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Ubah gaya hidup? June 5, 2008

Posted by elizabethwong in 1.


An online video done by a bunch of young fellas for 12th GE.

Still applicable today.


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2. mohd - June 5, 2008

i hate it when they tell us to change our lifestyles while they are still maintaining their high taste lifestyle. stop telling us what to do. its you, the PM, TPM and the entire cabinet to walk the talk!

3. peng - June 5, 2008

Ha! Ha! It’s funny and does communicates our present economic problems. Thanks for posting the video.

4. zack - June 5, 2008

Badowi should stop using Government Jet and start using Air Asia or Mas during official Duty’s

5. Pee a petrol - June 5, 2008

can DYMM Agong bubar Parliament and call for general election 13 now?

6. bamboo river - June 5, 2008

I say change the gomen!

7. Ahmad - June 5, 2008

Please get all 82 opposition MP’s in Parlimen to say simultenously beginning 10.00am -11.30am for next parliemen session of this:

Shouting loud:


noon stop and make noise in parlimen until BN goverment reduce fuel price.

8. Muda - June 5, 2008

PM and Cabinet ministers gets free petrol , cars , housing , maid and all sorts of hefty alowances and other unprintable ” fringe benefits ” .
The bills are being borned by the rakyat .


Congrats Malaysians who voted for BN . You reap what you sow !

9. sandyow - June 5, 2008

Haha… That was the comel-lestnest!

But ubah kerajaan means we dont have to ubah gaya hidup ar?? 😛 Just a thought

10. kk - June 5, 2008

change the goverment..

11. Micheal - June 5, 2008


12. jsn - June 5, 2008

this scenes are real!..true to the bone..

13. My2cen - June 5, 2008

Kita sudah mau ubah kerajaan… pls ask the kataks to jump over now! we don care anymore, BN must be taken down at any cost before the rakyat die standing! 80% of the people will suffer in hunger with this increase. AAB does not know his economics. petrol hike = production cost + transport hike = essential goods hike. there are many, many people who live on Rm1-2 a day. AAB + Najib eat at 5 star hotels, they don know what it’s like for the rakyat. Take them down NOW!!!

14. Mike Selva - June 5, 2008

Hi Elizabeth,

If the govt provides facilities to allow for Malaysians to cycle to work, i would definitely take up the offer. What about developing alternative energy sources? We have sunshine 366 days a year, I wonder if they’ve heard of solar panels?

I’m amazed at hw shallow our ministers are and everything they do is a reaaction to something. I wonder what plans they have for the future of this country (apart from enriching themselves)?

I understand that people cannot be reliant on subsidies and support the fact that we bear the full rpice of petrol. But I also think that fuel retails companies be allowed to competitively price their products to offer the best value for their customers. How can we propose this to the govt?

I wish you all the best and would like to assist you in any way possible to make Malaysia the beautiful nation it once was again.


15. artic turban - June 5, 2008

The unanswered question is, has malaysian crude been sold off at $15 when market value was at $20 a barrell to japan, taiwan and singapore in the 1990s by the bn govt for it to implement its crash course in mega projects, these deals were 20 year deals, but nobody talks about them, how true they are is a question that the present pm has to answer. What is this subsidy the bn morons are talking about, they are put there as representatives of the rakyat, this is a so called “democratic” elected govt, therefore the oil resourses that Malaysia has belong to the people of the country and this assetts are the reponsibility of the govt to be safeguarded, the rakyat should be the first ones to enjoy these assetts, now with the phenomenal increase of the global oil prices, the profits that petronas enjoys should be enough to handle the diferrance, dont forget we are nett exporters not importers, the production cost has not changed so where is the problem, I WILL TELL YOU, IT IS GREED, what the govt wants to do is put more of our local oil on the global markets to gain a winfall of bounty, to continue their mega projects and for the gravy train to continue. AT WHAT EXPENSE YOU ASK? WELL AT THE EXPENSE OF THE PEOPLE OF MALAYSIA, umno’s policies of “SAYA, SAYA, ME,ME,ME,ME,ME,ME,ME,ME, AND THE REST BE BUGGERED and go to hell is how they think. What do you expect from an economic degree dropout and an islamic degree holder to be finance minister, its a no brainer akin to you going for major surgery and the surgeon tell you just before you go under, ‘BY THE WAY I FAILED MY MEDICAL EXAMS BUT PASSED MY LCE” what a reassurance. the supporters of umno who voted these fools in will now feel the brunt, especially the malays from the hinterland with 7-10 kids, (another umno proposal by mahathir) I wonder what those parents will be feeding their children, grass and rats I AM SURE. WELCOME TO MALAYSIA A LAND OF PLENTY, BUT RUN BY FOOLS.

16. khalaai - June 5, 2008

mcm mana nak ubah gaya hidup? menteri kita semua blh naik kereta kancil tak? save minyak. tak payah bw escort 3 atau 4 polis, save minyak. ni nk blk rumah tidur pun mau escort. naik keretapi prg ke negeri dlm malaysia utk tujuan tertentu. tak payah naik flight. menteri menteri sekalian UBAH GAYA HIDUP ANDA DULU SEBELUM BAGI NASIHAT. ekor selalu ikut kepala, rakyat selalu ikut ketua. UBAH HIDUP MENTERI MENTERI.

