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What are they trying to hide? March 12, 2008

Posted by elizabethwong in "We can do better", Current Affairs, Democracy, Economy, Malaysia, Politics.
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Fortunately, some members of the media caught this on camera.

Unfortunately, we can’t march right in to stop them because (i) we haven’t been sworn in; (ii) police has cordoned off the state office since Saturday night.






1. big easy kharis - March 12, 2008

poor shredding machine must been worked out to the max!

2. Toyo, destroying state files is a crime! « * SUSAN LOONE’s blog * - March 12, 2008

[…] office. There’s also nothing anyone can do – since police have cordoned off the whole area (Elizabeth Wong). Our Opposition state assembly persons haven’t been sworn in yet. This is simply too […]

3. Karl - March 12, 2008

Try to seize data from PC hard disk, utilize IT expert to prevent destroying of government documents. Don’t allow police to defend these culprits, the staff include.

Nobody shall allow to enter the premise until the next Mb sworn in and accompany with police to the premise. Those involve in misuse of power, by and large should be punish and their property shall be confiscated . Not because of REVENGE but rather due to accountability and responsibility to the RAKYAT (ignorant BN voters too).

Show the mercy to those are deserve and discipline the corrupts is inevitable.

4. Malay Women in Malaysia - March 12, 2008

Wonder if the delay in the appointment of Selangor MB is systematically planned by the powers that be? Hmm… I smell a big rat somewhere!

PKR has to do something fast! Don’t let that dentist got away with his dentist’s chair!

5. Shawn Tan - March 12, 2008

I would think that in a bureaucracy, it would be fairly difficult to get rid of it all. Isn’t it common practice for a bureaucracy to make multiple copies of everything?

6. mcfan - March 12, 2008

*proof of corruption* recycle them please. I would also like to suggest a recycle campaign where there will be huge containers be placed in public areas to collect items that are recyclable. That will certainly reduce the load of garbage collection/dump management, help to promote a greener environment and also maybe produce something useful out from them to generate some earnings!

i am wondering how many cars/items belong to the state government have to be handed over to the new state exco!
Claim everything that was bought with people’s taxes!!!!! Even if it’s of no use, donate it or lelong it and set up some fund or something!!!!!!!

7. CSI - March 12, 2008

Can someone collect these garbage bags and try to piece them together? Would be an interesting project for students studying criminology or forensic science. Something to add to their resumes if it turns out to be something big 🙂
This reminds me of Arthur Andersen shredding documents concerning Enron just before the FBI arrives to collect them.

8. clearwater - March 12, 2008

They can shed documents but they cannot shut people’s mouths. There must be many upright civil servants disgusted with past corrupt and crony practices who are willing do the right thing.They can surely assist to find incriminating evidence of systematic plunder of the public purse. We need to showcase a high profile example of misdeeds by the previous state administration to deter future transgressions.An example must be made. This is just as important as not going on a vindictive witchhunt .The people will then see justice done.Those in the corridors of power will have to walk the talk .They will then know they are not immune to prosecution even when out of office.

9. gopie - March 12, 2008

shred toyo like this
dont have mercy on them

10. joehancl - March 12, 2008

REMEMBER the 7th day of the 7th moon of the chinese calender. When it comes, the goose pimples rise, the corrupted smell the stink. All hell breaks loose. They are to be nailed one way or another.

11. dmfo - March 12, 2008

Please save our beloved state Selangor from these people.

12. CK Ng - March 12, 2008

The new state governments of Selangor and Perak must bring these people who committed the destruction of public documents to trial. There must be a law against wanton destruction of public records. Do these civil servants not know what they are doing is wrong?

13. DewA_LavaU - March 12, 2008

stupid khir toyol.he should learn from late Zakaria Derus.Allah itu maha adil!!!

14. Girocyclist - March 12, 2008

God is faithful, God is just. Eventually whatever man hides will be bought out in the open 🙂

15. max - March 12, 2008

The Gov servants must be told the severity of destroying Gov documents. The Police isn’t fair in handling this. You can try recovering info from the hard disks.

16. Azmi - March 12, 2008

this is too bad

17. Raj - March 12, 2008

All must be aressted. All their peosonal asset frozen. Including IGP for letting them do this..

18. kittykat46 - March 12, 2008

Hi Eli,
Let me guess….
Contracts awarded 100% above fair value
Land given to cronies, family members
Quid pro quo arrangements
Payments for Special services

Take your pick – any /all of the above..and more..

