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Terror and torture of trainees May 16, 2008

Posted by elizabethwong in "We can do better", Human Rights, Malaysia, Politics.
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(Warning – distressing and shocking scenes on video)


One could hear those young trainees wailing and crying out in pain.

What have you got to say, Najib – Defence Minister? How long has this been going on? Will we see the Prime Minister ordering an expeditious enquiry and prosecution? Please don’t pretend this was the first time the Government has heard about this.

And if this is happening to our own citizens, just imagine how asylum-seekers and undocumented workers are being treated in our detention camps.

Charge ’em. Charge the oil palm plantation owner who allowed this on his/her property. Make Malaysia a torture-free country.



1. monsterball - May 16, 2008

Is this the modern way to train youngsters in military services to the country?
It’s more like.preparing them to be caught by invaders….to withstand tortures.and not reveal any secrets??.
The training have so much negatives ..than positive results.
So many great movies on military training….and most are true.by the Americans….and all focusing on trainees feeling confident and be decipline………totally different from what we see here.
This look like Vietnam style.

2. James Low - May 16, 2008

To say that I am exasperated or aghast on learning the barbaric treatment given to NS trainees by the very people who are suppose to guide them is an understatement. So, should we parents do something before our children become victims of those bastards out there!

3. Satria Asia - May 16, 2008

If this is a commando training session, I don’t see what the fuss is all about. Aren’t commandos supposed to be tough. Elite of the elites. Into the jungle with nothing to search, recce deep in enemy territory, prepared to be caught, tortured, escape and evade and to kill, destroy, inflict maximum damage?

The rest of the army corp can be sissies, but commandos? No!

If they were to be caught in enemy territory, don’t expect their captors to offer them coffee at Starbucks.

4. TunaSingh - May 16, 2008

I’m unable to see the video as it appears to be taken down. But unless it shows them with cages on their heads filled with rats, or having their testicles electrocuted, I’m not sure if the description of them getting the crap beaten out of them and having a boot in the head would be what I consider “extreme” from a commando training standard.

Its my understanding that they’re COMMANDOS, analogous to the Navy SEALS, and various other elite military forces. I assume they’re being prepped for being caught behind enemy lines (or if our sovereignty is breached) and tortured. From my conversations with an ex SEAL, they go through all sorts of physical and mental torture, immersed in ice water, sleep deprivation, and the occasional boot (if they’re lucky in the head, otherwise in more sensitive spots).

This is a professional army, these people enlisted.

This ain’t the boy scouts.

If they start crying for their mommies, they may want to consider joining the traffic police.

5. TunaSingh - May 16, 2008

SEAL camp ain’t no holiday. These are the friendly PR pix. You typically get a kick in the head if you’re not bobbing correctly.


6. ted mahsun - May 16, 2008

Video is unavailable?

7. Samuel Goh Kim Eng - May 16, 2008

People will learn as to how they are taught
Let’s show them humanity that must be caught
Let’s give them love that can never be bought
Otherwise all the teaching will come to naught

“Happy Teacher’s Day”

(C)Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 160508
Fri. 16th May 2008.

8. big easy - May 16, 2008

the video on youtube is no longer there.

surprise, surprise.


9. Altantuya - May 16, 2008

Not all of us want to be commandoes

10. Ismi - May 16, 2008

Are you stupid or what? They are trained to be commandos not a janitor. They have to do it to be tough. I believe if they wanted to be a commando in US Army the same thing might happen or might be worst. This is not about Najib or what. If Lim or Anwar or even Nik Aziz be the Defence Minister, the same thing will happen with or without they knowing it. Don’t waste your time, duh.

11. cvl - May 16, 2008

Commandoes do not train in this way. Period.

What you see here are the half baked trainers who have no inkling apart from their ranks, of effective training means are. These trainers are the fault of the Malaysian NEP which produced weak minds incapable of finer thinking and achoievements.

