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(Malay Mail) Sitting heats up on last day May 27, 2008

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Selangor State Assembly > Sitting heats up on last day

27 May 2008

THERE were several angry moments on the closing day.

Gombak Setia Assemblyman Datuk Dr Hassan Mohamed Ali got heated up while he spoke of carpet being ripped off from the floor and sparse furniture when he took office after the swearing-in ceremony.

An angry Dr Hassan asked: “Apa ini? (What’s this?)” Speaker Teng Chang Kim quickly interjected asking Dr Hassan to calm down.

“Jangan marah sangat, nanti darah tinggi (Don’t be so angry, or you’ll have high blood pressure),” said Teng, drawing laughter from the House.

Bukit Lanjan Assemblyman Elizabeth Wong was also aggressive but with Templer Park’s Datuk Subahan Kamal who wanted to interject during her winding-up speech.

Subahan was harshly refused by Wong, who is also the Tourism, Consumer Affairs and Environment exco, who sternly said: “Saya tak akan memberi laluan kepada budak-budak suruhan Menteri Pelancongan (I’m not giving way to the Tourism Minister’s lackeys).” Wong’s speech also prompted Sekinchan’s Ng Suee Lim to ask if there were plans to turn the Exco Village in Section 7, Shah Alam into a tourist attraction.

“The State Government can generate revenue from entry fees into the Exco Village as I am sure many members of the public are eager to see what it is like in there. They can see for themselves an example of corruption,” said Ng, who was applauded by fellow Assemblymen.

Whether in jest or otherwise, Wong replied she would bring the idea up with the menteri besar, adding there were similar suggestions for Istana Zakaria.

This prompted Morib’s Hasiman Sidom to ask if the new pig farms can also be included, to which Wong replied: “We will certainly consider your suggestion.”


1. hafiz - May 27, 2008

its kinda hilarious! was it for real YB? or did the media add to it

2. tan, tanjong bungah - May 27, 2008

Hi everyone,

Yes, do include BN farm amongst possible tourist destinations, though don’t forget to display a little history, with relevant photos, on how the pigs farm was approved and then subsequently objected to by the very people who approved it!

After all, we’ve Malaysian politician tourists who went all the way to study pig-farming in Holland and Germany. So, we may as well earn tourists’ money instead!

2. Show to the world that Malaysia Boleh, i.e. Malaysia Can also operate a modern farming method so that environmental pollution by waste materials, etc, and regeneration of energy and fertile waste residue can be under ‘control’ conditions, while at the same time saving foreign exchange on reduction of imports.

3. zack - May 27, 2008

Dear YB ,
Maybe Toyo new dental Clinic can also be included .

4. shag - May 27, 2008

Not a bad idea actually.

Turn Intana Zakaria & parts of Exco Village into tourist attractions (provide it is cost effective) & have group tours of the Piggery complex.

Imagine the souvenirs.. Zakaria & Khir Toyo key sings & pewter engraved plates. Soft toys shapped like little pigs & bacon rashers & commemorative gas masks. Oh & a branch of Uncle Ho’s fine foods for fresh off the farm eating.

5. Allen Tan - May 27, 2008

Hi YB Wong,

I think the exco village nothing attractive. Only stir up people in heartrending. Go overseas and promote Selangor lah.

6. Ann Hock - May 27, 2008


Since you were the tourism exco, may I suggest that we in Selangor and other Pakatan state have music festival like Templer Park Jazz & Culture Festival (Just a name that I can think off 🙂 ) to boost the tourism income of the state. You can also held it at FRIM. Idea taken from East Malaysia Forest Msic Festival….

Ann Hock
May 27, 08 3pm

7. Samuel Goh Kim Eng - May 27, 2008

Turn the real heat on for all to feel
That the Assembly is there to fulfill
The people’s basic needs and wants,to heal
And seal the deal that was earlier revealed

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 270508
Tue. 27th May 2008.

8. Top Posts « WordPress.com - May 28, 2008

[…] (Malay Mail) Sitting heats up on last day Selangor State Assembly > Sitting heats up on last day 27 May 2008 THERE were several angry moments on the […] […]

9. ck - May 28, 2008

Pig farm to be included as tourist attraction?

10. The Eternal Wanderer - May 28, 2008

Hi YB Elizabeth!

Great showing in the state assembly, you definitely gave that Azalina lackey a piece of your mind! You should tell us his reaction, too, so we can all have a good laugh! I’m proud of what Pakatan state assemblymen has been doing in the state since the elections. Keep up the good work!

One thing I’m not clear though, has the state government seized control of the land Istana Zakaria is on? What’s the status over the Istana Zakaria currently?

11. shiro - May 28, 2008

Hi YB Eli,

I believe you already know the recent BMC incident where a youth was beat up by more than 20 FRU personal because of some stupid reason. I thought our police force is supposed to protect the rakyat? It hurts me, and I believe many many more to see a youth being beaten up to this degree.
Hope PR MPs & Selangor ADUNs can bring this matter up o the proper channel.
Keep up the good work 🙂

12. yh - May 29, 2008


as an aside, please take up the grand saga case with Khalid with immediate effect. its getting preposterous when thugs are used and innocent guy is thoroughly bashed up by the police. Best is to stop this toll company from operating even though the state has to sacrifice its 30% stake. I know there are constraints given that the concession was given by the federal governement, but surely there are other ways for the State to get round this such as non-renewal of licence etc.

13. Ramli - May 29, 2008

The Grand Saga case has always puzzled me. Is the private toll company paying rates to the local council? After all the local council has increased expenditure due to the existence of this private toll road as it has to provide access to the toll road and other services to its users. If there was no private toll road, it might be justified in using the rakyat’s money for this purpose.

A few years ago the M5 toll company in Sydney Australia was forced to pay rates. It took the case up in the Australian courts and LOST. Can you refer this to the State Legal Adviser so that he/she can get an Australian expert’s views on the matter before deciding if Grand Saga should be paying rates on the private toll road?

14. sandyow - May 29, 2008

Yes, i really agree that the Selangor government (Selangor MB please do show us what you can do) MUST step in, in this case of BMC. Please do not let the people live in that state. What else are we waiting for? More people getting hurt?

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