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Penang will vote for change, whataboutyou? March 7, 2008

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Democracy, Malaysia, Politics.
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DAP stunned itself….

“There were frequent cries of “Just change it” in Hokkien, referring to the political situation.” (Malaysian Insider, 07 March 2008)



1. woody - March 7, 2008

Dear Eli,

I was there braving the rain, according to some on stage commentators. Probably peaked at about 50,000-60,000 people roughly. (Whole Football field was overflow with people to outside fence, some stood outside)

I think the DAP & Keadilan folks were stunned by hugh turn out. Even 1/2 way through it was raining, many stayed on until midnight to watch Lim KS and Prof. Ramasamy talked. No shed, no fancy shelter, no free buffet dinner or celebrities show, just the few speakers.

Of so many years of election, I see hope and I see future this time even though opposition did not get any official media space.

Yes, I am from Penang, and yes, I will give opposition a vote coming weekend..

I wish the best of luck. God Bless.

2. TYKo - March 7, 2008

Heard from my colleaque who went there last night, the crowd reached 50,000!
The next hurdle would be how to ensure those who attended the ceramah could be translated into votes!
Let’s spread this stunning (GREAT) news to all Malaysians!
Yes, Penangnites are ready, the malays are ready, the indians are ready and now! the chinese are ready too!

3. TsuChong - March 7, 2008

Omg it’s gonna happen! It’s gonna happen! Changee!!!

This beats all the dirty tricks that they’re up to. Polling agents, please work extra hard tomorrow!

Good Luck!!

4. yh - March 7, 2008

common penangnites. translate this turnout into votes. together with kelantan, lead the change. tell the arrogant BN, enough is enough.

5. berubahuntukmalaysia - March 7, 2008

I am voting for a change myself. Opposition have my vote. Eli good luck in Bukit Lanjang. Hope you will win there and represent the people there!

Take care!

6. Paul Tan - March 7, 2008

that is an amazing photograph

7. monsterball - March 7, 2008

Many say UMNO need only 10% votes to win against th opposition…due to the way UMNO has planned the voting strategies….favoring them.
Lets see if majority Malaysians……particularly..the Muslims and UMNO members.. will vote for change in governmet…..and the head count..showing something like 65% voted for oppositions…and yet they still win to run the country.??? This will make nonsense of voting and expose the frauds of UMNO.
UMNO has never face defeats in 50 years…and these 50 years do make many arrogant…braggarts..racialists…crooks….liars….never feeling anything wrong with what they do or say……..simply because…they feel they own the country…and not elected representatives by voters.
Time to change…as all hopes on Pak Lah to do the right thing…..again proven… he is a weak leader…….afraid to do the right things..for fear to offend his own party members.
Such is the situation……on and on for 50 years.
Two more days..we all go to vote.
I sincerely feel this election will have majority Malaysians vote for change of government……..including me.
Like Jeff Ooi…..I too…voted for PaK Lah…..and what did I get?..tear gas and water treatments….like animals….just because I support fair elections and the cries of the poor….marching peacefully…protesting. It is my democratic right to voice my opinions…but in Malaysia…..it is even worst than Burma.
UMNO is cruel……inspite of being crooks…..they bully and create fear.

8. Raven - March 7, 2008

I am voting for Barisan RAKYAT tomorrow and so is the rest of my family!

All the best for tomorrow, Eli. Hope you win.

9. Vincent Lee - March 7, 2008

Hi Eli, unfortunately i can’t vote for you b’coz i cast my ballot elsewhere. I will definetely cast my vote for opposition, during last 2 GE i vote for BN quite silly last time but this time i know this is right time for me to execute my rights to say “No” to them.

My colleague vote in Bkt Lanjang, 100% sure vote go to you. I sincerely hope u win the seat b’coz we need representative like u in Selangor. Good Luck n All The Best!

10. Libra - March 7, 2008

I have an 87 year old mother-in-law and mind you she knows exactly what is happening in the country. But unfortunately DAP is not contesting in her constituency, so she is going out tomorrow with her walking stick to vote for PAS.
Imagine her determination!!!!

11. Damocles - March 7, 2008

Looks like the tidal wave for change is unstoppable!
Hope that it can sweep aside the BN in spite of its underhand tactics to skew the election in its favour.

12. A true Malaysian - March 7, 2008

Vote for a true multi-racial Malaysia. I am tired to see a ‘superficial’ BN brand of racial harmony.

Good luck to you, Eli.

13. bamboo river - March 7, 2008

Dear Eli, I will be voting for Paya Jaras and Subang tomorrow.
No need to say whom am I voting for . 🙂
I wish you all the best for the Bukit Lanjan State and of course I am vouching for you to win and win BIG.
So, have a happy and meaningful day tomorrow.
A Happy Bitrhday to you (9th March 2008) and may your birthday wish come true.
We all know what is your PUBLIC birthday wish anyway. 🙂

14. Mosesfoo - March 7, 2008

Hey, hey, relax braders and sisters…keep yer cool. Go and vote first because it ain’t over til the fat lady (not aunt ap-lah) sing on the 9th of March. Ok?