12. another disturbed reader - May 16, 2008

Podah monsterball!!!! Jangan cakap haprak!!!

13. keziah boey - May 16, 2008

All parents should unite and demand this stupidity of a program to be HALTED A.S.A.P. Our DPM Najib should realize by now that patriotism cannot be bought nor forced upon or even to be ingrained and indoctrinated by this 3 month stint of torture and profits. “Profits” that is channeled to God knows whose account on the expense of the “future wealth” of Malaysia, that is, the young men and women, promising citizens of the country.
How many more lives needlessly extinguished are needed to prove that this senseless retarded program is not mapping out? One needs to know that each and everyone one of us has different attributes and strengths in different fields of our lives, so scrap the program and let those young men/women choose whether military life is suitable for them. It’s their rightful prerogative!
Another issue that I would like to point out is, there’s no substitute of any amount of “money” that can replace the value of any parent’s child. Their lives are not for anyone, especially the government, to be risked or gambled upon; it’s priceless and precious!!
So, parents unite and your bid to stop this madness!

14. harrybutz - May 16, 2008

its war silly…war is suppose to nasty. what do you expect when you join the army? how to ask invaders nicely to leave the country.

this complaining of every single thing the govt is doing is starting to get ridiculous. its the army’s job to toughen its recruit to expect the worst. our tax dollars are paying for these guys to be mean motherfuckers in the event we are attacked and defend the country.

to any blogger wanna bitch and moan about how the training should be..let me pose the questions to you.



Think first before criticizing.

15. novice101 - May 16, 2008

The people caused the political tsunami to happen om March 8. No one, not even many of the victorious MPs, believed it could happened before the event. But happened it did!

Now, no one may believe a Judiciary Tsunami may happen. But happen it will, if the rakyat wants it to happen. So, do we want it to happen? Do we want a Judiciary Tsunami here now?

If so, let us work for it. Let each want of us make our desire known. Write, speak, blog, lobby, do whatever you can!!!!

Get your MPs to keep fighting for the Commission’s Recommendations to be implemented.

Elizabeth, can we count on you to help bring this about?

16. apasalahku - May 17, 2008

hey lizzie
Please don’t arrest those poor immigrants who’s just setting open fire for the most basic and primal of reasons – for comfort and warmth. With no family, support, citizenship and be hunted down like dogs by police, Customs and now the DOE, they are humans too; like yourself.

Have a heart! There are other ways to skin a cat

EW: Hi there. Thanks for your concern. Admittedly, it is not a decision I would like to make. However, the basic facts are that they are setting fires on peat areas and inside forested areas for agricultural purposes, not for warmth or comfort. We have tried persuasion, but they won’t move out or change their ways. I have to consider the health of 200,000 people who have been suffering all these weeks and the possibility of underground fires this season spreading vs. the agricultural practices of 200 undocumented workers primarily from Indonesia.
However, we have noted that they must be treated humanely and their embassies will be informed.
This is just the start. We have to work on raising water tablet in the meantime to stop some of these fires.

17. Jeffrey - May 17, 2008

As someone said earlier, NO ONE gets the crap beaten out of them like that during any kind of commando training. It’s one thing to toughen up our soldiers, it’s another to act out power fantasies over those weaker than you in the name of “training”.

Think first Think.

18. Mr_Cool - May 17, 2008

Thanks YB for your articles here…
But do not forget that you’re the ADUN for Bkt Lanjan…
I hope to see more articles about this constituency rather than national issues in your blog…

EW: The DUN issues will be hosted on another site 🙂 This blog will be like before, national-international issues, personal and a little irreverent 😀

19. Mr_Cool - May 17, 2008

Sorry all…
But so many of commentators here are confused…
The video shows commando training…
Not National Service…
Don’t just hentam others for the sake of hentam…
Always check n think first…
Otherwise you’ll be no better than the “Barisan Nasional”

20. TunaSingh - May 17, 2008

“People will learn as to how they are taught
Let’s show them humanity that must be caught
Let’s give them love that can never be bought
Otherwise all the teaching will come to naught”

From now on, all enemies will be made to sit in a circle and sing Kumbaya.