That’s why we collectively kicked the b*stards out on Saturday night…this is just confirmation that we did the right thing.

It will be good to have you in the new Selangor state Exco , Eli.

19. bamboo river - March 12, 2008

Get Toyo back and give him a ‘broom’ to clean up the mess.
Later award him a toilet brush to clean all the shits.

20. Adli Ehsan - March 12, 2008

Liz, Liz, Liz,…. Can you make suggestion to DSAI that all the YBs from BA be addressed as Yang Berkhidmat! I believe it is more suited.

This is important firstly to make all the YBs from BA always humble while holding the office, secondly to remind them of their actual responsibilities to the rakyat, and thirdly to distinctively differentiate the BA’s YBs from those of BN’s in the true sense of the word.

Announce this change officially to the rakyat of the FIVE states controlled by BA. Thank and prove it to the rakyat that we are serious and we want to walk the talk.

Together we build for better MALAYSIA for all MALAYSIANS.

21. Ben - March 12, 2008

I guess we now know where all the ArthurAndersen people went after AA went belly up due to the whole Enron paper shredding debacle…

22. Hoon - March 12, 2008

Leave this matter to God. He has a way to deal with those crooked fellow Malaysians and truth shall prevail.

23. NOT ONLY FILES, COMPUTERS TOO… « Wattahack? Don’t Block My View!!! - March 12, 2008
24. Jonny - March 12, 2008

yes, get IT expert to retrieve data from hardisk, no matter how, hardisk formatted, there also hav a way to get back the data, unless the hardisk were hardly damage… but I guess those non-IT expert user won’t aware of this, please do so, we need a clear sight!

25. underdo - March 12, 2008

what can u say man?
if we going 2 bring this up, surely we r bounded with the OSA (officials’ shits act) ryte?
damn it, they’re smart!

26. Fui Ling Law - March 12, 2008

Should put those shredding staff to trail…. obviously it’s all about corruption…. so sick of such government (i mean the previous one).

27. Pink Leo - March 12, 2008

*typo = trial instead of trail.. must be the fatigue that cause this…. 😦

28. AhStone - March 12, 2008

what the hell… now hantu toyol wants to take his documents back to the abyss. Pls pls punish them together with the police clowns

29. andy6000 - March 12, 2008

Luckily it’s still early that we realise someone is shredding those govement document as they like. If BN success to continue leading i guess we won know those shredding machine will work for 24 hours on the day after election(09/03/08). I hope it was a joke, but not!

30. wattahack - March 12, 2008

In regards to the post by Elizabeth Wong on “What are they trying to hide”, there were incidents in some districts offices where hardcore BN supporters warned department staffs to leave as they tried to remove computers from each department. Reason being told is its BN’s property and they do not want Oppositions to get their filthy hands on them. I presume there more to it than just the property but the contents in the computer that’s more important. What’s inside we won’t know unless some staff from those department is willing to come forth with more information about it.

31. youzi - March 12, 2008

“CSI – March 12, 2008

Can someone collect these garbage bags and try to piece them together? Would be an interesting project for students studying criminology or forensic science. Something to add to their resumes if it turns out to be something big :)”

it’s a big challenge, but i volunteer to do that. 😛

32. nick chan abdullah - March 12, 2008

elizabeth wong we love you

keep up your good work on activism and such

33. Adli Ehsan - March 12, 2008

Congratulations YB (Yang Berkhidmat)!…

Let’s now officially address YB under BA as Yang Berkhidmat!!!! Agreed?

It is now time to berkhidmat for the rakyat.

Remember Liz, all the YB’s are voted in by the rakyat and for the rakyat. Let’s help hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder to serve the rakyat, regardless of their ethnicities. Show to the world that if we hold strong to the principle of justice and goodwill, we (PKR, DAP, and PAS) can do and achieve more for prosperity, harmony, and better future for us and our kids.

34. Malaysian - March 12, 2008

Big sigh! As if we are all surprised, right?
I say let’s move on … we all Know all the crap that’s been going on.
Let’s move forward.
P/s – cut the electricity lah – see how fast they can use the scissors!

35. Gurindam Jiwa - March 12, 2008

Kind of like that Iran Contra Affair when it was about to be blown wide open.

