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‘V’ for Rakyat, ‘V’ for Anwar Ibrahim August 25, 2008

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Democracy, Malaysia, Politics.
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On the ballot paper for P44, Anwar Ibrahim is the second candidate.

For us, it symbolises ‘V’ – for victory – not just in terms of votes, but for victory of People’s Power.

Even before a single ballot has been cast, Pakatan Rakyat has won for its commitment to multiculturalism and justice.

The last ten days have seen the most racist and vilest campaign ever, launched by Barisan Nasional. I am too tired to upload photos of these publications. All that so-called reflection of BN after its devastating loss on 8th March was a whole lot of hot air. That so-called apology over the keris-waving of Umno Youth was as empty as Saiful’s ‘sumpah‘.

Since 8 March, BN has not changed. There is no repentance, no remorse. Instead, this time round, they issue even more blood-curdling calls for vengeance against the Chinese and Indians. We have been called ‘babi’ (pigs), ‘bangsa asing’ (foreigners), amongst other derogatory terms. Leaders of MCA, MIC, Gerakan, PPP – buat tak tau aje.

So this is the future that Barisan Nasional has in store for us.

Anwar could have played to the gallery. He could have left out the bits about his vision about a truly multicultural Malaysia when he spoke in the Malay villages. He could have said, “You guys first, the rest second’.

But he didn’t. He defended the right for all to coexist and work together for a better Malaysia. His courage to stand up for his vision humbles all of us.

Kita percaya Malaysia yang makmur, adil dan perkasa untuk umat Melayu, orang Cina, kaum India, Iban, Kadazan dan lain-lain. Ini membezakan di antara kita dengan Kerajaan Barisan Nasional yang diketuai UMNO. (Anwar Ibrahim)

Today, we wear our Parti KeADILan Rakyat badges with even more pride and hold our heads up high, come what may.


All intelligence data coming in shows Anwar Ibrahim will win tomorrow. The only thing that can stop this are BN’s 6000 postal and phantom voters.

By now, BN’s massive machinery would know how many outstation voters will not be returning and from its ‘cash-for-your-IC-details’ campaign drive. It has worked out the ‘winning’ formula for Arif Shah, who ran a lacklustre lonely campaign, yet was confident of a victory between 500-1000 as early as two days ago.

Which is why, if anyone out there – in KL, Selangor, Johor, Kelantan etc – knows of any outstation Permatang Pauh voters, please urge them change their minds and return to cast their ballots. If they have transport problems, please help them out.

If they don’t, someone else will be voting on their behalf for BN. And to please return to cast their votes as early as possible.

Their one vote makes a difference. Of giving 27 million people a real future against Barisan Nasional’s corrupt racist rule. One vote can give 27 million people a chance of a lifetime. That one vote can save Malaysia and put us back on track.

One vote to free us all. MERDEKA!

Please pray hard too.


1. Mambo-5 - August 25, 2008

Good on you Elizabeth for speaking our thoughts!!!

DSAI is only going to get this ONE and only One good chance to save all Malaysians from the clutches of the venom that is threatening to engulf us.

For the love of our beloved country, please let us all unite under ONE…ANAK MALAYSIA.

2. hasilox - August 25, 2008

Is it true that dacing logo is replaced by picture of saifool’s backside? Very befitting.

3. clearwater - August 25, 2008

If nothing else, this by-election confirms BN-Umno’s hypocrisy, immorality and lack of honesty to Malaysian voters. I am thoroughly disgusted by their antics and lack of common decency. Are there no significant issues to raise other than personal attacks against DSAI? This is the pits, worse than Ijok and that was bad. We are all praying for a complete rejection of BN-Umno.

4. Antares - August 25, 2008

I’ll be there with you guysin Permatang Pauh, Elli. This is it. The Ultimate Turning Point that will witness the collapse of 50 years of BN misrule! So glad to know you and Tian Chua, Sivarasa, Nat, Azmin, Izzah, Jonson, and Azizah are out there battling to make our collective dream come true. Sending all of you – and especially Anwar -all my love and total support!

