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Selangor CM: “Good… at least now they (BN) are working…” April 6, 2008

Posted by elizabethwong in 1.

The acerbic wit of Selangor CM in display while commenting on Selangor BN fellas finally taking an interest in work.


Apparently, there’s now a ‘shadow(y) exco’ formed.
I’ve got two Datuk-chaps shadowing me.
Gimme info, Little Birds!


1. mohd - April 6, 2008

I just love the way TS Khalid answers!

Good luck Elizabeth on your new task while being look upon. Im sure you’ve got much to proof

2. KKLow - April 6, 2008

Don’t worry Liz, these 2 Datuks ( as in Grand Pa and trust these UMNO clowns to continue using 2 to do the work of 1 even in “shadows”) would be so dim witted and slow (what else can they be to still wanting to remain with a bunch of sore losers–BN) that they may end up chasing their own shadows without even realizing it! With a “Shadow Exco” Toy is now in a position to justify the building of a “Shadow Exco” Village and by convincing Petronas to finance it, Slimy Toy would have managed to irk CM Guan Eng! Classic example of killing 2 birds with one stone! That’s the birds for you! —- Work well Liz!

3. Top Posts « WordPress.com - April 6, 2008

[…] Selangor CM: “Good… at least now they (BN) are working…” The acerbic wit of Selangor CM in display while commenting on Selangor BN fellas finally taking an interest in […] […]

4. hutchrun - April 6, 2008

But do they have the stamina. What we will hear is lots of shouting by the BN clowns as they get closer to the guillotine i.e. their own party elections.

I still remember what the former MB said when he was appointed MB about defending his race. Maybe `Barisan Pakatan` should dig it up and keep it handy. It`s going to come handy when he `riots`.

5. e Pemuda PAS - April 6, 2008

moga-moga Selangor akan terus maju dan jujur kepada rakyat jelata… 🙂

6. big bird - April 6, 2008

“Gimme info, Little Birds!” what is this? We ask you to WALK TO TALK and as long as you are walking the right path, why you need to resort to other means to perform your national duties?

7. Hitam Had - April 6, 2008

The formation of the shadow exco is good news for you! Now they have to provide answers in the State Assembly on what they did in the past, before you correct their mistakes.


8. RAJ RAMAN - April 6, 2008


What else to comment.The mb already commented before anyone comment regarding the bn yb/mp.

Just to add only,mb khalid now have more bodyguard to sabotage his work.Bn still in denial mode.They think they perform.My only wish khalid will take action of zakaria mansion.

Its will shows he got the guts to face umno and i want to see what bn can do about khalid action by law.May be they will bring krismudin.

Dont demolish the mansion.Make it as shelter place for poor people or orhan house.
Pls take this challenge.I want to know pakatan rakyat have the power or you people still talking.All the proof is there,zakaria abuse is power and bn throu aab and khir toyol just hooo haa and close the chapter of zakaria mansion.

thanks.raj raman

9. peisheah - April 6, 2008

Good, that’s what we want. Eli, I hope a record what the previous government didn’t do & what the new government manage is drawn up for all to see. Glad that the new MB is frank about problems. We don’t expect everything to be solved 100% but we want to see improvement.

10. Margeemar - April 6, 2008

It is very saddening to note that Pakatan Rakyat members DAP and PAS are going at each other via the MSM. I just watched how the idiotic newscaster from TV3 gloated that the newly formed Pakatan Rakyat is already showing signs of breaking up.

Please, YB Karpal Singh and YAB Nik Aziz Nik Mat, keep your quarrels within the four walls of Pakatan Rakyat. The last thing we need is for you guys to go to the MSM and wash your dirty linen in public. Talk it over in the spirit of Pakatan Rakyat.

The 4th Floor Boys will be more than happy to use any disagreement within the Pakatan Rakyat and blow it out of proportion in the MSM that is subservient to the BN regime. If this is to be compared to a boxing match, the BN’s legs are beginning to wobble and it is on the ropes. We don’t need to wait for another five years for regime change. It can happen at any time. Poor Badawi is completely clueless as to what is happening around him. The poor guy is now on a witch hunt blaming sabotage by UMNO members for the BN’s poor showing in the just concluded GE. Wake uplah, Pak Lah! It ain’t got nothing to do with any sabotage. The people were just fed up with you, your SIL, UMNO and the racist agenda of BN. Brother, just leave us alonelah. Gooooo awaylah! Stop blaming others for the BN’s poor showing. Be a gentleman and just leave! WE DON’T WANT YOU NOR NEED YOU. MALAYSIA WILL BE BETTER OFF WITHOUT YOU, UMNO AND BN.

