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Tan Kee Kwong, Nik Mohd Zain head Selangor Land Taskforce May 29, 2008

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Er… Najib tells Tan Kee Kwong to resign from his party.
I didn’t realise he was a member or advisor of Gerakan?

On Wednesday’s state exco meeting, I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Tan Kee Kwong and Dr Nik Mohd Zain Nik Mohd Yusof who will head the Selangor Task Force on Land Management. One could tell they were decent, capable people ready to take on this unenviable job. They spoke succinctly, with calm soft tones during their introduction to us. I like them already.

Not surprisingly, the media zeroed in on the fact that Dr. Tan is a member of Gerakan, though it should not even be of any consequence, as oppose to the dire need for sorting out land matters in Selangor. The issue at hand is the mess that is of the state’s land management, not partisan politics. Both men are capable in handling the task force. Why not?

So, here’s hoping the advisor of Gerakan won’t ‘sai how sui’ and go pffstff pffftsss ffftss… 😀

FT Gerakan Chief Confirms Taking Up Pakatan Rakyat’s Offer
By Alan Ting
KUALA LUMPUR, May 28 (Bernama) — Federal Territory Gerakan chief Datuk Dr Tan Kee Kwong Wednesday confirmed that he has accepted an offer from the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) controlled Selangor government to head a special task force on land management.

Tan, 61, a former deputy minister, has followed the example of former Gerakan deputy secretary-general Datuk Lee Kah Choon, who accepted the PR Penang government’s offer to head two key state agencies – InvestPenang and Penang Development Corporation.

“Yes, I have taken up the offer to be joint chairman of the six-member task force.

I’m thankful to the Selangor Government for the trust they have placed in me and to tap on my experience in dealing with land matters.

“A lot of things need to be done and we have been given three months to come out with a report to the Selangor government on the matter of land titles,” he told Bernama when contacted late Wednesday night.

Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim Wednesday evening announced the formation of the task force comprising six members to be jointly chaired by Tan and Datuk Dr Nik Mohd Zain Nik Mohd Yusof.

Tan was deputy land and cooperative development minister from 1999 to 2004 while Mohd Zain had been the ministry’s director-general from 1996 to 2002.

Asked why he decided to accept the offer, Dr Tan said: “As you know, I have always been seen as the “thorn in the flesh” or “trouble maker in the party”.

“I have tried to do something for Gerakan but have always been regarded as the person who went against the system. I’m already 61 years old now and I’m pleased that Tan Sri Khalid appreciates my past experience. My party does not appreciate me,” he added.

Asked whether he would resign from Gerakan, Dr Tan said: “Let the party leaders see the news Thursday and I will wait to see what they are going to do”.

Meanwhile, Gerakan secretary-general Datuk Seri Chia Kwang Chye, when contacted, said the party would like to hear from Dr Tan himself on his decision to accept the Selangor government offer before making any statement.

“Until then, that is my comment. Until now, we have not received any notification from him,” he said.



(Malay Mail) Sitting heats up on last day May 27, 2008

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Selangor State Assembly > Sitting heats up on last day

27 May 2008

THERE were several angry moments on the closing day.

Gombak Setia Assemblyman Datuk Dr Hassan Mohamed Ali got heated up while he spoke of carpet being ripped off from the floor and sparse furniture when he took office after the swearing-in ceremony.

An angry Dr Hassan asked: “Apa ini? (What’s this?)” Speaker Teng Chang Kim quickly interjected asking Dr Hassan to calm down.

“Jangan marah sangat, nanti darah tinggi (Don’t be so angry, or you’ll have high blood pressure),” said Teng, drawing laughter from the House.

Bukit Lanjan Assemblyman Elizabeth Wong was also aggressive but with Templer Park’s Datuk Subahan Kamal who wanted to interject during her winding-up speech.