17. whispering9 - June 5, 2008

Watched you was on TV this morning. 🙂

18. raj raman 666 - June 5, 2008


My business depend on services-i travelled averaged 200km a day in klang valley.
I survived in this bad time because my reputation to attend to my cash rish customer but i dont charge for minor problems-in return my customer recomment me to their cash rich friends.

Many of my friend in same line who dont service cash rich customer already or almost gulung tikar.
Do the goverment expect me to change my life stlye not to attend to my customer need? If i follows the goverment idea,i will gulung tikar soon.

My wife had to send my two kid to school because no proper public transport.
In the afternoon she had to pick up the youngest and due to my eldest stay back in school for extra corriculumn and she had to pick her up around 4pm.
In beetween there is tuition.

So ask the goverment do we need to change life stlyle and lose my business and my children education?

As a consent father and husband and businessman who depend on current life stlye of fuel cost 2.5k for me and family.


19. raj raman 666 - June 5, 2008

Just to add more eli,

I need have image and asian image in business is what car u drive.

SO please imagine if i drive kancil,proton and attend to most gated community residence.

Rajraman666.All my car above 2k and below 2.5k cc.

20. Farul Azri - June 5, 2008

Eli, what happen? didn’t they discuss in parliament about the petrol and diesel issues before the major hike took place? did you guys argue with the shitheads..?

God help us – I’m dying slowly now…

21. Top Posts « WordPress.com - June 6, 2008

[…] Ubah gaya hidup? [YouTube] An online video done by a bunch of young fellas for 12th GE. Still applicable today. […]

22. berubahuntukmalaysia - June 6, 2008

Abdullah’s message to all:-

Do as i say and not as i do.

23. JERRY LIEW - June 6, 2008

I also like to reiterate that all MPs’ and YB,s should “Ubah Gaya Hidup” as a precedence for the well off raykat to follow!!!!!.
The savings in imports, petrols. foreign exchange can be rechannelled in developing a comprehensive and efficient public transportation for hard working blue and white collar Malaysians.

24. mmz - June 6, 2008

I want to listen to Najib’s advice and change lifestyle.
I will follow Rosmah’s footsteps, go to London for shopping and ask the embassy to pay my bill.

25. monsterball - June 7, 2008

We asked for it!!
They are covering up all the billions stolen.. They have no choice…People’s Party are watching them…like hawks!! Then ..one year before 13th election ….give so many good news and goodies…to Malaysians…which by then..we are reduced to be simple poor folks..and any good news.to get us back on our feet….most welcome.
So they give goodies…and anyone do not give them a big mandate ..a real big win on the 13th election…is the biggest fool of all.
That’s Malaysian brains…plenty like that!!

26. new era - June 7, 2008

To ask everyone to change their lifestyle why don’t the leader show it through leadership by example. Stupid arsehole!

27. berubahuntukmalaysia - June 7, 2008

Agree fully with monsterball! Yes some have awaken but many still don’t know that they have been raped not from the back from from the front, left right and center!

Come on Malaysians….. Wake up from ur sleep…

Oh yeah, yesterday petrol sky rocket to almost 140$ per barrel… I guess in August we have to start to pay for more then Rm 3 per barrel..

Did i say August… Who knows AAB flips flop again…


28. rakyat yang tidak merajuk - June 7, 2008

masa utk berpolitik sudah berakhir.harga sudah dinaikan dan tdk blh d ubahkan lagi. saya mengesyorkan rakyat kalau BOLEH
mengamalkan kehidupan yang sederhana dan juga mengikut
kemampuan. kerajaan PR lancarkan gotong royong .tolong menolong, bantu membantu dengan rakyat untuk menyesuaikan
diri dengan segala kesulitan atau rintangan. elizabeth wong jadi ketua untuk rancangan ini. semua rakyat mesti pandai berdikari dan mencari jalan penyelesaian dan bukan merajuk dan berdemonstrasi.
dalam jangkamasa yang panjang keputusan yang di harapkan akan dapat dicapai.
sekian terima kasih.

29. penyokong PR - June 7, 2008

satu ulasan yang baik. rakyat dah lama dimanjakan . Semua Keperluan harian di subsidikan. Bila di tarik balik sahaja mula
merajuk dan menangis. saya percaya kalau Kerajaan PR mengumumkan sesuatu yang tidak masyhur rakyat yang sama akan merajuk juga. saya amat setuju rancangan begini di lancarkan. penyesuaian diri amat penting kalau nak terus hidup dalam
dunia ini. bantulah diri sebelum meminta bantuan dari orang lain.
jangan berharap untuk kerajaan menyelesaikan semua masalah
yang di hadapi oleh rakyat. satu contoh yang jelas persekitaran kawasan kediaman atau perindustrian tak pernah jadi kemas bersih dan teratur. sampah sarap meliputi seluruh kawasan dan menjolok mata tetapi adakah rakyat mengambil tahu ? di biarkan sahaja tanpa
usaha atau bertindak membersihkan kawasan. Majlis perbandaran
di persalahkan tidak menjalankan tugas tapi sebenarnya rakyat yang
mengotorkan kawasan. Elizabeth Wong anda mempunyai satu tugas
yang amat besar untuk menukarkan pemikiran rakyat. jikalau berjaya tekanan yang dihadapi akan di turunkan kalau tidak
bersedialah untuk menerima temparan daripada rakyat.
may god help you.

