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KeADILan’s Malaysian Economic Agenda (MEA) March 16, 2008

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Let there be no confusion about this.

KeADILan Media Statement (English)
15th March 2008


Parti Keadilan Rakyat (People’s Justice Party) has a clear and firm stand on the New Economic Policy (NEP). As explained by the Ketua Umum of the Party, Anwar Ibrahim in his 20-page article as well as through his many public pronouncements and ceramah, and further reaffirmed in several Party documents, including the Election Manifesto, we intend to replace the NEP with the Malaysian Economic Agenda.

The NEP, after nearly 40 years is already anachronistic. It has been abused by a handful leaders and cronies in Umno-Bn to rob the country of its wealth to enrich themselves, in the name of the Malays as a whole. It has led to discriminatory practices that are against the spirit of justice and fairness for all Malaysians, particularly the poor, marginalised and disadvantaged groups of all races.

The Malaysian Economic Agenda aspires to:

(a) institute and implement fair, just and equitable redistribution of the wealth in the country;

(b) fight against and finally abolish the evil practices of corruption, cronyism and nepotism and ensure the award of contracts and projects are done in open and transparent manner;

(c) continue the policy of positive discrimination in favour of poor dan deprived Bumiputera while at the same time giving equal opportunities to poor and deprived non-Bumpiputera on the basis of need and not racial greed;

(d) utilise the wealthy resources of the country to provide better social facilities – especially education, health and housing – for the poor, irrespective of ethnic backgrounds; and

(e) generate pro-people development and strengthen the competitive capacity of Malaysia so that she can stand tall with all developed countries, starting with those in Asia.

Those leaders of Umno-Bn and the media they own that accuse Parti Keadilan Rakyat as having no stand on the NEP and on other ways of improving the lot of the poor, marginalized and disadvantaged Malays are deliberately indulging in lies to mislead the public. We wish to emphasise that a policy of positive discrimination in favour of all Malaysians who are poor, marginalized and disadvantaged will benefit the Malay rakyat more, because they form the big majority of this category of people.

Dr. Syed Husin Ali
Deputy President
Parti KeADILan Rakyat



1. cuddlyfamily - March 16, 2008

Holy Malaysia, Batman! 🙂 Let’s hope that this is done slowly, it takes time to change but it would be good if this happened. 🙂

2. farmer0004 - March 16, 2008

I totally agree with the new system, so calleed the MEA to replace the NEP. The NEP for one we know has not achieved much of its target after 40 years or so. We have to be dynamic, review NEP and suggest and think about new ways as it is now 21st century, in tandem with the current global developments, and not depend too much on the ot so successful NEP. NEP is somewhat oppressive to non bumiputras, and those who benefits were the top leaders

3. Lai Wing Fatt - March 16, 2008


The MEA is a step in the right direction. It remains to be seen if there’s sufficient political will by the ruling party to incorporate some of it’s elements, if not adopt it in full through a conscientious and impartial review by an all Wakil Rakyats.

Attendance in Parliament & State Assemblies

This response may not directly reflect on the above subject but hope it can be accepted for consideration. It may be good if we can be provided with an analysis of the attendance record of all MP & ADUNs for the last 5 years. A lot has been said that certain ministers personally attend and answer questions directed to his/her ministries while many others just leave them to be replied by their assistants. It is the duty of MPs & ADUNs to attend such meetings and provide their views on behalf of the rakyat. Except for the case of the DAP rep in Selangor and Perak, who were suspended for speaking out, an analysis would bring out the best and the worst in the attendance of our reps in Parliament & State Assemblies.

I’m a new subscriber to Malaysiakini and relish the news being conveyed which are normally left out in the mainstream news media.


4. peisheah - March 16, 2008

Yes, we do understand the change of name to Malaysian Economic Agenda. However, we hope to see what will be done differently from NEP. I’ve been both victim of unjust NEP policy as well as beneficiary of unjust NEP policy. Therefore, please come out with concrete policies for all to see.

5. terang bulan - March 16, 2008

Basically there is not much difference between the NEP and NEA if we let affirmation measures be for the POOR and NEEDY OF ALL RACES instead of for the Malays (and bumis) only as in the NEP. And of course the archilles heel of the NEP was that it was hijacked by the UMNO elites to create coterie of cronies and other hangers on.

In the light of the above, I think most Malays will agree that it is time for us to phase out the NEP as what the new PKR/DAP/PAS coalition govt in Selangor and DAP/PKR coalition govt in Penang plan to do.

