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Stars a-shining in Parliament April 29, 2008

Posted by elizabethwong in 1.

The stars of the new Parliament session 🙂
To think – many years ago, I was tempted to pull Izzah’s ears, because the (then) kiddo wanted me to buy her apple juice … minutes before we were about to board the plane.

Super-cool newly minted Opposition Leader Dr. Wan Azizah with her anti-ISA badge next to Izzah. Also worn by other Members of Parliament from People’s Alliance (Pakatan Rakyat) including Dr. Jayakumar), the dragon-slayer of Sungai Siput.

(pics from The Sun)


1. monsterball - April 29, 2008

Yes…..a wonderful sight to see.
They are voted in for better democratic rights…and to unite us all.
They voted in..including Liz….not only to wear badges or make promises..but to deliver to us….what we heard them say…..massive corruptions….exposed them with facts..and get them into jail.
Without..few convicted…..Malaysia will have crooks with great titles….teaching Malaysians how to suck eggs.
We have enough!! That’s why 81 one of you and controlling 5 States is the start..to make your job easier .to win full control ..next election.
Yes…enjoy your first Parliament experience as somebody….as a powerful force. I love to watch live TV…see how you all speak…but not given. I guess UMNO is still afraid to be democratic with their low level parliamentarians….against oppositions.
Dollah have ears…that cannot hear well. DOLLAH…… WE WANT LIVE TV ON PARLIAMENT SITTINGS!
CONGRATULATIONS….to all of you!!

2. monsterball - April 29, 2008

No Samy…big mouth in Parliament….is a nice feeling.
UMNO big mouth…Nazri’s volumn…shut up?
Big mouth….but no balls…Hussein Jr. ..trying to be an actor….really opening his mouth..like a whale.trying to friten..me.. china..with his keris act…now say sorri? Me no belif..but nice feelings…to see him humble himself. I guess he is also trying to win People’s Alliance friendship…not to investigate on his past crooked deals?
Big mouth…Toyo.. out…but is yelling and swearing….defending his wife’s actions.
Ong Ka Ting….is a puppet to Ling Liong Sik….with small insignificant mouth…made way for younger brother…with bigger mouth. So lets hear him talk.
The stage is set….for serious stuffs ..or what??

3. yapchongyee - April 29, 2008

A democracy can only exist if there is rule of law. In Malaysia there is no rule of law and judges freely disrespect and ignore the law. I ask that members of Parliament take upon themselves an obligation to their constituents to advocate that Judges face legal prosecutions when they as judges breach any provisions of the Malaysian Penal code.

Judges have the duty to interpret the laws, but in Malaysia Judges wrongly believe that they can do as they wish and as a consequence, Judges themselves commit criminal offences by their usupation of the law; they in the process become lagislators themselves. This charade has gone on for much too long because for the past 50 years UMNO had been the government and nobody has the temerity to question this arrogance.

I call on the Members of Parliament of Partai Pakatan Rakyat to expose those judges who are guilty of this illegal & unlawful practice.

4. mohd - April 29, 2008

dont they just look sweet and charming!

5. ANM - April 29, 2008

After all the tribulations a symbol of unity and progression ” Viva Malaysia “. The face of the next PM for Malaysia Datin Seri Azizah. No gender based politics anymore…………….

6. Shawn - April 29, 2008

Congratulations! Definitely the choice of the nation! I believe she will make a great minister. Don’t be those kind that is extremist in dealing with issues. Deal it with what is for the people.

7. Suhaimi Bin Abdul Wahab - April 29, 2008

Another “Kerajaan 3 Beranak” – the PKR version

EW: Undoubtedly, intelligence, charm and talent came our way.

8. lovemalaysiaforever - April 29, 2008

It would be a fairer debates in the Parliament especially issues involves women discriminations. A Big Congratulations to All of You! Keep up good works and prove to the arrogants that the new appointed pioneers can really voice out the grievance of the rakyat and action/attention should be given for a brighter Malaysia.

9. xyz - April 29, 2008

Dear Lizzie,

You should be more prudent in putting up comments from people who talk nothing but rubbish.I am of course referring to the two top comments put up by one called monsterball. Those who have read Raja Petra’s blog Malaysia Today can tell you that this chap called monsterball made a fool of himself.Just go to the archives to get what I mean.He was full of praise of PM Badawi and UMNO, saying a lot of things that makes one’s hair stand on end. He was what one would call a bodek ampu par excellence or in his own words, ball carrier.