30. xyz - June 8, 2008

What crap are you talking about Monsterball? Everyone knows you are nothing but a super duper ball carrier of Pak Lah all the way from the 2004 GE till 2008 GE. Just check archives in MalaysiaToday about you asserting you wanted to defend Pak Lah! You were such a great fan of Pak Lah and Khairy that MT has a long record of all the shit you got from people who hated them! Why change your tune now? Ball carriers of Pak Lah like you are certainly not wanted here especially when deep down inside your heart you still L-O-V-E Pak Lah!

31. cy97 - June 8, 2008

Petrol price increase by 41% effective from 5th June 2008 in Malaysia. Well i believe the first reaction that most of the citizens had are anger and worry. We are angry because we have to pay more for our expenses and we are worry of not able to cope with it. It is only natural that we start putting the blame on the current government.
However if you ask any economists in the world, they will tell you that taking away the subsidies is the RIGHT thing to do. Abdullah had said the petrol price increase reflect the dilemma of Malaysian economy. Dr. Mahathir talked about our past purchasing power. The reality is we have been living in a somehow protected and virtual world by ourselves. Once the protected umbrella is taken away especially at this critical time, we felt helpless and don’t know to response. I still remember during 1997, an Indian engineer came here and work told me. In India, there are a lot of people who doesn’t not have skill will not get to work but in Malaysia, you can easily get a work. This more or less reflect our protected economy and it actually while retaining our purchasing power in the past but have actually without knowing making the GDP gap between our country and other opened economy wider.
Now, is the time we must face the reality. We have to think again, are we having a too happy go lucky lives ? Are we ready to face the competitive world outside? What is our value? Oil price increase may not be a bad thing after all. It could be a real wake up call for all of us in Malaysia. Think about it…
Thinking about it, i am not so mad at En. Sharil anymore.

32. Edi神 - June 9, 2008

they are stupid but they think we are stupid too!

show them our power…

let’s go go go!

33. Damocles - June 9, 2008

“It could be a real wake up call for all of us in Malaysia. Think about it…
Thinking about it, i am not so mad at En. Sharil anymore.”- cy97

I don’t know whether you read other blogs, especially Lim Kit Siang’s blog.
If you haven’t then I suggest that you read more such blogs to have a wider knowledge of what is happening in Bolehland!
The BN government has always been asking the people to tighten their belts while it is loosening its own at the same time!
Have you read about the squandering of the national wealth? Have you ever thought where the money from the tin ore, timber, rubber, crude oil etc have gone to? Or even our tax ringgit?
Have you heard/read about the intention of sending another “spaceman” into space after the first one, perhaps to promote Ketuanan Melayu?
The first one costs RM30 million and I think that the send shot will not be cheap by any means.
On top of that it wanted to buy the space craft that send these astronauts into space, maybe for another RM40 million or so, as keepsake!
There are numerous other incidents of squandering of the national wealth; I therefore find it incredulous that we still have people left in this country who think that our “leaders’ who spew out cock & bull rhetoric are heroes.
Well, as the saying goes, a sucker is born every second.
Wake up Malaysians, you are up to your eye-balls in quicksand!

34. Edi神 - June 10, 2008

We need transparency in our government expenditure, administration and etc.

If not they would use public money like it fall from the sky.

35. miee - June 18, 2008

Dear YB,
Could someone PELASE push KTMB to start serving Tg Malim via Rawang? How could we talk about saving our air from CO2 and CO plus other pollutants if the federal government is slow in pushing clean-air transportation modes ie rail?
The track is completed over 15 months and the electricity has been wasted over the last 12 months just to ensure no one steal the copper wire. Now Transport Minister says no coach and not enough EMU. Come on, where have all the Petronas money gone? paying foreign musicians playing foreign archaic musics? Or wasting more petrol resources over noisy and stupid F-1 race which we never had any racer in the first place. An dend up habving more drunks in the street.
Cant we just cancel those burning of fireworks and dancings over Malaysia day and various nonsense celebrations. Please use them to buy and serve better public transport. Meaning lesser cars and motorbikes on the road.
let make minibuses to feed commuters from KTM and LRT stations.
Is that too much for federal and state government to agree on?
YB, I trust you can do this.

36. renaye - June 19, 2008

i’m so tired of so many stupid people who just talk and get lost in the action translation. there’s no way for people to change their lifestyle when the lifestyle is already very simple!

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