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On charging non-Muslims caught khalwat-ing with Muslims April 4, 2008

Posted by elizabethwong in Huh?!, Human Rights, Islam in Southeast Asia, Malaysia, Politics, Race Relations.
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The above is another gem of a proposal from the Institute for Islamic Understanding (an oxymoron?) and the Syariah Judiciary Department of Malaysia.

Syariah Court of Appeal Judge Datuk Mohd Asri Abdullah even had to cheek to say that these non-Muslims should be charged in CIVIL courts.

The most dispassionate response to all this nonsense is:- It is plainly unConstitutional.

Pls go back and reread the Federal Constitution, Datuk.



1. wattahack - April 4, 2008

so muslim men should never be with a non-muslim fren or co-worker in room. better to teach all muslim to stay away from non-muslim as it can create havoc and national disorder. maybe all places should have zones to divide muslims from non-muslims. better still remove all non-muslims and place them in langkawi, labuan, penang or designate sarawak & sabah to belong to non-muslims only. muslims can live in peace ever after in west malaysia.

2. tzarina - April 4, 2008

WTF. This shows how “intellectual” the Malaysian syariah judges are. If they can’t even understand the constitution, how the hell can this people practice law?

The Syariah judges and wanna-be-Syariah judges from the civil court have a nasty habit of trying to impose their laws upon non-Muslims. Body snatching cases and conversion of underage children in divorce cases involving new converts are just a few examples. The root cause of the problem is that Syariah courts are given “equal importance” as civil courts now. How can a country have two equal, but drastically different courts and laws?

Hello…anybody there?? Knock knock…*echo*:”knock knock”

3. el - April 4, 2008

to me, such move is taken just to stir the relationship between pas and dap…

in their mind, pas will agree, dap will not, then… hahah… you know what they want to happen…

4. Choo Keang Wooi - April 4, 2008

Totally unconstitutional.

5. malayamuda - April 4, 2008

Non Muslims cannot trample on Muslim rights and question the Muslim religion but Muslims can walk all over non muslims

one rule for them and one rule for others, what double standards.

whats MCA, MIC, Gerakan and PPP stand on this ? The so called champions of Non Malay rights in the Government !! Are they going to discuss this behind closed doors and in the BN ” spirit ” ?

6. CJFOO - April 4, 2008

Calling MCA, MIC and Gerakan. What are your thought on this? Dare to speak out and confront your big brother UMNO in the open or rather to discuss behind close door again? Everyone is waiting for you to ” SPEAK OUT WHEN YOU NEED TO SPEAK OUT ” in the open.

What a freak! What is becoming of this country?

For non -muslim Malaysian, please behave and dont be caught with your pants down.

7. eckl - April 4, 2008

while i agree that we do not want a police state nor need the government to criminalize sexual lifestyle, it is my opinion that the fundamental issue lies in the deterioation of moral values and increase in sexual promiscuity irrespective of religion or faith, which no one (least of all the government) seems to want to address.

8. shag - April 4, 2008

Can la. Parliament just have to amend the criminal code to make close proximity a criminal offence.

9. Margeemar - April 4, 2008

The Penang Acting Police Chief says that CM Lim Guan Eng may be called up for questioning regarding his statement on the NEP. Correct me if I’m wrong, didn’t Bernama issue an apology to LGE for misquoting what LGE said about NEP? Then why is the Police pursuing this matter. They should instead throw the book at Utusan Malaysia and TV3 for spreading malicious news.

I find it strange that this is the first time a duly elected CM is probably going to be questioned by the Police. This will never be the case if a BN chap is the CM. You know what I’m praying for to happen? By some Divine intervention, Pakatan Rakyat comes to power and Bukit Aman is turned upside down and have all the scum flushed out for the people to see the true face of the Polis DiRaja Malaysia. I want people like Musa Hassan, his predecessor’s and the entire rank and file of PDRM, past and present to be thoroughly investigated. Whoever is found guilty of unethical and unprofessional conduct must be severely punished!

If the Police want to do something positive, it should start by initiating criminal proceedings against the Syariah Court Judge who has the audacity to recommend that non-muslims be charged in the Syariah Court if they are found to have committed ‘Khalwat’ (close proximity) with a muslim. To me, this recommendation is utterly irresponsible and seditious. Such statements if left unchecked, may create instability in the country. The Police must do their job and put this Little Mullah in his place.

