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Petra (2) May 7, 2008

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Democracy, Human Rights, Malaysia, Note2Self, Politics.
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Free Petra, Abolish Sedition ActI spoke to Petra briefly on Monday night, just before boarding the plane, to express my solidarity and to apologise for not being able to be in court on Tuesday. He did not indicate at anytime that he would forgo bail and sit it out until his trial.

So imagine the stir at the Dubai travel fair when some Malaysians received SMS about this. After the political tsunami of 8 March, one imagines the Government has learnt its lesson. Guess not .”Perjuangan belum selesai“.

The Sedition Act should have been abolished decades ago. I recall having written, in some of SUARAM’s past annual human rights reports, that it is kept to stifle oppositional and dissident views. So long as it remains, our relative and limited freedoms are illusory.

Justice for Altantuya.
Free Petra. Free Malaysia.


1. Halim - May 8, 2008

Tried to goto Malaysia Today. Couldn’t get in. Other sites working fine. Do you know what’s happening? Did they finally close down MT?

2. bigbadwoof - May 8, 2008

I’m a M’sian who’s unfornately, self imposed excile in Berkeley, Calif. has rendered me a mere armchair spectator but its has prompted me to put in my 2 cents worth I’ve been avidly been following the judiaciary system since the post election it has make for “soap opera” interesting reading with such beguiling cast of characters it might not be a fair comparison the last experience I’d was The Italian post war industrial revolution when the Italians had to face up to its Facist and communisim past granted the issues are not parallel humbly, if I may in anyway helped to bring to light rpk struggle pls illuminate me


We are back .to the laws of the jungle.
Fear factor did not work.
It is UMNO fearing………not the Malaysians.
I just hope RPK will stop his hunger strike..accept bail…donated.be free..and fight now..till next election.
No point….to stay in jail…go on hunger strike .to shame the authority.
We all admire his courage…as within hours..asking forvRM1 donations….by the wife….more than RM28 was collected….some from overseas. This shows..how much Malaysians and the world..respect and love him. Malaysians needs a healthy and smart RPK…. not a stubbornly hero…when his excellent job is not finished yet.. He should keep writing….to finish UMNO off in next election.
I pray ….he will wake up….be sensible..and go home to fight..until..he has no choice. Not this way..refuse bail and go on hunger strikes. That may work with Mahatma Gandhi…with all Indians loving him….but in Malaysia…it is still not united…so we must win the trusts of more Malaysians..to accept change for the better….by giving People’s Party complete power….to get rid of jungle laws…by little dictators.

4. monsterball - May 8, 2008

How the heck……did my nick got erased with those words? Sorry Liz…above message is mine.

5. artic turban - May 8, 2008

these fools still havent learn’t their lessons.
There is another point I would like to raise with you, I used to live in pj near AMCORP MALL, and once around 2006 there was a paintball competition there. Ok let me explain what paint ball is, it is a gass fill gun that propels gelatine coated balls containing paint and its a very very expensive hobby where the guns can cost from as low as 200rm up to a couple of thousands. the balls you can imagine flow like water, and they cost a lot too, gas canister refills, don’t forget the face masks, protective vests and pants , I could easily say this each guy there was easily dressed up in 5-10 ,000 rm per person, with one day competition couple of thousand of bucks with refills, from vendors. each team consists of I think 7-10 players per team competing against another team. to cut a long story short all the teams were SELANGOR STATE GOVT. DEPARTMENTS’ SPORTS CLUBS, WHERE DOES THE MONEY FOR THESE MILLIONAIRE EXPENSIVE HOBBIES COME FROM, ASK EDWARD LEE ABOUT THE MPPJ SPORTS CLUB AND HE WILL TELL YOU SOME HORROR TALES OF CORRUPTION GOING UP TO THE MAYOR’S OFFICE. ANYWAY CAN YOU INITIATE THIS THROUGH YOUR COLLEGUES OR WHOEVER, AND BRING THIS UP TO THE M.B. KHALID’S NOTICE, check out the sports clubs, if by the mppj experience, it was a kickback vehicle for billboard vendors, with multi million ringgit professional football team with professionals from far off south america who were playing for them, the excuse given than before the audit was, it was private donations run, but the 15million budget mentioned by one of the councilers during a press conferance brought it to our notice. so go dig that big can of worms the sports clubs, paintball competitions, check out their budgets, it will shock you with the budgets you could run shelters for years for battered wives, orphans,single mothers irrespective of race, etc, you would know who needs more help. so cheerio, have a safe trip, food in dubai is fantastic, try the indian cuisine its unforgetable. for more info you can see my e-mail address, as it states i am in the artic.

