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DSAI on TDM May 20, 2008

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Press Statement
20th May 2008

Tun Dr. Mahathir’s decision to leave Umno today is indicative of Umno’s worsening crisis, where leaders continue to bicker and fight, while the welfare of ordinary Malaysians are increasingly neglected.

The internal problems of Umno are clearly deteriorating beyond any hope of recovery. Nonetheless, we must avoid being trapped by personal agendas to replace weak leaders with corrupt ones.

In view of the worsening crisis, any and all Malaysians of conscience who are concerned for the continued stability, prosperity or unity of the country are invited to join KeADILan and Pakatan Rakyat and pursue our shared ideals for a better, united Malaysia.


Kenyataan Media
20 Mei 2008

Keputusan Tun Dr. Mahathir untuk keluar dari Umno hari ini mencerminkan krisis Umno yang kian merosot, di mana pemimpin saling berebut dan bercakaran, manakala rakyat semakin tidak terbela.

Masalah dalaman Umno semakin parah dan jelas tiada harapan untuk pulih. Walaubagaimanapun, kita mesti mengelakkan dari terperangkap dengan agenda peribadi untuk menggantikan pemimpin yang lemah dengan pemimpin yang rasuah.

Memandangkan masalah dalaman Umno yang semakin merudum, semua rakyat Malaysia yang prihatin dengan kestabilan, kemajuan dan perpaduan masa depan negara dijemput menyertai KeADILan dan Pakatan Rakyat untuk merealisasikan visi bersama untuk bersatu demi memulihkan Malaysia.




1. Maverick - May 20, 2008

the call of DS Anwar Ibrahim should not be avoided or ignored as this is the battle cry to salvage all Malaysians hope for a united and undivided Rakyat.

2. jeff poh - May 20, 2008

Dear Elizabeth,

It’s jeff poh again, now in tip-top health after ….(refer my last comments on TDM following Ex-PM’s tradition)

I was Keadilan member for a year after paying RM2 when Anuar Tahir (if I remember correctly) was the Secretary ? (Phileo Allied 1 ground floor).

Pak Wan once jokingly told me that I do not have to be a member?!

Anyway, where could I get an application form?

All the best,
Jeff (reformasi sunyi-sunyi guy)

3. Samuel Goh Kim Eng - May 20, 2008

To each their own
With nothing to disown
Nothing too big to be blown
Never from a molehill a mountain grown

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 200508
Tue. 20th May 2008.

4. Justonesoul - May 21, 2008

Another defamation sue in the making. This will be the first Malaysian taken to court for libel charges just because he made a Genuine Consumer Complaint on the Internet. Should we keep quite from being bullied by the rich and powerful? Is it right to use the law to muzzle a consumer in grievance? Read more here http://www.consumer.com.my/message/index.php?itemid=1715 and original complaint at http://www.consumer.com.my/message/index.php?itemid=1671

5. sandyow - May 21, 2008

I believe in quoting DSAI: stability, prosperity or unity of the country! But i do not believe a certain party will be able to do that. It comes from the voice of all Malaysians. I dont believe a certain party really speak for all Malaysians. The people of malaysia themselve who to realize within themselves what is right and wrong and be prepared to change their mentality and attitude to what works best for the future. As to me, politics will always be politics, and it’s not all the time clean and pure. I just hope everyone can open their eyes and realize that.

6. monsterball - May 22, 2008

Less said the better…or else…UMNO may think…every UMNO problem.is a national problem….like they own us …and the country.
Move on….and treat UMNO… an insignifcant party…..which is heading that way…out of their own doings. Protections…cover ups….on so many corrupted UMNO members….is so clear. With 50 years……they are going backward…..not forward at all.
Evils that men do…..must be punished…..or else there is no God.
Dollah’s problem is trying hard to be sincere…yet very selfish….dare not act..
Why should we keep telling their faults? Just look at BN parties….all change directions…to win votes……..not really sincere at all.to Malaysians.
Personally…I think…Mahathir knows…when Royal Commissioners recommended all to be probed….including him…..his days are numbered. He has no shame……worst than Samy Vellu. An ex PM…hurled to Kelantan court… then questioned on LIngam case….swearing by the Koran..to tell all truths…but forgot 14 times…when being questioned …for 90 minutes…..and said…as PM….he answered to no one….this and that. What utterly nonsensical logic he has. Now…..he will answer to all MALAYSIANS!! That will be his last stand…and when Anwar’s case against him….is out…….he will surely loose and need to pay huge compensations…..not less than RM100 million. .I have a strange feeling…..judges will recommended much more compensations…to teach him a real lesson.
His resignation….is indirectly….. a no choice……for him…but being a great actor and cunning man…he can twist and turn………like no one in the world..can match that skill…..at all. Malaysia memang boleh.. producing…the most corrupted and cunning politician….the world has ever seen.
That’s how smart …he is!!
Yet..his stupidity is so clear…talking cock and bull…..how a doctor cures all….when he left with …so many cans of worms.. filth and dirt…..for poor Dollah to manage.
Notice the art…..to divert Malaysians attentions..to all his sins…by attacking Dollah and talking UMNO stuffs??.
This man is not a man at all. What more.22 years as PM?
How much have all suffered…under his Dictatorship?
Yet..he could last 22 years. as PM!!…is because UMNO ministers and powerful members.supports massive corruptions.
Again…..God is great…to get a PAS man…challenged him o resign….and he accepted the challenge.
Now..go read the papers..and know the whole truth! Not one minster…..including his son resigned from UMNO.
And a handful…..no even a 1000…out of 3 million UMNO members.resigned.
That’s sums up……his so call ….popularity.

