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Overseas students – today’s your last day to register as postal voters! February 27, 2008

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ELECTION 2008: One more day to register as postal voters
By Koh Lay Chin, NST

26 February, 2008

LONDON: Overseas students have until tomorrow to register as postal voters. Election Commission (EC) secretary Datuk Kamaruzaman Mohd Noor said those entitled to vote by post still had time to register, provided they were already on the 2007 master electoral roll gazetted on Feb 5.

He said electoral ballots would only be printed 72 hours after nomination as this was the “cooling-off period” where candidates may withdraw their candidacy.

This means the EC will only be printing ballots after tomorrow and the commission will continue to register postal voters till then.

“Priority is given to postal votes. Printing will take one day, and after that, the overseas postal votes will be submitted to the Foreign Ministry to be sent to registered postal voters.”

Kamaruzaman said only those voters who had checked their details on the EC website and were on the master electoral roll would be allowed to vote via post.

Under the Election Regulations (Electoral Roll) 2002 and Election Regulations (Postal Votes) 2003, only three categories of citizens living overseas are allowed to cast postal votes – military personnel, students, staff of embassies and high commissions and their spouses.

Malaysians living abroad and who fall outside these categories can only vote if they return home.

Kamaruzaman also said the respective high commissions abroad would be distributing postal ballots to registered postal voters. They could then choose to vote at the high commissions or privately.

After that, he said, the postal voters could courier the ballots back to the EC themselves, or have their respective high commissions send it on their behalf.

According to the EC, postal votes must reach the returning officer by 5pm on polling day.

Overseas students have been trawling the Internet and making calls to their high commissions over the last few months for more information about voting from abroad.

However, many complained about the lack of information from the EC and particularly about the confusing and contradictory statements that have been offered by their respective high commissions.

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1. Shawn Tan - February 27, 2008

It’s good to know that the EC has a final position on this matter now. I had been given the run-around when trying to register last year.

2. beng choo - February 27, 2008

I am predisposed to voting for opposition, particularly PKR. But you are going to need to tell me HOW, in concrete terms, you plan to make a difference in my constituency. Just slamming BN and praisng you leaders just ain’t going to cut the mark. You’ve got a chance now, PUSH it to the max, don’t squander it!

3. jelas.info » Overseas students: You Can Vote!! - February 27, 2008

[…] YB Eli : ELECTION 2008: One more day to register as postal voters By Koh Lay Chin, […]

4. KK - February 27, 2008

HI, I’ll be on traveling on 8/3/08 to outstation. Is there anyway i can vote?


5. simon - February 27, 2008

If you vote for BN you get no feedback from them on what they intend to do in your constituency.

You only know after it gets done. One example would be rezoning playgrounds into commercial area and building on it.

If you vote PKR or DAP, the wakil rakyat will know what is the gomen plans and will inform the respective Resident Assosiations who can take proactive action. When you know early you can do something about it. After the horse is dead you can only use it for fertilizer.

Dun be surprised that RAs can win lawsuits as evident in the MPPJ case where MPPJ have to compensate money back to residents.

Hope that this answers beng choo’s question.

The main point is that if you vote BN you get ……………….silence………………….

6. simon - February 27, 2008


Pls explain it this way ………….. to people u meet …….. and in your ceramahs too as most like beng choo dun see the benefit of voting opposition.

7. NeverGiveUp - February 28, 2008

beng choo,

Please go here,

If this does not “PUSH it to the max”, we’ll have to have a heart-to-heart talk very soon before the time runs out.

8. Josh - February 28, 2008

Are you kidding me!! the NY consulate told me that i can Only vote at the embassy and the procedure is to goto NY to vote and they didn’t recognize or no clue of the private postal voting and sending them back privately. Aren’t there supposed to be a online application form at http://www.spr.gov.my that we can submit to become a postal voter, instead of going through some uncertain info officer in the consulate with much problem? till now I havenot notified the about the postal voting because I would only choose to vote privately.

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