6. artic turban - May 8, 2008

p.s if the sports clubs complain tell them to go back to basics, bata shoes and rubber ball, goal-posts without nets and playing on fields with huge potholes, not stadiums.

7. monsterball - May 8, 2008

Something is wrong with my comment. I will be brief.
RPK should stop hunger strike and accept bail……go back and fight for Malaysians.
His job is half done in last election. He should be smart…stay focus….and not be stubborn….as he is needed so much.to finish the job.in next election.
If he refuse bail.or put in ISA…that’s different story.
But what can Malaysians benefit with him….half sick…near death…and refuse bail? We all know…Sedition Act and ISA are jungle laws.
So… finish the job…write….write and write.to wake up more Malaysians. So many millions admire and listen to him.

8. artic turban - May 8, 2008

p.s.s forgot to mention, congrats on your victory and the pakatan. keep up the good work, and try to learn how to take power naps 15 20 mins, it will refresh you , you looked rather worn out on your malaysiakini interview, almost haggard, no insult meant, I know what it feels like to work under tremendous pressure, and whenever you feel you want to scream get a cushion in your room/office/ 2nd home, scream your heart out. it releifs stress. have a teh guan yin calm down, than start again, talk to teresa kok,the stress and dirty tricks you going to face, and blATANT LIES STRAIGHT IN THE eyes will shock you, but thats their world, of warlords and brown nosers, dont trust anybody, i think you know what I mean, the walls speak.

9. ethereal - May 8, 2008


So far so good. Got there at 9:52AM.

10. prussiablue - May 8, 2008

I think is ok. I Just got in.Fight for RPK, Fight for a Free Malaysia!!! (all gun blazing)

11. Samuel Goh Kim Eng - May 8, 2008

What’s fair is fair
What’s unfair is unfair
Let’s keep what’s fair as fair
Let’s change what’s unfair to be fair

What’s right is right
What’s wrong is wrong
Let’s keep what’s right as right
Let’s change what’s wrong to be right

What’s good is good
What’s bad is bad
Let’s keep what’s good as good
Let’s change what’s bad to be good

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 080508
Thur. 8th May 2008.

12. peng - May 8, 2008

MT is not shut down (thank God!). It’s experiencing unusually heavy traffic due to interest generated on RPK’s sedition charge. Just try again and again, you will get in somehow. And happy reading.


13. Paul Warren - May 8, 2008

Well, if not all can be revealed in the real Altantuya case that is going on, now RPK is enabling all TO BE REVEALED at the “other” Altantuya case; i.e. RPK’s!

Nothing can and should stop RPK from substantiating what he says and is charged with.

Now that I have given this clue away, I would like to see how fast the idiots in the AG Chambers act to release and to drop the charges against RPK. I am sure they don’t want to know what it is RPK can bring out of his hat in his defence that might drown not just them but a whole lot of other people. But of course they also got the “irrelevant” judge for whom it would be like a broken record repeating “irrelevant” to anything and everything. The “irrelevant” judge is about the only one who can save them now!!

14. watchdog - May 8, 2008

please organise a set day and time
when ALL concerned citizens for FREE PETRA movement
NATIONWIDE can express their support
by duly blasting their vehicle horns for a full
60 seconds … and preferably for that time to be
after office hours when people are travelling hone

let the government HEAR LOUD AND CLEAR
that the SILENT MAJORITY … will be heard

15. peisheah - May 8, 2008

Liz, Malaysia still has a long, long way to go. Thanks for standing up & fighting for what’s right.