7. novice101 - May 22, 2008

Just stand aside and watch the show unfolding. See the endless shadow play of the directionless characters.

mahathir is laughing in his heart at the gutless, spineless AAB. When they meet in Japan he will be wearing the despicable smile. After the meeting he will be pouring scorn at malleable AAB.

Did any earth shaterring event occur after he resigned? It is already 2 days – it must disappoint him to no end. He thought there will be an exodus, so the majority of the people is right, mahathirism is dead.

He knew that he and AAB will be going to Japan. He made the move because he knows the spineless lot will ask to meet him there. Now, he will have even more scorn and disrespect for this lot.

As to najid, what else can you expect from him. Isn’t this his normal behavior. Hadn’t he stood with Ku Li and Musa Hitan till the last minute and then switched to mahathir’s side. Remember? Remember?

Chandra is not the only despicable person in the present political scenario. Today we have 2 new persons to add to the list and also 2 organisations.

PAS and PKR are the organisations and Nik Aziz and Azizah are the new individuals!

The people who voted PRakyat have been sold out by PAS, Nik Aziz and also by PKR and Azizah. Now PAS is talking about “malay interest’ and Nik Aziz and Azizah are offering mahathir to join them. ‘The door is wide open to him’ …..ha!

8. Gan - May 22, 2008

Oh yeah, sebahagian besar dari krisis ini merupakan kesan dari permusuhan antara Mahathir dan Anwar ketika mereka berdua ni ditampuk kuasa. Mahathir jatuhkan Anwar kerana dia dah mula lawan tokey. Sekarang Mahathir nak tendang AAB kerana semakin banyak ‘dirty mess’ yang dia buat semasa menjadi PM sudah mula terbongkar.

Rakyat Malaysia patut buka mata. Jangan kerana melihat UMNO sedang menjalani situasi perbezaan pendapat maka terus memilih pihak yang menangguk di air keruh ini. Apatah lagi, Orang yang menangguk di air keruh ini ketika berkuasa cakap lain bila tiada kuasa tiba-tiba begitu menyanjungi rakyat. Hati-hati dengan talam dua muka dan lidah bercabang ini. Berfikirlah secara kritis.

9. kerajaan rakyat - May 23, 2008

UMNO. DEB dan Melayu.

Orang Melayu sepatutnya berbangga dan berterima kasih kepada kerajaan Barisan Nasional dan UMNO kerana DEB bukan hanya memberanakkan jutawan dan hartawan Melayu tetapi DEB dengan jayanya telah meneran sehingga terberanak Celakawan Melayu.

Datuk Nazir Tun Razak mendapatkan tempat ke-40 sebagai antara individu terkaya Malaysia dalam senarai 40 senarai terkaya Forbes Asia dengan nilai bersih AS$100 juta.

Nazir adalah adik kepada Datuk Seri Najib yang pada pandangan ramai terkait dengan kes pembunuhan seorang wanita rakyat Mongolia.

Kawan-kawan akrab Tun Mahathir bekas presiden UMNO, Tan Sri Robert Kuok, Lim Goh Tong, Ananda Krishnan, Tan Sri Vincent Tan adalah antara manusia terkaya yang turut tersenarai sejak bertahun lamanya.

Forbes Asia mungkin terlepas pandang untuk menyenaraikan Shah dan Hidan, De dan Ris, Lil anak Kob yang juga termasuk dalam senarai jutawan, hartawan dan celakawan Melayu.

Seorang lagi anak entah hantu mana ni yang siap ada kilang buat duit sepatutnya berada dalam senarai Celakawan Melayu di tangga teratas.

Forbes Asia juga tidak perasan jembalang yang juga Celakawan Melayu campuran ini juga jutawan walaupun dari hasil rompakan.


10. RL - May 24, 2008

Anwar said, “Nonetheless, we must avoid being trapped by personal agendas to replace weak leaders with corrupt ones.”

Well I believe we must avoid being trapped by personal agendas to replace week leaders with corrupt ones is applied to any individual either from BN or PR. Yeah we should realize some may make sweet promises in order to get the power. This people (PM wannabe) are more dangerous than a weak leader! Think critically and wisely. No one politic can be so sacred.

11. monsterball - May 24, 2008

And I hope Mahathir and wife ..apply to join….keDAILan.
Anwar may approve the wife’s application…but reject the big mouth….one……hahahahahaha

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