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Manoharan May 2, 2008

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Human Rights, Malaysia, Politics.
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M. Manoharan, the State Assemblyman of Kota Alam Shah will be sworn in on 8th May, 9 am at the Kamunting Detention Camp in the presence of Selangor Speaker, Teng Cheng Khim.

With our MPs and more importantly, the public, applying constant pressure in Parliament for the release of the HINDRAF-5, we hope Mano will be joining us soon.

GMI (Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA) is running a postcard campaign to free them and all others who remain in detention without trial. For sale are little anti-ISA button badges which Pakatan Rakyat legislators will be wearing too. Please contact Nalini (email: suaram@suaram.net) if you wish to help with the signature campaign and to obtain the button badges.



1. padman - May 2, 2008

ya, in this country if you show your frustration to the government by peacefully demonstrating, you will be termed as terrorist and if the citizens elect you to sit in the state assemblies or parliament, you will hve to be sworn in while locked up in jail( the result of peaceful demonstrating). I see such government behaviour in communist China of late.

2. su - May 2, 2008

Great to see Pakatan Rakyat working closely with GMI on this ISA issue.

Keep up the good work. We’ll be waiting for some good news.

3. anjali - May 2, 2008

I beg to the authorities, please release them as soon as possible. Look at the children and wives of the detained 5, cant you feel the guilt feelings of separating their beloved ones not anywhere else but in JAIL !.. We know they will be out, but why not make it as fast as possible.. The eagerness to watch them being released is the moment being waited not only by the family members but also precious moment by millions of Indians in Malaysia..
To all Indians, do pray for the HIndraf5 and also for the justice..

4. Suhaimi Bin Abdul Wahab - May 2, 2008

Miss Eli,

What time you at the Pusat Khidmat Rakyat at Taman Ehsan?
Can you put at sidebar what time you’ll be available at pusat khidmat?
Also delete/update the GE12 schedule, it’s May already. Can you?

Thank you.

5. nonis - May 2, 2008

Keeping Manoharan under ISA detention after he had won a seat in the general election does injustice to all those who had voted for him. The govt should release Manoharan and the 4 Hindraf leaders immediately as the people know that they are not a security threat as the govt says

6. monsterball - May 4, 2008

People have spoken!
They voted M. Manoharan.
Dollah said he got big eyes and ears…yet hear not or see any…disrespecting peoples choice….point blank. I don’t know any country…have ever jail one…been elected at all. The moment Madella was elected in South Africa…he was recognized and released.
I guess cunning Dollah is testing the patience of Malaysians.hoping we will walk and demonstrate by the hundreds of thousands,…giving him another excuse to create fear factor…a weapon…UMNO use .. to win elections. Mahathir keep fanning for Malay unity.
Previously..he divided the Malays…now he want all to unite..unite for what??
Lets not fall into UMNO’s plan. Lets be calm..especially the Indians.
Remember..those 5 supports non violence …like Mahatma.
Lets shame UMNO with our love and smiles…pitying them.for being such low class politicians.

7. Kwandao - May 5, 2008

Tahniah YB Monoharan. masuk jail tetap menang PRU. kuasa rakyat yang menentukan.

jangan lupa tanggungjawab sebagai wakil rakyat….

8. bamboo river - May 6, 2008

Sigh, here we have our ADUN detained at Kamunting whom will be sworn in on the 8th.
Today we have RPK being ordered to present himself in court for Sedition.
This country system is going going going downwards.
Eli, please get photos of YB Manoharan being sworn in.

9. lockman - May 6, 2008

Miss Elizabeth Wong,

I found the following entry on DSAI blog about the present S’gor exco member. I forwarded it to her bog but after moderation, I guess it was deleted.

Dato’ Seri dan Tan Sri Khalid,

Kenapa Exco Selangor, YB Rodziah saling tak tumpah ikut perangai UMNO..???

Pertama kali masuk meeting dgn Jab Masyarakat, terus bawak masuk 2 org consultant IT dan mengarahkan system IT jabatan itu akan ditukar baru.

Kenapa YB Rodziah tak pernah lihat sistem lagi terus nak tukar?
Kenapa tak tanya keberkesanan sistem itu berjalan ???
Kenapa bawa masuk consultant itu dalam mesyuarat ??
Kenapa tak tanya bajet mencukupi atau tidak ??
Dimana ketelusan ???? Dimana keadilan untuk consultant yg lain ???
Apa bukti keberkesanan sistem consultant berkenaan ???
Kenapa?? Kenapa ???? Adakah ini perangai orang JIM..???

10. samx - May 9, 2008

Will you as a fellow State Assembly Person start a “Release the YB” campaign on a national or international level?

YB = Yang Berkhidmat (serving time?)

EW: GMI (and many legislators are associated with this organisation) is already working on this, and they started first in Parliament, and will move to the Selangor state assembly next week.

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