36. Macgyver - March 12, 2008

how come they got all these pictures when the area was cordoned off from public…who are the photographer that got the chance to get inside the area and snap something irregular…beside the shredding of the files what else they are going to hide…i wonder…

37. Pak Aji - March 12, 2008

Masyaallah….gapo depa dok buat nih…dok gi musnah fail kerajaan negeri…tok leh gitu…

38. ilmuone.com » IlmuOne.com Musnah? - March 12, 2008

[…] Gambar diambil dari sumber ini.  […]

39. Ariff - March 12, 2008

Hmmm must be some uber secret UFO files they dont want the rakyat to know about. Somebody should painstakingly put those shreds together!

40. Phang Law Ling - March 12, 2008

When a senior Govt. head meets to discuss any important issue or subject, briefs are prepared for all Departmental heads. If there are 5 or six heads, 5 or 6 copies are produced. Some of these heads are in different offices, and copies are taken there.

So destruction in Khir Toyo’s office alone does not mean destruction of all of the copies produced.

In all Govt. Dept., Govt. personnel sometimes may owe allegiance to different political parties. Some may be sympathetic to PAS. It is possible for suchpersonnel to reveal what has been hidden. Of course, those who are sympathetic to PAS are kept away from sensitive issues but you cannot hide everything as the office boys and file searchers have to handle the files or carry them from bosses to bosses. They too have their own affiliations. It is difficult to hide anything if you really wantto penetrate the set-up.

Govt. Depts cannot destroy public documents unless they have cleared and obtained approval from the Department of Archives.

41. Harrison bin Hansome - March 12, 2008

Dubious tenders that might lead to corruption -the primary factor.

42. 猫子 - March 12, 2008

I second Karl’s idea, data on harddisks cannot be deleted even if formatted. There are ready tools online anywhere to extract these files.

But… let’s just focus on settling down the main issues of forming state exco, start reforming the current state administration structure (and ye might catch many rats and their cheese leftovers during the process), attending to the needs of people and… be cautious of the watchful eyes of the OPPOSITION party~

43. M’sian Blogger-Politicians Make History « Webs@Work - March 12, 2008

[…] parameters of legitimate opinion in shrill and unruly discourse. The elections are over but the drama is just beginning. The processes and structures of debate could prove far messier post-election. It remains to be […]

44. ultraman - March 12, 2008

never mind lah ! let them shred. All the dirt will show up in due course … there’s no need to go look for them. Rather, the new govt’s ADUNs should try to focus its energy on serving the rakyat with sincerity and passion from day 1 … after they’re sworn in. Don’t get side-tracked or be tempted to witch-hunt. We’ll all be fine if we stay focus on the noble tasks at hand.

45. Noname - March 12, 2008

Hi all,

Is this for real? destroying confidential documents?
I’m sure there some record management system or something. And where’s that read Sulit stamp/ Perhaps someone with knowledge in government record management could chip in here. I did learn something about record management before but cant remember already. too long ago.

Anyhow based on my experienced with the Selangor State people, no need to destroy document la. because even record meeting miinutes also to their benefits. Not really recording the actual meeting. Say all you want but will not appear in minutes.

btw, eli do you know whats holding the appointment of the Chief Minister? How long more til we get to see the new line up.


Noname, PJ Selatan

46. wculinpeh - March 13, 2008

For a start the new state govt must sell off the bungalows which cost several hundreds of thousand (? millions) ringgit to build for the comfort of each and every of the previous state excos during the toyol’s regime. The exclusive gated zone is said to be equiped with swimming pool, gymnasium, club-house, etc. Channel the revenue from their sales to some better use.

47. Kris Khaira - March 13, 2008

I don’t think it will be difficult to find volunteers among PKR’s many supporters to put those shreds together if they’re not already disposed of.

But on the other hand, the government is so corrupt they come up with something new to hide every single day and with a huge presence of DAP, PAS and PKR in government, they’re bound to be exposed sooner or later.

48. ironic_law - March 13, 2008

Yeap! we do can learn alot from CSI thanks to AXN hehehe plus yup hardisk data can be retrieved with tools for an IT expert. But too bad until now our country still does not had a legitimate CSI team to do so, so we can’t tele much the data we collected as well.

But some are so damn obvious, especially Zakaria; IGNORANT IS A BLISS, hehe thought that he gone to meet GOD we cannot do anything bout his house ehh.. Ok I do suggest for Ronnie to count his land FOOT-BY-FOOT and match it with the previous price when he bought it. If the figure dun tele then we can ASK WHY? (yeah a cheap price for a FOOT in selangor state hor, we will see about it). Then Ronnie should also check whether he paid his cukai tanah fully or not? (ohh ur father is ex MP are excluded from all cukai tanah la).