It is time for Pakatan Rakyat to take stock of the current situation and deal the knock out punch to the pathetic BN. Before you can do this, please talk over your differences within the four walls of Pakatan Rakyat and pleeeease stop making statements to the MSM about your differences. Go for it guys, Putrajaya is yours’ for the taking!

11. Samuel Goh Kim Eng - April 6, 2008

It’s good that people are no longer complacent
For fear now of being ‘victims’ of displacement
It’s time to make good for the public’s contentment
And not to take unfair advantage of law in biased enforcement

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 060408
Sun. 6th April 2008.

12. Pegasus - April 6, 2008

What else to expect from the BN fellas,these fellas would be pissing in the pants, once the Selangor goverment are able to declassify some of the documents which will tell what the former goverment have been up to.The corruptions by the former Selangor goverment led by Khir Toyol are above the ceiling and has gone through the roof. Once ,there are ample proof, Khir Toyol and other BN leaders should be arrested (under ISA and keep there for two years?) and charged them in the court of law .

13. lawrance william - April 7, 2008

are you and sivarasa having a get together with residents of sri damansara, there was a banner around, but it seems to have disappeared. a lot of people here want to meet you guys. need more info, guys.

14. ano - April 7, 2008

The guy standing next to TS Khalid, giggling, heh. Anything to share? Man, don’t know our CM can be a little witty-sarcastic. Mwah!

Sorry Elli, have no ideas who are those Datuks, as long as they dont have any intent on having you as the second, or third, or fourth wife, then, let them catch you up/

15. bamboo river - April 8, 2008

Well, that two ‘Grandpas’ is not to watch how you work but to make sure your job does not ‘uncovers’ secrets that they have .

Little birds won’t do much ,however your eagle eyes will definitely helps.

16. sam - April 8, 2008

If they work, you have to work doubly hard.

They will pounce on you if you falter.

So will the Rakyat.

So God speed.

17. Sven Olsen - April 8, 2008

TSK got class.. breath of fresh air

18. vlps - April 8, 2008

big bird,
Just who are you? lol…u need to take a chill pill.

19. jughead - April 8, 2008

All little birds need to be fed by big birds. You in top gun expect us little bird to provide info? We need info from Big bird to feed us little birds instead. Otherwise we will be brainwashed by MSM!! Otherwise we can just follow you and shout “refomation”.

20. Eggr Chong - April 8, 2008

It seem that they(the shadow) are not formed without purpose.
Nevertheless,the shadow may have more say than the real one in the federal funded projects.
They have done it in Terengganu,and now they are going to do it in Penang, Perak and Selangor.
The ultimate losers are the ordinary people lah….

21. monstrball - April 9, 2008

I laugh so much… reading Toyo and his desperados said…….they will be shadows of new Pakatan Rakyat government.
They left with so much to hide…..by leaving empty offices…all legal government documents ….destroyed……showing how dishonest they are…..yet they now want to catch thieves?
Perhaps.they are inspired by Afred Hickcocks’s..’To Catch A Thief”…..with the story line…..set a thief .to catch a thief.
I have learn few things from UMNO in politics. Firstly…accused others as liars…cheaters…robbers……no good blokes…before they accuse you.
Can’t answer…behave like a bloody fool….with idiotic brain…always forget….AND…all must stick together ….as a band of brothers….not to fight a war…against evil……….but to be what Mafia gangsters in USA are doing…..or else….one b one…..will be…’Guilty as Charged”….end up in prison for life!!
So the danger for Toyo is very real……and that’s why … UMNO chosed him… as.M.Besar…not for his brain or stupid dental degree………but for his “cool as a cucumber” attitude…..and composure….inspiring smaller crooks to stay calm….and not confess all the sins.
Malaysia is the only country in the world…..where an ex PM keep insulting and belittle .. present PM ….chosen by him…,just because…his personal benefits are eroded by present PM.
This shows…how much UMNO love Malaysians…..and thank God…..MIC..MCA…and Greakan are all dead parties….leaving UMNO to continue their……..sickening and evil… race and religion politics.