16. joehancl - May 9, 2008

Let us NOT waver. Let us ALL, one way or another, push forward together. The March 8 election was a ray of light for all malaysians. This ray of light must be broadened until ALL malaysians is free of the greed of those in power. Greedy politicians must be kick out of the malaysian power structure.

17. simon - May 11, 2008

Top Ten Stupid Acts of ALL TIME.

1. Keris Kissing. We dun care about unity.

2. Barisan Nasional does not need PPP. Please leave now. We dun care.

3. UMNO can win election alone. We dun need you.

4. 16 deaths is nothing. So what if water dehydation causes 1001 medical problems and people die? Hey! Its not our children.

5. Crooked bridge. We dun use it, we fly.

6. Arresting RPK to force all “dirty” details including photos, if any, if it exists; to be exposed for public consumption as desert. We are not affected.

7. Water cannon with tear gas to permanently fuse contact lens to cornea. We are not there.

8. 6km extra per day is nothing coz not our petrol, not our car repairs, we dun stay there. We dun care about Malaysia’s wastages.

9. ISA… We are not affected.

10. Hasutan. We are not affected.

18. kerajaan rakyat - May 11, 2008

YAB Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi,
Perdana Menteri Malaysia.

Y.A.B. Datuk Seri,

Saya, Mohd Sofi Yassin, rakyat Malaysia bermastautin di negeri Selangor dengan ini merakamkan rasa kecewa dan hampa yang teramat terhadap kecelaruan dan kepincangan dalam pentadbiran kerajaan Malaysia yang diterajui oleh YAB Datuk Seri.

Sebagai rakyat Malaysia, Melayu dan beragama Islam, saya dengan penuh keinsafan dan rasa tanggungjawab mengatakan di sini bahawa terdapat banyak perkara yang amat bertentangan dengan prinsip Rukun Negara dan kedaulatan Negara yang telah YAB dan parti pemerintah di bawah pimpinan YAB telah lakukan.

Di antara kekecewaan saya ialah:

1. Kenapa berlaku pendakwaan terpilih yang keterlaluan dalam pentadbiran kerajaan Barisan Nasional / UMNO sejak dari dulu hingga sekarang, dan tiada usaha oleh YAB Datuk Seri untuk mengembalikan kedaulatan perlembagaan?

2. Ketegasan yang cuba YAB paparkan terhadap kes YB Karpal Singh dalam isu berkaitan ke bawah DYMM Sultan Perak, jelas menampakkan ketidakjujuran dan pendakwaan terpilih YAB dalam melayani permasalahan rakyat khususnya dalam urusan kedaulatan Raja-Raja Melayu.

3. Saya hanya akan bersetuju dengan ketegasan YAB jika tindakan dan siasatan yang sama dilakukan terhadap kesemua wakil rakyat Barisan Nasional di negeri Terengganu dan Perlis yang telah dengan jelas, angkuh, sombong dan bongkak mempertikaikan hak serta kedaulatan Sultan Terengganu dan Raja Perlis pada akhir bulan Mac dan April 2008 yang lalu?

4. Sementara dalam kes berkaitan pendakwaan dan penahanan YM. Raja Petra Kamaruddin, di mana kewajarannya tindakan tersebut dilakukan? Bukankah kita berada dalam sebuah negara merdeka dan berdaulat, mempunyai undang-undang yang membenarkan YAB Dato’ Seri Najib mengambil tindakan secara berhemah, terhormat dan secara peribadi?. Sekiranya Dato’ Seri Najib merasakan dia difitnah, maka seharusnya beliaulah yang menyaman YM. Raja Petra. Kenapa mesti undang-undang yang mencengkam kebebasan rakyat yang digunakan oleh pemerintahan Barisan Nasional?

