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Balkis baru and the mystery of RM 10 million April 25, 2008

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Democracy, Huh?!, Malaysia, Politics.


Fable has it that Balqis, Queen of Sheba was known for her wisdom and even once outwitted King Solomon of Israel.

Balkis (possibly inspired by these legends), the charity organisation of wives of assemblymen and MPs in Selangor, is headed by the wife of the Menteri Besar.

But just after BN’s humiliating defeat, Balkis, which technically should not have been helmed by Mrs Khir Toyo as soon as the Parliament and the state assemblies were dissolved, decided to cut their losses, in the truest meaning of the word – ‘loss’.

They held an EGM 3 days after elections, shut down the organisation and transferred out a cool 10 mil from their banks (apparently advised by a sitting judge) into the pockets of the Federal version of their organisation – Bakti – since Federal government did not fall into the hands of Pakatan Rakyat (yet), while mulling a name change to … (drumroll) Balkis-BN.

Putting aside for now, possible queries on the laundry service provided by Bakti; why would those lovely ladies, former members of Balkis, imagine the organisation’s monies were part of their personal piggy-bank, or that of BN’s? Weren’t they mere custodians?

This sure beats those BN state assemblymen who used up some RM 20 million plus-plus of their development fund annual allocation in the first 2 months. (I must admit I was luckier than most – the former state assemblyman of Bukit Lanjan left me RM 2 in the development fund account).

But seriously. What should we do about all these?

(For more info, see today’s frontpage news of The Sun – reporting by Nades and Terence Fernandez; and opinion by Nades‘It’s ‘our’ money, not yours’)



1. nstman - April 25, 2008

This is obscene. This is criminal. This is revolting. This is sickening. This is a crime against the people of Malaysia.

2. lan w.m - April 25, 2008

hi YB, can the new exco lineup and MB do something about this? we should try to kill-off all these irregularities being done by the past government and team. If we can atleast have a full investigation of this case of Balkis then that will be good and a sign that the new state government doesnt tolerate such nonsense and malpractice

3. ace - April 25, 2008

All these will be taken into BN’s account come 13GE (may be sooner).

4. ANM - April 25, 2008

Well it says it all the true intentions of the trust itself, get to the root of it and stop the mayhem. Aren’t they suppose to be a reputable and creditable bunch. All these people if true to their deeds should be banished to Seychelles.

5. Ahmad - April 25, 2008

Hi Elozabeth Wong.
U are one of State Asembliperson in New Selangor State Govt.
I want u to rise this issue in Selangor State Assembly meeting and ask for former MB YB D.S.Dr.Khir Toyo to answer.

Pls get full investigation by Selangor Watch group and let the people know the outcome and take action against those found guilty.

6. Discrimination69 - April 25, 2008

We will resolve to win the GE13 Federal seats and all states and put BN inside the Museum Negara. Need to put a stop to all these and freeze all their bank accounts.

7. UMNO Pekan - April 25, 2008

Not only husbands are thieves. Wives also thieves. Reminds me of the innkeeper and his wife in Les Miserables. The only diffrence is the number of innkeeper and wives.

8. Dy - April 25, 2008

Get rid of this so called people.They only care for themselve.Dont want to hear anything from this BN goons..Damn!!!

9. teckwyn - April 25, 2008

Balkis = ikan bilis.

10. Klaw - April 25, 2008

OMFG. This is just the tip of the iceberg no?

11. Boiling Rakyat - April 25, 2008


12. Pratamad - April 25, 2008

I bet the lesson most corrupt BN people learn from Mar 8 is … (spoiler ahead) … put all their funds into a safe Swiss bank account. This is because nobody in his wildest imagination had thought of the political earthquake. It implies that no place in Malaysia is safe now, not even Putrajaya.

And this is a very sad thought I have to start my day. 😦

13. Rakyat Merana - April 25, 2008

YB Tan Sri Khalid, our beloved MB Selangor….bawak semua betina betina (Datin Datin & Puan Sri Puan Sri….) ini ke Mahkamah secepat mungkin! PEROMPAK RAKYAT!!! RAKYAT MERANA SUSAH SUSAH NAK CARIK MAKAN! Mereka ini ENJOY WANG RAKYAT…Make over themselves setiap hari macam Pokok Krismas!!! Hoi!!! betina betina yang tak malu….jaga jaga BALASAN DARI TUHAN KAMU!!!