UMNO of course would be badly hit by this move, and not having rational counter arguments to defend NEP, beat the racial gong with the mainstream papers giving wide publicity to their Penang leaders chanting that the end of the NEP would be the end of Ketuanan Melayu and the Malay race, blah, blah, blah…..In other countries these UMNO racists would have been arrested, thrown into jail and later to be charged with sedition, but apparently in bolehland, they are allowed to roam free to further incite the Malays to force the DAP/PKR/PAS coalition not to remove the NEP..or face the threat of another May 13.

I say it is high time the PKRM/DAP/PAS coalition which has the support of all races stand up firmly to these bullies and make it clear that they should not push their weight around.

This is 2008 and the 21st century and the country certainly has no place for dinosaur racist politics of UMNO/BN. The people have spoken through the 2008 GE.

6. OnTheFence - March 16, 2008

Hi Eli,
Is this PKR stand alone ?
What abt DAP & PAS.
Sorry, when I think of PKR I always link the other 2 together.
So unless all 3 agrees I am still …

7. A Malaysian in Minnesota - March 16, 2008

“continue the policy of positive discrimination in favour of poor dan deprived Bumiputera while at the same time giving equal opportunities to poor and deprived non-Bumpiputera on the basis of need and not racial greed”

first, we need to know what “positive discrimination” mean to keADILan, given that different types of the concept being implemented throughout the world.

8. Malay Women in Malaysia - March 16, 2008

Welcome back Liz…

You have been missing far too long. 🙂

NEP or MEA, it doesn’t really matter to many poor Malaysians. What our oppositions should prove is that their new MEA will really benefit our poor and needy Malaysians. That’s what they want to see now.

9. Noor Aza Othman - March 16, 2008

Elizabeth, brilliant clear-cut criticism of NEP. That’s what the rakyat and especially the brainwashed Malays (I was one of them previously – despite of my high education; that’s how damaging the propaganda is) need. Under the much needed Malaysian Economic Agenda, everyone who are oppressed and marginalized will benefit, regardless of race and religion. Time to move forward with brave DAP and KeADILan into a new progressive, just and truly democratic Malaysia! So, please, on behalf of all rakyat, stand firm on this conviction and policies and not to backtrack when threatened by the Umno goons!

10. Puvaness - March 16, 2008

There has a mistake in bahasa for ‘and’ written ‘dan’ in MEA agenda bullet (c): kindly check, thanks
Overall agenda from MEA is far more better then NEP which chooses cronyism & nepotism that already wrack all Malaysian souls since it’s introduction in 1974. I believe if the above written is followed preciselly with a system introduction to check it’s function are working periodically, could bring an uplift effect to all community level of people. The main task in delivering this MEA to all Malaysian would be a tough one if the current Main Stream Media own by a byass ppl.

11. Danny Lim - March 16, 2008

Firstly, congrats! on the great performances in the election.

Agree with PKR that ALL poor, regardless of race or religion, that need help must be helped accordingly. Poverty, hardship and suffering do not discriminate and know no barrier, color or creed, so why should the nation’s leaders discriminate.

Also, it is very important to help them to ultimately be able to stand on their own two feet, berdirikari, and break this “dependency syndrome”.

12. Fatin - March 16, 2008

Hi, as a Chinese Malaysian, while I have no objection to any of the new policy, why the National Development Policy (Dasar Pembangunan Nasional) is not relevant nowadays? Why are we replacing DEB with a new policy while DEB actually has been replaced by DPN nearly 2 decades ago? Rakyat, like me, really need some explanation… Thank you.

13. themix - March 16, 2008

Please diseminate this MEA as soon as possible. Very motivating for the Rakyat. I hope DAP and PAS do the same by distributing their manifesto as soon possible for the Rakyat before some of us get confuse, particularly those non IT savvy! Anyway, Bravo to PKR! Will join you soon as it indeed represent the voice of Rakyat. I have always wonder where the Rakyat like me, a mix parentage and in mix marriage can go, now I am in deed in joyous mood to celebrate for the future of children. Thanks, PKR!

14. Malaysian Economic Agenda « Menstuff - March 16, 2008

[…] by ghostpipe73 on March 16, 2008 Check out this post by Elizabeth Wong.  Worth your 5 minutes if you’re Malaysian and you’ve just gotten over the shock of […]

15. anvik16 - March 16, 2008

scrapping the NEP and replacing it with fair and just, economics agenda that will benefit and improve the quality of life for all Malaysian irrespective of race.Present and future leaders of Malaysia should not indulge in cronyism and nepotism BUT improve the stand of living and health for all races.There by bringing a true identity of a malaysian. sarjit singh

16. Ee - March 16, 2008

With the introduction of MEA and effective implementation of its policies which benefits all malaysian especially the lower income “kawan-kawan melayu”, i believe in a few years time, our “government in waiting” (coalition of PKR-PAS-DAP) wouldn’t have any problem taking over the role as federal governor of Malaysia.
However, the coalition leaders must bear in mind the reasons behind BN ‘s failure in the recent concluded GE. (transparency/corruption/double standard in Pak Lah’s administration(regarding KJ’s disrespectful statements & hishamuddin’s seditious statement).etc. Learn from BN’s mistake. About MEA, periodical assessment should be carried out to ensure it benefits the “rakyat” instead the elites. Personally i reckon that the success of MEA is vital for the coalition government to gain the heart of “rakyat” and it will be the main element to succumb BN because it provide “something” that seems impossible for BN to offer.

