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Anwar arrested enroute to IPK July 16, 2008

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Human Rights, Malaysia, Politics.
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After the splendid showing where Anwar Ibrahim trounced the Minister of Information (who promised to resign if he did badly, BTW), now the dastardly news.

Anwar was arrested when he exited his house enroute to IPK  was near his house at Bukit Segambut when returning from his interview with the Anti Corruption Agency before heading to IPK Kuala Lumpur.

According to Chegubard who was with him, his car was surrounded by a group of Special Taskforce Police (Unit Tindakan Khas – UTK, the same guys who smashed his house in 1998) wearing masks. They took him into a black-tinted car and drove off.

Anwar’s arrest was well ahead of his deadline of 2.00 pm meeting time to give his witness statement.

According to his lawyer, he is being taken to the now infamous Brickfields Police Station. the Kuala Lumpur Police HQ (IPK KL).


1. egghead - July 16, 2008

are you kidding me? OMG! here we go again!

2. Malaysian in Minnesota - July 16, 2008

Gosh, now what? State of Emergency?

They have nothing more to do other than arresting him?

3. mcass - July 16, 2008

ouuuu shit

4. sunwayopal - July 16, 2008

I think after yesterday nights debate, the BeeEnded govt has no choice really.

Lets see now, whether the Rakyat is truly behind DSAI or not.

5. malayamuda - July 16, 2008

How stupid can they be ? My God………..

6. Chee Yong - July 16, 2008

I am for one pissed and upset with this badut act from polis. Is this Gestapo style ah? DSAI had already berjanji show up by 2pm as per deadline given. Kotakan janji lah. Main kotor. Syabas BN!!!

7. anti kj - July 16, 2008

let me guess , this time they will stop the klse trading again.. reason … may be short circuit

8. afinan - July 16, 2008

the dateline is on 2pm right? emmmm why the sudden change? is anwar need to be escort to the police station?

9. Dan - July 16, 2008

The stpid CID chief came out and say 2pm was the deadline. And now they arrested him 75 minutes before the deadline. I urge all the foreigners pull out all your money from this country, let this coutry rot!!!

10. J. D. Lovrenciear - July 16, 2008

Debate reveals importance of charisma for leadership

The just concluded public debate between Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and the Minister of Information clearly spells out the significance of charisma in leadership.

The government – particularly from the BN side must come to terms with a salient fact: The country in its present state cannot match the charisma that goes along with Anwar Ibrahim.

A quick take of leaders around the globe will easily tell that a nation that has a charismatic leader enjoys a lead advantage – be it in politics, business or economics. and that country will enjoy all the advantages of global competition.

As such, politicians especially those grappling within the power-corridors must recognize that leadership without charisma is a major setback for any nation. Today, trying to hold on to power through autocratic means will only crumple a nation to lower pits.

On the contrary, being able to lead through artful persuasion, and to impress and express thoughts and intentions especially through public speaking are indispensable qualities of any anointed leader.

Looking at the political dramas unfolding these past several years and especially since the 12th GE, it is very clear that the forces that be are all out to ‘kill’ a gifted leadership in our midst.

If we truly care for the future of Malaysia – given the changes sweeping the world, then the need for a charismatic leader is paramount.

If we are blessed with one such man or woman who cannot be easily matched for decades, then to politically assassinate such a person seemingly at all costs is a crime that generations will have to keep paying.

Undeniable, the man of the hour is Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. As the debate has clearly revealed, none can match this one man.

So why are the forces that be rallying to extinguish such gifted national and regional talent when Malaysia and its neighbors can enjoy such leadership ?

Let us not live to regret this over the history pages some day in the future.

J. D. Lovrenciear

11. Brian Fong - July 16, 2008

do we need special task force to arrest a man with no weapon and without any violent criminal record?

12. Ery - July 16, 2008

Stupid government machineries.!

13. wan BMC - July 16, 2008


100% they r stupid!!!!Obviously!!!

14. temenggong - July 16, 2008

Now the police and the Bn govt will face the enraged rakyat!

15. arwenmh - July 16, 2008

I dun blame BeEnd, after a smashing performance in the debate last nite, of coz they wanna put him behind bars. If I have an enemy that good,I’d surely wanna get him out of the picture….at all cost…

16. lovemalaysiaforever - July 16, 2008

Police really have nothing more important to do other than arresting him that is what Malaysia Police Department is! A bunch of silly dogs under order of BN Pak Lah, Najib and Mahathir governance…

Puke on them…

Definately rakyat will do something this time, we will see…

17. momo - July 16, 2008

Thanks goodness, finally … what took them so long.
With the Sodomist in jail, now the goverment can concentrate in improving the people life instead of wasting time to counter the Sodomist lies.

