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1 million against petrol price hike June 25, 2008

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Word is there may be another hike before Budget this year!!???!!

6 July 2008 | 9 am | Amcorp Mall
Be part of this historic protest!


Go ahead and JUMP! June 8, 2008

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Since Thursday, I’ve had a maddening Van Halen song playing in my head, thanks to all who had SMSed and called with one and only one message:-

“Petrol price will kill us … Cannot tahan til Sept 16! Do it NOW!”

Even my normally cool capitalist bro freaked and scheduled an emergency family meeting to go through our family finances together.

Last night at Machap Baru, Melaka, during a ceramah which i shared the podium with Chegubard, Mike (Kapar MP) and Mr. Tai (Perak Exco).

Mr. Tai, towards the end of his speech which centred on the fuel price hike, told the audience to get their pens ready as he was going to give them a very very important telephone.

We held our breaths.


Ubah gaya hidup? June 5, 2008

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An online video done by a bunch of young fellas for 12th GE.

Still applicable today.

Petrol price hike and vanishing public transport June 5, 2008

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Between the last petrol price hike and this latest one, we should have ‘saved’ RM 9.9 billion, said to be allocated for improving public transport. No one would object such noble intentions, but ….

Where? WHERE???!!!!

For RM 9.9 billion, where is the state-of-the-art public transport? Subway stations? LRT extensions? Increased feeder bus service? Bicycle lanes? Anything?

Now we’re told we would ‘save’ RM 13.7 billion a year after the new prices take effect today.

The government is expected to save RM13.7 billion under this new subsidy restructure and other levies.

The figures are derived from the savings made by state-owned oil company Petronas in gas and oil (RM8 billion), petrol (RM4 billion) and the independent power producer and palm oil (RM1.7 billion).

The surplus of RM13.7 billion will be used for food security policy (RM4 billion), subsidies in cooking oil (RM1.5 billion), rice import (RM400 million), flour and bread (RM300 million), petrol, diesel and gas (RM7.5 billion), Abdullah explained. (Malaysiakini, 04 June 2008)

Public transport vanishes.

But at least we have a new RM 3.45 billion double-tracking rail project Seremban-Gemas awarded to Ircon (India), to reciprocate the Indian govt giving a RM 1 billion road project to Scomi group.


al-Fatihah Toni Kasim June 4, 2008

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A ‘behind the scenes’ video of Toni’s beautiful voice and of our mad rehearsal that Sam and Jerry did, which was only available as a podcast until Jerry put on YouTube today.

Toni sang ‘Like a Star’ then, for Suaram’s Tribute to Human Rights Defenders a year and a half ago. Today, she joins the rest of our stars. May she have a good journey home.