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Go ahead and JUMP! June 8, 2008

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Economy, Malaysia, Note2Self, Politics.
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Since Thursday, I’ve had a maddening Van Halen song playing in my head, thanks to all who had SMSed and called with one and only one message:-

“Petrol price will kill us … Cannot tahan til Sept 16! Do it NOW!”

Even my normally cool capitalist bro freaked and scheduled an emergency family meeting to go through our family finances together.

Last night at Machap Baru, Melaka, during a ceramah which i shared the podium with Chegubard, Mike (Kapar MP) and Mr. Tai (Perak Exco).

Mr. Tai, towards the end of his speech which centred on the fuel price hike, told the audience to get their pens ready as he was going to give them a very very important telephone.

We held our breaths.

“019-xxx xxxx.

“This is the name of your MP Fong Chan Onn (MCA). SMS him. Send him a message to crossover as it is now his moral obligation to the voters of his constituency.”

Everyone roared with approval.

So, all of you out there – if your MP is from BN, it’s time to SMS him/her the same message!




1. Tan - June 8, 2008

Why can’t the government preinstalled all the Proton’s cars with NGV and expand the NGV stations in Malaysia? This will indirectly reduce the subsidy amount, environment friendly and affordable to the consumers. A lot of peoples are reluctant to fix the NGV kit because of the fueling stations. If the government is serious about the welfare of the people, then it should provide alternative fuel and a better public transportation.

2. malayamuda - June 8, 2008

way to go yes !

Lets all JUMP !!! Cant wait till Sept 16….God only knows what else wld have happened by then

3. caravanserai - June 8, 2008

If the BN MPs have conscious
They will do the honest thing
They don’t have to say
It is party and BN policies

Are they working for the people and country?
Are they not paid by the peoples’ tax money?
If the BN MPs have conscious
They must know where to put their feet

Everything is going up and away
Nothing seems to move right for the people
The BN government giving a lot of excuses
There is no concrete plan to ease the country’s woes

They keep saying, recycle stories
Be thrifty change life styles
They spoon feed the words
They don’t walk the talk

The Federal Government must fall
Otherwise the wealth of country will be gone
The elite leaders I am sure are furiously finding ways
To get the excessive cash rolling

The lies people hear everyday
Drumming up by the MSM newspapers
Time to put a stop
Give a new song for the people to sing
We need a new chart topping tune
To safe our days ahead………..

4. anonymous dud - June 8, 2008

COOL! but DAP kata tak boleh 😦 – let it’ll be fair fight instead – call for snap poll …..

5. Samuel Goh Kim Eng - June 8, 2008

When economic conditions were really poor
There were many who jumped ship/aeroplane
With the hope of entering thru’ a better door
Without having any officials to complain

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 080608
Sun. 8th June 2008.

6. Robert Teo - June 8, 2008

Yes all Sabahans and Sarawakians and also MCA assemblymen should jump. It is time to jump to show UMNO that Petronas belongs to the Rakyat not UMNO elites.

7. int - June 9, 2008

Elizabeth, kindly clarify whether you are merely sharing with us what was said at the ceramah, or if you are stating your position, that you believe the Federal Government ought to be changed by inviting party hoppers.

8. simon - June 9, 2008

Top Ten reasons Against encouraging use of NGV.

1. Less profit for Petronas. Petronas goes bust.
2. Cleaner fuel means car dun break down and mechanics go bankrupt.
3. Cleaner fuel means less cancer and doctors go bankrupt.
4. NGV much harder to smuggle. Less profit for smugglers.
5. Cars last longer also means Proton goes bankrupt.
6. Cars last longer also means secondhand car dealers goes bust.
7. Cars spare parts industry goes bust.
8. Less haze means rakyat see better hence they will vote for PR.
9. Better health means rakyat smarter which is bad as they will then vote for PR.
10. Longer life means rakyat got more corruption issues to remember.

9. temenggong - June 9, 2008

Badawi has given BN MPs a historic opportunity to jump.

So, Jump!!

10. Tehsin Begum Mukhtar Ahmad - June 9, 2008

Hi Elizabeth,

I am glad to hear that the selangor Government is taking the initiative to become a green state.

