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Ceramah tonight and updates March 5, 2008

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Wednesday, 5 March
9 pm Damansara Damai (BM)

(Rawang’s “Ladies Night” programme postponed to Thursday)

9 pm Sri Damansara Utara Jalan Angsana (Chinese/English) with Dr. Kua Kia Soong (former MP for PJ and author of ‘May 13′), James Wong Wing On (former MP for Kampar), Teresa Kok (incumbent candidate for Seputeh and Kinrara), Lee Khai Loon (coordinator, Youth4Change), Elizabeth Wong and R. Sivarasa.

And since I launched my e-donation drive on 2 March, RM 6350 has been raised :), and this has been very helpful in offsetting my 2nd batch of printing which just arrived. (Third batch on its way!) Those who would like a receipt, kindly write to bukitlanjan2008@gmail.com



1. Jojo - March 5, 2008

The non-malay PKR members and supporters must come out in numbers and voice their support for PKR and Anwar. It is crucial especially amongst the non-malays who are having their doubts about Anwar’s manifesto of abolishing the racially biased policies to focus on helping the low income group. What Chandra Muzaffar and Nallakaruppan said might have slightly dented some people’s perception of Anwar. I myself believe that Anwar will stand by his manifesto or else he will lose whatever advantage he has gained back to BN. So lets gather all the chinese and indian supporters to back PKR and the non-Malay PKR candidates must stand out and be heard in the media and also making a statement in defence of anwar.


2. sam - March 5, 2008

Halo Eli, could you please put a photo of your campaign poster here?
I wanna help you spread your messages also very difficult leh… not everyone have seen you face my dear. Faster, faster, we are running out of time.

3. Allen Tan - March 5, 2008

Chandra did character assasination on Anwar. The mastermind was UMNO. All media in malaysia are pro-BN. Must boycott them.

4. malayamuda - March 5, 2008

yes i agree that the reports by Nallakaruppan and Chandra Muzaffar might make fence sitters a little confused.

And where is Mahathir ? He prefers to keep quiet now and shout after the elections are over is it ?

5. Farul Azri - March 5, 2008

Eli, I really need the exact location of tonight ceramah. Is it going to be held in Damansara Damai or Sri Damansara?

Will come tonight! My 300% suport goes to you and PKR members!

6. I wanna go to ceramah tonite « arifabdull - March 5, 2008

[…] ceramah tonite March 5, 2008, 5:13 pm Filed under: Demokrasi, Pilihanraya I saw Eli’s Ceramah tonight and updates at Malaysiakini, link to her latest posting. 9 pm Sri Damansara Utara Jalan Angsana […]

7. Jojo - March 5, 2008

We cannot just simply boycott the BN controlled media. We must know what the opponent is saying in order to counter their deception. So i still buy the Star but i also read Harakah:)

Anyone heard news that mat rempits pretending to be PKR supporters are bent on creating mischief?

8. monsterball - March 5, 2008

UMNO is so desperate…got Chandra and one so call best friend of Anwar to talk cock and bull against Anwar.
Then go listen to RPK’s speech at Brickfields from Malaysiakini blog…now free to all….no need to be members. Go listen to Lim Kit Siang too.
Who is Chandra compare to these two guys supporting Anwar??

9. juslo - March 6, 2008

we should just spoil our votes, instead of giving it to the corrupt ‘lesser of 2 evils’ BN or the unelectable opposition.

10. Lim Ann Hock - March 6, 2008

Eli… I just attend your ceramah yesterday at Sri damansara. My malay neighbor En Mohd is the one who organise the ceramah. I am so please to see the progress of opposition in this election.

Will vote for you and Siva on Mar 8. I have also ask my family member to vote for Tony Phua in PJ Utara.

Time for change is here. May the LORD Bless you and other opposition candidate.

Let’s vote to cast out the corrupted BN govt and continue to uphold JUSTICE for ALL.

Jom Beerubah….

Mr Lim (Sri Damansara – Jln Angsana)

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