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Make us proud, comrades! April 27, 2008

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Tomorrow, 28 April 2008, will be the start of the most exciting Parliamentary session in decades.

My former boss, Dr. Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, will be the first woman Opposition leader in our history.
We have the most number of ‘Government-in-waiting’ MPs ever in history. Even my neighbour, Yusmadi will be sitting in the august hall.
My fabulous Suaram mates – R. Sivarasa, Tian Chua – will take their rightful place in the legislature.

Take no prisoners. Make us proud, comrades!


(AP) – Four months ago Tian Chua was arrested trying to enter the Parliament building to protest a Constitutional amendment that activists say would curtail civil rights.

But when Parliament reopens Monday, he will walk in with pride and dignity to take a seat for the next five years.

Chua is one of several unlikely opposition candidates, ranging from human rights activists to bloggers, who won the March 8 general elections that changed the face of Malaysian politics almost overnight.

For the first time since Malaysia’s independence in 1957, the opposition won a record 82 seats in the 222-member Parliament, many of them going to first-time candidates like Chua who were long considered by the government as nuisances and rabble-rousers.

The elections ended virtual one-party rule by the National Front coalition, giving a large chunk of Parliament to the opposition, which until now had only 19 seats.

Parliament «will be a very lively thing. It will resemble a two-party situation,» said Chua, who won a seat for the People’s Justice Party, one of three parties in the opposition People’s Alliance coalition.

After lawmakers are sworn in Monday, Parliament will be formally declared open by the king on Tuesday.

The People’s Alliance largely benefited from a protest vote against the National Front because of anger over a host of reasons _ discrimination faced by the ethnic Chinese and Indian minorities, corruption that subverted an affirmative action program for the majority Malays, inflation, and the general arrogance of ruling party members.

While the opposition put up professional politicians in the elections, it also fielded a large number of novices including Internet-savvy professionals, civil society members, human rights activists, and lawyers.

«Everybody is eager» for the new parliament to meet, said Mohammad Agus Yusoff, a political science professor at the National University of Malaysia. «It’s the first time in Malaysian political history … that so many new faces are in,» he said.

«Before this, the government MPs were complacent. This time around they don’t have the blank check anymore,» he said.

Among those who won on an opposition ticket is a prominent blogger, Jeff Ooi, who wrote fiery anti-government articles during the campaign, attracting a huge following in cyberspace. Many Malaysians turned to the Internet because the mainstream media are tightly controlled by the government.

«It’s only with the free flow of information that you get to weed out corruption and so on,» said Ooi, 52, a former advertising executive. «Parliament is going to be a noisy place … I think we are going to give the backbenchers a run for their money.

Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s son-in-law, Khairy Jamaluddin, who also won a seat in Parliament for the ruling party, once compared bloggers to «monkeys» living by the law of the jungle.

Nur Jazlan Mohamed, a colleague of Khairy, said he welcomed more debate in Parliament as long as it did not touch on sensitive issues such as race.

Lawmakers must know their limits, he said. «They must also be very careful what they say as not to make the other races, especially Malays, angry,» he said.

A surprise winner in the elections was Loh Gwo Burne, who had not even thought of entering politics until this year.

Loh shot to fame when he stepped forward as the person who had secretly filmed a lawyer, V.K. Lingam, allegedly brokering judicial appointments. Loh said when he took the video in 2001, it was not with the intention of exposing corruption but because he was bored and was testing his new camera’s capability.

Loh went to Lingam’s house with his father to discuss business matters and turned on the camera while the lawyer was discussing judicial appointments with someone on the phone. The video found its way to opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, who released it last September, making it a major weapon to flog the government with.

Loh said Anwar persuaded him to stand for elections for the People’s Justice Party.

«My political aspirations are about a month old now. I will try to do as much as I can. There is too much nonsense going on in the country,» said the 34-year-old businessman who recently moved back to Malaysia from Shanghai.

Now that he is allowed into the Parliament building, Chua said he would push to address civil liberty issues and corruption.

Altogether 11 opposition parliamentarians, including Chua have been imprisoned at one time or another under the Internal Security Act, which allows indefinite detention without trial, because their political activism allegedly made them security threats.

He and other new lawmakers have long campaigned to scrap the ISA and other laws that curtail freedom of expression.

Constitutional amendments, such as the one Chua got arrested protesting, can no longer be made easily.

The government needs a two-thirds parliamentary majority to make such changes, but after the devastating election losses, it now only possesses a simple majority.



1. monsterball - April 27, 2008

Will it be live TV?
If not ..fight for it gal.
Voters…like in USA and Britain are treated with live TV on Parliament sittings….as government respect the voters…and practice democracy….freedom of speeches…far far more advance than Malaysia….yet UMNO demands to be treated as equals..by these two countries….while treating thier own people… like animals….with tear gas and water cannons…to shut our mouths. UMNO have a track record….to do as they like….yet….ignored those who voted them in….except chosen malays.. They are very ungrateful people.