17. cyberlift - March 16, 2008

I have no objection to the new govt. helping the poor Malays but not to enrich the UMNO putra & puteri who are getting fatter.The Penang former MB Dr Koh has set a good example to his BN party.Unlike the UMNO has set a bad example by the way they protested. The Bn party has ban protesting in public but the Penang UMNO is the one goin wild revealing the true colour.
Dr Koh,Your party has lost the election because of BN. I want you to know that we have great respect for u. You are truthly a gentleman.

The poor Malays should be help.In fact I ve met a quite a number of Malays who are hardworking. I was shock when I was told that they can’t get any loans from the govt. Despict they have applied for it a number of times.I am talking about those who are educated ones.I was having an impression that they can get a soft loan for their small business.

Mind you my Malay friends, I ve been visiting a blind Malay Pak Cik
who plays music & sang in Section 14. I would put in some money in his box. I don’t see why was he left out.He is nice feallow.He did smile when I asked him why he don’t get help .I guess he doesn’t wants to condemn the govt.In fact I ve given business to some Malays suppliers.I ve personally help my Malay staffs.

You see @ least the PM has approved the projects in Penang. Syabas to Pak Lah.@ least more gentleman than the UMNO in Penang.

18. zorro - March 16, 2008

Eli, congratulations and more power to you. Sock it to ’em.

19. Foo - March 16, 2008

Now that BN has been shamed, the next step is have an alternative to the hated NEP. You now have one, the Malaysian Economic Agenda – this is the best what you can possibly hope for. It is a credible platform to stand on in nation building & ultimately creating the elusive Bangsa Malaysia. The PKR nearest to a truly multi-racial party, is still the best bet to lead the charge.

Anwar Ibrahim is the first to propose a clear written down manifesto, the MEA which everyone can refer to. Stop refering to the NEP which is a BN created shambles too profitable for the UMNO orang utans to scrap. But you guys can scrap it.

Promote the MEA.

20. rajiv - March 16, 2008

(c) continue the policy of positive discrimination in favour of poor dan deprived Bumiputera while at the same time giving equal opportunities to poor and deprived non-Bumpiputera on the basis of need and not racial greed;


if you give equal opportunity, there goes the positive descrimintatino, right?

21. oA - March 17, 2008


It is also perhaps a good time for people to purge themselves of 40 years of “indoctrination craps” forced upon them by unmo.

Please do return those craps to unmo for their safe keeping and do so in utmost kind respect.


22. TW - March 17, 2008

MEA is the future of the country. Period.

23. wisdomabove - March 17, 2008

To, YB Elizabeth Wong

Why PKR,DAP,PAS & West Malaysians are still dreaming ?

….Lost focus ?

Why MCA, Gerakan, MIC, PPP, PBB,PRS still hiding the ‘Truth’ ?

Look like Sabahans know what is the ” Truth”.

> Someone from Sabah talk sense….. Repeat for reference only.

1)…Sabah Progressive Party president Datuk Yong Teck Lee said he was puzzled why the NEP was still an issue when it had been replaced by the

>’National Development Policy’(NDP)…

> TUN DR M launched the “NDP” which year ? I forgot the year ,do you remember ?

2)…“so called cancellation of the NEP” was completely redundant because it no longer existed and it was equally disappointing that Penang Umno was still harping on a non-existent policy.

3)…no wonder that some politicians both from ruling and opposition have lost focus on which policy to talk about,”

Bravo, Sabahans dare to speak out.

Syabas. Barisan Rakyat.

24. Lim - March 17, 2008

Sorry it is my rirst time here. testing to post message on this blog.

25. Rizal - March 17, 2008

Hi, sorry to be off-topic. I just don’t know any other channel: it would be much appreciated if you could get someone to repair the road that links Tropicana to the Sprint Highway. The potholes are at a particularly dangerous corner – something bad could happen.

EW: Yes, we’ll be bring this up with MBPJ as one of the priority issues.

26. Damocles - March 17, 2008

I think that there should be coordination between DAP, Keadilan and PAS on such matters so that they can have a common approach instead of each going off in a different direction.
Other policies should also be similarly dealt with. This will give a cohesive picture to the public of what is going on in the Barisan Rakyat.