14. Brian Fong - April 25, 2008

i would say follow the paper trial and according to the sun report what they did is against the bakti constitution – isnt it ground for ROC to take action?

the new state government need a lot of forensics expert on your team. you need the accounts forensic, the IT forensic, the money laundering forensic, the amnesia forensic, money and paper work forensic…

btw, pls try to give us more update-la since now you are “in” rather than standing outside… how come citizen nades beat you guys to the update always ah? 🙂

are u guys looking into the High Performance Training Centre (HPTC) Tun Abdul Razak Rubber Research Centre (TARRC) stands in Brickendonbury fiasco and see if the rakyat money can be recover and book the culprit since it is widely reported?

15. caravanserai - April 25, 2008

This is the sickness
BN spreads right to its core
People’s money for charity
The BN wants it all
No way they want others to take it?

Quickly convened meeting
Approved the transfer
Let the organization died
King Solomon never cried

Balkis in Selangor
The committee members’ sinful action
Betraying the trust of charitable people
Let the organization dies….

The Lord has mercy on their souls
But the people won’t let them go
What they had done is outright greed
No consideration of the poor and disability

They think they got it right
Into Federal umbrella sitting regal
King Solomon just smile
They won’t get away
When the time is right

Losers must be gentlemen
But BN leaders don’t see it that way
They see their corrupted power gone
They want to make others feel misery
Like them losing their glittering gold

The light will shine
The Lord will make it happen
For the upright people to come
Then the full blast of light
The beginning of a new day
The country will never cry….

16. kiddokit - April 25, 2008

Hey, somebody should compile all of these post-election ‘misdemeanours’ of BN and affiliates.

Come next GE, we should drag this compilation list (which should have grown by then) out into the open and remind ourselves why we should not return power to BN.

17. nstman - April 25, 2008

Let’s wipe out this scum called Barisan in the next election. Let’s wipe out this filth from our political map. It’s too bad the Barisan husbands are thieves and liars, now the wives are equally as bad.

18. Rakyat Merana - April 25, 2008

the Sun, Fri. 25, April 2008 Headlines!

***RM10,000,000 GONE in three days!!!….**** The wives of those husbands’ MPs lost power to rule Selangor manuplated those State Government’s funds trying to salvage their last pieces of RAKYAT’S monies to upkeep their lifestyles! They are the LIABLITIES to THE RAKYAT NOT ASSETS!!! YB Tan Sri Khalid…jangan kasi chan mereka lari!!! Really DISGUISTING & TOTALLY DISGRACE calling themselves representing the Rakyat!!!! LANUN RAKYAT!!!

19. javabean - April 25, 2008

Man…. no wonder they say joining BN especially UMNO is equivalent to an express ticket straight to HELL! Thieves… adulterers…murderers… double faced crooks living under the guise of pious God fearing ppl…

Sufiah may be the working girl but you women are the whores here….

20. hasilox - April 25, 2008

Send that RM2 to AAB. Ask him to buy coffee to wake himself up. lol

21. gooeyglobs - April 25, 2008

So, will the country go bankrupt by reducing oil prices or the Barisan parasites make the country go bankrupt?

Please compile all the proofs and evidence and let the law takes its cause. The people are behind Pakatan Raakyat.

22. Food for thought - April 25, 2008

It’s an uncurable disease in UMNO and BN as a whole. So, in order to stop the spread, the good old doctor will just have to amputate, control the disease and bring to light the culprits to be tried and justice be served.

23. 4896 » RM17 million vs RM10 million - April 25, 2008

[…] ~ Desperate Housewives ~ RM17 Million Gone In A Month? How About Toyo Wifey’s RM10 Million Gone In 3 Days! ~ Balkis baru and the mystery of RM 10 million […]

24. Devan - April 25, 2008

Lost my breath for a while…!!!!
I cant really digest this. YB Please expose all this. The names of the ex YBs ..pls release out their usage etc…..
Hope the PR will do something to eliminate these crooks ..bring them to justice…
Now I realise that ALL Datuks or Tan Sri’s are really,surely and definitely RICH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Malaysia Boleh!!!

25. CJFOO - April 25, 2008

I really shake my head in disbelieve. Desperate action indeed. There more are to come. Afterall the losers started of by destroying all documents. What good can those losers do? Run and hide. Run and hide. When are they going to see proper daylight?

Count yourself lucky to have RM2-00 in your development account left behind by the former state assemblyman. At least you have something to start of with.

26. karenleehs - April 25, 2008

Can anyone just make a police report about this or does it have to be someone who of interest eg the current MB’s wife?

27. karepu samy - April 25, 2008

Take them to court. Teach them a lesson. It’s not their money. It;s people’s money.

