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Live webcast: Selangor state assembly from Wednesday May 20, 2008

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In the interest of transparency and good governance, the sitting of the Selangor state assembly will be Live webcast-ed at http://www.selangor.gov.my starting Wednesday.

Not just the first half hour (that’s just warm up), but available in its entirety šŸ˜€

What in store?
Balkis, abandoned projects, land scam from previous regime, Teng Chang Khim in full Speaker regalia, Khir Toyo not looking too happy (jeng, jeng, jeng!) etc.

Enjoy the fireworks!

(Schedule will be posted later today)


Wednesday (approx 9 am – 10 am) – Sessions adjourns for the day after the Royal Address from the Sultan of Selangor

Thursday: 10 – 11 am Question Time; 11-12.30 pm Debate on the Royal Address; 12:30-2.30 pm Lunch; 2.30-4 pm Debate continutes

Friday: 10 – 11 am Question Time; 11-12.30 pm Debate continues; 12:30 pm Session adjourns til Monday.

Monday: As Thursday.

In addition, there will be a motion moved by Pakatan Rakyat backbencher Lau Weng San calling for the release of Manoharan (Kota Alam Shah) and all other ISA detainees.


1. xtheman - May 20, 2008

Way to go … This how it should be … Rakyat needs to judge the wakil rakyat KPI šŸ™‚

2. Jerry Liew - May 20, 2008

Yes! This is the right path!!!. Take the lead. The Rakyats of Selangor will be very pleased with this move. Syabas PAKATAN RAKYAT!!!!!!!.

3. Devan - May 20, 2008

Looking forward to that. A lot of mismanagement from previous govt. has been exposed but I dont see any result coming out from investigations!!!!! Just waiting when can all this culprits can be charged in court.
As for the MB of Selangor, I hope he puts his foot down on arrogant staffs of the State Govt. to prevent sabotage or backstabbing!
Anyway set an example…..PR all the way!!

4. AL Ho - May 20, 2008

Super…to aid citizenry thinking.

May I publish an extract of your post in my website
http://mylivingwall.com and direct my readers to read your full post.

fyi, we publish selected blog posts of the day to help give multi perspective viewpoints to our readers.

Thank you.



5. Gua Bay Song - May 20, 2008

Hopefully, the Selangor State Assembly will also force ADUN’s to declare their assets to public.

YB Eli’s assets would be boring though. Here’s a preview:

1 x iPhone
1 x MacBook
1 x Kereta Lama


EW: Correction.
1 x iPhone
1 x iBook
1 x bicycle
1 x cat
n x books

6. 4transparency - May 20, 2008

Penang and Perak should start one as well

7. shag - May 21, 2008

Correction. Eli doesn’t own a car.
I’d let you have my Tiara for cheap but I sold it already.

8. new era - May 22, 2008

eli, today is a disappointment on webcast of the selangor state assembly session. Is tmnet trying to sabotage the webcasting event?

9. Muhammad Ali - May 23, 2008

To be fair, Khir’s performance yesterday was great.
He will be a great pain in the ass for the government – just in the same way Teng Chang Khim was.

Too bad PKR and PAS mindlessly had promised the sky and heaven before the election – who ask them so?

Just wonder, as Khir pointed out, the exco members haven’t declared their assets yet.
What are you people hiding?
It’s already more than 2 months! Asset declaration is obviously not as complicated as formulating a policy or fulfilling election promise.

Unless someone needs to buy time to…………
** I don’t mean this to all exco members.
I just smell that something is not quite right with the two songkok-wearing datuks in the exco. One big-mouth-and-no-action good-for-nothing datuk with large mansion in Taman Tun owns a lot of land plots given by the Barisan government before 1998, and another datuk with big shares in a certain GLC – reportedly bought them at market price.

Well, congratulation!

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