2. christopher raja selvan - April 27, 2008

Hai Eslisbeth,

My name is Christopher and I live in Country Homes Rawang . We voted for opposition this year . I sincerely thank you for the hard work you have put in thus far . Can you please let me know when you or William are haveing a get to know you session in Country Homes . I will try to drum up some support . We really want to meet with you and William .

Need any help pls call me . I am married with 2 kids but love to spare some little time to help in some way .

Pls also sms me your H/P number or your assistants number .

Again – my congrads ,

012 – 2180525

3. christopher raja selvan - April 27, 2008

All that the Umno guys are doing now is further alienating them . Hopefully they become dinosours by the next election . Pak Lah made a bad mistake but reappointing CORRUPT LEADERS SUCH Mohd son of Mohd.

We are really hoping and praying that PKR and Pas and Dap will not fight but rule even better than BN . It may be a mammoth task but in time you will be able to do it .

Pls appoint uncorrupted business people to lead in this transformation . There are many straight businessman . Also one of these pls adreess the Full Gospel Businessman’s fellowship which is made up of Christian businessman who practise no corruption .

Keep in touch


4. christopher raja selvan - April 27, 2008

1 final request . Pls help us to see what can be done for the road and bridge that comes from the Rawang Toll into country homes. Every day there is a jm in the evenings. After a simple rain even worse . We have been waiting for many years but BN govt bullshitted us and also our Residents assiocation. At a meeting with Samy Malu 2 years ago he informed that the project to widen the bridge over the highway was actually approved but now govt no money.

Pls ask him in Parliment . His arrogance and non commitment plus the scraps that were given out by Tan See Hang lead to thier defeat in Country Homes this time .

Give them hell !!!If you do , can belanja you teh tarik here in Country Homes !!


5. hasilox - April 28, 2008

As the opening ceremony, get some people to drag tian chua into the parliament this time 😛

6. ali seman - April 28, 2008

why use the word ‘comrades”. comrade mao had died, so is comrade lenin.

EW: On why dictionaries should not be used merely as bookends…:-
1. a person who shares in one’s activities, occupation, etc.; companion, associate, or friend.
2. a fellow member of a fraternal group, political party, etc.
3. a member of the Communist party or someone with strongly leftist views.

[Origin: 1585–95; < MF camarade < Sp camarada group of soldiers billeted together, equiv. to cámar(a) room (< L; see camera) + -ada < L -āta, fem. of -ātus -ate1]

7. Antares - April 28, 2008

Yabba-yabba-dooooooooo!!!! And cock-a-doodle-do too to the New Dawn for Malaysia!!!

Muuuuuuaaaaaaaah to my hottie ADUN as she takes one giant leap today with some of feistiest folks I know 🙂

8. monsterball - April 28, 2008

You better pakai chantik chantik..not like one having RM25 in bank account….but like a real towkay nio….hahahahahaha

9. raj raman - April 28, 2008


Hope uou are the one won the kota damansara or ikano area.Pls do attend to the parking problems created by owner / tenant of dataran sunway.

I believe the town council not interested in collecting revenue and due that the shopowner/tenant having good times of baricade whatever parking lots.

Raj raman.NO PARKING NO BUSINESS and somestimes petty things will help you long ways in political carrier.

10. Paul Warren - April 28, 2008

Comrade??? Come on Elisabeth. Am sure you can do better than that. Somehow it paints a not so nice picture if that is the attitude you are going to be taking. Those are words used to bind and compromise people into a certain predictable conduct. If that is what is expected, don’t expect me and probably a lot of us to be hanging around to support you guys the next time you need it. I hope to see and expect you guys also ready to protest and object to propositions of your socalled “comrades” if what is proposed is against your own conscience.

EW: See reference to wordy tome above.

11. liong - April 28, 2008

Out here in London,there is nothing wrong with the word comrade.It means solidarity especially among the have nots. Well a lot of Malaysians are have-nots.With the new MP’s in place lets hope for some re-distribution.
Right on comrades.

12. ghenjis khan - April 28, 2008

Comrade Liz Wong,

So you are welcoming all your comrades to the new Duma of the Peoples Assembly this morning !

Long live Comrades Marx, Trostky, Lenin, & Mao Ze Dong !

[ ok you Malaysian workers get back to your sickle and go plant some more rice in the Communes and you factory workers get back with your hammer to iron out tractors and tanks .. long live the revolution !]

13. cuddlyfamily - April 28, 2008

Elizabeth, sorry to post a comment but it’s been very difficult to reach you or your political assistants.

please email or call or SMS me soon?

14. Dy - April 28, 2008

Do your job..The people would expect you to do.Thats why people voted you in.All this numbskull will not be able to say things that hurt the nation. Be brave .

15. caravanserai - April 28, 2008

Friends of the people
Now the time to light out darkness
In Parliament see what you can do
The people wait………..