Somehow I feel this Little Mullah made his recommendation to drive a wedge into Pakatan Rakyat especially between DAP and PAS. I smell an UMNO rat here.

10. Samuel Goh Kim Eng - April 4, 2008

Let’s watch out for our basic rights and their erosion
On top of which may be newly added measures of corrosion
Making all wonder if there’ll be more serious collision
When there are attempts to be guardians of moral collusion

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 040408
Fri. 4th April 2008.

11. malaysiankini - April 4, 2008

Just remember MALAYSIA, Malays…. chinese and indian, you either can stay here peacefully or back to your “rich” country, blame it on your achestors, ask forgiveness.

12. Discrimination69 - April 4, 2008


Just shows that these are some of the little Napoleons thats administewring the country,,and they are UMNO appointed. All this while they are trying to include non muslims to come under Syariah courts so they control more people and can hold bigger positions and higher salaries justified ( project mindset ). Muslims alone cannot get 50% mandate as GE 12 shows. Now there is a competition to built most expensive mosques, all for sake of PROJECT< PROJECT< PROJECT or really religious needs?

Malays and Muslims please open your eyes what your brethren is doing unto you all. Non Muslims can pack and go. Where can you go to?

Mr. Zaid should look at the corruption in the Syariah courts and how such incompetent people are appointed. Look at the Mercedes Benz the Ustaz are using. Are they really religious or materialistic. How the Napoleons can be bribed if you are caught with your pants down. How to implement Malaysia my second home with raids by these Napoleons.

No wonder the world is wary of ISLAM, from Wilders to us. We need another Wilders or Van Gogh to show what Syariah laws are all about………..

There should be discrimination laws in Malaysia. No dicscrminition against religion, race, gender and politions can be imprisoned if they use religion and race. Then BN becomes bankrupt surely…….. need rebranding like MIC, how to repackage Samy Vellu???

13. sulastree - April 4, 2008

as a muslim Ts (transsexual) as labelled as effeminate male also facing such a ridicilous proposal by these religious group.no wonder ts community faces never ending social stigma in this country. they think that they can change ts to be a “normal” person !!!!? what a waste of time and money?
we face 2 laws(civil and syariah). non muslim also need to know that we also face the same oppression and we are called with many labels.we are pressured by society and religion. we are stigmatised and discriminated because of who we are.

14. RAJ RAMAN - April 4, 2008

hi elizabeth,
The barisan gomen bangkrupt and no support from malaysian already,so they now trying to use the ulamaks to create the havov again to garner support throu religion.
Still want to hold power and make more money from the poor malay by using religion.

Maybe the next time they will issue a fatwa throu the ulamak ass to tell malaysian its haram for muslim malay to talk to man/woman of non muslim.
How the hooo haa about creating bangsa malaysia when they are trying to divide the malaysian thru the their little napoleon.Maybe they already brain dead.
Thanks.RAj Raman.Race:still dreaming to be malaysian putra.RELIGION: My problem to anwser to god when the time due.


15. Jimmy Tan - April 4, 2008

I think our school children can understand the Federal Constitution better ….. then this Datuk! Cheers!

16. max - April 4, 2008

They are just testing the response from the moron gov. I dunno what they are capable of. Other than making babies and praying in front of people(to show they are more pious).

The good thing is, not all the 60% of them share the same views. Otherwise, we have to start packing.

17. Allen Tan - April 4, 2008

How the radical muslims define khawat? A muslim and a non-muslim talking with each other is khawat. How many feet apart? 3 feet not enough, ten feet the ideal.

18. Pegasus - April 4, 2008

Agreed with you Malayamuda,BN with their so call BN spirit will do the talking behind close door and it will actually amount to nothing. Indeed what does MCA,MIC ,Gerakan and the rest of the party have to say on this? Nothing of course!. They are merely puppets with no balls to stand up and talk. This syariah court has no jurusdiction over the non-muslims and should keep their law within the muslims. It is with this kind of remarks that stirs up hatred ,fears and suspicious among the Rakyat.This is the work of BN to stay in power but the people are more alert and aware of this kind of scare tactic in this era.We can’t be waiting for the next 13th GE, when DSAI is able to stand for election this month onwards ,let him win and hopefully he has enough seats to form the new goverment THIS year.