Subahan was harshly refused by Wong, who is also the Tourism, Consumer Affairs and Environment exco, who sternly said: “Saya tak akan memberi laluan kepada budak-budak suruhan Menteri Pelancongan (I’m not giving way to the Tourism Minister’s lackeys).” Wong’s speech also prompted Sekinchan’s Ng Suee Lim to ask if there were plans to turn the Exco Village in Section 7, Shah Alam into a tourist attraction.

“The State Government can generate revenue from entry fees into the Exco Village as I am sure many members of the public are eager to see what it is like in there. They can see for themselves an example of corruption,” said Ng, who was applauded by fellow Assemblymen.

Whether in jest or otherwise, Wong replied she would bring the idea up with the menteri besar, adding there were similar suggestions for Istana Zakaria.

This prompted Morib’s Hasiman Sidom to ask if the new pig farms can also be included, to which Wong replied: “We will certainly consider your suggestion.”

History May 26, 2008

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On 8th March 2008, Malaysians made history at the ballot box.

Tonight, during the extended sitting of the 12th session of the Selangor State Assembly, we witnessed history in the making.

For the first time since 1960 (the year in which the Internal Security Act (ISA) was passed), a motion against the ISA and for the release of state assemblyman Manoharan (Kota Alam Shah) and other political detainees was moved in a Malaysian legislature, debated and passed!

Those who contributed to the debate were Lau Weng San (Bkt Tunku), Dr. Nasir Hashim (Kota Damansara), Saari Sungib (Ulu Klang), Gan Pei Nee (Rawang), Hannah Yeoh (Subang Jaya), Nik Nazmi (Seri Setia) and Amir Sari (Batu Caves). Those who witnessed the debates included Aliza, wife of Saari Sungib and Manoharan’s wife too. (Suaram – where were you on this momentous night??)

A step for Pakatan Rakyat, a giant leap for human rights in Malaysia.

“Here in my home” May 25, 2008

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A gift to the nation. From those who love Malaysia to those who feel the same.

This video should be mandatory viewing for politicians, from both divides, including those retired, axed, elected or otherwise.

Multi-lingual versions out soon. Please support Malaysian Artistes for Unity.


BN guide to “101 on crushing the dreams of our youths” May 25, 2008

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Hands up, everyone who had once dreamt of being a doctor, to help society, cure diseases, world peace etc.

(Even I once taped a paper cutting of an article on ‘Flying Doctors’ next to my bed for a full year when I was a student, to inspire me while dreaming of helping the poor and marginalised, alongside other possible occupations eg. being an agriculturist, writer, artist, quantum physicist etc.)

Today, a 17 year old from my state constituency Bukit Lanjan, despite having 12 As, was told he couldn’t qualify a JPA scholarship, evidently based on his ethnicity. He too dreams of being a doctor and to be of service to society. And despite the recent announcement by the Ministry of Education that all those 9As and above will be recipients, our young friend still has not received an new offer from MoE.

He is not the only one out there.

Our young friend has penned a most articulate letter to Malaysiakini as a result:-

The signals are clear for BN that it needs to reform after the massive vote of no-confidence especially in Peninsular Malaysia. Alas, there are none so blind as those who will not see.

DSAI on TDM May 20, 2008

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Press Statement
20th May 2008

Tun Dr. Mahathir’s decision to leave Umno today is indicative of Umno’s worsening crisis, where leaders continue to bicker and fight, while the welfare of ordinary Malaysians are increasingly neglected.

The internal problems of Umno are clearly deteriorating beyond any hope of recovery. Nonetheless, we must avoid being trapped by personal agendas to replace weak leaders with corrupt ones.

In view of the worsening crisis, any and all Malaysians of conscience who are concerned for the continued stability, prosperity or unity of the country are invited to join KeADILan and Pakatan Rakyat and pursue our shared ideals for a better, united Malaysia.


Kenyataan Media
20 Mei 2008

Keputusan Tun Dr. Mahathir untuk keluar dari Umno hari ini mencerminkan krisis Umno yang kian merosot, di mana pemimpin saling berebut dan bercakaran, manakala rakyat semakin tidak terbela.