‘Comrades’ died in Mao Tze Tong
Communists had laid down arms
It is back to peaceful coexistence
In Malaysia political landscape

Friends of the people
You got our votes
Don’t let us down for nothing
Bring up issues relevant to the country
Ask for changes; do for the common folks
No more about personal glory

The hard knocks come to play
Nothing to hide now nothing to run
You have our votes
So make it works

The work is just beginning
The hard works on the streets
Be with the people
BN will fall this year
Else in the next GE 13

Now in Parliament
Light the dark
Let the shaft of rays shine brightly
Friends of the people
This is your day

16. Suhaimi Bin Abdul Wahab - April 28, 2008

Miss Eli,

The ADUN DAP of Subang Jaya has already announced the ‘peruntukan’ that she get for year 2008 and the former ADUN BN of Subang Jaya also declare how he had spent his peruntukan. So do you get any for Bukit Lanjan? Will you declare on your blog on how you have spent the peruntukan? Thank you.

EW: Mr Umno Desa Jaya, why don’t you ask your old boss why the bulk of the allocation was spent during election period? Was this expenditure put in the SPR election expenditure? Ditto for all your Umno ADUNs. But please thank her/BN Bukit Lanjan for leaving RM 2.00. These days, after your lot plundered RM 27 million in Jan-Feb 2008, every little bit counts.

17. ANM - April 28, 2008

To all our new colleagues are in Parliament, especially the PR :
” KEEP THE FLAME OF TRUTH, JUSTICE AND RIGHTEOUSNESS BURNING ” and never let it flicker . I have anxiously awaited fifty years for this, as I want to see Malaysia be a democratic country in all aspects and a multi-racial at heart. Give the BN fellows a run for their money.

18. novice101 - April 28, 2008

A plea from a member of the electorate.

Dear members of parliament, all I want is a peaceful and harmonious country. Please always have the love of our country in your hearts no matter what you undertake from this day onward.

Please help to have the riches of our country distributed equally to all segments of society. Spread joy and happiness to one and all, young and old.

Please have a heart for the senior citizens in our society who need help and care. Make their remaining years pleasant and carefree, appreciate the contributions they have made to our country.

Spare a thought for the poor and struggling families that exist in this nation of ours. Most of the time, they are voiceless, lend them your voice. Let their plight be known in parliament and help bring them the necessary assistance for them to create a decent life.

Do not forget the young, help build a healthy environment so that youthful talents can blossom. Help to create an environment that is free of drugs and pornography. Put your talents together to see that quality education is provided to the future leaders of our country.

Allow good sense and decency to be your guides in whatever you do from today. Always be aware and conscious of your prime duty – to help to unite the people and to do your best to discard all words and deeds that can disunite the people

19. james - April 28, 2008

I do hope BA keeps it nose clean. Already I have a businessman friend that people from the other side wanting to “talk” business.

Do run the constituency with highest integrity; that I pray.

20. Vincent Ho - April 29, 2008

A great dawn has risen for Malaysian politics and for its people. Let the MPs (BN and PR) work for the betterment of the people who voted them and not of self.

Let us who are not in Parliment also do our part…and not be arm-chair or kopitiam politician. Let us learn of our surroundings and get the uncensored news of our country, policies, state/local government (both BN and PR) and be serious with the going-on of it (Malaysia).

It’s a waste of time and saliva if we just talk about the victory that we achieved (March 8) and got lost in the Victory celebration or euphoria. The people both BN and PR supporters need Elected Representatives that work for them, rather then those who talk or pass judgment about the past. Time to do what you are elected for. “By the People, For the People.”

We are so much better than most of our neighbours i.e. Myanmar. Such peaceful country. Let us work together to bring a Bangsa Malaysia into the world.

Point to Note: Christopher Raja Selvan – the MIC president didn’t win his seat in Sg Siput thus he wont be in Parliment as MP. BN has a new Works Minister. Please check your facts before you shoot your mouth. Thanks.

21. Paul Warren - April 30, 2008

Those definitions you are referring me to does not explain my discomfort. Read again my concern. My concern most definitely shows understanding of its definition. It is the expectations that are assumed that follow on from the use of comradeship that worries….Some how I don’t se you as one who would have comrades….you sure would have friends…and with friends you don’t have expectations.

EW: Paul, surely you are not suggesting I am too feeble-minded to discern between the two?

22. Paul Warren - May 2, 2008

Then why refer me to definitions? And certainly, my dear, I meant no disrespect….and no you are certainly not feeble-minded either. That is why operating a business in your area of responsibility has already cost me ensuring my effluents fall within permitted levels. Not that we were tardy before this…Just got a little more vigilant, that is all.

23. Suhaimi Bin Abdul Wahab - May 2, 2008

Miss Eli,

Thanks for not answering my questions.

So to answer your questions, that ‘ah so’ is not my boss. I don’t know how to reach her and i don’t know how she spent the expenditure. And I also cannot deliver your thanks to her since I am unable to contact her.

I knew about the ‘RM2.00’ by the way.

So now can you please answer my earlier questions?

Thank you.

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