19. Alex - April 4, 2008

These people are still living in their own dream world. Wake up la idiots!!

20. Joker - April 4, 2008

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Muahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha

To think of them even have the audacity to come out with that idea! Their ‘Holier than Thou’ attitude is what led them to so much conflicts.

Direct confrontation is NOT the key to curbing deterioation in moral values, but our government has to initiate media campaign which will instil those values into the younger generation and perhaps alter the older ones if that is not too late.

21. kittykat46 - April 4, 2008

The most serious social ill facing the Muslim community in the country is drug addiction – and Ikim was empty of ideas on how to combat this.

They keep going back to khalwat, women’s dressing. Bunch of losers…..

22. true - April 4, 2008

i “love” human that fight for GOD , died for GOD and shit for god’s name……..they are almighty and holy ..second to none….bravo bravo bravo ….pls do save our sinner soul…..datokkk ur place in heaven already guarantee by all sinner in our “mighty eye”

23. Steve F. - April 4, 2008

I hope PAS will not be goaded into this trap. This is so obviously an UMNO trap.

24. patrickgz - April 4, 2008

just in midst of gettin out of racial lines and already getting into religious lines. one step forward, 2 step backward.
ninkapoots have spoken..but is it being heard or worst being contemplated even?, hope not.
seems like one thinks the other cant keep their pants/skirts on.
btw, what is ‘mis-bahave’ or close proximity, in detail please without generalization?
Being forcefully converted is no longer sufficient, what next? being stoned, exiled, etc.
personally, i think this is all part of the ‘umno drama’, hopefully the end of the movie is nearing. it had been a rollercoaster of a movie but its time to end it for good.

may god bless all malaysians regardless of their race and religions.

25. Hkengmacao - April 4, 2008


To my mind, Syariah Court should never be there in the first place. Islamic matters should be under the jurisdiction of Sultan or Raja of each state. To the best of my memory, I can’t remember how Syariah Court come into existence in Malaysia and suddenly, it became so powerful.

Strictly speaking, if a Muslim commits a rape case, such rape cases by right should be tried under Syariah Court since it involves a Muslim, irregardless whether the victim is a Muslim or not. But so far, such cases are never tried in Syariah Courts, but in Civil Courts. Perhaps this may due to penalty for rape conviction under Syariah Law is more severe than Criminal Law.

So Eli, can you put up an article about when was Syariah Court introduced in Malaysia?

To me, it is very unfortunate for Malaysia to involve Islam in politics and governments. Religion is a personal and spiritual matter.

26. Umar Rentaka - April 4, 2008

They should be talking the real problems facing the Moslems like corruption of self, dependence on NEP, rempits, etc which are haram. The pre-marriage sex among Malays is rampant. What are they going top do about it? Not to speak about phonographs involving Malays.

Education not punishment is the solution. If even Shariah Court of Appeal Judges has pea brains, where do Moslems turn for guidance?

My advise to Moslems, just accept Tok Guru Tuan Haji Nik Aziz as your spiritual guide.

27. hutchrun - April 4, 2008

“whats MCA, MIC, Gerakan and PPP stand on this ?”

They all agreed to Mahathir`s proclamation of `Islamic State`. So now that their leaders have no jobs, they`ll get the jobs as `Whippers` of the non muslims.
Only thing to debate is what should their salaries be and should they be called (One suggestion is “Whipping Boys”).

28. kl loo - April 4, 2008

Malaysia! love this country

29. kookaburra - April 4, 2008

lol @ wattahack

30. Chris Kong - April 4, 2008

The politics in peninsular is too complicated and racially based. Sarawak should reflect on why it has joined Malaya. I think its just not worth it and the trouble. I think we can do very well ourselves.

31. peisheah - April 4, 2008

They say we’re committing khalwat, i say we’re being fitnah.

32. John 316 - April 4, 2008

“Institute for Islamic Understanding??” What a name!! Who pays for these goons’ salaries? Reason they give is “to be fair to the Muslims”. Maybe in future, non muslims cannot eat pork, cannot drink alcohol, cannot buy empat ekor, cannot eat during fasting month…. So as ‘to be fair to the muslims’ Perhaps these goons will allow non muslims to have 4 wives…to be fair lah.
Wonder why MCA, Gerakan, MIC all keeping quiet.

