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Why Najib should sue Bala July 4, 2008

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Malaysia, Note2Self, Politics.
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If Bala had erred in his statutory declaration, Najib Razak should have instructed his lawyers to sue him, instead of getting him to take out all references pertaining to the latter.

Or maybe it was just easier, since Bala was summoned to the Brickfields Police Station right after his press conference, that a phone call between friends can kow-tim without parting with hard-earned commissions to lawyers?

This is better than kancheong kitchen!

* The Protest Against Fuel Price Hike on Sunday has moved to Kelana Jaya Stadium. Specially for those weak-kneed-at-sight-of-boys-in-blue-n-fatigues liberals who can now rally in style and under shade. No A&W snacks though.



1. WhyCares - July 4, 2008

So Bala was threathened by the his ‘named invisible hands’ ?

The same ‘invisible hands’ that seemingly attacked DSAI then & now ?

Syabas to all Peacemakers

2. WhyCares - July 4, 2008

So Bala was threathened by the his ‘named invisible hands’ ?

The same ‘invisible hands’ that seemingly attacked DSAI then & now ?

Syabas to all Peacemakers.

1st email errors….

3. Dy - July 4, 2008

What a joke…Dont you think he was threaten to withdraw all allergation

4. CJFOO - July 4, 2008

Like I said in my earlier comment, Najib should immediately sue Bala without hesitation if he has nothing to hide. These are extremely serious allegations.

What is holding back Najib? All of us agreed that Bala’s retraction of his earlier allegations concerning Najib had further tainted Najib’s integrity more than helping him.

Do not forget that Bala’s retraction came after his visit to the police station.

Was he threatened with C4 or did he suddenly discover his conscience ? More flip-flops from Bala?

5. AuntyG - July 4, 2008

aiyoyo bala, one minute at the press conference, smiling like a Bollywood film star, next minute say he was under duress. Drama is his middle name aah?

6. Antares - July 4, 2008

Kancheong Kitchen sounds like an X-citing place to dine. Date, Hottie MP? 😉 xox

7. Bloggster.info - July 4, 2008

I’ll tell you what this is Elizabeth. It’s a shame. Everyone is a liar.
This guy Bala can come on TV and smile and shake hands with everybody and now this!
I predict there will be another twist to this tale shortly. Bala will do a flip-flop and say that he was forced to remove the “sensitive parts” of his SD because he/his wife/chldren were threatened.

8. aces - July 4, 2008

I think it is obvious isn’t it? Can’t really blame Bala coz he has got his family and relatives to think about. Funny though…..why didn’t the police ask RPK to retract what he said in his Statutory Declaration.

9. bgees - July 4, 2008

it’s makes more damage to Najib by retraction of the SD and he’s nearing to hell. good luck.

10. Scott Thong - July 4, 2008

Latest: Police will investigate BOTH reports, even though he retracted one. Looks like your advice is right!

11. P. Balasubramaniam Retracts Statutory Declaration: Najib Didn’t Have Sex With Altantuya! « BUUUUURRRRNING HOT - July 4, 2008

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12. Birdseye - July 4, 2008

I guess no one slept better than PM Badawi last night. I mean, Anwar still not out of the woods, Najib has just gone in and Bala obviously sweated the entire time. I’m not sure though whether the retractions by Bala will repair the damage meted out to Najib. Tellingly, all the retractions by Bala had to do with Najib and no one else. Perhaps it is in the best interest of the IGP to protect Najib. When cowboys are threatened, it is time circle the wagons.

Rosmah said the ‘almost first-couple’ will not sue RPK for all that C4 stuff. And Najib will not so Bala. Why should they bother when the AG believes the Sedition Act or the simple penal code (for criminal libel) can be used. Why spend their own money when the cost can be borne by the taxpayers? Besides, RPK is broke and I do not think Bala has a lot of cash lying around, unless, of course, he was handsomely rewarded yesterday. Thus what is the use of getting a multi-ringgit judgment with no hope of collecting?

13. Bornfree - July 4, 2008

What is a SD? Bala seems to make SD and then have it retracted. Where’s your intergrity Mr. Bala?

14. daniel - July 4, 2008

i dont want to but i bliv bala was ‘converted’ in the police station. i hope we are not turning into a police state.. sigh.

15. Gandalf - July 4, 2008

HI Liz,

The main objective is to keep the rakyat confused. I think it is working fine.

I have heard various wind-talk that the FRU, RELA, Special Branch, KGB and the MLNF are being given battle gear and are polishing their helmets.

I am waiting for a curfew announcement and the arrest of DSAI for inciting riots and sexual deviance.

I am certain that the good leader is readying himself for battle.

Gob bless all honest and peace loving Malaysians!

16. anti kj - July 4, 2008

i bet najis won`t sue bala bcoz if he do , he has to testify all the fact that against the SD which he hasnt got with him , further more , people who is guity ,, u know le , they scare the hell of investigation toward them . If najis is indeed innocent , why he is so affraid being investigated ?

17. anti kj - July 4, 2008

that make sense if heis the one force bala to change the SD rather than sueing bala , bcoz with his power in police and goverment , he is able to close people eyes .but wrong , people nowday is clever , they analysis thing and able to difer who is telling lie .

18. Anak Halal - July 4, 2008

ALSO for those with a bad back and other overweight AMK leaders as well …haha

Kalau takut akan risiko, usah cerita soal perjuangan..Anwar 1998.Just another empty political talk at the end.

At least now we get to know PKR better.

19. Allen Tan - July 4, 2008

Hi Elizabeth,

I commmented several times at your blog. The other day I attended your dialogue in Subang Jaya.

Yes, our country is a police state. Anything pertaining to VIPs, no way a citizen could win.