18. KevinP - July 16, 2008

Malayamuda, they have proven it to you time and time again…. have they not? Stupid is their middle name…. and as the saying goes, stupid is what stupid does….

19. sad malaysian - July 16, 2008

oh no.. not again.. there goes our hope for a better Malaysia..

20. Angin Pantai - July 16, 2008

Here we go again, another dog and pony show! What will happened to the future of this country? 50 years of abuse, corruption, cronyism is not enough? Fellow Malaysian, we must all unite and fight for Justice, Law and Order. PLEASE DON NOT resort to violence to resolve the democratic movement! God bless you all who are still fighting in Malaysia! Daulat Tuanku! Daulat Tuanku! Daulat Tuanku!

21. hasilox - July 16, 2008

Arrested before giving scheduled statement.
Why the drama? That backside suddenly oozes lava after a visit to dpm ofis izzit? hmmm

22. Md Juni - July 16, 2008

BN’s new tactic? Cannot beat Him? Just arrest Him! How low you monkeys can go?

23. Najib Mongolia - July 16, 2008

They have nothing more to do other than arresting him? Arrest Mr Najib Mongolia!!!!!!! Fucking Hell Malaysia Police

24. Angry Taxpayer - July 16, 2008

This seriously has brought the M’sian police force to an all time LOW!!!!

Commando squad for charges of alleged sodomy!!!??? What next? The entire gay community in M’sia?

25. A - July 16, 2008
26. Anwar arrested while on his way to Police Station « I Am Malaysian - July 16, 2008

[…] also Eli Wong’s take HERE. Published […]

27. JeyS - July 16, 2008

Obviously very stupid…and smart. They want you and I to react like this and run amok on street. Then blame PKR whom cannot handle the situation and kick them off the 5 states. And then all blame AAB and he steps down under pressure and NAJIB rises to glory and C4 all of us….

Wallah Mahathir YOU bloody good man..you did it 1 more time!!!

28. zackdanial - July 16, 2008


29. Ann - July 16, 2008

People, let’s pray for DSAI.
May God deliver us from the evils of the ruling government.

30. How Sad - July 16, 2008

I guess if he is not being released. We all (the rakyat) should go down to the police HQ and stay vigillent. We must do our part too.

31. Khalid - July 16, 2008
32. southernfriend - July 16, 2008

Umno is acting like cornered rats now. Dear Malaysians, be strong and united, because it’s now or never.

33. Expat - July 16, 2008

It is so sad for me to see what happens to Anwar today. It is simply a reinforcement of why I left M’sia 25 years ago. There was no justice, no democracy and rampant corruption before. If anything else, what I can see is things got worse in M’sia now. I hope there will be a strong movement to oust the government and restore justice in M’sia!

34. crash - July 16, 2008

this is a hard time, it’s almost like you know it’s wrong and yet nobody can do anything about it. except banging the wall.

i won’t say let,s hope bla bla bla.. as we all know… we are pretty much out of hope.

35. nadzrikamsin - July 16, 2008

What’s next for Anwar?

36. Hitam Had - July 16, 2008

Is this the begining of the end for all of us?? This action proves once again that power in the hands of the unenlightened will always be abused.


37. Top Posts « WordPress.com - July 17, 2008

[…] Anwar arrested enroute to IPK After the splendid showing where Anwar Ibrahim trounced the Minister of Information (who promised to resign if he did […] […]

38. Karepu Samy - July 17, 2008

Dear Y.B. ………. umno can cheat certain people at certain time, umno can cheat all the people at certain time but umno cannot cheat all the people all the time………. time has come now they cannot cheat us any more. I’m very sure the day for umno to collapse are getting nearer…….. [i was so glas to see you infront of IPK KL yesterday night. Bravo to Y.B. Gopalakrishnan, Y.B.Tian Chua, Y.B. Manikavasagam, Y.B.Kelana Jaya……. they too was there together the Malaysian who care for the justice]

39. oA - July 17, 2008


a false sodomy charge

is not the same

as the murder of the mongolian girl.

if the stupid dpm thinks he can vindicate himself with such stupid act they are wrong.

It only proves they are desperate to cover their shit big time

It only proves the stupid dpm was the one giving order to her death.


40. monsterball - July 18, 2008

Your boss was released within 25 hours.
That is very god news.
Now we think and move forward…to support him in spirit and in deeds.

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