33. hasilox - April 4, 2008

Why the hell they call themselves “Institute for Islamic Understanding”? What exactly they want the people to understand? And the other is syariah court. Yeekk…with these clowns around insulting islam, the insult from demark sounds so armature.

34. Vincent Ho - April 4, 2008

We can lament about these and yet most time we forget about it, as we go on with our daily lives. Most of the Rakyat have spoken through their votes in the recent 12th GE about their displeasure about the Government of the day and yet we still don’t let dead dog lie still. Will you malaysamuda and CJFoo give your vote/s to MIC,MCA, PPP or Gerakan at the next GE, if they were to speak up about it?
The time has come for the new Wakil Rakyats and Parlimentarians (PKR-DAP-PAS) who claims their are the voices of change to do their part in defending the rakyat.
Take care…and have a pleasant day.

35. rahman - April 4, 2008


This is a personal view of the Datuk not from anyone else. Please do not wrong everyone because what is quoted by this Datoooooookk.

36. monsterball - April 4, 2008

I am sick sick sick of such idiotic nonsense.
Love is beautiful.
Love sees no colour.. or religion.
Love is free…to those who freely want true love.
And here comes our famous Malaysian muslin teachers… ……playing religion politics again. These guys are NUTS!!
Why don’t they focus on being true Muslim…one must not steal from your neighbours…..more so…to steal from the innocent…poor.
Why not they concentrate.on their own kind….that goes gambling and womanising. That will be hundred times more than any other races… going out with malay girls.
Why not correct the huge amount of hypocrites in their religion.
But then….I have seen enough. These guys need to talk like that….to keep their job..or else.nothing to do..so Dept. need to close up….so they create something like that.to keep the DEpt. alive and their jiob on-going. It should have been closed up…..long long ago.
So they need to keep on championing Islamic faith in the most stupid ways….and when talking about so call good for their religion….they can keep be sure…..no Muslims will disagree. That’s the advantage they know.they have.
This is not the modern country…they want for Malaysia….to move forward with commonsense and truthful hearts. This is to again..close all hearts and brain of Muslims….don’t think…just follow……that type of religious teachers they have.
And I dare them to catch non muslims …to court…..having sex with a muslim girl…out of true love…to begin their real courtship…to actually see…if than man……trully love that girl..to be willing to be..a converted to be a good muslim….and marry her.
There will be a day…all Malaysians will be free to choose their own religious life…..reaching adulthood…to make up their own minds..and not forced to be one.
That day will come very soon….as majority Malaysians want a modern country..to be guided by high morals value..through schools teachings.and parental guidances…and not by hypocritical quotations from so call holy books.

37. rahman - April 4, 2008

Kita rakyat Pulau Pinang:
mengikuti kempen PRU12 yang begitu berapi (fiery) oleh DAP/PKR/PAS. disebalik janji-janji dalam manifesto, kempen juga mencerca , memperlekeh, rasuah dan sebagainya atas semua projek mega yang dirancang oleh BN ia itu PGCC/PORR/MONOREL/NCER kerana projek-projek tersebut tidak diperlukan oleh kita semua antara yang disebut .

Kita rakyat Pulau Pinang:
setuju dengan kempen tersebut dan telah tolak BN. saya rasa amat celaru sekarang kenapa Guan Eng pergi menyembah orang yang kita undi keluar mememinta teruskan semua projek-tersebut.

Kita rakyat Pulau Pinang:
Hairan mengapa PAK LAH selaku pemimpin BN pula akan teruskan projek-perojek yang telah dirancang tak sedarkah DAP/PKR/PAS dan rakyat P.Pinang sebulat suara tolak BN dan UMNO khususnya.
termasuk projek mega.

Kita rakyat Pulau Pinang:
mahukan lebih wang untuk belanja harian seperti yang dijanjikan bukan projek mega.

38. HL - April 4, 2008

I just read Farish Noor’s excellent article on this subject on LKS’s site.

Looks like gentleman AAB stii has much house cleaning to do. Too many of these unqualified pea-brained pseudo experts still ocupying many chairs in many organizations set up during UMNO’s reign. I hope and his Minister-in-charge of such religious matter extinguish such contemptible attempted imposition of such religious legislature and sack the person or persons involved. Such people should never be in seats of power or influence.