I suggest PR should pressurize the police to probe on Najib. Please remember to use the lie-detector on him too. And allow two or three NGO reps to witness behind tinted glass. Is my suggestion ok?

20. yobie - July 4, 2008

I agree with you Elizabeth. But this Najib is not so stupid. He won’t let himself trapped in Anwar’s games. The intention of 2nd SD either to trap Najib or threaten message received by Bala or to diqualify Bala as one of the main witness in Altantuya’s trial due to inconsistent or unstable person. We wait and see, the games getting interesting and who will be checked mate.

21. penyokong PR - - July 4, 2008

drama minggu ini semakin menarik.
who is the director ?

22. bexe2 - July 4, 2008

How much more of this judicial improprieties can we Malaysians stomach? A shameful situation that confirms our pariah status while the custodian of our national pride is soundly asleep, or is he a party to this catastrophic decline?

23. bexe2 - July 4, 2008

Time to get the friends of Atlantuya to testify. Some of them know who Atlantuya was “dating”. Was is Razak or Najib or even both?
The truth is with them. Get it out!

24. Hafiz Noor Shams - July 4, 2008


Harsh… tsk tsk tsk…

25. slyderrose - July 4, 2008

What a mess now Malaysia. Let new management take over.

26. jo fernandez - July 4, 2008

for a very short while we thought you were different and that you represented a new breed of politicians who were concerned about your constituents.

that you should choose to post stories like these suggests that you are not very different from those you replaced. try to follow lim eng guan’s example and focus on serving the people

27. RAVINDRAN KUNJAN - July 5, 2008

Joke of the “50 Years Rule By BN” presumably democratically = PDRM ( led by DSAI alledged criminal Musa Hassan ) will investigate BOTH SDs by Bala!!!! Now we have to accept that PDRM will be fair, judicious and proper in conducting the investigation? Bala was immediately summoned to Brickfields P/S by ASP Tony, Investigating Officer of Altantuya murder case. WHY? Lawyer, Amrick says he overheard teleconversation, “Kari”;”Ikan”……surely ASP Tony is not interested in treating this “opposition lalang” to fish head curry at the famous Brickfields stalls. DSAI has also said in SUN (4/7/08) that Saiful was in comunicado with OYDS Musa Hassan.( OYDS= orang yang disyaki hopefully will be OKT= orang kena tuduh). DSAI says he has evidence to that effect. PDRM has now become script writers for criminal activities…….. as fuel prices have hiked up so this is the new venture into part time jobs led by gullible Musa Hassan. His earlier allegations of corruptions exposed by RPK will be interesting revelations in the coming trials of former Commercial Crime Director, Datuk Ramli Yusuf, also believed to be the witness to DSAI’s police report on Musa Hassan & Gani Patail, as he was privileged to be in the meetings of the task force of DSAI’s case,then.

What a scandulous bunch of leaders & govt officials. GOD belasah us …ooops God Bless us.

Ravindran Kunjan

28. freeMalaysia@nomonarchy.com.my - July 5, 2008

Welcome to terrorist supporting Malaysia. Murder/Rape/Roberry, anything goes.

29. Top Posts « WordPress.com - July 5, 2008

[…] Why Najib should sue Bala If Bala had erred in his statutory declaration, Najib Razak should have instructed his lawyers to sue him, instead of […] […]

30. Birdseye - July 5, 2008

Dear Liz,

You and your regular flock are just too kancheong.

In your post, Checkmate Najib, you more or less concluded that Najib is a well done steak. You’re not alone. Many of your fellow bloggers, with a similar anti-government mindset, couldn’t help salivating. That was before Bala made an ass of himself.

Why be so kancheong? Wait lah for what Abdul Razak Baginda has to say in court. Do not forget this man is facing a possible death sentence or years of incarceration. He has wife and child waiting for him at home. I dread to imagine what goes through the minds of loved ones ans the second hand ticktocks to the appointed hour.

To escape, either the judge throws out the case on the ground that the prosecution has screwed up in a big way or he manages to convince the judge that a mere political analyst is not important enough for C4 to be used to obliterate evidence.

Screw-ups by the prosecution is, of course, nothing new in Malaysia. Sure people will feel disgusted and bloggers will rant and rave. In the end, however, the IGP and AG will still keep their jobs and life goes on. Bala and RPK will probably occupy two cells and worsen the over-crowding problem in the Sg Buloh prison.

If the trial goes on, how will Razak Baginda try to escape. He has to sow grave doubt and whilst admitting he has slept with the late Altantuya, he did not order her death and C4 burial. He is simply not that important to have the police/army at his disposal. If his counsel is not ‘bought and paid for’ surely he will frame his questions like “How did you meet the deceased? or “Did you, Altantuya and Najib ever dine together in Paris or anywhere?”. Many other juicy questions of course.

Frankly people will get tired of these games. Why does RPK need to be taken to court before he will release the proof to back up his SD? Why not just lay out the proof via a statutory declaration? Perhaps there ain’t nothing to show? Why is there a need for PKR to keep hinting that more will information will be released? “Just you people wait” says DSAI. And then we got Bala.

Cheers babe.

31. sivagami - July 5, 2008

Malaysia is real “SAMPAH”.

32. Kam Nan,Koh Lipe - July 5, 2008

Najib will never sue Bala coz he has the capacity as DPM to use various tools of the goverment for his case.

But then again nobody is indispensable infront of millions of Rakyat in our country.

Behind every mens failure there is a woman.Ahaksssss…

Cheers to you Elizabeth.


33. Drachen - July 6, 2008

N won’t sue because he fears going to court. Going to court means answering questions. Dr M also chickened out of going to court, remember? The only one who relishes going to court is Anwar.

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