5. Ole Timer - August 25, 2008

Too right you are. Every vote counts and that is the people’s secret weapon; And how the UMNO-BN government would love to see it denied!

Aye. Every vote counts and I hope the message is getting through that all registered Permatang Pauh’s voter’s should return home to vote tomorrow.

Consider it a national service!

6. Anonymous - August 25, 2008

Anonymous said…

Beware & take every possible precautions that Flip Flop BN is already running out of ideas except to use every dirty tricks under the sun like faking PKR supporters with imposters to commit crimes in order to tarnish PKR image, spin more lies in the MSM they controlled, probably use the biased Election Commission to switch real Ballot Boxes with pre-filled fake Ballot Boxes & shamelessly to bribe old ladies with welfare money, all elderly Voters take the money, you deserve them, but vote in Anwar for a new Government come September 16, 2008 for a new Malaysia.

Petrol price cut at the last minutes of Permatang Puah By-Election is now the very sign of Desperation of the Flip Flop PeeM’s Wrong Doing:=KJ Flip Flop’s SIL Advisor of the Sinking Titanic BN PeeM’s last minutes Flop Flop Fuel Price Cut in great desperation to fish some votes from the present fiasco of their failed campaign in Permatang Pauh

As usual the Flip-Flop and Flip-Flop again and again in desperation to cling on to Power, throw out the rotten Flip-Flop Tyranny come Sept 16, 2008

Sink the titanic BN once and for all come Sept 16, 2008 in a coup de grace

Permatang Pauh Voters it is your solemn duty as the foremost agent of change to send the Dirty & Corrupted BN to the bottom of the Ocean, & cleanse Malaysia of the Flip Flop rotten problem once and for all.

7. wandererAUS - August 25, 2008

Eliza your patriotism shames the UMNO snakes!

A snake will always remain a snake, no matter how many times it sheds its skin!

8. Allen Tan - August 25, 2008

No weapon formed against us shall prosper. God has already declared victory in His plan for Anwar. Therefore don’t worry, for on 26th all justice loving Malaysians shall see the corrupted BN put to shame. BN could schemed all dirty tricks, but God will reverse them back to them. Watch out, majority votes for Anwar will be 20000+!!!

9. bennyloh - August 26, 2008
10. TOM - August 26, 2008


Watching Anwar’s life story is like watching the movie “GLADIATOR”. Just like Crowe said…”I am Maximus Decimus Meridius, commander of the armies of the North, general of the Felix Legions, loyal servant of the true Emperor Marcus Aurelieus, father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife and I will have my vengence in this life or the next.”

In Permatang Pauh, we already know who is General Maximus…”I am Anwar Ibrahim, Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia, MP of Permatang Pauh, loyal servant of the rakyat, father to a demoralized family, husband to demoralized wife and I will have my vengence in this life or the next.”

Maximus ANWAR go save Malaysia. Give Malaysia back to its people!

11. jerryliew - August 26, 2008

How I wish I am a P44 Malaysian as I can be proud of taking the first step for a Bangsa Malaysia!!!!!!.

12. Idealist - August 26, 2008

Is there sth wrong with your site? Huge font! Will be back…

13. Lawan Khairy Sial - August 27, 2008

Khairy went to oxford, to marry PM’s daughter so he can get all that he want in life. Power, Money, Girl and PM-post.. unfortunately, he will suffer.. Khairy is no good as anjing sial berkurap! May your rest in peace at hell!

14. Maha - August 27, 2008


15. Mambo-5 - August 27, 2008

hey, any seen the latest BN logo? It has Saifool’s and Najis’ asses on either side of the dacing with KJ’s tongue hanging in the middle trying to do the balancing act!!!

16. SANTAI - August 27, 2008

Bagi saya kes siaful or Anwar, Najib atau Haji Hadi adalah lebih kepada individual tak penting yang telah mengheret dan mengaleh tumpuan daripada agenda pembangunan insan negara, terutama kaum bumiputra Melayu

Saya tidak melihat kepada sudut perkauman yang sempit, tetapi kersauan saya kepada kedudukan orang Melayu daripada jangka panjang. Ini berdasarkan kepada fakta sejarah, ekonomi dan pendidikan (e.g pencepaian CGPA > 3.00).