49. allamericandude - March 13, 2008

They are trying to hide incriminating evidence, it’s as simple as that, don’t expect Bush and his cronies to be testifying before an international tribunal for war crimes in the Hague though. This world is not a level playing field.

50. sam - March 13, 2008

The shredded files must have included details of projects similar to Subang Jaya’s RM6 million big birds park next to the roundabout… only with 2 extra zeros to the figure?

51. DewA_LavaU - March 13, 2008

eli can you ask Lim kit siang not to be so selfish??we rakyat has the power to make you guys down.after 3 days you guys want to create spark already ka?shame on you.

52. berubahuntukmalaysia - March 13, 2008

How can this allow to happen man? Oh my gawd! =(

53. kucheng - March 13, 2008

biasa la tu…hahahhaa


54. hepi - March 14, 2008


subang jaya? huhu..no wonder always traffic jam..always project..project..im very tired..stress..of project sana sini

55. Barisan Nasional Selangor Shredding Documents Photos « BUUUUURRRRNING HOT - March 14, 2008

[…] From Elizabeth Wong: […]

56. Lainie - March 14, 2008

if only we could make khir sit down with a tub of glue and put them back.

57. monsterball - March 14, 2008

Only a crooked and corrupted government resort to such shredding.
If we are at war..and we lost to our enemy….I can understand that.
But to transfer a governing of a State from one person to another….to see this…is as clear as crystals….UMNO have so many things to hide.
Just like Nixon…shredding all evidences….yet he did resign…for somewhere ..somehow….copies will emerge…to expose those corrupted people.
What shameful photos. Only crooks will do that.
Look at the titles of the files…nothing personal….all concerning country’s affairs.

58. monsterball - March 15, 2008

Only forensic scientists have the patience to do that….Lainie
However…I did buy an expensive figurine from Ebay…arrived.broke into hundreds of pieces.
I made up my mind.. to glue it back…..put all pieces..like zig saw puzzles…on a big table….and spent hundreds of hours..non stop…for days…glued it back. Everyone who saw it..never thought it was broken before….just some chips and cracks.
So .nothing is impossible….but that needs guys who are sharp at catching words.
Don’t be surprise…a team is assigned by oppositions.to do …just that .
Have fun.

59. tomatoinc - March 15, 2008


“let them be” WTF?

When we have the people’s power, we should storm to protect the integrity and the honour of our state! Let’s hope computer forensic experts can find the residual of these files!

60. Ming Kuok - March 15, 2008

Dear Elizabeth,

I am conducting a research on blogging and democracy and would like to talk more about it with you. However, I can’t seem to find your direct email here.
Please contact me at nearest convenience.
Thank you very much
Ming Kuok

61. Kean - March 15, 2008

To all DAP candidate who had won in the last general election in Selangor, STOP FIGHTING for the Deputy Menteri Besar post! We voted you guys to work, NOT TO FIGHT for that position!!! Read RPK site on this :


Teng Chang Khim not only refuse to a wear songkok to meet the Sultan of Selangor, he even organized demonstrations in the last couple of days to pressure his own party into proposing his name for Deputy Menteri Besar. WHO THE HELL HE THINK HE IS!!! Ask him, is he the boss or we, THE RAKYAT? Only less then 1 week and you guys have shown us your true color??

Is wearing a songkok will make you a Muslim? God damn it stop playing that kind of stuff and get down to work! The longer you guys drag the sworn ceremonial, the more chances Khir Toyo’s guys get to destroy even more documents. Do you want to see that happen??!! Now SMACK all those power hunger asshole and tell them their boss, THE RAKYAT is watching. Behave or get ready to be kick out of office. Yellow card to DAP!

62. Buddah - March 16, 2008

kps drop from 3.90 to 1.20 lowest. now 1.60, approx. 800 mil capital written off from book. How many Dato, Tan Sri lost in the speculative water tender to be -already reqrded?

63. monsterball - March 16, 2008

Elizabeth has no time to shit….where got time to email you….Ming Kuok.
Furthermore ..she is a Parliamentarian now…do you know what that is?
So put out all you want t to talk….right here….and maybe….she will respond.
Chances is…NIL!!
Every little leisure hours are precious for her to be her family.