22. San - April 11, 2008

New Cabinet:

Prime Minister – Anwar

Deputy Prime Minister – Lim Kit Siang

Culture Minister – Farish Noor

Defence Minister –

Education Minister – Nga Kor Ming

Environment Minister – Teresa Kok

Finance Minister – Tony Pua

Foreign Minister – Ramasamy

Health Minister – Tan Seng Giaw

Home Minister – Chong Eng

Information Minister – Jeff Ooi

Law Minister – Teng Chang Khim

Manpower Minister –

Sports Minister – Kula

Technology Minister –

Trade Minister – Khalid

Transport Minister – Liew Chin Tong

(Penang Chief Minister – Lim Guan Eng)

23. Charlie KC - April 12, 2008

it would be the right time for Selangor to implement and educate our nation – ; Jangan Buang Sampah’ which never ever be done i the past 50 years. Too many migrants and too many rubbish throw on the floor. by the road side. imagine million c.bud found on federal highway once a month.

Many migrants and even locals (smokers) just throwing their c.buds everywhere. causing drain to be be filled with rubbish, clogged and flood.

Hopefully the medium.lower class citizen will listen to our newly e;elected leaders, whom had voted you all in.

Time to stop criticising the BN and get down to work, many things to be fixed for the next 4 years. This is nojoking issue.

Alarm flora efficiency need cross checking.

We need good vision, good system and good Judgement. I think YB Khalid has it all as cororate Man.

24. monsterball - April 12, 2008

And Khalid is working hard………planning highly intelligent follow ups….especially…visiting the police Dept….focusing on the aid Department…..to evaluate..if his find works…on corruptions will be acted fairly and professionally by the police.
If Khaild have no confidence with the present police force…it is useless to reveal anything to them.
But with the great power ….the opposition is holding now…..we can have hopes for a free and fair democratic Malaysia….soon.
Lets see……..how will the judicial matter works out.
Yes…Judges and Police high ranking people…..MUST NOT…be only Malays. This has to change. Surely…..if Dollah is sincere…he knows….great minds …with excellent working track records …from Indians and Chinese are available…..by the dozens…….much better than Malays. The other races.. will not accept appointments……..unless…it is free from politics…..and they hold the power of laws….and not by any PM.
Similarly…IGP should not only be from one race….a Malays. This Is not a political party!!
Enough is said…lets see Dollah do all The changes…without playing race and religion politics…. again and again.
For goodness sake…and for Malaysians sake….lets hope Dollah dare to be very brave…and cement his name in the history books…….not as an idiotic sleepy PM…but a sincere..religious righteous PM….dares to
challenge his sick party politicians….to face the music..

25. aimani - April 12, 2008

hi elizabeth

i must say this..i like to see your face 🙂

26. peisheah - April 14, 2008

Saw the Selangor gov’s move with the orang asli. What they need is proper education. There was one guy in my school last time. He didn’t get much support & later dropped out from our residential school.

27. 01sara - April 15, 2008

big bird, Funny Title, Take Lite!!

28. Save The Damansara Perdana Forest - April 15, 2008

Dear Elizabeth,


29. elizabethwong - April 16, 2008

Dear Save D Perdana Forest, Pls refer to my query emailed to your account. Thanks for the alert.