For people of genuine religious persuasion, let’s give prayers that such kind of narrow mindedness nevercomes into being in this potentially great country we call Malaysia.

39. Mawi - April 4, 2008

Me think the whole issue is blown out of propotion. Even non Muslim knows that Islam is a religion of no compulsion, which simply means that is a Muslim’s biggest sin to impose Islam to a non Muslim and the syariah judge, of all person, should know this.It was just a two days seminar and it was equivalent to a undeliberate remark. There were other serious issues on women’s right and deteriorating morality.Furthermore this is a constitutional issue and seriously do you guys truly believe that it will pass through the MPs. Take my advise, ignore it as a passing remark.

40. ano - April 4, 2008

If they are going to charge these ppl in CIVIL courts…errr…. I thought there are no such rules for khalwat in Civil court, how are they going to charge these ppl in the first place?

Btw Elli, good job in rebuking Azalina’s cancellation on tourism MOU. I mean, do’h! KLIA is in Selangor. Some people need to be serious

41. Baikong - April 4, 2008

as an outsider, i am a bit surprise with these stuffs.

42. patinsufi - April 4, 2008

Well Elizabert Wong they seem not to adhear your advice about buffy.
Guys, please do not let ONE lonely Datuk intermate you (all) until so much you (all) let your hot air out. Your reaction potray your otherside. I respect your comment and feeling guys.
I agree that the muslim law is only applicable to people who practice Islam religion call Muslim. Not to Muslimin or Muslimat. Coz these group have achieve the level of love and harmony with God. In a single word, they will never and ever hurt an another human being in any form. These groups can consider an extinct species. It is not easy to reach that level. In fact every religion do have certain degree of level where everyone knows, known as NIRVANA or another for other religion.
For the group I mentioned, they recall Prophet Mohammad said that after this final War there is an another bigger War, to his followers, that is your inner self. All the 13 dark character, attitude and behaviour to be cleansing.
I am sad to see what our country have gone through. Moral detoriate, culture being distroy, and many more.
As for you Elizabert Wong please do not pass judgment at the Institute Of Islamic Understanding mentioning it oxymoron. Your are not being a LADY. There are more gentle way to express your opinion.
As for me, I can say that the all the Islamic department in this country is not enforcing the exsisting law. e.g there are Muslim men and women who work for a living in pub, karaokae, dangdut and in kasino.
The big question is why are there NOT a single champion from the Islamic Department address that. I fail until today to understand their role.
I am a muslimin and up hold on this verse in Holy Quran where god command that we muslimin and muslimat MUST respect others religion !
By the way, which religion allow their followers to practice khalwat(adultery)? I understand Christianity (Chatholicism-Protestanism), Taoism, Judaism, Sikhism, Shinto, Buddhism, Confucianism, Hinduism or even Zoroastrianism forbid it ! Unless if one is an Atheism or Scientologism . Satanism is self explain.
Therefore, I call on all of you to give it a thought.
May God (the ONE you worship) give you peace and harmony in your heart and soul.

43. belummerdeka - April 5, 2008

Why not we just leave the matter be discussed or debated or whatever you wish to calling it; to the experts. I strongly believe there are many learned figures among us out there. While those who are only “half cooked” or totally “un-cooked” about the subject matter, do not try to act as a smartass. Just step aside and listen to what those experts got to say. Save your adrenalin calm, for some other good causes. Such delicate issue would demand ones pure wisdom, rationale, and knowledge of the greatest level. Else, there will be lots of misunderstanding, unnecessary time and energy wasted down into the drain. Trust me.

44. ethereal - April 5, 2008

We can expect more of this to come, with the powers-that-be trying their best to drive a wedge into the newly minted coalition of PR. See comments #3 and #20 above. Let us react wisely.

Now, if we must leave every single matter that affects the rakyat to be left entirely to the experts, we might as well not participate in any forum like this at all. This is what foruming is all about; expressing ideas responsibly whilst respecting differing opinions, beauty of the online format being that it is much easier to cross-check facts and correct one another.

That said, as we are not yet at that level where we can easily discuss matters on race and religion without things getting emotional, let us just try to put on our thinking caps before commenting on such things. As long as we write with the sincere intention of respecting everyone in mind, we should be fine.

