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(GE12) THANK YOU!!!!!!! March 10, 2008

Posted by elizabethwong in "We can do better", Current Affairs, Democracy, Malaysia, Politics.
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First – my apologies as I wasn’t able to get online since Saturday. My sister’s internet was as usual dodgy and I wasn’t able to return home to my computer til this morning. The past 48 hours have been filled with meetings, discussions etc. I’m still sleeping less than 4 hours a day 😀 My phones keep dying on me and please do forgive me if you’ve not been able to reach me or if I’m not able to take your calls on time, or reply to your SMSs.
I’m still dazed. I don’t think the enormity of the people’s revolt has sunk in, especially with PKR, DAP and PAS now controlling two-thirds of Selangor State and PKR being the lead Opposition party in Parliament. My boss – Dr. Wan Azizah is going to be Head of Opposition 🙂 🙂

Thank you to all the brave and wonderful voters of Bukit Lanjan. The people have shown who are the real bosses and I am humbled by your zeal and commitment for change.

My special thanks to the following folks:- My family – especially my mother who came down all the way from Ipoh to support me, like making me sleep, making me swallow 5 vitamin pills each morning and for all those soups and herbal drinks; my boyfriend Hilmi who has been incredibly patient and supportive; Sivarasa, Anne and the Subang Parliament team who shared their labour, resources and Ops Centre; Brian who initially was only my wakil calon but he ended up multi-tasking; Latheefa, the de facto Campaign Manager whose yelling and butt-kicking was very necessary; Tian Chua who gave this newbie a lot of tips; my strategy/media team – Seng Kiat, Khai Loon, Yap, Alison; my leaflet Rambos of Puchong Saujana – Chee Keong, Lau, Bryan, Cheah; the bloggers including Youzi, Rockybru, JerryWho, Sammo (!); my other Rambo team – Hunter, Krishna and Haji Mahmud; the media who did make an effort to report on our campaign – Sin Chew, Nanyang, The Star, Sinar Harian and The Sun; Yvonne and her great team for the truck, banners and placards; the women’s groups – Cecelia, Maria, Oy Sim, Yock Lin etc; my old schoolmates, swimming team-mates, my super-generous donors who bought my idea that their donation was an investment on the future (!); designers Tze Yin, Bob, Moe Yin, Politea; my overworked printers Chee Chung and Jack; the SUARAM gang (yeah!!!!); Mogan and her PACAs, Bruno the head of Ops Centre, and many many more.

Without the help of the local residents, I wouldn’t not have been able to move in effectively in many areas – like Jit Lee, her husband, Darren, Aziz, the 3 ‘Dzuls’, Rao, Naran, Razak, the Bandar Utama residents, Sri Damansara Utama residents and many many more.

And I must also thank Saudara Anwar Ibrahim (yeah!). It is this man who blazed through our hearts and minds, and inspired the voters that we can change! This General Elections was in fact a vote of confidence for him.

If I’d left anyone out, which I’m sure I have, it is by accident and fatigue…

A new dawn is now upon us in Selangor.

We need your help and inputs. We need honest, committed residents to fill in the blanks and vacancies. There are many plans for change in the administration of the state. We now have the burden of carrying the people’s mandate to correct the past wrongs and make Selangor the model state. We have to deliver. And we have to do things differently — not the old BN ways. We are still undersieged by BN-UMNO and we need your continued involvement and participation to make things happen!

Now is not the time to be standing at the sides but the opportunity to be part of a truly incredible project is right before us.

Now let’s get to work!

(You can write to: bukitlanjan2008@gmail.com)


1. susan loone - March 10, 2008

wishing you all the best. great to see you in action.

2. doreen - March 10, 2008

let us all remember – the “rakyat” have spoken – please resolve amicably & wisely – whatever the coming BA may have in term of differences in “opinions” or “sensitive issues” – no more bickering on “racial” issues – focus on “rakyat” needs for a better tomorrow of rakyat and Malaysia.

3. bamboo river - March 10, 2008

Eli, Congrats and now is the time to clean up all the mess/shit left behind by the previous state gomen.
One more thing, although i think it might be too early to ask. (forgive me if it is )Please if you could thru the state gomen and Mr Sivarasa thru Parliament look into the plight of Sungai Buloh Leprosy Centre?

4. Yazrine - March 10, 2008

Dear Y.B Eli,

My heartiest congratulations!…now make us proud!

The voters are behind you, and we pray for you to have the strenght and wisdom to always do what is just and what is best for the Rakyat.


5. Niraj Sanghvi - March 10, 2008

all the best! you have our support with you always….
you can contact us via email should you need any help whatsoever…

6. yh - March 10, 2008

first thing first.. CONGRATS.

And its cruel but true..THE HONEYMOON PERIOD IS SHORT. Demands are great but honesty as well as credibility will pull you thru the initial tough period. Best wishes and GOD bless you.

7. DesaJayaFolks - March 10, 2008

congratulations! dun forget the rakyat at Desa Jaya, Kepong. we’re under Bukit Lanjan too!