64. monsterball - March 16, 2008

And Ming Kuok…I am not her spokesman.
I am using my commonsense.
If you are King of China..maybe she got little time for you……hahahahahaha

65. suealeen - March 16, 2008

Kean… kindly surf on http://tengchangkhim.blogspot.com/ to know the truth… tq

66. yapchongyee - March 18, 2008

The Malaysian Constitution in its original form was a document that delivered to the People justice according to law; but after the “513” riots, UMNO had progressively undermined the justice elements of the Constitution to finally make nonsense of the Constitution. The Malaysian Constitution today is nothing short a joke and is the laughing stock of the world community. The final product of all the amendments that have been made to meet the political whims of Tun Mahatir is a document that is meaningless; of all the craziness that went to amend the Constitution are those that GAVE ABSOLUTE POWER TO THE JUDICIARY TO DO & ACT ILLEGALLY AND OUTSIDE THE LAW AS AND WHEN IT PLEASES THEM TO DO SO. Malaysia today is lawless because High Court judges themselves commit criminal offences while performing their duties on the bench because they are not required to be accountable and in their IGNORANCE OF THE LAW they commit breaches of the Penal Code and still are not held accountable. If the laws of the nation is not held sacrosanct as it is not held sacrosanct in Malaysia, then there is no need for the very existence of Parliament, because Judges in Malaysia make their own laws by not strictly enforcing the law. Judges depart from provisions of the law and do as they pleased. What jurisprudence in all the civilized world can make sense of the over-riding of the Malaysian Constitution by the Sharia laws, because the Constitution IS THE MOTHER OF ALL LAWS and the Sharia must come under the Constitution not the other way around; this proposition is so basic that any 1st year law student must know, and yet the Highest Court of Malaysia went on to over ride the Malaysian Constitution by the Sharia.

The sorry state of Malaysian politics has come about because the leaders of MCA & MIC were co-conspirators to the leaders UMNO to commit PLUNDER on the nation’s wealth and resources. Without exception the leaders of UMNO<MIC & MCA all became rich; just handful of super rich and all the others of Malays, Indians and Chinese are no better off than when Malaysia first got independence. The real problem why the Malays have not progressed as far and as fast is because of the myth of the NEP. This New Economic Policy was crafted to weave the illusion that all the benefits of Malay special privileges went to the Malays while the Chinese & Indians do not get to participate in the national largess. The IRONY of propaganda that has been touted by the Barisan National to all Malaysians is that the more that it is said that all the benefits of special privileges goes to the Malays the more the Malay people supports the UMNO; when in truth all the benefits of Special Malay Privileges went to a handful of UMNO leaders and their children, in short to the UMNO elites. I believe that this exclusive group make up of about 5,000 families or at most 6,000 families. The point that I want to emphasize is the UMNO spin that all the special privileges went to the Malays, when in fact that has always been a lie, because ONLY THOSE WHO HAVE PERSONAL CONTACTS WITH UMNO ELITES HAVE ACCESS TO THE GOODIES and the ordinary Malays who may be very qualified will miss out just because they have no one to PULL STRINGS. The creation of this UMNO clique restrict the selection of suitable candidates to only a very narrow and small base and therefore THE BEST & BRIGHTEST OF THE MALAYS ARE NOT GIVEN CHANCES. This process runs through to the whole of everything.

I can speak for the Chinese, when I say that we Chinese do not object to giving special privileges to the Malays, but what is not agreeable to us is that the GOODIES ARE NOT GIVEN OUT TO gain the best returns; instead of culling for the best & brightest from 24 million Malay rakyat, the UMNO dominated system find the required number of candidates from only 5,000 families, therefore how can that be the best & brightest ?

From my perspective, if the Malaysian Constitution were brought back to its original form as when it was originally framed, Malaysia will progress much faster and we in Malaysia will eventually catch up to Singapore instead of looking with envy across the Johore Straits because we in Malaysia do not have a viable and equitable model to develop our nation. We in Malaysia have natural resources while Singapore has only rocks, so why are we still behind in our development ? We had the NEP for the last 40 Years and we have not made any meaningful progress, so why do we not try out something new. If People’s Republic of China can rise in world ranking from 132 to No 2 in just a matter of 20 years, what cannot Malaysia do if we had a model that works instead on that is 40 years old and it does not work !