May I offer that the word oxymoron (by itself not a derogatory word at all) is an apt one to use in the context of this subject, simply because the statement of Datuk has only served to defeat the very purpose of IKIM, which is, to promote understanding of Islam. It’s pretty straightforward, therefore there is no issue about being judgmental here.

45. Scott Thong - April 5, 2008

Remember this case, 22nd poster from top?

Malaysian Politics Motivational Posters

If they can make such GROSSLY HUGE mistakes with two white senior citizens when BOTH must be Muslims, imagine what GROSSLY HUGE mistakes they’ll be making when only ONE has to Muslim.

46. eddy - April 5, 2008

Sorry, I hope its ok to post this urgent info here. Thanks

To whom it may Concern

Contaminated Condensed Sweeten Milk – “Tea Pot” Brand

Please warn the General Public Immediately. Let’s save someone’s life.

Dear All,

The main cause I am writing to you is to seek you immediate humane assistance to expose this terrified and alarming incident which could harm the general public. Someone could end up in hospital or probably die, as I write this letter.

On March 20, 2008, my wife was terrified, furthermore shocked to discover something abnormal (brownish/blackish) & disgusting in a new “Tea Pot” condensed sweeten milk-tin-can, manufactured & distributed by F&N Dairies (M) Sdn Bhd. It looks like something had died in the milk and in the process of discomposing. Could it be an insect, a baby rat or manufacturing hazards? I am not sure, there is a great possibility. The disgusting object is also producing some kind of brownish liquid (looks like rust) which could be toxin if consumed. Kindly refer to the photos below.

I had approached F&N customer complaints with anticipation that they will immediately resolve, moreover prevent their bad milk from being distributed and consumed by the general public, but disappointingly they are very protective about it.

I also informed F&N that “I am not seeking any form of compensations either through gifts, money, favours or replacements, even though I had lost on purchasing their bad product, moreover my family had consumed it and our health might be in threat” and I also requested them to;

1. immediately report this incident to the Ministry of Health, Malaysia;
2. immediately report this incident to the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM), the Muslim Consumers’ Association of Malaysia and the Institute of Islamic Understanding Malaysia (IKIM), so that our fellow Muslims don’t consume the contaminated milk, which could be haram;
3. convey this discovery to the general public and recall your contaminated milk from consumers or instructing them not to use it through the tabloids and mass media;
4. check your plant and stop production until you’ve discovered the source of contamination, moreover, take appropriate actions to stop the contamination;
5. recall all your “Tea Pot” cans under the contaminated milk batches from the market, especially from retailers’ shelves throughout Malaysia; and
6. appoint physicians or medical specialists to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment to the public who had consumed your bad milk – caned under batches SA4 23:45, expiry date 25th July 2008.

I also mentioned to F&N that;

“Food you produce must be safe for human consumption. It’s your responsibility to put safe food on the market. It’s your contractual obligation, moreover as a fellow human and citizen of this country to protect the welfare of the public. It’s your obligation to take immediate precaution regarding established or suspected risks. This is covered by the principles of precaution and prevention. When you “considers” or has “reasons to think” that a food item that you produced and/or placed on the market could be harmful to human health you must inform the authorities and your customers immediately. This is the principle of food safety”.

Disappointingly they just turned a deft ear. I strongly believe the bad-milk under the caned batch of SA4 23:45, expiry date 25th July 2008, are still being distributed in the market. If you come across such batch, take precautions!

F&N is now trying to defend their interest and investment with no consideration to the general public’s health and life. In one of their letter to me the said, “we are unable to comment on your complaint & “requests” without the benefit of “our own” necessary laboratory tests to ascertain the integrity of the can (product) and its contents”. Basically, they just wish that I handover the whole contaminated milk-tin, which I declined, because there is no transparency, moreover I will lose the can and nothing will be resolved.

To my understanding, information such as contaminated food must not be hindered. Such information must be able to be circulated freely in order to protect consumers. Therefore, I am assisting F&N to expose this incident to the general public in whatsoever manner. If the necessity arises, I will also disclose whatsoever information to the public. Kindly email me at eddskading@hotmail.com if you need more info.

I feel my rights as a citizen of Malaysia had been abandoned, moreover I can’t gain any form of justice against giant organisations, like F&N. It seems like giant corporations are being protected and they are able to get away with almost anything, even murder, here in Malaysia.
Attached are some photos of the contaminated milk (please scroll down).

