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(GE12) Anwar’s Letter to Malaysia March 7, 2008

Posted by elizabethwong in "We can do better", Current Affairs, Democracy, Human Rights, Note2Self, Politics, Race Relations.
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Fellow Malaysians,

Assalamualaikum and warmest greetings,

The moment of truth is upon us. The 8th of March 2008 is the pivotal moment of our time – when the people of Malaysia have a choice between changing to a better, more wholesome Malaysia; or continuing to be trapped and shackled by 50 years of a chequered independence.

From day one on nomination day itself, fraud upon fraud has been the hallmark of Umno-BN, through their ever-willing puppet, the EC. The introduction of stamp duties, followed by its abrupt abolition; uneven campaigns and gangster-like threats towards opposition candidates; the EC’s admission that there are apparent 8, 666 votes above 100 years of age; un-secret postal votes; and most shockingly – the abolition of the use of indelible ink on the grounds of ‘public safety’.

These absurd frauds are clearly desperate attempts to maintain the rule of Umno-BN, even as they shiver in fear, seeing the readiness of the people to voice out their dissatisfaction across the length and breadth of the country. But what is truly sad is that it seems, from this endless series of trickery, that in the eyes of Umno-BN, the people of Malaysia are so easily manipulated and fooled with impunity.

That is what Umno-BN wants – for the people to shift their attention away from them, into a morass of deception and misplaced distrust. Dirty tactics are the order of the day, including the ‘import’ of phantom voters in certain areas, including Kelantan, Terengganu and not forgetting Pekan, Pahang. The opposition is blasted daily in the mainstream media, with barely an opportunity to respond to the allegations. I myself, supposedly ‘irrelevant’ in the arena of Malaysian politics, have been attacked mercilessly day in and day out with an array of libellous accusations. Ironically though, thousands seem to attend Opposition talks without ever needing the incentives of money or ‘entertainment’.

From North to South, I am glad to say that we have made the best out of our 13 days of opportunity. Alhamdulillah, I have been privileged enough to witness the people of Malaysia rise up across the country. Far from being a marginal struggle, this is a struggle for all our people, who have long wished to free themselves from the tyranny of UMNO-BN! The response given to our KeADILan candidates, as well as our comrades from PAS and DAP, has been nothing short of phenomenal, while Umno-BN looks increasingly desperate by the day. Even with their complete control of the mainstream media, they continue to be on the defensive – rather than engage with our manifestos, they have only managed to attack us blindly, stabbing in the dark with no real rhyme or reason.

My dear brothers and sisters,

Each and every Malaysian has the right to an opportunity for a better life. Malaysia has tremendous potential, but it has been worn down and suppressed by the vile political games of Umno-BN, who continue to poison our minds and bind our potential with narrow racial sentiments and the all-destroying ooze of corruption. The judiciary has become the marketplace of gambling kings; crime is endemic, with rape, snatch theft and murder all on the rise. The police have been taken away from their positions as guardians of public safety, and shunted instead to the useless surveillance of opposition figures. Inflation is spiralling out of control, even as wages shrink; and the people just keep on suffering. And what does BN tell us? That we should be thankful for what we have.

What you need to do on the 8th of March 2008 is to have the courage to change. KeADILan’s commitment is clear. The victory that you grant to us will translate into reduced petrol prices, a lid on inflation, a more sustained and credible effort at tackling crime, free education for all; and a government that is fair and just to all its people, regardles of race and religion.

KeADILan has given you a Manifesto titled A New Hope for Malaysia, which strikes at the heart of the basic problems that the average Malaysian faces today, and offers you solutions for tomorrow. The hope that KeADILan promises shall be realised by each and every one of our candidates, coming as they do to you from all sorts of different backgrounds, united by their shared credibility and calibre of the very highest degree.

KeADILan, PAS and DAP have played their roles in saving Malaysia from its current course of self-destruction, fanned by the greed and lust of the Umno-BN leadership and the gamblers of the nation’s future. Now, it is your time to make a choice. All our hopes and dreams for the nation are now but a step away from being realised – it is in your hands, as a citizen of Malaysia, endowed with dignity and the freedom of choice.

I firmly believe that the people of Malaysia are a mature and wise people, and I am confident that that wisdom will be translated into votes for KeADILan, PAS and DAP come this 8th of March 2008, in the name of saving our beloved Malaysia.

It is now time for Malaysia to tread the path towards a new future, armed with a New Hope, great and bright in its promise of glory. The choice is in your hands. And in God we trust.

I wish you all the very best, as you fulfil your civic duty tomorrow in bringing about a better Malaysia for all.




