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KL blocked, democracy locked down July 13, 2008

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Democracy, Malaysia, Politics.
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In anticipation of the vote of no-confidence scheduled to be up on Monday morning, the police have set up road blocks all around Kuala Lumpur. There appears to be an order to lock-down the Parliament on Monday morning from 7 am onwards.

Question is: Are the police doing this to protect public security or to deter the curious and interested public from turning up in Parliament tomorrow. There is no rally tomorrow at Parliament scheduled. But there is an emergency motion on the state of the country especially since the price hike of fuel and other basic essentials.

Lest we forget, Parliament is not a security-zone. This is the second time the police have attempted to stop public access to the very halls which decide on laws which govern our lives, where debates pertaining to our lives and livelihood occur. We have every right to go in, witness the debates just as with public access into any other public buildings.

So in an attempt to shield all the Prime Minister’s men/women tomorrow morning, the traffic jam has sprawled as far as Klang where I was this morning. This doesn’t inspire any further confidence in Abdullah Badawi.


1. Discrimination69, - July 13, 2008

Many would like to witness the historic event tomorrow at Parliament House. Hishamuddin should declare all secondary schools a public holiday and allow the school children to attend Parliament debate on VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE as part of their MORAL education syllabus.

If the government is sincere, then allow a full LIVE Parliament telecast tomorrow only to let rakyat witness who they elected, all for “SECURITY REASONS” so the Parliament public gallery wont be crowded and dont need police to be unnecessarily busy but can patrol the housing estates and prevent rapes, robberies, snatch thieves.

Or is it possible the Police and Military will be used to enforce Public Order or maintain BN continued rule even if the VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE is carried?

Better to stay at home and watch KLSE tumble maybe 100 points? Huh , another historic day and record?

Hope Malaysiakini can carry live updates on tomorrow’s debate.

2. Navin - July 13, 2008

The PDRM are behaving that the public should not witness the truth – ie witnessing the events in Parliment.




3. Rakyat Malaysia - July 13, 2008

kak wan as PM
no issue here.

4. Whycares - July 13, 2008

Create confusion & apprehensions among a sizeable MPs who harbours thoughts about jumping ship.

Instill autocratic image that BN Govt control the Security and will utilise all agencies & forces at their disposal to prevent any attempt to challenge their co-existence.

Simply flex their octopus muscles for the nation to see.

You can say it did intimidate the common rakyat for a moment.

The more the BN Govt tried, the more the BN Govt will perishes.

Mandate from Heaven this nation await.

Syabas to all Peacemakers.

5. Lynn - July 13, 2008

Well said, Elizabeth. My first reaction was what the hell is this? Public not welcomed at Parliament? And as someone else said, why should the security concern be decided by one man representing the Executive? Parliament is the Legislative arm and it should be decided by what they called the House Committee of Parliament not some minister representing the Executive!! As a citizen of this country, I demand that my right to visit Parliament to view the legislating process not be usurped by BN Government whether or not there is a motion of no confidence in the prime ministership of Abdullah Badawai going on!!!

6. Michael - July 13, 2008

Caught in jam along Jln Cheras caused by now-common “routine” roadblock.

Observing the faces of the officers manning the blocks and the traffic cones tells me that they are merely following orders from their superiors – I reckon they’re themselves are as pissed, as us loyal rakyat, doing the biddings of the politicos and their servant top cops.

Poor officers, don’t curse them – curse their top brass and their politician masters of UMNO. They’ve learnt nothing from 8th March – more arrogant and as brash as ever, in fact even more, I feel.

Me, and every other rakyat, disloyal to the country? Unpatriotic?

Go look in the mirror, UMNO leaders… Sh*ttyheads!!!

7. montoya - July 13, 2008

pity to all police officers. you guys need to pen down all the details for bikers. I really can’t understand why need to do so. M’sian not dangerous and stupid to do unnecessary things. you guys better do others work rather than staring at people during the roadblocks.

Really appreciate if you guys find and catch illegal imigrants and baru orang RESPECT !!!!

8. peace brother - July 13, 2008

LIke that how to have economy growth. cari makan pun sudah susah lagi late to work will get booth aiya!

9. Maybes - July 13, 2008

Pak Lah may just as well declare tomorrow a ‘special’ public holiday to commemorate the 1st non-confidence vote on PM.

For God sake, please lah, vote base on your conscience.

10. Social Contract, Set In Stone? | Jed Yoong - July 13, 2008

[…] Erm, the scardy cats (BN) have SEALED OFF PARLIAMENT TOMORROW! […]

11. Hitam Had - July 13, 2008

Looks like the BN has lost the plot and is in a panic mode. Fighting imaginary ghosts instead of addressing the economic challenges facing us is a clear sign that that there is no effective leadership.

It shows that the preservation of power by the incumbent BN politicians is more important than helping the Rakyat to to overcome their current economic woes and their uncertainty over their future livelihood.

Is it so difficult to comprehend that Malaysia cannot survive the impending financial tsunami without everyone working together to overcome it?

Anyway, this type of nonsense will not be forgotten or forgiven and will be another nail in the coffin of the tyrants.


12. Gomen gila - July 13, 2008

How not to curse. Minyak RM2.70 per litre. Road block means extra of minimum 5 litres of minyak for same journey. 250,000 cars X 5 litres X RM2.70 = RM???. Our government sudah gila lah?

13. blake - July 14, 2008

what else you expect goverment to do to catch this unrest, yes, they are no friend of community, they only want to serve their own purpose.

14. The Lord - July 14, 2008

Opposition should do an Alak, and moon the buggers.

15. Discrimination69, - July 14, 2008

Reading all the complaints about traffic jams, I just wonder whats KL/PJ crime statistics in last couple of days with so many roadblocks.

Should police be manning permanent roadblocks continuously to prevent crime? At least we feel safer because we can see the police doing some real work.

Traffic jams caused by police and business and work mobility of rakyat affected. Demonstrations not causing business to drop surely.
Police create FEAR, Demonstrations create HOPE!!!!!!!

There is NO SECURITY THREAT in Malaysia, only the insecure BN/UMNO putras feeling the threat of losing absolute power.

Will KLSE be suspended tomorrow due to SECURITY THREAT? All UMNO/GLC shares go below par?

16. bexe2 - July 14, 2008

They are ready to take power by force and intimidation. This is a precursor to the inevitable emergency. No other way for UMNO to retain power.
Malaysia will join the likes of Burma. We are one of the pariah nations.
Cry, my beloved country!

17. Observer - July 14, 2008

The Aussie Rudd said Democracy is flourishing in this Bolehland!, He should be here at this moment to see for himself all road blocks and then open his big mouth!

18. Birdseye - July 14, 2008

Good to see you are back.

It is a crying shame that all roads in KL are log jammed just because of a no confidence motion. Malaysia is the probably the only democracy in the whole world that does this. We have an utterly brainless government that treats its citizens with absolute disdain. I should stop before I blow a gasket.

19. Yusuf Martin - July 14, 2008

I’m sorry but this smacks of State Terrorism to me!

20. man - July 14, 2008

May God save nation, be in safe hands.
I dream of a day I am a free citizen…

21. prussiablue - July 14, 2008

What is wrong with this govt!! Trying to put fear and inconvience to our life. U really think just by doing so I would think twice about voting you out. You stupid no brainer, this merely portray how narrow your mindset is. Syed Hamid has the audacity to proclaim he is sorry. Well, my foot you are sorry, have a conscience, if you really love Malaysia, then let her go to the people.

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