8. kean-jin lim - March 10, 2008

Congratulations to you, Eli. All the best to you.

I wish I no need to address you as YB Eli, I believe respect is earn from people rather than having a title at in front of name to ask for respect.

May I?

9. kaki ayam - March 10, 2008

congrats, eli

10. kean-jin lim - March 10, 2008

Sorry, just read your latest post entry “And don’t call me “YB”, plaese”. It is indeed a good example. Well done.

11. Malay Women in Malaysia - March 10, 2008

Hi there Liz…

I’m a Perakian and I’m equally proud of our Malaysians who voted for a big change in our political landscape. Yes, we need to thank them but what is more important is that our political opposition parties prove to everyone that they can manage this country better than Barisan Nasional.

If they do it right, you can bet that Barisan Nasional will die naturally in 2012!

12. baiti - March 10, 2008


13. Hoon - March 10, 2008

When I read “A New Dawn for Malaysia” in PKR banners that are displayed around Seri Utama neighbourhood, the first thing that it strucks me is the future of my children. That is enough for us to give 5 votes to PKR. We hope PKR can translate this message into action for all fellow Malaysian irrespected of creed and colour.

14. Damocles - March 10, 2008

Show the BN how a state government should be run. Put them to shame – if that is at all possible.
They have been at it for 50 (yes, fifty years) and still know zilch about doing it!
Be the gold standard.
It should also be time, when things have settled down somewhat, to have local council elections.

15. yong1143 - March 10, 2008

Dear Elizabeth,
I am typing this message with tears streaming down my face – happy tears.
May the AllMighty protect us all for reforming Malaysia is an uphill task. The BN led government has eroded the system almost beyond repair.
I am pleased to say that we (my husband and I) voted for PKR-DAP-PAS between us. Being Muslims we understand the need to pick the right leaders as we would surely be questioned on our choice when life has left us.

Be down to earth.ok! We voted you guys in for being just that! You are ONE OF US – the mere mortals.

16. kishore - March 10, 2008

great blog…….do visit mine….

how about exchange of links…..
have already added you………….

17. Noyawns - March 10, 2008

Quite eager to offer u some of my time to help rebuild our beloved country! How to do that?

18. A true Malaysian - March 10, 2008

Congratulations to you, Sivarasa & Tian Chua. If not because of your blog, I know nothing about Sivarasa. I also mentioned in my blog (of which I still not ready to share) that how nice if 3 of you can succeed to become MP. Well, it seems that my dream is no more a dream now.

Keep it up you guys for those noble beliefs that we have in common. Malaysia is definitely a better place now with you guys around.

By the way, only now I realised that your boy friend is a Malay. Perhaps you guys should look into sensitive issue like conversion into Islam upon marrying a Muslim. I am not against Muslim or Islam. It is just that ‘Freedom of Religion’ supposedly is a ‘universal rights’ of all human beings. In this sense, hope that Malaysians can look into this thing with open mind.

19. Mawi - March 10, 2008

Dear Eli!

The whole week before polling day ,I could not really concentrate on my work in spite of the urgency of a few things that were racing against time. I had not read any of the local newspapers or heard anything on the local news as it just makes me downright angry at being denied my right at a voter to make my personal analysis of whom I’d prefer to vote.The last straw came the night before polling day when I stumbled upon this picture of Tok Guru Nik Aziz of Kelantan holding the “munajat ” prayers asking for Allah’s blessings .

I did not realise that my tears was rolling profusely when I saw crystal clear tear drops oozing out from his honest looking eyes rolling past his face that showed a true sincere quest from a true follower to his al mighty Creator.

Here is the man , who switches off the lights when he prays alone for fear of misusing the public funds and this is the same man who does not even think of having a lavish meal for fear of offending even those that feast on silver platters.

If this Mentri Besar, who preferred to addressed as Tok Guru rather then YB or Datuk or Tan Sri, lives in a house fit for a humble peasant is being name called as power crazy, uncivilised and all that uncalled for misdemeanor by idiots that dwells in lavish lifestyles fit for the rich and famous, then something must be deadly wrong with this government.

And for that,, and a host of other reasons, not only did my vote goes to the opposition, I voluntarily and quietly ferried voters to polling stations with my car flamboyantly dressed with Pas, Keadilan and DAP flags and feeling good and proud about it.

So, promise me Eli, that you will not let us down as the perils of popularity and power may be distract you from your good intentions.

You want to be called , just Eli is a good start.

20. Mohd Basri bin Ahmad Mursidi - March 10, 2008

Congrat Eli

i hope you will be a great asset to Barisan Alternatif

Wish yoy all the best

21. zewt - March 10, 2008


22. Satya - March 10, 2008

Dear Eli,


I have full confidence that you’ll discharge your duties as an MP with the responsibility and dignity.

Can’t wait to see you in Parliament. And woe betide any sorry excuse for a BN MP who should say/do/propose anything stupid while you’re there. Kick ass and give ’em hell!