1. James murty - March 7, 2008

Winds for Change-Count me in..

2. Samuel - March 7, 2008

Sir, you’re great! I salute your wisdom and courage. I wish you the best and pray to see you as the next Prime Minister!

A fellow marginalised Indian.

3. klconfidential - March 7, 2008

Good luck Eli.

I really hope we win this fight. I bet no one’s going to get a good night’s rest tonight.. all the last minute things to do.. (so bloody nervous)

Good luck, Malaysia.. for all the sacrifices made, all the lives or livelihood lost, all the time spent defending Malaysia against tyranny, good luck.

Heart’s apounding!

May Allah bless us…

4. monsterball - March 7, 2008

Good-luck and God Bless our country!
I will surely vote for change in government…to redeem by stupidity…for voting for Pak Lah….trusting him………NO MORE!!
No more UMNO lies and cheats…every year…withstanding their braggart attitudes…forgiving their sins…hoping the poor will benefit somehow…withstanding and tolerating….treated like animals with tear gas and water cannons..with the final hope ..that..at least some UMNO and Barisan ministers will speak against such treatments…to peace loving Malaysians.
Never in my life…..have I witness such low class and downright sickening UMNO politicians….getting worst and worst by the year.
Never have I heard..UMNO ministers ever said they are wrong…and ask for forgiveness….like good Muslims..starting from that evil man…..Mahathir.
But instead….pass the buck to somebody else…..blame this or that.
If they are so right……than the half past sixes must be oppositions and Malaysians voting for oppositions.Check it out.
MCA and MIC have no balls.
Ong Ka-Ting is a real disgrace to Chinese community..which I belong to .
Samy Vellu…..Indians have said it all….going to jail peacefully ..without fear. Mahatma Gandhi is their inspirations. What a great race with such a great great man as Mahatma Gandhi.. Glad Indians woke up to the real truths.
Now the Chinese….well known for their smart voting..must not be selfish. Rich or poor…have or have nots…never depending on the government…they still need to vote for their children and grandchildren…not to be treated as second class citizens..to be treated like animals….like me and hundreds of Chinese…walking peacefully in protest..They must vote for Indians sufferings….against MIC.
It is mostly the rich and educated..that are so call smart voters.which really not so. Selfishness is the main weakness…change it!!.
I hope they change…and vote for change of government.
Those who have suffered and are poor….almost 100% will vote against the government……except the 11th election……trusting Pak Lah…no more…. this time..they are all out…100% against government.
Malays .be it UMNO members or otherwise..will vote mostly against the government. The % depend on UMNO members…waking up and do the right things for the country….not for their party….so obvious …being a racialist and corrupted party…leading all Barisan parties to think and behave same ways….to divide and rule….apply race and religion dirty politics…benefiting the Malays only….yet so many malays are poor…sick and helpless.

5. Mohd Saiful - March 8, 2008

My family confirm vote PKR and PAS at Parlimen KAPAR (PKR) and DUN Meru (PAS). I hv plan holiday trip for my family if PKR and PAS win at my area.

6. Concerned Papa - March 8, 2008

Agree that in God we trust. An hour ago, especially out of love for my daughter, I have prayed for a smooth election and that we would have a fair, just, needs-based and honest government with integrity. To the opposition teams, you have done well to face Goliath. To the BN teams, may you wake up to your conscience and make peace with both God and fellow beings. Last but not least, may God bless our nation and may all those who get elected remember their promises and serve the people well.

7. dun - March 8, 2008

Remember the kuali (frying pans) yang kita punya (our own) ..don’t let anyone throw what ever they want to do with it. Ingat jangan biar orang lain buat kita umpama kuali; sebab kita sendiri boleh buat apa yang kita fikir sendiri. Harap dapat sampaikan maksub yang tersembunyi, kita boleh mengubahnya., jangan jadi pak turut sja.

8. berubahuntukmalaysia - March 8, 2008

Eli good luck to you. I hope you can win tomorrow and help the community at your area. Good luck and all the best to ya!

9. Au - March 8, 2008

May we be able to change for the better tomorrow. I hope to see a new Malaysia on Sunday when I wake up. I love this country and hope all Malaysian’s my chilren and grandchildren to inherit a just,equitable, honest and fair Malaysia.

10. Vote DAP&PKR - March 8, 2008

Well, my fellow countrymen & Sabahans

The Time is NOW!

Stick it to them & Musa Aman!


It’s my country and yours and we want it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don’t succumb to BN Blackmail.

It’s a small step for you, but it sure is a GIANT STEP for Sabah & Malaysia!