28. Malaysia Mari - April 25, 2008

Hehe I’m actually doing that on my blog … and for the purpose you said – to remind people why we SHOULD NOT return power to BN. I have the category “Money go buy-bye” and this story fits in the category like a glove!

Another category: “sore loser activities”.
But I’m only starting out so not a long juicy list yet. 😉

29. pauline - April 25, 2008

now I know why the poor are getting poorer, the rich are getting richer… they suck every drop of our blood……

30. samx - April 25, 2008

If the jantans can do it
So can the betina-betina….

31. Elloh - April 25, 2008

The money comes from the public. Closing the account and taking the money is criminal breach of trust. A police report should be made, especially by the wives of new elected legislative assemblymen! As for the closing of the association, another report should be made to the ROS!

32. RM10mil gone in three days « Malaysia Mari - April 25, 2008

[…] They held an EGM 3 days after elections, shut down the organisation and transferred out a cool 10 mil from their banks (apparently advised by a sitting judge) into the pockets of the Federal version of their organisation – Bakti – since Federal government did not fall into the hands of Pakatan Rakyat (yet), while mulling a name change to … (drumroll) Balkis-BN. – Balkis and the mystery of RM10mil […]

33. tomatoinc - April 25, 2008

i can’t believe this. they think it’s their money?

if this warrants no investigations from our federal govt, then i don;’t know what does. maybe a rm9 bribe in kelantan.

34. Richy - April 25, 2008

The Pakatan Rakyat MPs should bring up this issue in the coming Parliament sitting,

35. new era - April 25, 2008

Look’s like she was unprepared to lose the election. Now all of the sudden donation from the her husband trust companies held on behalf of the rakyat was transferred out from the society.

36. Edi神 - April 26, 2008

Nail those desperate housewives…

Is not their money!


37. clearwater - April 26, 2008

These ex-Balkis ‘ladies’ are only aping their primate husbands antics, which is, be crass and low class after losing. You cannot blame them, they place their husbands feelings before anybody else’s. It only tells voters they did the right thing in GE12, and should continue to do so in GE13. Many more similarly repugnant actions will surely be exposed in Selangor and other Pakatan controlled states in the weeks ahead.

38. zulfikar samsuri - April 26, 2008


Saya Zulfikar Samsuri, Editor bagi blogzine Republik Kata sedang melakukan survey untuk kolum saya bernama ‘SUARA RAKYAT’ di http://republikkata.blogspot.com . Saya ingin tahu pendapat sdr/i sama ada dakwaan Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim tentang 30 orang Ahli Parlimen BN akan ‘lompat parti’ menyertai Pakatan Rakyat betul atau tidak, atau cuma perang saraf untuk menyatu padukan Pakatan Rakyat dan melemakan BN seperti diperkatakan oleh Fathi Aris Omar kepada blogzine ini beberapa hari sudah. Kedua, apakah tindakan keluar GERAKAN oleh Lee Kah Choon wajar? Dan yang ketiga, bagaimana masa depan DSAI dalam politik di Malaysia? Mampukah beliau menjadi PM. Oleh itu saya mengharapkan kerjasama sdr/i untuk menjawab soalan-soalan mudah dari saya.

Terima kasih. WS.

Editor Republik Kata
Ahmad Zulfikar Samsuri

39. novice101 - April 26, 2008

What should we do about these?

Like what your colleagues did in the pig farming issue. Expose the wrong doings, let the rakyat know what is happening. Collect evidences and take them to court. These are what we, the rakayt expect you to do. Show no mercy so that good governance can rear its head.

40. Wu Han - April 26, 2008

Quite obvious that The Star is still very much a vehicle for federal government spin in the way they reported the BALKIS fiasco:


– totally downplayed the amount (it’s ONLY 9.9 not 10 million as rounded up by SUN)
– raising doubt (COULD BALKIS have done this within the LEGAL rights? HMM? MAYBE?)
– conveniently left out the fact about formation of BALKIS-BN – no fire without smoke


41. adriene - April 26, 2008

i am disgusted with this matter. proof of of corruption by BN leaders and their spouses. they should be charged in a court of law and sacked of all public office.

42. tapaimasan - April 26, 2008

why should ex MB answers. call the ex MB wife to answer in the state assembly in front of the State Ruler. Let her shivers or piss of in the assembly.

43. rcchia - April 26, 2008

this is probably the tip of the iceberg. for every one incident like these, there is probably another many more that has not surfaced. what about sports club? associations/societies? charitable organisations? any ROS registered body that came under state or local council jurisdictions

44. monsterball - April 27, 2008

Like nst said…lets wipe them out.in next election.
Now…lets see..if Khalid can make a legal case of it.
Yes…this act tentamounts committing a criminal breach of trust..as said by Law Council member.
Lets wait and see.