27. monsterball - March 17, 2008

Simple…once the new policy is successful…UMNO will be exposed for massive coruptions..by so many…for all to Malays to finally realsized..what is UMNO.
They will also clse shop in next election.
So they are fighting tooth and nail…..against new proposal.
Anyone reading the above new proposal……should and will support it….starting from UMNO.
No beggars in Thailand and Indonesia. Religions forbids begging…yet so many muslims and chinese are begging. Some beg dressing as monks..and blind..muslims are there selling stuffs worth RM1 for RM5. This shows clearly..UMNO is not ble to hep the poor or needy in becoming dignified Malaysians….as they themselves are thick skinned crooks…with twisted tongues.
UMNO is actually a sick party…..drunk with ill gotten money…happy to show off …applying double standards.so clear….and worst of all..they really think they can do as they like…as they own the country…..not elected by us…to serve us sincerely.

28. monsterball - March 17, 2008

Did I hear Kedah new government….went to office..and found..not one piece of document..or file to work?
Is this true?
And we saw photos….UMNO workers shredding government documents in Selangor.
What more proofs do we need?
Shredding is done…in war time….loosing to an enemy.
But this is transferring power to fellow Malaysians. Can one imagine being employed to replace old manager…..and go to the office….seeing all files missing …or documents being shredded??
This is seriously against the law…but they don’t care…as better to be against the law…..fight in out in court…..then be caught with written roofs…corruptions are plentiful….and be completed voted out in next election.
Their actions.are so clear…that UMNO is completely killed off by Mahathir and Pak Lah…as these 28 years….all are corrupted..all are filthy rich…….they close two eyes……so many .. high profile police inspectors are also filthy rich.
Crooks act so humble. Don’t let that fool you!!
Some judges became rich with ….listening to corrupt govt….how to conclude corruptions cases….always not enough of evidences.even high degrees of evidences were there..not enough..case close…corrupt person goes free.. Eric Chia’s case is a good example.
Lets see how they deal with Lingam and Eusoff Chin.
The list is so long.

29. www.smasra.com - March 17, 2008

nice post Liza hope i can get more about this from you ..

keep your nice posts and hope it be number 1 blog

30. mahagraha - March 18, 2008

But you have to convince the rural folks that MEA is better than NEP. How would you do that?

If you can do that, for sure you will win their hearts, and this is very useful for the next GE!

31. Ruhayat - March 22, 2008

So many myths about the NEP being regurgitated here as facts (“NEP unjust because it is only from the Malays”, “only the Malays have benefitted from the NEP”, “the Malays are the ones who have benefitted the most from the NEP”, “downfall of the NEP is all the Government’s fault”, ad nauseum).

Coupled with ludicruous premises (“NEP is corrupt and open to abuse, MEA will never be…”, as if any system is not going to be open to systemic abuse).

If this is what we can expect from the allegedly better educated and intellectually superior portion of Malaysian society, then my God, what foul sins did our ancestors commit to be cursed so horribly.

32. Simon Yee - March 24, 2008

Hi for every supplier to any govt project it have and has been extra money to the person who supply the equipment but the problem is that they will over mark up the price to the govt.

What does the dealer have to make money

Answer : — 0

With the corrupt character living in Bandar Sri Damansara Who needs to have equal money and make equal money.

As far as these fellows are concern they only want to pocket the money themselves no wonder the Govt coffers are getting cleaned out !

NEP only benefit the M people and M people are getting very corrupted.

I rather have ICAC here to clean them out.

33. JenniferLoo - March 25, 2008

My brothers and sisters,

The time has come for us to show the UMNOputras another lesson. The first lesson that we taught them during the PRU12 did not seem to penetrate through their thick skulls. Therefore, let us hurt them where they are most vulnerable: money.

Since the UMNO ass lickers love to boycott and “show solidarity”, let us give them a taste of their medicine by boycotting all UMNO and crony owned businesses. Let us drive a stake through their hearts and hopefully come PRU13 they will cease to be relevant. Let us bring down the UMNO owned corrupted companies started under the false pretenses of the NEP.

I am now compiling a list of companies owned by the UMNOputras and their cronies. If you have information or knowledge of any companies owned by these corrupted people, please do not hesitate to email me at barisanr@yahoo.com.

Soon, I will publish a list of UMNOputra related companies for action (boycott) to be taken against them. Jom boikot!

Hidup Barisan Rakyat!

34. sam - April 5, 2008

When can the state Ombudsman be appointed?

Selangor must set the example for all states to follow.

Transparency and accountability – correct, correct, correct.

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