Now he starts to attack the very people in UMNO/BN whose balls he used to carry, and in the same vein praise the very people whom he used to condemn!

If you could delete his nonsensical comments from your blog, it would make many people who want to see sound credible views better.

10. Rakyat Merana - April 29, 2008

Congratulations! To ALL Pakatan Rakyat Warriors! Is the beginning journey of the taking over of the New Government soon….Now is JUST the rehearsals time!!! To get the feel of it first!

ALL PR warriors…Get READY to HAMMER & EXPOSED those sinful practices by those UMNOputras-BN Punks!!! DON’T HOLD BACK & TEACH THEM THE LEARNS!!!



11. Computer Whiz - April 29, 2008

How cute.

12. monsterball - April 29, 2008

Did Anwar wear a one size too small songkok?
So used to see him without one. It looks like he purposely wore a one side too small….to look like a clown with songkok…giving out a message…to Malaysians….. with a smile..and the message is….
” Hi folks!! If I am PM…songkok is optional to muslims. Look….how idiotic I look with it!”

13. Suhaimi Bin Abdul Wahab - April 29, 2008

Oops…he he he

There goes my freedom of speech…

14. Muhammad Ali - April 29, 2008


Hope you dont miss this video

15. hasilox - April 29, 2008

Obviously now cannot pull her ears already….bcoz… they are hidden behind tudung. lol

16. thanaif - April 30, 2008

Keperihatinan adalah asas-asas yang membina idea dan menjelaskan perjuangan yang membina interaksi yang menghubungkan kesepaduan, telah berakar umbi ke peringkat marhaen untuk dihasilkan paradigma penuntutan reformasi berbagai sudut dan bidang sesuai dengan tuntutan alaf.
Tanah air menuntutnya dan atas usaha perjuangan dan doa,harapan berada di dalam ketentuan Allah.

Apabila sesuatu itu memang menjadi hak yang telah ditentukan, ia tetap akan menjadi milik mengikut apa ang telah ditentukan.

17. seankan - April 30, 2008

Hi, there.

I read your blog often and new to blogging. Here’s a question unrelated to your article, but rather on using WordPress to blog.

How do yo create the “badge” at the side? Like the image of “Free Nat Now” and “Bloggers United: No Fear”.

Hope you can help. Thanks.

18. sandyow - April 30, 2008

Pictures may paint a thousand words, but if it’s all talk and no action, what different are these leaders compared to the others that already not doing their work before.

MPs, serve us well, no matter what party you’re from. Work for the people to build up malaysia!

19. james - April 30, 2008

I agree with xyz’s observations. Monsterball not only talks rubbish but uses vulgarities and obscenities as well. You should ban people from using vulgar and obscene language

20. nonis - May 2, 2008


Stop making fun of the songkok and the way Anwar wears it. It has got nothing to do with the topic on this blog. The one who is idiotic is you as your comment on Anwar shows

21. disturbed reader - May 3, 2008

monsterball maybe does live up to his name… u know….. big u know…. monsterball, pls shut up if u have nothing better to say and dont spam blogs with your obsceneties… and u may want to change your name to bebola gergasi…..

22. Daniel CWT - May 6, 2008

“The stars of the new Parliament session” – What the..? Ni Parlimen lah, bukan Academy Awards!

“To think – many years ago, I was tempted to pull Izzah’s ears, because the (then) kiddo wanted me to buy her apple juice … minutes before we were about to board the plane.” – Uih, masa ni belum jadi pemimpin lagi dah pandai buli dan mempergunakan orang? Apa nak buat…like father like dotter la kan..hehe…Tapi takpe, kalau muka cantik, buat perangai pun orang tetap suka.

Anyway selamat berjuang wahai pengikut-pengikut “Kerajaan Tiga Beranak – the PKR Version”!

Hey Suhaimi, pinjam you punya quote 🙂

23. rakyat - May 10, 2008

It is better for monsterball not to say anything at all than to spew rubbish making a fool of himself and exposing his ignorance to all and sundry

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