Tahukah tuan-tuan bahawa (FAKTA yang kita semua tahu)

Pemilikan ekuiti orang Melayu hanya sekadar 18.90 %, itupun menerusi syarikat kerajaan. Kalau nak kira individu sekadar 3% (Exam dapat F+++). . Pemilikan Kaum India 90% tak perlu kerajaan (BN atau Pakatan) . Ada pembangunan Pekan dan taman – wujudlah perbandaran yang dikuasai oleh Kaum Cina. Orang Melayu rata-rata hanya mampu tinggal di Rumah kos rendah. Yang berada sikit (kakitangan kerajaan) bolehlah beli harga setakat 150 ribu ke bawah.

Perkara pokoknya Kekuatan ekonomi kaum CINA semakin menguasi POLITIK MELAYU.

Orang Melayu terlalu banyak berpolitik. Hasil tak ada dan bersengketa sesama sendiri tak tahu ujung pangkal. Orang lain mengintai peluang.

Di Universiti saya sebagai Pensyarah ( cuba lihat statistik terutama 3 uni terbesar USM, UKM, UM dan UPM yang menjadi pilihan pelajar non -bumi) majoriti enrolmen BUKAN BUMIPUTRA > 60%. Tahun ini sahaja pemgambilan pelajar KEJURUTERAAN MEKANIK, di USM 90% adalah terdiri daripada BUKAN Bumiputra. W/pun Pensyarahnya adalah 80% BUMI . Yang bumiputera kebanyakan wanita. Yang lelaki banyak enjoy (style Melayu).

Setiap tahun ada Anugerah Sijil Dekan (CGPA > 3.5) sebuah Pusat Pengajian umumnya di USM >90% adalah Bukan BUMI especially CINA. Saya waktu lari malu nak letak muka tang mana setiap tahun, asyik-asyik pangil cong, lin ang, …. adalah kot sorang dua itu pun pompuan.

Orang Cina tahu kekuatan mereka daripada segi ekonomi, pendidikan dan mereka mahu sekarang adalah percaturan kuasa Politik yang buat masa menyebelahi BUMIPUTERA.(MELAYU)

Samada dalam PAS, UMNO dan PKR jangan mudah selesa dengan kedudukan politik anda. PAS dengan islamnya tanpa disedari diguna oleh Kaum Cina untuk mencapai cita-citanya menguasai peluang perniagaan dan harta tanah.

Urusan agama Baudha bukan masalah antara UMNO dan PAS, PAS UMNO bercakaran orang Cina (Otak CGPA > 3.0) yang sikit-sikit dapat untung. Semnahyang dua iman bukan maslah orang CINA.

Kebanyakan pelajar-pelar non-bumi memandang Sinis kepada orang Melayu (Pensyarah Melayu). Orang Melayu tidak tahu apa yang diperkata bukan Melayu. kerana halangan Bahasa (Cuba belajar bahasa Cina dan duduk dikedai kopi mereka – dengar-dengar apa mereka kata – Melayu.. biarlah dio orang gaduh… kita gelak sudahlah, mahu Agong (RM) ok sudah.

Orang Melayu setakat jaguh sesama Melayu.

Orang Melayu mudah dibeli terutama dengan wang.

Rata-rata orang Melayu banyak bergantung kpd ekonomi kaum Cina (terutama di pantai Barat). Nak beli tayar, repair aircond pun orang Cina . Mana Melayu PAS dan UMNO (adalah Melayu komboja buka kedai kain).
Jangan lupa orang Melayu masih hidup bergantung dengan percaturan kuasa kerajaan yang sekarang semakin luntur jika kerajaan yang baru (PKR contoh sahaja) membentuk kerajaan — terlampau baik dengan bukan bumi habis lah .. tak percaya tengok

Lihatlah fakta-fakta – kebanyakan syarikat-syarikat korperat Cina (CEOnya adalah lebih 70.%), Melayu hanya diambil jadi kerani, jaga, dispatch Boy.). Pakai tudung lagi tak pandang. Orang Melayu sahaja terhegeh-hegeh ….. nak cari makan.