15. Tee - March 7, 2008


Eveyone is sensing the wind of change after the great show in Penang….Oh….god, Jeff is great…wish he was the candidate in Penang.

My place has got BN and PAS. But my vote will definitely going to the moon.

Dacing sucks.

16. ultraman - March 8, 2008

hey Liz, too bad I can’t be there to vote in this historic election. Really admire you and appreciate your personal sacrifices in championing human rights for so many years. I’m cheering for you and Penang … all the way from Australia.

17. success to the opposition - March 8, 2008

Being a Penangite myself, I just hope that a change is made in Penang and also throughout the whole of Malaysia. You can do it!! Review how the Chinese and Indian brothers and sisters suffered under BN’s rule over the past 50 years. Penang, the Pearl of the Orient, is now no more. Make a change and bring back the glittering PEARL once again. SUCCESS TO THE OPPOSITION and at worst, deny BN’s hope for a 2/3rd majority.

18. DAP for the people - March 9, 2008

Now see what DAP gets after the hard work to kill Penang future and Chinese future. Firstly, Penangist you think BN will continue supply money and help? Day dream if you wish, see Kelantan yourself. DAP, are you brave enough to shout “CHINESE CAN BE CM” for Kedah and Perak, RIGHT NOW, not later, not other crap? Not the deputy, not sweet talk not toy chair, the CM itself. For your information, and right before your eyes, both Kedah and Perak given away to PAS to rule as Islamic State! Why not DAP or Keadilan? Reason, Jeff if you are NOT YET BLIND or TURN SLICK POLITICIAN, read my lips “CHINESE CANNOT BE CM”. DEMOCRACY ANYONE? ………………………………. Holly shit, this is worst than Malaysian thought! DAP dogs betray Malaysian hope for “FAIRNESS AND DEMOCRACY”? Dream if you wish. More damage is yet to come, Selangor given to Keadilan Malay CM, a big-shot from X-BN, changing hands from one ugly dirty politician to another! There goes the fat cat, here comes another one. Lim Kit Siang CM for Selangor, dare you shout DEMOCRACY from this day?

How disappointing the NEW HOPE Malaysia had handed over from one racist and religious ally to another? If DAP is the future, let it be NOW, deny the last century “MALAY CM ONLY” bullshit for Kedah, Perak and Selangor starting today! You sacrificed the last Chinese dog in BN, so be it, we trusted in you, and yet you can’t gain a CM control on any of the 3 new States people put hope on you. Shame on you!

Jeff Ooi despite all the crap you shouted people could forgive you as you lack of political topic to start with, but dare you shout bravely on this betrayal decision right from DAY ONE – TODAY? Demolish the “MALAY CM ONLY” crap, dare you? What Lim Kit Siang? What Lim Kuan Ying? Being yourself Jeff, look back at what DAP did to the other aggressive members? All killed, expelled and buried by Lim Kit Siang father and son. Look at Lim Kit Siang’s dirty tactics, you are just another young dog barking on behalf of him, if you won, he gains the trophy, if you are dead or locked up in jail, he kept quite and morn for you, what else you expect? A batch? Replace himself or his son? Now your job is DONE, your faith and days are numbered. Why wait? If Jeff is for the people, shout from DAY ONE to deny “MALAY CM ONLY” bullshit! The people, Malay, Chinese and Indian are with you!

The young are spoiled by thin lies riding on BN’s stupidness, when the dust settled, pity Chinese has no dogs in BN to beg for mercy, and here comes more wild dogs outside BN to make it worst. Make it worst still, the more the wild dogs bark, the less you get. Perak, Kedah, Selangor is an example. The history will re-write what happened today and the following 5 years. This is the beginning of Anwar Ibrahim dictatorship by stepping on DAP Chinese grave yard, and spreading of extreme religious cult by PAS foolish Islamic State mindset. Read the news, PAS already declared KEDAH ISLAMIC STATE! New heaven for terrorist camp, new hell for Kedah and Perak people. May Allah carries all of you away.

Under MCA which kept on saying , “Again, we managed to “fight” for another X millions for X Chinese schools?­” What the crap? What do they mean by “fight”? Don’t you think it should be their jobs? Why “fight”? Should be their duty! Do the Malays need to fight for their mosques and schools? Under DAP, do they have the duty to “DENY AND CORRECT” “MALAY CM ONLY” crap from the beginning? MCA and DAP, what’s the difference? If not from DAY ONE, when? DAP, don’t disappoint MALAYSIAN which put our faith on you, DO YOUR JOB!

Wake up DAP and Keadilan, DENY THE “MALAY CM ONLY” right from the start, dare you not? You betray foolish Chinese hope especially innocent youngsters who did not think further believing in your lies and advantages taken ridding on stupid BN. If they believe in you, why disappoint them? Dare you not, stand up and DENY THE “MALAY CM ONLY” curse? Show your supporters your promise from DAY ONE, which is TODAY! This will be the first and last time MALAYSIAN ever trust you and time you show your power, or never.

A suicide note by disappointed Apek Jelutong who waited 50 years, with more disappointment.

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