For your information, I am not in whatsoever obligations to tarnish the good name of F&N and their products. This is my civil and human rights as one of God’s creation to inform the public, because people (humans) could be hospitalised or die because of the toxin in food they not knowingly consume.

If you wish to confirm this incident or even wish to tell F&N what you feel about their bad-milk, you can contact, Mr Edward Liew Fui Ping (GM) of F&N Dairies (M) Sdn Bhd at edwardliew@fn.com.my, Mr Art Thamboo (F&N PR Consultant) at art_thamboo@epapr.com.my or just give them a call or write to them at F&N Dairies (M) Sdn Bhd, 70, Jalan Universiti, P O Box 19, 46700, Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan. Tel: (603) 7952 6000 / Fax: 603-7956 6287. If you wish to view more pictures or read their letters, please send me an email and I will scan and email more information to you.

Therefore, please help me and F&N to expose this incident to all GENERAL PUBLIC, your friends and family, through emails, web-sites, blog, send to a journalist or sms. We might save someone’s life.

Thank you.

Go here for pictures http://www.consumer.com.my/message/index.php?itemid=1671

47. Paul Warren - April 5, 2008

But hey, now this Syariah Court Judge is famous isn’t it? Before this no one knew he existed. He got his two minutes of fame. Now the Institution , IKIM itself is backing off and is denying…..all this got complete blogroll coverage and of course some of the MSM as well.

And Elizabeth, now that you are a politician yourself, you have to understand, the BN candidates operated on the basis that they got a quota for media appearance to go up their career ladders. And what better way then to make idiotic statements that the MSM love to carry. If they are lucky, these idiotic statements become policy and even laws as well because others honestly believed that this guy was serious. He was infact only trying to fill up quota or maybe he was on a balik kampung thinggi the weekend, and needed to impress the mak chik next door.

48. Simon Yee - April 5, 2008

What is this turn out to be ?

So because you have a bin and a binti in your name makes you a muslim and now you accept this kind of nonsense because some Hadi and Mufti who is driving by greed and most of the people in the muslim office.

Oh come on lah, What is this telling you is the muslim are out of control of their people.

This is what is called “Control Freaks” !

So If we ever caught any of the Mentri Besar with any women either races, Castration is in order !

49. Simon Yee - April 5, 2008

The Syariah judges and wanna-be-Syariah judges are from Hell built by the law of a useless Religious movement which uses their so-called “Religion Law” to abuse and kill.

If you see a Van belong to the Religious department just call the cops on them for break the road safety law because it is what the do on the road.

50. sam - April 5, 2008

You are now a member of the Selangor state gomen.

Please make sure the stooge judge do not operate in Selangor.
And the rest of the Pakatan Rakyat gomen states.

Other states – well, you voted for BN. No further comments.

51. Trigem - April 5, 2008

Get the religions out of state affairs. We must separate religion and the state. This is the only guarantee for avoiding religious conflicts.

52. sulastree - April 5, 2008

Monsterball,I totally agree with your comment. They are all hypocrite and living in their own world.Cheers

53. patinsufi - April 6, 2008

Hi guys. Do you all remember DSAI mention that our varsity is the # 200 in the WORLD. Fantastic ! With all the learned people and top prop’s as they are call. Compare to the Naple varsity. Phew alot of learned people out there in this country. Very simple and not very delicate matter and yet they can not deliver.
They produced alot of grades who know to be negative rather than positive on self development. They prefer to take the easy way out. Not to crack their head. When I give them an assigment, they will reply by saying “can not do it” before even trying it out. They are passenger not workers nor contributer. Most of them but not ALL. If you touch them, their ego will be hurt. Sad case.!
They like to mention the “book says so” and rely on references to strengthen their argument. The malay will say TAK YAKIN DIRI SENDIRI.
Let’s us all pray for a peaceful life.

54. the whisperer - April 7, 2008

i think by “Islamic Understanding” they mean helping other people understand Islam, not helping Muslims to understand (anyone or anything).