Orang cina ada yang susah (umumnya senang daripada Melayu)

Melayu pertengahan (Malay middle class) saya lihat sekarang udah selesa dengan apa mereka ada.

Saya sebagai Pensyarah pi INTEL rasa kerdil sahaja. Berapa kerat orang Melayu kerja (CGPA 3.0 keatas). Adapun tak tahan kena buli cara kerja mereka. Melayukan suka kerja relaks-relaks.

Mereka (umumnya) dapat membeli bukan saja rumah serta harta di Malaysia. Tengok Cina singapore …… TEMASEK Holding berupaya membeli Johor. Jawatan penting kerajaan depa tak bagi orang Melayu pegang.

Perhatian yang diberikan kepada Bumiputera bukan perkauman .. memberi lebih fokus kepada mereka yang memerlukan… Orang Melayu rata-rata otaknya CGPA < 2.2.

Orang Cina lebih puji mat Bengala dan myanmar (bagi gaji RM 1000.00 — rajin .. Melayu kerja nak sikit, duit nak banyak.(kilang bagipun RM600-700. Cina buka kedai internet melayu beduyun pi lepak-lepak dengan kedai komputer (kononya bermain dengan teknologi !!!). Hang Melayu buka depa kata tak kelas. Eloklah Melayu tak sokong Melayu.

Saya harap orang Melayu bijak berpolitik jangan nak ambil hati orang lain (orang tu belum pasti baik dengan kita – yahudi (singapore -penasihat adalah yahudi).

Jangan terlampau syiok atau terpesong disebabkan dunia cyber, blog, liberal …(ciptaan orang putih melayu pakai saja teknologi).

ORANG PAS JANGANLAH DEPA KATA LEBIH ISLAM .. betui semua … ingat islam dah pecah kepada 99 golongan.
Pi indonesia lagi sakan.Kawan saya KRISTIAN tetapi isterinya ISLAM ….

Kita sesama Melayu Islam janganlah sampai berpecah belah kerana kata aku lebih islam hang kurang islam … Tuhan dah tentu dosa pahala.. las-las sekali abukpun tarak

Kita ni kian terpinggir……. secara evolusi dan tak sedar


INDIA – kaum India

Orang Melayu nak pi mana …. Mana ada orang Cina kerja dengan MPSP atau MBK, Kota setar angakat sampah yang ramai Melayu dan India (semakin kurang)

SEDARLAH MELAYU — Jgn syiok sendiri


17. James - August 27, 2008

Dear Liz,
DSAI is the only person in our Beloved Country who have the qualities to stop this country from going down the road to destruction. His voice is the only one pleading for Unity among all our Malays, Chinese, Indians, Kadasans & Ibans brothers and sisters.
All the trials and tribulations DSAI went thru’ made him see the evils of the system. Only a man who have been personally impacted by an evil system will have the will to change it. His spirit is strong and his will unweavering and he will surely need them in the days ahead.
For the first time in 51 years, I see HOPE for this country, especially when in the USA, a black man may finally become her President.
“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character” qoute Martin Luther King,Jr.
“I have a dream today that my children will live in a nation where they will not be called ‘bangsa asing’ or ‘babi’ but will be PROUDLY called MALAYSIAN.” quote James.
On 28th August 1963 (coincidentally exactly 45 years ago from tomorrow i.e. 28th August 2008 when DSAI will be sworned into Parliment) , Martin Luther King made his famous ” I have a dream” speech at the LIncoln Memorial, Washington D.C.

18. Drachen - August 30, 2008

Quote: “Today, we wear our Parti KeADILan Rakyat badges with even more pride and hold our heads up high, come what may.”

I was one of the first people to join Keadilan and I felt very lonely for many years! Hahaha! Yes, I still have the old badge!

19. anon 11.55 - September 11, 2008

R is for rakyat, A is for Anwar

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