21. Smiley - May 17, 2008

Diorang memang saje nak amik peluang hentam walaupun takde kaitan. Sebab best! Mana ada torture kat NS. Aku tak anggap 100% NS ni satu pembaziran. Banyak kebaikannya yang boleh membina jatidiri insan. Mentally dan physically. Siap dapat belajar menembak lagi. Bukan senang nak belajar oleh orang yang bertauliah kan?
Lagipun senang kalau negara kita ni perang sekalipun at least ada jugak rakyat Malaysia yang dah basic macam mana nak guna senjata.

Cuma sistem yang dijalankan dalam PLKN sekarang perlu diperbaiki dan kajian dari semasa ke semasa harus dijalankan agar ia benar-benar mengikut prosedur yang betul, tidak membebankan pelajar dan keluarga serta harus dipantau dari semasa ke semasa.

22. Mat KungFu - May 18, 2008

Would be overly concerned, outraged if these had ever been tried on our NS Trainees. Might not such incidents cause death mysteriously?

Commandos r supposed to be 200% physically fit.

There are however stupid trainers who don’t fully know plain body science. You can immobilise an enemy at close quarters by killing or not killing. The basic instinct is of course self-preservation!

23. sikapitan - May 20, 2008

Dear Eli Wong,

Thank you for trying to address a concern that was never a concern in the first place.

I am bitterly disappointed that the PR has chosen to highlight this issue, which is the least of the problems for us Malaysians.

The question is this: Where do we draw the line? Sure, now you’ll say that soldiers can’t get a kick in the head because it’s cruel. What is next? Shouldn’t stand in the sun, shouldn’t march for hours, shouldn’t carry heavy bags…heck, maybe we’ll just scrap the army all the way because it doesn’t conform to OUR idea of how a decent person should be treated.

These men are soldiers. Everywhere in the world, soldiers, especially elite soldiers, are trained to cope mentally and physically with adversity. That is the basic fact.

Don’t worry. Under leaders who complain about everything and anything, our soldiers would no sooner become hairstylists than defenders of the nation.

By the way, my objection is specific to this issue and I hope it is understood in that light.

Good luck:)

24. Shahrul - May 20, 2008

Aiyoo..PKR come on la!

This is COMMANDO training! You cant expect PLKN type training!
In case you guys dont know what commandoes do, in war, commandoes are supposed to fight behind enemy lines. In peacetime, they are prepared to fight terrorists and the like. If they are captured, they have to resist torture. So their training is supposed to be super tough!

Do you know what the welcome signboard in the Commando training camp (in Sg Udang) says? It says ‘Datang mu tidak di undang , pergi mu tidak di halang’. This is warning/reminder to recruits that they are VOLUNTEERS and are FREE TO LEAVE if they cant take the training.

So, please PKR, focus on the REAL ISSUES!

25. It's Not Right. - June 14, 2008

I seldomly write comments on issues which are irrelevant but I think my anger on this issue fuels me to write this down.

not towards the GGK (commandos) but to those politicizing this video. This is part of the training ok! Read this:

“Escape & Evasion (E&E)

All trainees are deployed in groups and they must report to several agents at designated checkpoints. They must know how to contact their agents and evade from the “enemy” who controls that area. If they are caught, they will be tortured and abused. The trainees will then be released and continue their journey until they arrive at the last checkpoint.”

It’s a disgrace to our army which protects us day and night yet some say all these trainings are humiliation?

Go on, legalize something which states Malaysian Commandos shouldnt be trained this way and when war breaks out and they get caught, it is we the citizens who will get ourselves killed by our enemies.

They sacrificed and volunteered to protect us while we sleep soundly at night, please be realistic before putting up an issue. At least cherish them for their efforts not make this issue a political bullet.

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