45. Harris Bandar Utama - April 27, 2008

I knew I did the right thing when i voted u instead of the other candidate! Sangat sakit hati when you mentioned that she left only RM2 in the account. Not that she didn’t contribute anything at all, but the fact that she sakitkan hati the people of Bukit Lanjan is by far greater than everything else.

We know that you are better than her, Elizabeth Wong.

46. monsterball - April 27, 2008

Love to see that braggart low class dentist…Toyo send to jail for corruptions.
He is another real disgrace to Malaysia.
Such a thick skinned racialist…looking down and despises Indians…..then put on a show ..on the Indian temple matters…and triyng to be popular with Malaysians….with his broomstick awards…..all backfired .
He said he is another …’Mr.Clean”
NST will definately tell him to tell that to the marines.

47. CM - April 27, 2008

this is SO wrong!!! ask the ex MB wife to answer!!!

48. cy97 - April 27, 2008

I am just wondering what would be the endings of all these people and they dare to call themselves holy to their religious. Well just a thought, where would they transfer the money to when federal government fall to PK, get ready guys, find a way before it happens. hmmm.

49. Hitam Had - April 27, 2008

Balkis appears to be an NGO controlled by the BN. This is a timely reminder to us that every NGO has different objectives and how it collects and uses its funds depends on its Constitution and its office bearers.

It is not clear whether the wives (are male spouses included?) of the ruling government in Selangor are automatically members. If they are members, then they should check what assets ie.landed properties, cash and bank accounts, investments, office equipment, furniture and fittings, vehicles have been sold, assigned or transferred out ultra vires its Constitution. Then report to the authorities accordingly.

If they are not members of BALKIS and therefore cannot meddle in other peoples affairs, then we can only express our futile outrage at another instance of an apparent abuse of power like the allocation of RM500,000 which was spent in 2 months. ( Has anyone raised the question in Parliament who financed the allocation of funds to UMNO at its last general assembly?)


50. Eggr Chong - April 27, 2008

If Balkis is allowed to transfer Rm 10 million to Bakti, I am sure it will made a precedence for others to follow.
How about those associations with a lot of cash and assets?
If allowed, the commitee members my amend the constitution to enrich themselves.
I better study the constitution of my Hakka Association before sometings happened! (just joking).

51. monsterball - April 27, 2008

I think the only Chinese Association…..very strong and not corrupted….is the Hokkien Association.
The good news is they are also very rich and do help Malaysian Chinese schools in no small measures…for decades.
The bad new is…Chinese will remain as Chinese…and not as Malaysians….to be united. Thus Hokkien does not unite the Chinese…..but promote and maintain and keep alive…Chinese rights and cultures….in Malaysia.
This have to change….and all Associations .should not be for clans….like Hakka…Hokkien…Cantonese…Hainanese…but for all Malaysian Chinese..as a start.
Fortunately….present young Chinese do not care too much about Chinese Associations….and lets hope the all close shops.and be one.
Don’t they know…united is strength…divide…you fall??
Sure they do….then …why are Chinese not united in Malaysia??
The word is… overseas Chinese in Malaysia…is a very selfish race!!

52. pak long - April 28, 2008

Was the transfer of fund by the wife of Khir Toyo valid ? In my mind the transfer was done after PR took over Selangor, not before this. Would the transfer be made if BN had won ? Surely not. Did Khir think that he would be rejected ? NO. That is the reason why the transfer could not have been made before the counting of votes. If the documents showed the date was before election, then there is a possiblity that the intervention did take place after the election. The trick of changing dates on documents is not new. Hence when Khir’s wife acted to transfer the fund it is not valid because she is not the wife of the Menteri Besar then. Whether the swearing of new MB took place of not it was not the crux of the matter.

The denial syndrome on the acts of demolishing holy places, broom award, and blaming PM when he lost the election are signs of immorality. Sometimes people wonder; are all BN guys have no shame, no moral values and may be no God too ? If ones do not believe in God, at least ones should have concience.

I like to see clean BN boys. BUT it is very difficult to find the honest, trustworthy and good ones. The years before Pak Lah the good BN men had to face the music when they talk the truth.

Good men from BN should move away from the bad ones by joining the PR. The bad ones are calling for dictatorship and the rule of tyrant. IF KT support TDM then he is one of them.

Anyway people are watching at the money. Yes, it is not the government’s money but it is not KT or his wife’s money either. Believe me if peole ‘sumpah you’, you can end like TR (MAS) or those who suffered after trying to bring down DSAI. Nature can work mysteriously on big cheaters.

