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(GE12) Vote for ‘cleaner’ Selangor, says PKR March 7, 2008

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Vote for ‘cleaner’ Selangor, says PKR
Fauwaz Abdul Aziz | Mar 6, 08 5:44pm

PKR Selangor candidates today urged voters to come out in full force on polling day Saturday to issue a ‘no confidence’ vote against the ‘abuses’ of Menteri Besar Dr Mohd Khir Toyo.

Citing a litany of scandals pertaining to development projects, perks given to state government officials, former Kelang assemblyperson Zakria Mohd Deros, and the Broga and Ijok incinerator projects, they said a vote for Khir would be a vote to further “weaken the Selangor state”.

“We call on all Selangor voters to choose wisely. A vote for Khir would weaken the Selangor state,”said PKR Selangor deputy chief Yaakob Sapari at a press conference in Petaling Jaya.

“We vow to expose the abuses of power under Khir’s administration, to defend the welfare of the people, to develop Selangor fairly and equitably, and to abide by the PKR manifesto to bring hope to Selangor,” he said further reading from a prepared statement.

PKR has 20 candidates vying for Selangor state seats and 11 candidates contesting parliamentary seats.

Also present at the press conference were a dozen PKR candidates, several of whom zeroed in on Khir. Khir was said to have recently threatened to withhold development funds and projects from those constituencies in Selangor that vote in opposition candidates.

“If he (carries) this (out), we will see him in court. It is not his right to decide who gets the allocations or not. The allocation is for the people. The allocation is for the constituency,” said PKR Bukit Lanjan candidate Wong Keat Ping (aka Elizabeth Wong).

“In other words, he’s saying he’s going to ‘makan’ (eat) all the money and there’s no way we’re going to let him do that,” she added.

Time to evaluate MB

She also scoffed at Khir’s reported announcement that a report card for the state government would be made public soon after the election to show how it had performed over the last term.

“The time to evaluate Khir is this Saturday, not after (the general election this) Saturday,” she said.

Other PKR leaders, such as Batu Tiga state seat candidate Rodziah Ismail, said Barisan Nasional (BN) state assemblypersons under Khir had not done their jobs in their various constituencies such as improving public transportation and tackling flood woes.

PKR secretary-general Abdul Khalid Ibrahim, meanwhile, spoke of the abuses by BN component parties in Selangor of government facilities for the purpose of campaigning for the general election.

Reading out a letter date Feb 1, 2008, from the office of the Selangor state secretary, Khalid pointed out that BN had made a ‘block booking’ of all multipurpose and community halls for the period beginning Feb 1 to Mar 31, 2008.

Not only was this approved, said Khalid, but the letter stated “any rental payments, if there are any, will be taken care of subsequently.”

“This shows how arrogant and disrespectful BN is relating to the use of public facilities,” said Khalid, who is running for the Ijok state seat.

On the lack of transparency exercised by the Selangor government under Khir, Khalid said PKR offers Selangor a chance to experience governance by which public finances and the administration of land would not be subjected to the Official Secrets Act (OSA).

Selangor would also legislate a Freedom of Information Act, Khalid said further.

This is in addition to the renegotiation of all lopsided privatisation contracts involving public utilities – such as highway tolls – to arrive at arrangements that are reasonable and equitable both to private and public interests, said Khalid

“The sins that Khir has committed make him undeserving of re-election. A vote for PKR is a vote against the wrongdoings of BN,” he said.



1. monsterball - March 7, 2008

For few days.non stop…few so call well known people who knows Anwar…came out and say Anwar cannot be trusted….unreliable…anti-chinese…bla bla bla.
Noting not effective….outcome Mahathir saying…UMNO’s downfall is due solely to Samy Vellu …and not him……hahahahahaha
Samy ..”sin or swim” with Mahathir….let his best friend.. swim alone ..hoping he will get drowned too. When TDM needed Samy most….to add salt to the wounds….he wrote love poem to Pak Lah……hahahahahahaha
And Pak Lah…..always too late …revealing what a hypocrite he is..said…no one will be guaranteed to be ministers….except Najib…hinting at Samy for sure.. and Ka Ting too.
That’s how UMNO think and act for the country. They are so filthy and corrupt…they have no time to do anything….except protecting their own skins…..and when they act…..they bully and create fear.
Lim Kit Siang said…this rotten government is out to wreck the country……..so very true.

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