UMNO cannot be salvaged because UMNO is built on an ethos of HATE, it finds support from the Malays by spreading the myth of the Chinese having it all and the Malays are robbed by the Chinese; this is not true but to the Malays it is comforting to know that it is not their inaptitude or their incompetence that is to blame but it is the Chinese that has deprived them of what is theirs. If the truth be told, the Chinese are the ones who keep the economy afloat, of course the Malays will not admit although they know in their own mind that this is so. Who are the people who handle the trade in Malaysia and who are the entrepreneurs in Malaysia if not for the Chinese. We have not been the recipients of any government hand outs for 50 years and we will not need any in the future either. I really think it is good counsel for the Malays not to loose the Chinese component of Malaysia too quickly or as the saying goes, “you may regret getting what you hope for”.

I had earlier written an opinion that for the well being of Malaysia it is not merely enough that UMNO be toppled, BUT UMNO MUST BE DESTROYED and a new and totally Malaysian Malaysia be put in the place of UMNO. I have always advocated that Dato Seri Anwar is the right leader and this point in Malaysian history, because he has the wisdom to state publicly tat the NEP must be scraped and in its place a model that is Dato Seri Anwar’s be put in place. Malaysia has so far only known race based politics and that model is UMNO and it is divisive and from this election the people have rejected it as nt workable. I had also advocated that with the success of the coalition of PAS, DAP and PKR a two party system will emerge, but since the tremendous success of this coalition, my sights have broadened. I believe that it is time for the MCA and the MIC and the PAS and the DAP to merge with PKR to form a non-race based party and that will mean that all these coalition components become as one as eg. Become PKR; remember only a Malay under the Malaysian Constitution can be Prime Minister. However this can only happen in a distant future because PAS will not easily give up their individuality, they may loose support if they did. My suggestion is for a future when our people are more sophisticated.

However, The relevance of MCA and MIC have lost their meaning and there is nothing for MCA to stick around UMNO except to lick UMNO arses. I believe that is not this one the next UMNO will loose government. In its present form MCA cannot represent the Chinese in any meaningful way. Having said that may I tout the idea that all MCA members of Parliament of this election CROSS THE FLOOR OF PARLIAMENT AND JOING IN UNITED FRONT WITH KEADILAN TO FORM GOVERNMENT. MCA must not compound their 50 years of licking the feet of UMNO. Stand up on your “hiny” and bid UMNO farewell. Chinese interests is best served by PKR.

67. sulaiman m ibrahim - March 20, 2008

do not expect much about a reform of the judiciary especially when according to pak lah zaid ibrahim is appointed to look into it. Recall during the judicial crisis when mahathir was removing Salleh Abbas, zaid as president of the ‘muslim lawyers’ association gave support to drm
for the dirty job. However drM does not need zaid to support him in the dirty work. He entirely ignored zaid’s call. Now 20 years later zaid is to appear as a savior of the judiciary- a big job for a guy who act as a chameleon….


68. yapchongyee - March 25, 2008

5a Prinsep Road,
Attadale, WA6156
Email : ychongyee@yahoo.com
Blogg. :http://yap.chongyee.blogspot.com



I have been trying over a period 2 years to publicise the abuse of power by Court of Appeal Judge Dato Zainon binti Mohd. Ali. She adjudicated my wife’s case Re : Originating Petition No. D2-26-41 OF 2001 ; Lim Choi Yin v. McLaren Saksama (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd

I graduated in law from the University of Singapore in 1967 and practised at the Malaysian Bar from 1968 to 1978 when I emigrated to Australia. Therefore, I do have a professional knowledge of the law of Malaysia.

In 2001 my wife took out a petition in the KL High Court and the said petition was adjudicated by Judge Dato Zainon binti Mohd. Ali. She abused her power as the presiding judge and acted to AID & ABET THE THREE respondents Stephen Lim Cheng Ban, Wong Kem Chen and Kwong Sea yoon. The respondents perjured in their supporting affidavits applying for security for costs and Stephen Lim in a subsequent and 2nd APLICATION FOR STRIKING OUT SAID PETITION supported his application for striking out with documents that were clearly forged but Judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali unjustly forbid & refused my wife’s application for leave to cross examine the respondents both for PERJURY & FORGERY on their supporting affidavits; in spite of my wife’s affidavits charging respondents for the said criminal offences and she supported her supporting affidavits with COPIES OF 3 POLICE reports charging respondents with perjury & forgery