23. Jeremiah Foo - March 10, 2008

you forgot your fellow ipohans and bobo who came all the way from China and Singapore.

24. Hafiz - March 10, 2008

Er… did you just win the Oscar? =p

Congrats Eli!

25. Victor Chan - March 11, 2008

Congratulation Ms Wong. For start, how about pushing for local council direct election to stops those melawat sambil berlajar trips?

26. Senan - March 11, 2008

Keep up the good work guys, hope this victory will make us more humble and remember being close to the heart of the electorate is more important.

All the propaganda didn’t work, WHY?
Malaysians are more CERDIK now.


27. Firebreather - March 11, 2008

Liz, CONGRATULATIONS to you on your success. Please keep up the good work you are doing and I pray everyone will support and pray for your continual success.

28. TJ - March 11, 2008

First of all, let me congratulate you on your winning.

FYI, I’m a Damansara Damai folk and been staying there since 2002. However, I couldn’t get the chance the vote you this time around as I am currently working in Kuching, Sarawak.

Hope you will serve Bukit Lanjan well with the best of your best ability.

Regards, TJ.

29. JK - March 11, 2008

Myself, being a resident in Bandar Utama, would like express my heartiest congratulation on your victory! Thanks for the campaign at BU Centrepoint, a week b4 the election! Well done and may God continue to be with you!!

30. Karen Loh - March 12, 2008

Congratulations Liz ,you have done it.Being a resident of Bandar
Utama I hope you will be able to help us solve some of the problems
in regards to enviroment and peace in our neighbourhood.

May God Bless you in your good work.
Take care.


31. Of bloggers turned politicians (and vice versa) [Part 2] » Chronicles - March 12, 2008

[…] Elizabeth Wong, won DUN Bukit Lanjan (Selangor), beating the BN’s Yong Dai Ying by 5,155 […]

32. Sean E - March 12, 2008

If you want to have a better future for our children in Malaysia, do you part by signing the on-line petition at http://www.petitiononline.com/RCER2008/petition.html

This is one of the way (non-violence) to bring our message to the Government. Don’t just sit there, stand up and be counted!

Why do we need to reform the Election Commission?

1) Gerrymandering. The discrepancy between number of voters in voting areas is too great. The smallest parliamentary seat (Federal Territory, Putrajaya) has only 6,608 voters while the parliamentary seat for Kapar in Selangor has 112,224 voters. What this means is that one vote in the Putrajaya parliamentary constituency is equivalent to 17 votes in the Kapar constituency.

2) Phantom voters. A common tactic is to ‘buy’ the identity card of the voters. Party members from the ruling parties will then vote on the voters’ behalf. Random checking of a person’s identity must be conducted using those finger print checking device (like the bank use). Any voting done on another person’s identity must be made a serious offence under the election law.

3) Postal votes. The rules on postal voting must be reviewed, tightened and amended. The current rule favours the ruling party as the armed forces personnel and policemen who vote by ‘postal voting’ would obviously not jeopardize their career or promotion prospect by voting for the opposition. Voting under postal voting is not secret as it is under the watchful eyes of the senior officers.

33. bennyliew.com - March 12, 2008

congratulation ya!!

34. claire the cat - March 13, 2008

congratulations!!!! *hugs*

35. fong po kuan - March 22, 2008

Hi, Elizabeth, Congratulations to you!

Also, thank you for all the support and words of encouragement. Let us, the “new generations” together build a better Malaysia for all Malaysians!

36. Iraman Hj Karim - February 18, 2009

seorang melayu kot. Ini sudah lebih ni. Memilih jejaka melayu memang kesukaan kaum cina dan India. Nak tahu apa sebabnya. Sebab pisang melayu dibuka kulitnya sebelum dikulum.

37. hyatt - February 18, 2009

ape yg kene congrat.. aku heran ney.. pasal berani mengaku ke kene congrat… kawin la yb if you desprate.. 🙂

* Dr. M is my idol ~

38. Sulaiman Tok - February 18, 2009

Iraman Hj Karim,

Kalau tidak mempunyai kebolehan untuk kritik dengan betul, atau kebolehan memberi idea yang boleh memanfaatkan negara,tolongla jangan mencemari blog ini.

Disebabkan pemikiran semacam awak nih, kaum melayu akan selalu dipandang hina.

39. mr kj - February 18, 2009

i love u eli.. don’t go away!!

40. AYAM - February 19, 2009

u disaapoint me!

as a leader i expect u to be clean. your low moral as a leader made the future generation thinks that a low moral like you can also be a leader.

u set the precedence.

41. Pinkturtle - February 19, 2009

[…] Lihat posting berikut; “My special thanks to the following folks:- My family – especially my mother who came down all the way from Ipoh to support me, like making me sleep, making me swallow 5 vitamin pills each morning and for all those soups and herbal drinks; my boyfriend Hilmi who has been incredibly patient and supportive;…” https://elizabethwong.wordpress.com/2008/03/10/ge12-thank-you/ […]

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