Masalah dalaman Umno semakin parah dan jelas tiada harapan untuk pulih. Walaubagaimanapun, kita mesti mengelakkan dari terperangkap dengan agenda peribadi untuk menggantikan pemimpin yang lemah dengan pemimpin yang rasuah.

Memandangkan masalah dalaman Umno yang semakin merudum, semua rakyat Malaysia yang prihatin dengan kestabilan, kemajuan dan perpaduan masa depan negara dijemput menyertai KeADILan dan Pakatan Rakyat untuk merealisasikan visi bersama untuk bersatu demi memulihkan Malaysia.


Live webcast: Selangor state assembly from Wednesday May 20, 2008

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In the interest of transparency and good governance, the sitting of the Selangor state assembly will be Live webcast-ed at http://www.selangor.gov.my starting Wednesday.

Not just the first half hour (that’s just warm up), but available in its entirety 😀

What in store?
Balkis, abandoned projects, land scam from previous regime, Teng Chang Khim in full Speaker regalia, Khir Toyo not looking too happy (jeng, jeng, jeng!) etc.

Enjoy the fireworks!

(Schedule will be posted later today)


Wednesday (approx 9 am – 10 am) – Sessions adjourns for the day after the Royal Address from the Sultan of Selangor

Thursday: 10 – 11 am Question Time; 11-12.30 pm Debate on the Royal Address; 12:30-2.30 pm Lunch; 2.30-4 pm Debate continutes

Friday: 10 – 11 am Question Time; 11-12.30 pm Debate continues; 12:30 pm Session adjourns til Monday.

Monday: As Thursday.

In addition, there will be a motion moved by Pakatan Rakyat backbencher Lau Weng San calling for the release of Manoharan (Kota Alam Shah) and all other ISA detainees.

Mahathir follows tradition of ex-PMs May 19, 2008

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Tun Dr. Mahathir’s opting to get out from UMNO should not have surprised anyone.

The question was not ‘why’ but ‘when’, as it followed the age-old tradition of former Prime Ministers and/or ex-UMNO presidents (with the exception of the late Tun Razak who passed away when in office).

Datuk Onn Jaafar.
Tunku Abdul Rahman.
Tun Hussein Onn.

The gift of clarity descended only when they were not in power.

It remains to be seen if sitting Members of Parliament from his faction will leave the party too en masse, which must naturally be led by his son, Mukriz “May 13 was a blessing….” Mahathir. (Sorry, but ex-MB Sanusi Junid doesn’t quite make the grade.)

The future which will see the first woman Prime Minister in the short history of our country is in sight. 🙂

Terror and torture of trainees May 16, 2008

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(Warning – distressing and shocking scenes on video)


One could hear those young trainees wailing and crying out in pain.

What have you got to say, Najib – Defence Minister? How long has this been going on? Will we see the Prime Minister ordering an expeditious enquiry and prosecution? Please don’t pretend this was the first time the Government has heard about this.

And if this is happening to our own citizens, just imagine how asylum-seekers and undocumented workers are being treated in our detention camps.

Charge ’em. Charge the oil palm plantation owner who allowed this on his/her property. Make Malaysia a torture-free country.

Petra (2) May 7, 2008

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Free Petra, Abolish Sedition ActI spoke to Petra briefly on Monday night, just before boarding the plane, to express my solidarity and to apologise for not being able to be in court on Tuesday. He did not indicate at anytime that he would forgo bail and sit it out until his trial.

So imagine the stir at the Dubai travel fair when some Malaysians received SMS about this. After the political tsunami of 8 March, one imagines the Government has learnt its lesson. Guess not .”Perjuangan belum selesai“.

The Sedition Act should have been abolished decades ago. I recall having written, in some of SUARAM’s past annual human rights reports, that it is kept to stifle oppositional and dissident views. So long as it remains, our relative and limited freedoms are illusory.

Justice for Altantuya.
Free Petra. Free Malaysia.