime minister he is good man veto for him

2. Samuel Goh Kim Eng - February 26, 2008

There is nothing like personal contact
To help cement and seal the social contract
That will enable even the poor to really combat
Social injustice and wrongs better than a blind bat

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 260208
Tues. 26th Feb. 2008.

3. simon - February 26, 2008

Thats’ good …….so far the response from the people is good….thats why ……………YOU WILL WIN!

4. Libra - February 26, 2008

Body language speaks volume when you go on your rounds.
If you can’t even see a smile on their faces, then you know they are BN supporters.
If they give you soft handshake or try to avoid a handshake, you won’t get their vote.
As for me, I never shake any BN candidates’ hands as I always avoid them. Honestly, I just cannot stand their sight. But I will hug any Opposition candidate except Independents.
Call me an extremist.

5. yaS - February 26, 2008


6. chanjoe - February 26, 2008

Dun be over confident about the support you just received. I was a candidate before (DAP) and wat you need to do is to cover as much area as you can especially the Malay areas which are difficult to penetrate.

Nevertheless, its a good and confident start and my support to all Barisan Rakyat candidates to continue your struggle and hope we can see you represent us in the Selangor State assembly after 8 March. Just Change!!!!

7. Imogen Turner - February 26, 2008

Check out this site on Malaysian politics. Very interesting! http://margeemar.blogspot .com

8. Juan - February 26, 2008

See you and all at Subang Perdana Jalan 2/7 tonight, 26 Feb.

For those who do not know how to get there, please find map in the following link:


9. Daniel - February 26, 2008

and Flora Damansara should also be in Bukit Lanjan

10. Juan - February 26, 2008


Would it be possible for you to post on this blog your visits schedule?

Supporters who happen to be in the vicinity may join in your walk, cheering you guys on!

See you soon.

11. pidpid_cls - February 26, 2008

You will have my vote both you and Mr Siva. Sick and tired of unfair practises by BN in so many aspects be it economy, education etc. Our country will never progress or go forward if they are still in rule. Anwar is definitely a much better leader. Deny them 2/3 is a good start..better still if they are out for good. I am not in the capability of volunteering my services to you and team due to family commitment this election. But I am passing the word to all my friends. So far, we are all in the Barisan Rakyat camp.

12. Food for thought - February 26, 2008

CHANGE, this is the key word for BA. In order to change, one MUST HAVE the “WILLINGNESS” and CAPABALITIES”, get this message to all would be voters, obviously, the BA candidates must get the momentum moving just like a TSUNAMI.

13. kucheng - February 26, 2008
14. Harrison bin Hansome - February 26, 2008

Wow Liz, at least you still have the time for blogging. The old school (house-to-house) is secondary comparing to the BN mainstream media.
Hey, never forget, you still have the internet. Have you posted your campaign on youtube.com like DAP do?

If you come across a good man who invites all of you in and accomodates you with drinks, it might have been me.

15. anony - February 26, 2008

hi there,

Good day to you. My fren registered with you as a voter at the char yong pasar malam some where in the month of December 2007 (definitely before 1 Jan 2008). However, upon checking her status online via SPR, it return “Record not found”. Do you have similar cases for those registered via PKR in the month of December 2007?

All the best in the election!

EW: Sadly, there were some December registrants who aren’t on the rolls. But we have been receiving reports that those registered years ago, even voted before, do not appear in this election’s rolls! Scandalous!

16. malaysiancares - February 26, 2008

A message to those dirty politicians who are out there contesting in the 12th GE, take this:PTUI.

Be brave and be strong,Eli,you have already won my vote.Your opponent is not a really strong contender because she is YONG DYING.

17. monsterball - February 27, 2008

So glad to read you are in high spirits
More so happy …..to feel that oppositions candidates are now being treated with respects from voters.

18. Michelle - February 27, 2008

I live in Sri Damansara. Can you post the schedule for all the ceramahs planned for the next 1 week?

19. malaysiancares - February 27, 2008

Hey Eli, there are many out there who wants to attend your ceramah. Please post on your blog the venue of the events so that we can go to show our support.

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