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Khirs go mum May 2, 2008

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“The RM9.9mil in the Balkis bank account transferred to the Association of Wives of Ministers and Deputy Ministers (Bakti), was done in accordance with the organisation’s constitution and accounted for, as the auditor had finalised the 2007 accounts.”
– Former Selangor MB Khir Toyo in The Star, 28 April 2008.

On Monday, a press statement was faxed by the Auditors of Balkis:-

In a statement issued today, chartered accountant Yee Choon Kong said Balkis failed to send in its financial records for last year including bank statements, official receipt books, payment vouchers, supporting documents, fixed deposit receipts, minutes of meetings, details of membership and subscription list.

“My firm, on a number of occasions, had called Balkis treasurer Suraimi Haji Sapuan to request them to send in (these documents) to our office to enable us to conduct the annual financial audit in respect of the financial year ending Dec 31, 2007.

“Our calls to the treasurer remain unanswered and thereby confirm that the financial statements of Balkis remain unaudited. Neither have I issued a signed audit report (for last year) nor have I finalised Balkis accounts before its funds were transferred,” he explained.
Malaysiakini, 28 April 2008

On Monday evening, I was informed by some reporters that Mr & Mrs Khir Toyo had declined to give any further comments, as advised by their lawyers.



1. nstman - May 2, 2008

Mrs Toyo said she consulted eminent lawyers before she embarked on her historic mission to save her organisation. If this is the case, then a robber can consult a lawyer before robbing people. Either Mrs Toyo is a mutt or the people of Malaysia are stupid.

2. K S Ong - May 2, 2008

I have come to the conclusion not to believe public statements, especially by BN leaders published by BN-controlled press.

Over a period of time, some leaders just lost whatever credibility they have left.

The internet gave us other sources of information before forming our opinions.

3. bruce - May 2, 2008

Good luck to all these BN liars…. Trying to be a good guy in the eye of law and rakyat.. May BN down in the coming 13th Election.

4. john - May 2, 2008

Balkis must have changed auditors or Khir Toyo must be lying. I wonder which?

5. james - May 2, 2008

Toyo is a four letter word!

6. George - May 2, 2008

They (BN) still have not learn any lesson from the recently concluded GE 2008 and all efforts for them to cover up or to deny their wrongdoings to the rakyat and thinking that rakyat are all stupid… Many cases have been reported, land scams in Penang & Selangor, cancellation of memorandum of Tourism board at 4 opposition states, Delaying the 2nd Penang Bridge, promise of building of 6 new chinese school during election campaign in total silence now, Balkis and Bungah Tanjung fund transfer and disolvement, to cancel Live telecast of Dewan Rakyat, to conderm Selangor state effort to centralise pig farm, Mahkota Cheras access road issue, abandoned housing projects at Selangor and etc showing how bad damage BN had done to our country…

Why should we believe them (BN) anymore…. Si Toyo and his wife should be ashamed of what they both have done and Almighty God will not forgive you for the sin and sufferring that you and your gang did to rakyat.

7. sandyow - May 2, 2008

KS Ong, firstly you have to undersatnd even the info on the internet are not entirely true. Some are the average joe’s opinions and some unverified statements from who knows where resources. SO it’s up to us to make our individual judgements by taking in all sides of the story.

And it is unfair that you group all of “BN leaders” into one category. There are good and trsustworthy BN leaders too as a matter of fact. Try not to be unfairly judgemental of everyone as a whole.

8. jelas.info » RPK under investigation? Abdullah’s pre-emptive conspiracy? - May 2, 2008

[…] Najib really so confident to have this matter highlighted more and issue such categorical denials? (even Khir Toyo knows when to shut up) What if that famous picture actually turns […]

9. Achila - May 2, 2008

Dear George

I dont think that they have not learn the lesson…only that they have too many to admit…I mean come on…I dont believe that khir would simply admit what he / his wife doing is wrong…then he wouldnt be a good robber lah…but as i say they have a lot to conceal so only time would be the factor for the people to discover the truth…Hopefully the new MB would do a good job informing us the people…

10. Vincent Ho - May 2, 2008

Dear George and Achilla

I do hope that the new MB does that…hehehe…informing the people all wrongdoings…and he mustn’t forget that he’s also under the same microscope.

11. shawn - May 3, 2008

You can just listen plainly to any tom, dick and harry who just come by your way. There are good people in BN and you can’t generalize them. It is not fair. rite?

12. artic turban - May 6, 2008

The problem with toyol and his ilk is they think the can always lie, but the sad truth is you are no more in office eventhough it is alleged 3 lorryloads of documents disappeared, will he be charged under osa?, now about these muts of balkis, it is sad to note that there are people who will cheat and swindle under the name of helping the poor but in actual fact they help themselves. my impression of balkis and simmilar organisations is it is a vehicle for kickbacks, the wives than go for shopping under the guise of work-study tours to foreign lands. everyone knows, those in the business and corporate sector how things work. these people are parasites and pirates of the first degree, the noveau rich but through corrupt means with kampung mentality and such vulgar taste.

13. jughead - May 16, 2008

So what happen to the money now? All NATO? All happy and sweep under the carpet?

14. Chleong - February 17, 2009

Shame on you…. BN let all the Malaysian down!!!!!

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