I agree that rubbish collection must be returned to the state as the private contractors are doing a shoddy job and I can only guess where they dump the waste. I have also seen Indah Water discharging waste into a big drain along Jalan Wangsa Melawati.

It is high time that we separate our household waste and make it mandatory for households to do so. Hazardous household waste ultimately ends up in our water treatment plants, rivers and environment. There was a great article in the Star on this issue on Sunday June 8, and in that article, there were ideas by our local scientists, who are equally capable if not more, due to their understanding of local problems. Please, use our local talent and skill to generate ideas instead of the BN practise of spending millions on overpriced overseas talents. We can use them where necessary but not to the extent of turning our backs on our local clients.

I think it would also be a good idea to make mandatory the setting up of housing associations and get them to work with local councils on keeping the residential areas clean. I was in Bangi, and i was so depressed to see the roads and drains so filthy, with open burning dumps everywhere in front of house, and a general deterioration of old housing areas. In some places, the houses are so beautiful, but right outside their gates, is filth.

We Malaysians seem to have the attitude of “biar rumah sendiri cantik, lantakla kat luar tu”. Not our problem. It is SAD. Residents’ Associations working with local councils would maybe help the residents get involved directly in keeping their areas clean and informing the councils of action that needs to be taken.

Education needs to be targetted at the most basic level. The citizens, the school. In some instances, force maybe necessary by implementing laws and ENFORCING THEM. Something that has been lacking during BN’s time.

I hope that thing will change for the better under Pakatan’s administration in the PR held states.

We have only one earth, and one chance.

11. ct choo - June 9, 2008

Jumping/crossing-over is the proper thing to do. In good conscience, the BN MPs must act sooner rather than later. At the rate the BN/UMNO leaders are careening the Malaysian economy into the ditch urgent action needs to be taken.

12. RealGunners - June 9, 2008

i wonder, if we wait till sept 16, what else will the Barang Naik regime introduce.. it’s now a case of us outlasting them..

and we don’t even know if anything will really happen on sept 16.. politics are all about flip flops anyway..

13. Ahmad - June 9, 2008

BN goverment saved in oil subsidy is RM13.7 billions which will be plough back to rakyat. But what happened to RM13.7 billions which a saving by not giving subsidy to rakyat.
BN goverment will give annoucement that Mega project will be reviewed but not Iskandar Region. The RM13.7 billions will be used to develop Iskandar Region as BN goverment has commited to foreign investor such as Hullirburton etc. Also the pressure from singapore investors asking BN goverment to expidite the infrastructure work.

Now we the Malaysian people and tax-payers has to pay for Iskandar Region expenses for BN goverment to please foreign investors-not to forget commission!!!!!!!!!!.

This is how BN is working-now let change the BN goverment right now.

14. RKP - June 9, 2008

I have a song for the occassion..”.It’s now or never!” Too many blunders,too many sorrows.Injustice,injustice,injustice done.What more to come? PR must make the wise move at the right time.

15. tan, tanjong bungah - June 9, 2008

Hi everyone,

We should sms or phone all our elected representatives (from both sides of the political divide), State and Federal, to ‘request’ that they bring the sudden and steep fuel price increase issue for debate/discussion in the State Legislative Assemblies, Parliament, excos. and cabinet.

Let’s then wait and see who are the representatives who sincerely champion the welfare of the rakyat.

16. Bornfree - June 9, 2008

It’s the poor that is suffering. Sabah & Sarawak both states having oil resources are at the mercy of UMNOputera. Come on BN MPs from both states, if you have the conscience for the people, jump n change for the better. At least let Anwar try to reform.

17. exzede - June 9, 2008

Yes, SMS is the way to go. Let’s SMS our wakil rakyat to do something about the fuel price increase.

whatever we can do, let’s do it. don’t just sit there, do nothing and hope something will happen.

