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Why lah Ong Ka Ting? March 4, 2008

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In my interactions with local residents at Kayu Ara and Desa Jaya (yes… a sliver of Kepong has been carved into Bukit Lanjan!), I was appalled to find that there are still places which had temporary Certificate of Fitness (CF) that have since lapsed. Yes, there are still people living in flats with no CFs!

Ong Ka Ting, who used to head the Ministry of Housing (now caretaker Minister) must think so poorly of those who are middle to lower middle income. In the papers, MCA puts out ads about how they are ‘delivering’ but yet its head allows abodes with no CFs in sight to be built. Another classic example of how greed supercedes basic fundamental concerns for human lives.

Ong and his counterparts in Gerakan, tries to frighten voters about the imaginery loss of ‘Chinese’ influence in the BN, if these two parties were to thrashed in 5 days times.

Frankly, someone like him does not qualify to be a Minister (addition note:- even my dad speaks better Malay than him) and it is dubious to assume MCA and Gerakan have any influence in the first place. (refer to keris waving for two consecutive years, dissolution during CNY etc.)

Also see the continuing saga of ‘Who really decides on the new Chief Minister of Penang”



1. K S Ong - March 4, 2008

It makes no difference to most of us whether there are Chinese or Indian ministers because they are there to make up the numbers to appear fair. Time and again, they are bullied, even by Umno Youth leaders which make a mockery of the so-called power sharing.

We should go for multi-racialism and meritocracy to advance. As it is, only sycophants get to be rewarded. Opposition leaders are standing because they cannot stand the system and most of them sacrifice their time and career or business prospects. They are likely to be individualists which account for
the lack of unity. We should give our support wherever we can to show our disapproval.

2. Mat rempit Hubris - March 4, 2008

Liz and other respected commentators!

Contarary to wat Ka Ting said, the Chinese will HAVE MORE influence over the BN if they turn to the opposition this time rather THAN LESS.

Just look at the efforts to woo over Kelantan…Kelantan becomes relevant and hence more influence to the yardstick of BN performance in any GE, precisely because their vote can go the other way…or at least far more important and relevant than their geopolitical and economic status would have waranted otherwise. By the same token but on the flip side, all this keris waving antics happen because they were cocksure that they still could get away with it at the polls.In other words they thot that chinese support was a forgone conclusion regardless of however stupid, biadap or irrelevant their behaviour were.Unsurprisingly, they behaved accordingly.

Now, if they were punish for it they will think twice before taking a unilateral approach to both the style and substance of their politics and rhetoric.In fact,if they knew there would be a price to pay at the polls, they might not only think twice before doing it,but actually not do it at all. And mark my words, the only punishment they understand is NOT ONE WHICH IS ambigous like not voting or spoiling votes BUT RATHER WHEN IT IS UNEQUIVOCAL AND UNAMBIGOUs..ie, when they lose seats.



In other words Ka Tings prediction that the Chinese will lose influence if the get hammered will not happen.Infact in all likelyhood, the opposite will happen, ie they will have more influence.

Dont beleive me?..just take a peek at Kelantan

3. oA - March 4, 2008


what they are good at is making for themselves

big pockets


keep collecting monies to the ream

at the expense of the people,

the chinese people.

and yet like the mic president

he has been standing in a constituent

where chinese is not the majority.

and yet has the audacity to announce that

he represents the chinese.

this is how mic screw the indians

this is the same way mca will

be screwing the chinese.

Chinese has to let this idiot know that he doesnt represents them

so that unmo’s hegemony can be put to a stop.


4. Damocles - March 4, 2008

“Ong and his counterparts in Gerakan, tries to frighten voters about the imaginery loss of ‘Chinese’ influence in the BN, if these two parties were to thrashed in 5 days times.”

Well, well, well. We know what the component parties like the MCA are doing for their respective races.
They sell them out by acceding to the whims and fancies of UMNO!
Want more votes to stay in power so that you can do more of the same?
What a joke!
The winds of change has never been blowing as strong as this time and will blow away the BN and its so-called components.

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