30. Vincent Ho Swee Peng - April 17, 2008

Hi Eli,

Where is your Service Center and time of operation? How do i be able to meet with you when your are harder to find than a needle in the haystack? Please just don’t stay in your ivory tower (SUK building), having your Exco’s office there. You are voted in by the people of Bukit Lanjan and not by the state (you are appointed by the State MB as an Exco but you still an assemblywoman from Bukit Lanjan).
Please don’t make the same mistake like those before you. You try not to be like them but you will eventually be like them. History repeats itself in a cruel way, mind you.
So what if the former BN state gov shadows you, it happen to them when DAP-PAS was the opposition. Then nobody seems to care but now everybody seems to be throw mudshots at them (BN).
Many are suffering within your constituency but we are oblivious to it. Bukit Lanjan is not just Bandar Utama and Sri Damansara (middle to high income earner) but also has the low to middle income earner like Kg Kayu Ara, Orang Asli settlement, Pelangi (Mutiara D’sara), Desa Jaya, D’sara Damai, when will be helping them?
Honey (mind my pun), the party is over…don’t just help mother nature (Damansara Forest Reserve) but help the people who voted you in and those didn’t. Do not discriminate them. Every1 has the right to be assisted, don’t you think?
To save a tree, think recycling…but alas that just all talk. I’ve been doing this old newspaper stuff for 6 years but I still don’t see any active participation from the public. We live as Mother Earth will be around for ages to come. Look around you, rubbish everywhere…no separation of garbage. When will there be an incinerator that will power our city with garbage just like in Japan? We are too busy fighting ourselves to see that…hopefully we are not doom from our actions.

31. Surind - April 17, 2008

Dear Freedom Fighters, both Online & Offline…

I have been supporting the boycott the newspapers initiative for sometime & I have done my push & pull marketing rather we’ll around my circle of family, friends & contacts. A few have stopped buying, some don’t already. A lot whom still want to purchase the papers, I passed on the info – which was the worst in all mediums & urged them to switch to the least worst. For English papers, the worst was the The Star (Spinning & BN coverage). Data can be found on the People’s Parliament.

Now, the story. I have noticed that some, are still purchasing the newspapers, especially “The Star” every now & then, especially on Saturdays for… “The Recruitment Section!”

So, I urge all those whom support this cause to pass the word. Only get your recruitment information online. Do not purchase the msm & even browse through it.

PR & others (mid-long term effort), get more beginner computer classes up. Teaching people to use the comp, get the news, browse & apply for jobs, using the email, etc. Keep the fees very low, give it free to the very poor, catch the young, educate! PR, set up a IT centre in the poor areas, with news printed out & pasted there regularly. Put up a few PCs with internet connections for the poor to share & use for free during office hours.

Check out MT article “My Version of the Truth” by RPK, for some related info.

Thanks, please pass the word!

32. Johnny - April 21, 2008

Dear Eli,

I have problems for contacting your colleagues in PKR after election. Their service center address and location is unknown and the people elected them are at loss !

I am sorry to put up this message in your blog because there are no other alternative to make contact with them.

I need to make contact with PKR YB who represent us in Bandar Kulim, Kedah.

33. chua soo kok - April 21, 2008

elizabeth, I know you will do a good job. I am among your biggest fan.

uncle chua soo kok,
taman tun dr ismail

34. goblok(g)ing - April 22, 2008

Why do they shadow you or any of the PR ppl?

1. They know what THEY did when they were in office..wink wink

2. They think because they do what they do, others exactly the same

3. If they don’t watch you lot, nanti u er….er….”cukai” lebih dari mereka? Then apa jadi when they re-take the er…er…wang bapak?er…er…no..no….coffers? tak da lagi mah!!

4. “who wants to shadow jeff ooi?” tak da orang.
“who wants to shadow elizabeth wong?. ok ok put yr hands down. easier to count who does not want to shadow her!”

Not hard to figure out why not 1 Datuk but 2 wants to tail you E dear!

(and btw the rest of us ain’t impressed by this datuks**t…everyone in BN is datuk this or datuk that…as if the name their parents gave ain’t enuff!

Trust me on this. Let them shadow you. Eventually they will drop like flies as
1. they will show the same stamina & enthusiasm as they do when clocking in to work on taxpayers’ money

2. they will be bored to tears when you guys actually WORK

3. they will be thinking you guys must be some sorta f**king mother teresa when nothing happens..”WTF no RM500 screwdrivers ke?”

What I truly don’t get about amno is
WTF was shadowing THEM when they were plundering the country?

Nobody right?
Tak da opposition?,
opposition lemak?
semua pun makan
semua pun sembunyi ,
tu MY MONEY, MY RIGHTS, MY Grandfather wat!!

EW – you keep ON ROCKING!!

35. Ravind - April 30, 2008

Let’s not be too quick to judge, given time the pakatan rakyat may be more corrupt, that’s what happens when you are given power

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