Please take particular notice that the security for costs was enforced by respondents and my wife paid to respondents ringgit 60,000 in accordance with terms of court Order; and after payment of said security for costs; judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali went on to approve the respondents 2nd application for striking out of petition WITHOUT EVEN AN ORDER TO SET ASIDE THE ORDER FOR SECURITY FOR COSTS. For the purpose of this letter only because I intend to publish this letter on the internet I will charge Judge Dato Zainon binti Mohd. Ali for having committed the OFFENCE OF MALFEASANCE Judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali is deemed to have committed the offence of Malfeasance because she refused to give leave to my wife to cross examine the respondents Stephen Lim Cheng Ban for fabricating false evidence, perjury, in the case of Wong Kem Chen and Kwong Sea Yoon for perjury. She also is deemed to have committed Malfeasance when as refused to set down said petition for hearing AFTER MY WIFE HAD PAID RINGGIT 60,000 TOWARDS ENFORCING ORDER FOR SECURITY FOR COSTS. Please take note that the offence of Malfeasance is committed by the act of omission and in this case, the most obvious case is that of her refusal to set the petition for hearing AFTER SECURITY FOR COSTS IS PAID.
I have openly stated that Judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali is because the EVIDENCE THAT WILL CONVICT HER FOR THE OFFENCE ALREADY EXIST IN THE COURT FILES OF SAID PETITION’ namely, the 2 conflicting court orders for security for costs and order for striking out said petition existing together and without any order for setting aside of the 1st order for security for costs. I have done this so that it will be a defence for anyone who will publish this letter that he is stating the truth.


I read in Mr Din Merican’s posts that your excellency had written a book that touted the need for judicial independence (although I have not read your book), and I am publishing this letter on the internet. You have been appointed by PM to restore the DIGNITY AND PROFESSIONLISM AND ETHICS OF THE MALAYSIAN JUDICIARY. From my perspective there is no need to reform anything because the laws of Malaysia is sufficiently adequate to be the basis of a just and law abiding society, BUT WHAT IS NEEDED IS RESPECT OF THE LAW BY HIGH COURT JUDGES AND THE MANDATORY ACCOUNTABILITY TO ENFORCE THE LAW AS IS. In this sense Judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali must face criminal prosecution for malfeasance for the moment and others later.

I need to quote 2 passages from a posts in Mr Din Merican’s blogg. ;

(1)The final test is whether our judges are legal experts. An independent judiciary would be meaningless if judges were incompetent in applying the law. For the judiciary to inspire public confidence, its membership must reflect excellence. Lawyers who are deemed distinguished legal specialists by their peers and the Bench would then feel honoured to have been selected.

To recite all my charges made against Judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali is much too long because I have made too many posts on my own blogg at http://yap.chongyee.blogspot.com; suffice to say that judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali’s knowledge of the law is ZERO,! ZILGE ! For all my charges that are posted on my blogg relating to the total INCOMPETENCE AND ABSENSE OF LEGAL LEARNING OF JUDGE ZAINON BINTI MOHD. ALI I WILL HAVE NO PROBLEM TO DEFEND MYSELF BASED ON THE DEFENSE OF TRUTH.

YAB TAN SERI Zaid Ibrahim, you will have no problem if you are truthful and sincere to want to reform the Malaysian Judiciary because the laws the ENFORCE JUDICIAL INTERGRITY & PROFESSIONALISM IS ALREADY IN PLACE, ONLY THE WILL OF THE BN GOVERNMENT TO ENFORCE IT REMAINS.

(2) The second point that I want to make is : Last and definitely not the least is “integrity” and he went on to describe what I believe is lacking in our judiciary: integrity to Viscount Kilmuir, extends beyond not taking bribes but includes more subtle “integrity of the intellect” which means never advancing a dishonest argument,or shirking awkward facts just because they raise difficult problems.This 2nd point is self explaining and need no commentry.
This letter will be sent to YB Datin Seri Dr. Wan Azizah, leader of the opposition and YB Miss Fong Po Kuan MP for Batu Gajah.
Sincerely, yapchongyee
All Copies will be faxed except for those with their own blogg and this letter will be posted there.
Copy : The Attorney General, Malaysia, Chief Judge Malaya, President & Secretary Bar Council of Malaysia, to all legal practitioners randomly.

69. jirun - April 2, 2008

hate this sort of ppl

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