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1 million against petrol price hike June 25, 2008

Posted by elizabethwong in "We can do better", Current Affairs, Economy, Malaysia.
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Word is there may be another hike before Budget this year!!???!!

6 July 2008 | 9 am | Amcorp Mall
Be part of this historic protest!



1. TiewNMa - June 25, 2008

Wont be surprise if this happen.Malaysia Boleh,BN/UMNO macam macam boleh.After the 41% petrol price hike recently being “endorsed and accepted” by Parliment,the Baran Naik government has gain confidence and got more power to do anything they like.

2. gua bay song - June 25, 2008

*clap clap*

Isham rox!

3. aadya - June 25, 2008

Nothing surprising. Petrol hikes happen the world over. We normal should be prepared at least. It is a global crisis anyway. The best we can do is the government can give us citizens a better Plan B backup method to cover for the rise in living costs that would immediately occur after that.

4. gooeyglobs - June 25, 2008

YES! The one million is possible. Lets mobilise the concern citizens to show their protest on the fuel price increase. The blatant wastages must be stopped otherwise the people will continue to suffer under the Barisan Nasional government.

5. alvin lee - June 25, 2008

i don’t think so

6. prussiablue - June 25, 2008

Hey wait a minute, our PM promised there won’t be another price hike. As a right-minded and patriotic Malaysian I refuse to believe my distinguished Prime Minister is a flip-flop liar.

7. Jerry liew - June 25, 2008

May i suggest that instead of 1 million demonstrators losing quality time on the streets and sometime disrupting the rakyats livelihood, i would propose a more constructive way of protesting to the present MPs’ who have voted for the hefty price increased, i.e. to get 1 MILLION PROTEST signatures instead before the 2nd Parlimentary sessions ends!!!!!!.
This will show to the present Govt that the majority of Malaysians are rational rakyats and always have the welfare of the country at heart!.

8. Anak Halal - June 25, 2008

Hope all the Pakatan MPs and ADUNs turun padang and lead the protest.Jangan duduk di dewan air cond aje.Walk the Talk Pakatan.

9. H - June 25, 2008

Flip Flop Badwa at his best!

10. khinzirjantan&co - June 25, 2008

Very dirty and filthy way to pass the price hike bill in parliament. We, RAKYAT will not agree and support the PM, Bodowi said. They make all the RAKYAT suffering from what he and his goons had done to us.They are greedy, corrupted, liars, cheats and robbing the RAKYAT.Let’s send BN/UMNO goons to HELL FOREVER.

11. Mal_Jr - June 25, 2008

the oil price hike is inevitable nowadays. The whole world is experiencing it. Don’t solely blame the goverment for this. Instead of blaming and lamenting endlessly, why don’t think of a way to deal with it. I’m not saying that we should take everything as it is, but it is pointless to lament and point fingers all the time but not thinking of a better way to cope with it.

12. TiewNMa - June 25, 2008

I agree with Jerry Liew,get 1.79 million of rakyat’s signature against the petrol price hike compared to only 179 MP’s who voted for the mtion.PKR MP’s should show these signatures in Parliment..

13. Karumainya Pian - June 25, 2008

Yes…WE CAN…enough misery..enough…LETS DO IT!!!

14. Edi神 - June 25, 2008

Badawi got a hard job in hand! Harder than we taught, 1st time a Msia PM being challenge this strongly!

with PAS doing all this ISLAMIC trend is hard to see why the country isnt falling in pieces!

Who is friends? Who is Foes? I bet they themselves doesnt even know!

Badawi did give us something in his short stay! FREEDOM of EXPRESSION!

Garbage or no GARBAGE regarding RPK statuory declaration. THe gomen has make RPK the Ppl champion!

1million 2 million 3million doesnt matter because our leader is DEAF!

15. rev1985 - June 25, 2008

All the protests in the world will not stop hikes in petrol prices, the speculation in the commodity market is worth billions. The value of oil or any other product does not exist within itself, the value comes from the value we place on it.
Oil is not scarce, we have plenty of oil and alternate energy solutions, the reason for the price hike speculation and the media.
Most importantly the government generates a bulk of their revenue from selling oil to its citizens 🙂 so the more they sell, the higher the price the more they make.. Interested in cutting down the price of oil ? One solution — Force governments to remove Taxes on energy/

16. ChiaKC - June 25, 2008

I will go, and the more the merrier.

Now Padang Timor is not Stadium Bukit Jalil, in no way it can hold 1 million people.

Why Padang Timor in the first place I wonder. I think KLCC is still the iconic avenue that mark the reviving of our social movement, we should do it there.

17. penyokong PR - June 26, 2008

get i million people to demonstrate at the same time against
1. people who throw rubbish everywhere.
2.people who smoked ,eat ,using hp, baby in lap while driving.
3.people who uses profanity loudly in public places.
4.people who rear dogs but take their dog to shit at other peoples
5. people who only know how to mate and produced babies but
do not bother to educate therefore allowing their offspring
to make life miserable for innocent people.
6. people who is willing to pay rm 10 for a glass of orange juice
filled with 3/4 ice and now complaining about the petrol hike.
7. people who like to live outside their means thus creating a lot of debt.
8. people with 3rd world mentality.
9. people who think their MPs should take care of their drains.
10. people who only knows how to complain but never offer any solutions.

the list can go on and on……….

elizabeth change the mindset of the people.
assuming there are no more petrol in the world
what r the people going to do ?
demonstrating again.

there r a lot of petty issue that needs to be addresed
if we were to make this country great.

18. the X opinions - June 26, 2008

Just wanna inform YB your blog has been officially nominated as a candidate for …

The Greatest Malaysian Blog – POLITICIAN (English)


Message from:
the X opinions (http://thexopinions.blogspot.com/)

19. aadya` - June 26, 2008

Maybe protest is not really the answer. Is it a political protest or a “rakyat” neutral protest? Because once people start bringing flags of certain parties and what not, it defeats the “people’s protest” already.

And to say that it is a peaceful protest, I don’t know, the whole PROTES blogsite you linked there looks pretty intimidating and aggressive (note the RED background?) ANd also, the sentiments on the blog are pretty umprofessional-like and immature-ish. Are we sure things wont go out of hand here? Is this really the image being potrayed for a “peaceful” protest?

20. Edi神 - June 26, 2008

why? dont the gomen care about public image?

give us explanation please!

21. Henry A - June 26, 2008

Funny that whenever our premier opens his mouth and says something, the opposite is always true……
I’m still pondering on whom to believe…

22. Kam Nan,Koh Lipe - June 30, 2008

Join the crowd lah. The more the merrier and hope can gather a few guys from the island to be part of the historical event.

Make sure you come a….dont bring guitar ma….

Those guys who commented their disagreement: ‘Stay home la and fix yourselves some fresh juices and put your guts under your pillow-make sure dont swith on your fan or air-cond(jimat ma…)

23. thegossiplounge - July 1, 2008

Will DSAI be on throne this September?

24. monsterball - July 1, 2008

hhhmmmm …Sounds like a Malaysian Woodstock event!!
Yes…all that can go… should go…..and lend full support.
Wish the organizers…great success.

25. Edi神 - July 2, 2008

I begin to think all these parliment session are waste of public money! NO CONCULSION at all!

Gomen dont listen to Rakyat and their MP! So why continue?

26. Satria Asia - July 3, 2008

Can fit 1 million people in there ah?

27. mel - September 1, 2008

khinzirjantan&co ur sooo bias and unfair..

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