18. alexliew - June 9, 2008

the power belongs to the rakyat or the mp? the reason the government not installing the ngv because it actually has no benefit for the government which means the goverment is not making any money out from it anyway the price petrol have to go up sooner or later we, malaysians shouldn’t laid back for the goverment to help us but we should think of ways to use alternative ways. U cry or jump doesn’t reduce the price but farmore complicate the matter and the mp are the ones that should be listening to us not to themself. So stop the frown and make the move.

19. crower - June 9, 2008

Explain to the Malaysians first on the mechanism that Pakatan has to reduce the current petrol price.

By “mechanism” I don’t mean setting up committess etc. etc. explain to the Malaysians with hard facts and figures.

Please bear in mind, oil price hike is a global issue and is not limited to domestic only. Some way or the other, we will be effected.

Pakatan’s mechanism must show the details to overcome the current oil price issue but also to overcome possible higher fuel prices in the future.

We have learned a lot from Pak Lah, mere talk is not enough to get the people’s support. Show to us first. It’s a global issue, if Pakatan has a way to overcome a global issue, I’m all ears.

One more thing, why must we wait until Sept 16 ? The people are already suffering.

20. sandyow - June 9, 2008

True. Is jumping ship and setting up new government really going to solve the problems, especially so regarding the petrol price hike? I’m not really into taking chances with reasons like “Give them a chnace to prove themselves”, probably more needs to be done to convince the general public about it. If not, it’s just some people making use of the current situation for their political agendas.

The elected representatives should focus more on giving constructive suggestions and ideas about the petrol hike issue, how to help the people. Now is not the time for political agendas in my opinion. At least I know my elected candidate giving good advice on how to deal with the situation.

21. Atomic Punk - June 9, 2008

You’re right. <a href=”http://www.cafepress.com/rockrtees/4978147″?Might as well Jump.

22. Atomic Punk - June 9, 2008
23. Farul Azri - June 9, 2008

Van Halen rocks.. and err.. please JUMP now!! 😀

24. nainnarart - June 10, 2008

You have to do something!

25. Paul Warren - June 11, 2008

Everyone is saying, do something. Everyone has suggested reducing or abolishing tolls and road taxes. But Mohideen has come out to say that AP stays. Now even longer than what they promised when the tiff with Mahathir was going on. Well beyond 2010.

How come there is no mention even from Pakatan over the AP? Why should every car have a higher value/cost by the amount of the cost of the AP that goes to individuals only because they are priovileged Malays?

26. zaiman - June 11, 2008


Kenapa pegawai kanan MB yang disiasat oleh BPR tidak digantung tugasnya? Bukankah dahulu selalunya PKR/DAP/PAS mendesak BN menggantung tugas mana-mana pegawai yang disiasat BPR.

Ada double standard ke?

27. jsn - June 12, 2008

yes!!! it’s a simple science..elizabeth rocks!!..

28. berubahuntukmalaysia - June 12, 2008

Poor governance.! The Great PM needed just one day to increase Petrol price while Muyidin (Can’t careless on how to spell his name) says AP says for another 10 years?


29. dave - June 15, 2008

Hi elizabeth,

i’ve posted a more detailed calculation which i’ve received from a friend in the chain mail. what was mentioned was very true and make sense. feel free to have a look and pass it on, can be found here, http://blog.davetan.net/?p=17

both political and economy stability affects foreign investors. if things turns out to be ugly again, it will make the situation worst. alot of mnc are actually moving away from MY to TH or CN especially semi-con industry

i’ve the mixed feeling when the time getting closer towards 916. As things are quite unknown at this stage, anyway, i guess we’ll have to keep our finger crossed and hoping that if this really happening, let’s hope it’s for the good of all of us.

30. Edi神 - June 17, 2008

what does the future hold for malaysia?


There are so much of uncertainty!

I am really thinking of bringing my family to migrate for good.

Is even harder to be husband now than during my father times!

With all this payrise for TNB head adding fuel to fire!

31. Satria Asia - June 17, 2008

1. I don’t think there will be enough crossovers for PR to form a govt.
2. Apparently, NGV is more expensive! The raw gas and processing to NGV costs a lot of money … apparently lah …. Anyone knows anyone in Petronas?