53. Paul Warren - April 28, 2008

Balkis’ constitution should specify who can be, qualifies, remains a member of the Association. IT shuld also specify who qualifies to be the President. Assuming the PResident to automatically be the spouse of the Menteri Besar, surely on the 11th March Mrs Crooked Minded Toyo could not have had the locus standi to preside over anything, let alone the entrance to a public toilet. The so called members, surely could also not have hd any locus standi to conduct themselves as members or even committee members if teir husbands had by then been eliminated from their esteemed positions as MPs, ADUNs, State Excos Menteri Besars what so ever.

If in the intermediate they had to have any kind of role, it should have only been confined to custodial for the purposes of handing over the baton to the new committee or membership.

Fraud has happened andit looks like from the so called judge who advised to the PResident and members to the REgistrar of Societies a crime might have been committed. If not the ISA, Kajang or Sungei Prison should be their correct next address.

Now there is of course Bakti as well, which has contributed to abeting in a crime. Will be nice to see the PM’s wife of less than one year facing prison too for abeting.

And what of the banks. The boloody slime balls? Now, they used to have someone pouring into the the orbituary pages and the bankruptcy annoucements to see if any of their acccount holders’ current, savings, accounts or safe deposit boxes should be suspended or closed so that beneficieries are required to go throught he process of getting the necessary Letters of Administration and what ever else before these accounts become accessible to the executors or administrators.

Fact is the banks cannot deny that they did not know that these nice but slick mak chicks did not have the capacity to act. They could not have issued any valid resolutions. Even if they had issued what looked like a properly drawn out and authenticated document, the bank can be and should be stopped from denying their responsibility to the Association. Just as they will deal with the accounts of a deceased person the bank’s failure to handle this matter properly, responsibly and professionally, it is really not necessary for the inheritors of the Association to go after the nice mak chiks who have proven themselves far more competent and focused unlike their loser husbands. The new members/exco of Balkis should just go after the bank. Let the bank then go after the mak chiks.

54. fosgate - April 28, 2008

duit-duit-duit.. Tan Sri Khalid terlambat sikit untuk ambil duit tu. 🙂

55. admin - April 28, 2008

they’re clearly only interested in money not the rakyat…

56. jughead - April 28, 2008


Non-bumis cannot get scholarships to study. But will you give money to those desrving ones? You are malaysian and why not you chip in to help them? If no then the Associations will give help to them. Remember, the parents also donate some money to the associations. You are very selfish too. You blame them but not Engineers Malaysia. They have funds to give money to children of Engineers who do well in exams. Why dont you blame them too?

57. jim - April 29, 2008

seems to me there is some hankypanky on the balkis funds.this is criminal.pak lah should take action against these people

58. Bugisian - April 29, 2008

just bring them to court since they sound so heroic in ‘saving’ the funds. Let them prove it that every single sen spent to less fortunate as they claimed it, we the commoner really want to know. Dont waste our time reading news about this matter everyday where we put high expectation for the current state leaders to bring us forward. We know you guys need time, and we waited for the last 50 years and we can wait for another 10 years. Elizabeth, there are so many lawyers who believe in high ethic, morale and justice, let them handle it and you must go on with other agenda.

59. BU1 Resident - April 29, 2008

As far as I know this ex-Bukit Lanjan ADUN Ms.Yong has done absolutely NOTHING for the benefit of Bandar Utama resident beside attending opening ceremonies. All the works are carried out by our resident associations, with much kudos to them! How much allocation for the year 2008 did Bukit Lanjan get before GE12? To be left with RM2 is an insult! One would have understand if she has spend it on election campaigning. But did you see a lot of her election banners during GE12? I have a feeling she knows her days are numbered and decided might as well stash the doh for political winter.

60. Bandar Utama Resident - April 29, 2008

I am really impressed by ADUN Subang Jaya’s Hannah Yeoh. TOTAL ACCOUNTABILITY OF EVERY RM AND SEN collected and spent! Dear Elisabeth, this is what we hope you could emulate as examplery.

61. Damocles - April 30, 2008

“All these people if true to their deeds should be banished to Seychelles.” – ANM

What? Banish them to the Seychelles?
That’s a tourists’ haven!
They will surely enjoy their banishment!
I suggest Darfur, Sudan, Africa.
That’ll teach them a lesson!

62. Yani - May 1, 2008

This is truly disgusting…. WIshed someone would just hang those people by their necks. Heck I’ll do it myself if I could! Come on Pakatan Rakyat! You can unveil this disgusting act and them all to hell.

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