YAB Datuk Seri,

Saya sebagai rakyat Malaysia yang mengasihi pemimpin yang jujur, ikhlas, berilmu, dan bertanggungjawab ingin mencernakan dan meleraikan tanggapan saya dan rakyat Malaysia terbanyak terhadap beberapa keraguan berikut:

1. Semasa musim piliharaya umum ke 12 yang lalu, rakyat Malaysia telah dimaklumkan bahawa menantu Perdana Menteri, Khairy Jamaluddin dengan sedar, dan Datuk Seri juga menyedarinya telah mencampuri urusan pentadbiran negara sedangkan beliau atas sifat sebagai menantu Perdana Menteri tidak berhak melakukannya. Pertanyaan saya, apakah benar perkara ini? Kalau tidak benar, kenapakah majoriti rakyat Malaysia termasuk ahli UMNO sendiri mengakuinya? Bukankah ini perbuatan orang yang tidak amanah?

2. Saya dengan penuh kesedaran telah melihat beberapa gambar YAB Datuk Seri dalam keadaan dan kelakuan yang dapat saya takrifkan sebagai biadap, keterlaluan, tidak sopan dan amat menghina kesusilaan budaya masyarakat Melayu dan Agama Islam. Soalan saya apakah benar itu perbuatan Datuk Seri? Sekiranya benar itu perbuatan Datuk Seri, maka saya dengan penuh hormat berdasarkan hak saya sebagai rakyat Malaysia mencadangkan agar Datuk Seri memohon maaf secara terbuka kepada seluruh rakyat Malaysia atas kebiadapan Datuk Seri.

Sekian dan semoga Datuk Seri diberi pertunjuk daripada ALLAH SWT.

Ikhlas daripada

Mohd Sofi Yassin.
Rakyat Malaysia.

19. U can ISA us, we are happy to challenge the government « arifabdull - May 12, 2008

[…] am one of the blogger who dare the RPK, anytime soon. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Ismaki Challenge.. Guest Designer.. […]

20. monsterball - May 12, 2008

He has come to his senses.accepted bail.and is free.
All who respect and love him..are so relief.
Like a wounded tiger….let loose…RPK will be even more a pain in the arse .to UMNO now.than ever before.
I look forward to read more of his exciting stuffs.
This man.is God gift to Malaysia….to check and balance UMNO…..like DAP…and keDAILan.
The future looks bright…..for total change of government.

21. Paulo Rossi - May 13, 2008

The Goverment is really asking for a Serious rounds of Protest – Every Malaysian should take up Emerson ‘s “Civil Disobediance” and find concerted ways to bring this goverment who thinks they can do as the please :-

Being Abused Rakyat Response

Human rights Weekly Articles and street protest
on abuses – surely seditious – they will try and jail a few more BUT
MK Gandhi pharaphrased
“you cannot jail or make millions Malaysian who do not accept your rule”

Misuse of Funding Cut tax payment by 10%; contribute to a Pakatan Rakyat fund to improve Education and Health care in 5 pakatan states – BN will institute some tax charges against some people – but they cannot jail and fine everyone

Bad Security the old rukun tentanga and other communities activities revived – ensure the local cooperation is built and be ready for local council elections – use monthly meeting to bring local issues to council and pass on letters to bloggers
this might also be seditious

seriously – COURT ARREST – lets see what these guys can do – they will free you SOON – it has to Be EN MASSE.

Unless something drastic happens goons like Nazri , Najib , Khairy and Sleepy Heads like Our Belevod PM will continue ; with 140 = seats BN is sitting pretty – they will institute despotic means to ensure control that favors them
Malaysia arise – the 8 May is not good enough

22. monsterball - May 14, 2008

Liz must be so busy.
This post can be considered…..out-dated.
Anyway….her loyal visitors and commentators are always with her..including me.
She appears in newspapers..quite often now…and for next 5 years!
Life is totally different for her.
No more movie talks…..no time.
Maybe no time to shit or pee even…..poor lady.
Kidney problems..creeping in….if she is not careful!

23. novice101 - May 14, 2008

Wang Ehsan -RM3.76 Billion channelled thru UMNO Terengganu – Rocky Bru”s blog:

Can someone answer my query.

Is this monstrous sum of money just to be allowed to disappear just like this? Is it something just for bloggers to write about and shout about? Is there no recourse that is opened to the rakyat? Can’t this be brought up in the parliament? Cant’ the newly-minted MPs from both sides of the aisle do something about it?
PAC, NGOs, Auditor-general, anyone?

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