32. umnodu - June 18, 2008

Dear Eli,

On behalf of UMNO Cawangan D.U grassroot members, we wish to extend our welcome to you to visit our own blog at


We hope that in the future, every and any disagreements will be settled in an amicable and rational manner.

p/s: We are, of course, against Kriss Kross’ Jump (Van Halen’s too old school…)


UMNO Cawangan Damansara Utama

33. The Eternal Wanderer - June 19, 2008

Snap polls… I doubt it’ll happen, the Umnoturds will not let it happen. I’m already sure the no-confidence motion will be shot down in Parliament this Monday.

No, the only way for a change to happen is to jump ship, if the BN MPs are smart, they should realise now is the time to bail out from a sinking ship or risk being taken down with it. If they’re good at foretelling their future and the future of the country, they should know that the PR is a much better hope to change and improve governance of this country.

As much as I agree with the DAP that party hopping is unethical, I believe desperate circumstances call for desperate measures.

Malaysia is in a desperate situation now.

34. fucai - June 20, 2008

wonder why this PAS so called leaders and supporters so kehboh -always want to decide for the rakyat what they can do & what they
cannot do!
niah mah! if u dont like to listen to song and dont like to watch football. just shut up and get lost.
we -the rakyat know what is best for us -so ,u bloody politikus -just diam diam!

35. PHUA KL - June 20, 2008

Dear sandyow

I’ve posted this elsewhere. Allow me to post this here for you to read:


Reading this single mother’s letter really makes my blood boil!

In the face of an ill-conceived policy, i.e. raising petrol prices drastically without an anti-inflation programme in place and without programmes to cushion the impact on low income people, progressive citizens in Malaysia need to think about ways to help ordinary people to cope with this awful situation. I propose the following for starters (please add to the list):

1. Demand that the Govt abolish all fees in the public schools
2. Demand that the Govt give a monthly “child welfare” allowance to each family with a child under the age of 5
3. Push the public transport companies to put more buses, trains etc into service immediately e.g. see Mahathir’s blog posting on the RapidKL “bus graveyard” in Selangor
4. Re-introduce the minibus into the whole of KL
5. Get the Govt to increase the rebate for motorcyclists, reduce or even eliminate the rebate for car-owners (especially for cars over 2000 cc)
6. Get Bernas to increase the supply of rice on the market
7. Ask better off people to donate unwanted clothes, furnishings etc to organizations that can give them free of charge or at nominal fees to low income people (like what the Petaling Jaya Community Centre does)
8. Get trade unions etc to purchase food and other essential items in bulk for resale to their members at lower prices (NUPW, are you listening?)

My wife and I pay a lot in tax money every year. We would be very, very glad if this tax money is used to help people like this single mother. Are you doing this, BN government??

Phua Kai Lit

36. monsterball - June 23, 2008

Before election…those who curse and swear against UMNO….are ones like us….being treated like animals. with tear gas and water cannon treatments.
The oil price do not spare those who voted for UMNO…ENJOY!!

37. Edi神 - June 25, 2008

gomen gomen…

wat r u doing? Please be sincere and truthful!

Think of the ppl not urself!

38. Patek1472 - June 29, 2008

Nostradamus Quatrains on Malaysie

In the year of the great games started by the Greeks
Hosted by the nation of heavenly emperors of times before
In a land called Malaysie
Great turbulence and strife engulf

A land where a Genghis Khan’s Descendant was shred to bits
Blown by the winds to the heavenly clouds
Where the accused are finally crowned
Amid great trepidation and acrimony

Then arose among men of honor
A man of the faith of Mohammedans
Kings and Rulers let him reign
And a new nation was born

Great leaders bring forth divination and revelations
A land of many tribes divided was thus united
The color of men was blurred and lost
By great competition to give their best

Herein lies the destiny of men
Who showed the meaning of democracy and humanity
Religions and languages flourishes as times before
A land as peaceful as Shangri La

Malaysie, a stopping point of travelers must see
Back to the days of great Sultans and Rajas
Nations and men afar come to seek their wealth
Knowledge, trade and life flourishes as before

From: Patek1472.wordpress.com

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