REMEMBER: those who compliment “Aman Crap” are the ones who will benefit through government projects.

Ask yourself this: What’s in it for you?

Unshackle yourself from 50 years of BN Enslavement- Emancipation Now!!!!!!!!!

Cast your vote TODAY to reclaim the ownership of your country!

U gotta help yourself before others can help U


Go forth Malaysians & Sabahans- matching towards a better, harmonious and brighter future for you and and your chilldren!

I salute you all, brave pioneers of a new Malaysia!

11. Vote DAP&PKR - March 8, 2008


How stupod of me!

12. john hutnyk - March 8, 2008

Better change here than that offered by Obama!

Good luck tomorrow!!!

Professor John Hutnyk
Centre for Cultural Studies
Goldsmiths University of London

13. PROF. k. shahul hameed - March 8, 2008


Assalamu ‘Alaikkum

Yes, I read your Message. There was a video in the name
MESSAGE by Prophet (saw.)

There has been a lot of criticism about you – ANWAR IBRAHIM
so once your party is elected you must prove it otherwsie ie
you are for the Rakyat

Mahathir, through his IGP nearly killed you. Alhamdulillah, you have come out after so much suffering, unscathed. Now you must prove to the Rakyat that you will deliver. I am a senior citizen of 77 years.
I hope you do something for the SENIORS. Though I was in Public
service for more than 22 years – I do not get any pension. Actually
my children are supporting me because I HAD educated them well.

But there are others who are in need of help AND HEALTHCARE. Your Party must try to inroduce measures like in AUSTRALIA – or at least minimum health care. When a person is young he does not feel much. But once you are old from 60 life becomes very difficult. Most of the Children nowadays abandon parents who have to look for HOMES. This should not happen under your government.
During the British Period there was a provision in the law – ie.
Sections 360 – 366 of the Criminal Procedure re : MAINTENANCE OF WIVES AND CHILDREN – it has been repealed. You may consider
re-introducing this law. As many Husbands now become irresponsible – and leave the wife and children on the road – Particularly Malays. I have a number of cases with.

Introduce some SOCIAL SERVICE MEASURES as in advanced countries
like Australia, UK, US,- BN claim that our economy is good – if so why not help the poor and the needy and SENIORS. BN looks after
only fat people not lean people – whose stomach is dry AND CRY FOR WATER AND FOOD. That is all they need.

Being a Muslim, you are aware of Prophet’s (Peace be upon him)
says: first priority of the Rulers (Administraters) towards the Poor
and the needy.

Their last days are very important. Allah Yang Mahakuasa will help you and your party. I have written to your wife (Wan Azizah) two years ago but no reply.

Now I wrote to you Dato Seri about 6 months ago – no reply. OK you all very busy. But don’t forget that your and your PARTY’s (or for that matter any political party) fates are in the fingers of the RAKYAT. – any party for that matter.

I wish you and your PKR EVERY SUCCESS

Assalamu ‘Alaikkum Warahmatullahi Wabarakkutuhu.

my tel: 5636 6813 Bandar Sunway.

14. Klaw - March 8, 2008

Mohd Saiful,
Care to take me in as a family member? 🙂

15. Damocles - March 8, 2008

The day of reckoning is here.
Boot out the BN!

16. malaysiancares - March 8, 2008

Eli , may I confidently address you as our new YB for Bukit Lanjan.Looking forward to your great service to our community.

17. Fire Breather - March 8, 2008

A very well written “letter”, projecting the true status of affairs in our beloved country. Until I leave this world, the opposition can count me as a strong supporter. Very best wishes to the Opposition’s long awaited and anticipated thumping VICTORY.

18. bayi - March 8, 2008

All the best, Elizabeth. I may not comment here as often as I should but I do read your posts. You deserve a place to serve the people and represent them better!

The Lord be with you.

19. Lilja - March 9, 2008

Good luck to you all.

20. bettertomorrow - March 9, 2008

i’m a fellow johorean and im very disappointed at the general election’s results. one of the worst crime infested area and with minimal social and economic growth, but yet the people’s decision lies in placing thier hopes on BN again, and again, and again…

wake up my fellow johoreans !

till the next election, we just have to hang in there and hope some good from other states will have some ripple effect on us. for the younger generation who are of legal age to vote, but had been procratisnating till regrets dawn on them on the 8th March for not joining other brave state’s voices in voting the opposition…WAKE UP!, REGISTER NOW, embrace the changes in next election. there are many of us out there crying out for changes. enough of hearing lies and pacifying us like babies…

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