55. bamboo river - April 7, 2008

Dear Eddy @ comment no.41, I’ve viewed the photos of the said can milk and to my opinion, that is possibly a dollop of machine grease.
Why you may ask?
You see, in canning process, the top lid of the tin can is seamed after the contents ie. milk is filled into the empty can.
The top chuck will hold down the lid onto the can while the seaming rollers will rotate around the lid edge.
In that process, the lid LIP and the can EDGE is ‘folded in’ as we called it seaming process.
Since the top chucks and roller shafts are greased ,it is possible the excessive grease could have fell into the filled can.The grease are normally ‘food grade’ type where the raw material are usually from vegetable oils which is edible.Unless they use other type lah!

I can say most canning plant is hygenic and accredited with HACCP certificate where GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) is adhered.

My advice to all who are reading this is, whenever you buy can stuff (sardines ,condensed milk,processed fruit) open the whole lid and pour out the contents into a bowl or glass jar for storage before consuming.Do not puncture two holes on the condensed milk (people normally does) and keep in the fridge.

Never keep leftovers in the tin cans and store in the fridge. (milk is the norm) RUST will appear within a few days and that is bad for you.
BTW I am not representing any food processing companies.

Sorry to off shoot from the main topic. 🙂

56. onlooker - April 7, 2008

Quoting patinsufi:

“I am a muslimin and up hold on this verse in Holy Quran where god command that we muslimin and muslimat MUST respect others religion !”

Does islam “respect” others’ religions by forcing them to convert to it if there marry a muslim? Where’s the respect you mentioned?

Such islamic incidents happen all the time in m’sia, and muslims wonder why non-muslims always misunderstand or fear islam… maybe they should change their organisation’s name to Institute for Islamic Misunderstanding to better reflect their roles?

57. Mohd Norhusaini Abd Rahman - April 8, 2008

When muslims will be fined because of khalwat, their non-muslims just walk freely without charge…..STRANGE IS IT? So, where is the keADILan? Both should deserved same punishment…..YB Elizabeth Wong, if you think MEA is to give equality in term of economic benefits….you musn’t forget the law as well.

P/S: I don’t see any keADILan in this issue……

58. novice101 - April 8, 2008

Can the nation ever hope to achieve peace and prosperity? Can the people ever hope to achieve happiness and harmony? Can the people come together as one and the nation move forward in one direction?

Can unity be achieved through diversity, as in the Malaysian context? Or does diversity always have to mean disunity and chaos? With so many different groups having different interests and holding divergent viewpoints, and if , each does not put the national interest first, then, disunity and chaos will be the order of the day.

What does each group see as the nation’s priority? Each must realise it cannot hope to attain its own goals if national unity is not established. Even if it attains its own goals, its would be at a heavy cost to the nation. Is this the price worth the victory?

Caution, prudence, compromises and accommodation would be the smarter choices for each group to use to achieve its own goals. Critical assessment of each own viewpoints against the Malaysian realities must be made by each individual group. If, this is done properly , the need, for readjustment of each own viewpoints and approaches, will be revealed.

Ley unity be achieved despite of the diversity!

59. patinsufi - April 13, 2008

onlooker your quote

“Does islam “respect” others’ religions by forcing them to convert to it if there marry a muslim? Where’s the respect you mentioned .”

You mention you are a muslimin, I respect you. If you mention you are or belong to any of those relegions I mention earlier I still respect you. That is what I meant NOTabout relegion conversion.

Since you mention about marrige, I too find it strange ! Nothing to do with the Islam rule and regulation. The PERSON.
Why one must scarify one belief. Is it because of Belief,Love or Convenient ? Well, that is what we have to ask ourself, SINCERLY, without fear or favour.

60. Akhbar-ul-Haq - April 16, 2008

in Islam Law, Non-Muslim can choose either he/she want to pick non-Islamic law or just follow the Islam law in Islamic country…
No big deal. Hope non-muslim are not been cheated by Government media.

61. az8374 - April 24, 2008

In Malaysia, Islam rules
that all ppl

62. al islam - February 18, 2009

Islam is universal. It is a way of life. The more involve you are with it, the more you will understand. It is man that complicate it out of fear and sin they committed. Islam is so powerful that it will remain relevant until the last muslim no longer exist. That is when man will be like animals with is own man made law that they are so proud of. It is they who will destroy this world with their lust and greed and the freedom that they fight for. Let them have what they want for it is written that they will get what they want and they will never be able to turn back as their heart are totally shut from the thruth.

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