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(GE12) PACA – with a deadline February 27, 2008

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Original post here.

Last night, we were informed that Polling and Counting Agents have to have their names, IC numbers in by this FRIDAY! Ah, satu lagi keputusan petir SPR….

We need a couple of hundred people who are willing to sacrifice just one day on March 8, to help ensure there won’t be any cheats or ghostly voters.

Please write to: <bukitlanjan2008@gmail.com> if you wish to help!



1. Samuel Goh Kim Eng - February 27, 2008

Hope to get enough people of integrity
To be involved in polling simplicity
To monitor and attend to the voting process
Right through with only short rest or recess

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 270208
Wed. 27th Feb. 2008.

2. Just call me 幽子~ » Blog Archive » Calling for Polling Agents and Counting Agents. - February 27, 2008

[…] Wong need 104 polling and counting agents for N.37 Bukit Lanjan, as the deadline was only enforced last night without much notice, she is thus desperately need volunteers who willing to sacrifice […]

3. EC request for polling agents this Friday is scandalous « * SUSAN LOONE’s blog * - February 27, 2008

[…] EC request for polling agents this Friday is scandalous The Election Commission’s requirement to have the full details of polling agents by this Friday is indeed scandalous! Another bully tactic by the BN government to ensure that the Opposition fails in all accounts. (Read this in Eli Wong’s) […]

4. sigh.. - February 27, 2008

satu lagi projek BN..

5. Daniel - February 27, 2008

Go down to the colleges in PJ to recruit ler
banyak lor

6. jelas.info » Polling Agents / Counting Agents Needed Badly - February 27, 2008

[…] again from YB Eli, sounds like EC suddenly put a new deadline for PACAs, this […]

7. hasilox - February 28, 2008

Watch out for the next nonsense… maybe only phantom voters and ghosts are allowed to vote!!! Full of craps.

8. Shagadelica » Blog Archive » General Election Polling agent urgent appeal - February 28, 2008

[…] 21 and DO IT SOON! Apparently the Election Commission has set a dedline for registering agents by this Friday. Don’t let the cheating bastards win! Volunteer now! […]

9. Damocles - February 29, 2008

So, these arseholes must be working very feverishly to think up such ploys to derail the election for the opposition. It’s one trick after another! It’s completely stupid and childish!
Yet these are the idiots who want this country to be world class? Can first class buffoons bring about a first class Malaysia?
Should the opposition even allow such things to happen?
The next thing, they may want all candidates to have Malay names or else they’re barred from standing!
Is this some kind of parlour game?
What will the opposition do if it is impossible to oblige the E(lection) C(on)?

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